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How Call Recording Can Benefit Your Business

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

How Call Recording Can Benefit Your Business

It is common practice for people calling a business to be greeted by an automated system stating that their call is being recorded for quality control purposes. But what does this actually mean?

While call recording is an instrumental tool for enhancing customer service and improving business operations, it's also relevant to consider other dimensions of your business, like formation and legal services. To explore your options, consider reading these ZenBusiness reviews to see how their offerings could benefit your business structure and operations.

Businesses, including call centers, often record phone calls for quality assurance and regulatory compliance purposes. Call recording can significantly increase the productivity of a customer service department, especially one that relies heavily on phone calls. Apart from the ability to legally record a phone call, call recording provides a wide variety of added benefits, too. In the guide below, we will discuss in detail the vast number of benefits that businesses get through call recording.

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction Through Fine-Tuned Scripts

The greatest method to identify potential communication difficulties within your phone support, on both the individual and collective levels, is to know exactly what your agents are saying to customers over the phone, as well as how they are saying it. By keeping tabs on how customers react to specific phrases and communication methods, you can fine-tune your agents' scripts and eventually boost satisfaction levels. As an alternative to "What problem are you having right now?" your representatives could ask, "How may I help you today?" If you see that relatively few customers are signing up for a certain product or service, you may want to reevaluate the approach in which agents are being educated to pitch them.

2. Minimized Liability Through Recorded Evidence

There is less reason to worry about legal trouble if calls are recorded. As much as no business wants to think about it, lawsuits are, unfortunately, a reality. A dispute may arise as a result of misunderstandings, and if it is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction, it may escalate into a costly legal battle.

Although corporations have the right to defend themselves against such claims, doing so may be expensive. In light of this, it is sensible to implement a call recording system. You can lessen the severity of the problem and lower your legal liability by using recorded evidence.

3. Control Over What Info Revolves Across the Company

What is the purpose of call recording for a business? To ensure that the work is completed. It's not always the case that workers adhere to protocol and maintain focus. A call recording system can assist in the identification of potential security breaches, such as employees who are overheard by other employees divulging confidential business information or personal details.

Recording phone calls also allows for the monitoring of how team members communicate with one another. You can keep an eye out for inappropriate talks such as sexual harassment, gossip, or even personal phone calls. You can actually verify whether employees are putting in time at the office doing meaningful work.

4. In-Depth History Data Insights

Phone conversations stored in your businesses' recording archive data can be very helpful in double-checking client data. It is now possible, as a result of technology, for recorded calls to be automatically filed away in the correct client file. This eliminates the need for the agent who took the call to navigate the system in order to save the sound file in the relevant location manually. In addition, it can help sales efforts by allowing agents to retrieve and use certain conversational details easily: For example: "Since you were so pleased with product/service X last year, we think you'll find our current offer quite appealing."

5. Unearthed Lost Information

In the event that a scenario develops, such as a misunderstanding regarding a customer purchase, having the option to go back and listen to recorded calls from a specific client can be incredibly beneficial. For example, assume you manage a business for a water filter company, and a customer complains that the onsite technician used the wrong water filtration system. Despite the fact that your records show that this is the exact thing they requested, your support manager can listen to all earlier discussions between the customer and the previous agent to pinpoint the exact source of miscommunication and more easily find a solution.

6. Customer Data Collection To Maintain High Standards

Calls that are recorded enable the general client satisfaction level to be measured and the quality of the assistance that your customer care team offers to be analyzed. This will allow you to personalize better scripts for your agents across all departments, as well as IVR greetings and on-hold music. Not only does informing callers that their calls are being recorded help establish trust with them, but it also reassures them that their private data is being used responsibly.

