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How to Create a Goal-Setting System to Make Your Team Successful

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Create a Goal-Setting System

A successful team needs a goal setting environment

Are you aware that almost 50% of all workers complain they are unsure of their responsibilities on the job? That's why it's so important for your business to have both group and individual performance targets. 

Setting and working toward goals improves output, inspires workers, fosters openness, and evaluates the mettle of the best performers. 

Employees may use these to prioritize their efforts better and allocate their time. At the time of the performance evaluation, the employee's objectives might serve as examples of their work.

What, therefore, must one do to enjoy these advantages? Setting goals for employees should be approached strategically in your firm. Learn seven methods for effective goal planning and how managers may get in on the action.

How to Make Your Team a Success with a Goal Setting System

So, what exactly is goal setting 

Many individuals fail to achieve their objectives because they fail to differentiate between their goals and their more casual, daily attempts at self-improvement. 

Just because you decide to start running every day doesn't mean that's a deliberate objective. Let's review the meaning of creating goals once again.

The first step in goal setting is selecting what you want to do, learn, or finish. The next step is to design a strategy to realize that goal and put out effort until it is accomplished.

Beginning a training course to finish a specific event, like a full marathon on Thanksgiving Day, is a lot more realistic and worthwhile objective than just jogging for the sake of it.

Why is goal setting so prioritized 

Your brain’s on an exercising spree when you decide where you want your life or career to go. Setting and working toward objectives helps you zero in on what matters. Any choices and activities should help you get closer to your goals.

Research conducted at the Dominican University of California found that people were 42% more successful in reaching their objectives after writing them down.

A clear action plan keeps you motivated, boosts your sense of fulfillment, and reaps substantial rewards for your business. 

Setting objectives is like drawing a picture of your ideal life or business. The next step is to put in the effort necessary to achieve your goals individually and collectively.

Learn these two tricks to make a goal-setting framework in your organization

  • Conduct employee reviews using authentic templates

Companies that place a premium on employee growth understand that performance evaluations are more than a formality; they are potent occasions for continuous mentoring. 

We highly recommend using templates that meet your office's work environment. Look at the template from Leapsome to get started with employee reviews today!

The performance of workers improves when managers provide reasons for the scores. Knowing why they received a certain grade (and being given concrete recommendations for improvement) empowers them to take an active role in their development.

Managers may better encourage accountability and personal responsibility for growth by including workers in goal setting and training choices via a two-way, conversational approach.

  • Be SMART with goal setting

As a group, ensure you have a firm grasp of the SMART criteria for goal creation before establishing any objectives.

  • Specific – If you have a clearer picture of what you want to accomplish, you'll be able to direct your energy more effectively. A more explicit target might include "increase clickthrough rate by 25%." You'll be able to track your progress more effectively and formulate more practical strategies with such granularity.
  • Measurable – If your objectives can be quantified, you'll have an easier time monitoring your progress toward success. It's simpler to break down a quantifiable goal into intermediate steps that both you and your team can track more easily. 
  • Attainable – Team objectives should be practical enough to be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. If your purpose is realistic, you will be better equipped to use your time and energy effectively.
  • Relevant – