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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Wiki Page

September 23, 2021 | By Preethi Jathanna

Every organization thrives on information. It is what leads to the employees, clients, and management team working effectively and seamlessly. When information abounds, employees can avoid assumptions. It also means work flows smoother, and project management becomes easier.
Unfortunately, what many companies fail to get right is in finding a way to put the necessary information together such that it is easily accessible to all who need it. This is where a company Wiki comes in.
Read on to find out what a Company Wiki is and why your business needs one ASAP.

What is a Company Wiki?

A company Wiki is a central database of knowledge such as a web page or website that allows members of the company to add, edit or update the information contained within. It is made up of specific topics pertaining to the company.
You would find information like internal documents, client information, process documentation, project briefings, meeting notes, and many more. Wiki documents how processes are carried out within the company so that everyone is working with the same information and in sync.
A company wiki  also reduces the time it takes for members of the company to find the information they need so that teams can work faster and more efficiently.

Why Your Company Needs a Wiki

A company needs a wiki for many reasons. Not only is it beneficial for staff, but it also helps to improve the brand’s image. Here are ten reasons why your company needs a Wiki.

  1. Curates information in one place
    With a Wiki online, you can have all the necessary information in one place, which helps employees to work together and collaborate better. It is also useful to keep track of project details, guidelines, and general information.
  2. Improves onboarding processes
    Onboarding processes, on average, costs $4000 and takes up to 24 days per hire. With a company Wiki, you can reduce these costs and delays. It provides new hires with adequate information they need to get the job done well, helping them solve problems on their own.
    It equips them with the information they need to get familiar with the company on their own.
  3. Eases remote working
    One of the challenges of remote work is that workers cannot learn and observe company processes like they would in the office. With a company Wiki,remote workers can have access to all the information about the company they need in one place.
    Exceptional remote companies understand the need to bolster institutional knowledge and so provide databases like company Wikis to improve their remote workers’ experiences.
  4. Eases the search for knowledge
    Sometimes, when dealing with clients and customers, having quick access to information may be all you need to save the day. Company Wikis will be useful in directing the team to the exact information they need to conduct business timely and accurately.
  5. Helps to store knowledge for as long as is necessary
    Your company Wiki is available for as long as you want. Constantly updating the wiki with new information ensures that every worker who passes through the company has access to it. Even when team members leave the company, their knowledge is retained in the wiki.
  6. Easier to maintain than office documents
    Wiki pages are stored online, saving the company the costs of procuring and storing paper documents. It is also easier to maintain since you don’t have to keep track of physical records.
  7. Easier to share
    Wikis are built for teams to easily access and collaborate. Since they are online, you can simply share them using their shareable links, and teams can access them from anywhere.
  8. Improves team feedback
    Many company Wikis allow teams to provide feedback on the platforms. They provide comments or feedback sections for members to drop their inputs and opinions about the project at hand.
  9. Helps to improve company culture
    When the team has access to the same information in one place, it reduces the need to share the same information with different departments repeatedly. It also portrays the company as reliable and credible because of the uniformity in its procedures.
  10. Improves employee accountability
    Online Wikis help team members to be accountable for their edits or updates to company information. In addition, you can track edits back to specific employees, which ensures that team members take care as they make modifications to the wiki.
    Digital Wiki pages are essential for improved teamwork, processes, and project management. This article highlights ten reasons why you need to build a company Wiki that your team will love. Slite can help you start on this easily.

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