7. Continuous Development

Call recording is a powerful tool for "taking the temperature" of your business phone support and staying abreast of customer satisfaction levels, recurring issues, and employee strengths and shortcomings. It's not enough to simply hire top talent, though; you need to train them well and give them the tools they need to succeed. You need to set up mechanisms to monitor and pinpoint problem spots reliably. There are many ways to boost the efficiency of your call center, but using call recordings is one surefire way to see immediate results.

8. Efficient Employee Training Through Calls Analysis 

Why do businesses record calls? As a learning tool. In order to properly train new hires, it is essential that they listen in on actual calls being handled by current staff.

  • How do the staff members greet customers?
  • How do they address customer problems?
  • What are they saying as they hang up the phone?

All of this is critical knowledge for anyone working in a business. To better prepare them for their roles, managers can have new hires review and listen to past phone calls.

Listening to a previous call and discussing its positive and negative aspects in detail with a manager and agent will greatly improve the training of employees responsible for call processing. Agents who may be struggling can benefit from listening to their own calls over and over again, both to identify areas for improvement (such as not becoming flustered when a caller raises their voice) and to reinforce the areas where they are succeeding (such as asking if there is anything else they can help with before hanging up). Listening in on the calls of top agents can teach new hires how to make cold calls and upsell existing customers.

9. Timely Failures Detection 

If your customer service receives calls from dozens or even hundreds of customers each day who have the same complaint, this is a warning sign that your business needs to address a problem as soon as it possibly can. Listen to call recordings to find out what parts of the product or service need fixing; if customers are generally dissatisfied, you may want to stop selling it altogether.

10. Help End Agent-Client Disagreements

When trying to settle a dispute, it often helps to go back and figure out why the two parties are at odds in the first place. A customer service representative who let a heated argument get out of hand may be taken off the phone for some time so that they can obtain more training or be evaluated. Even if the client is at fault, monitoring these types of calls can help upper management determine whether to try and repair the relationship (perhaps by offering discounts or free upgrades) or whether to cut ties with the client altogether.

11. Boost Ad Campaigns Through Feedback

Customer feedback is extremely helpful to your marketing staff, even though they rarely interact with customers directly. Your marketing and communications colleagues can benefit greatly from listening to recordings of your customer service calls in order to understand the needs of your ideal client better and develop innovative strategies to meet those needs. To fine-tune their publications and online ad billing, marketers can also listen attentively to call recordings to identify terms that clients are (or are not) saying. Listening to past calls may eliminate guessing when developing marketing materials like buyer personas and catchy slogans. Tailoring your marketing campaigns to speak directly to your target demographic by conducting in-depth phone interviews is a potent strategy.

12. Adherence to Legal Requirements

In certain countries, recording business calls and keeping copies of those recordings for a specific time may be against the law, while in others, it may be required by law that you record business conversations and keep copies of those recordings for a certain period. Your business may be forced to provide a recording of a call if a lawsuit or other litigation is filed over something spoken by or to one of your agents over the phone. 

To safeguard yourself in the event of a legal dispute, it is wise to record all calls, if possible, even if doing so is not mandatory in your jurisdiction. Whether you're a small business with a handful of part-timers or a multinational corporation with a thousand employees, the quality of your phone interactions with customers is in your hands and should be optimized to the fullest extent possible.

13. Conclusion

No company, no matter how big or small, can afford to ignore the benefits of call recording. This data can be used to train employees to better deal with difficult situations and communicate crucial company information to clients. As the owner of the company, it is your responsibility to guarantee that the call recording technology your company uses is as effective as it possibly can be.

14. FAQs

14.1. Can I get call recording without recording?

No, it is not possible to obtain a call recording without actually recording the call. If you wish to have a recording of a call, you must use specific software or apps that allow call recording, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and the consent of all parties involved in the conversation.

14.2. Which app records calls?

There are various apps available for call recording on both Android and iOS devices. Some popular apps for call recording include:

  • ACR (Another Call Recorder)
  • Cube Call Recorder
  • Call Recorder - ACR by NLL
  • Truecaller
  • Boldbeast Call Recorder
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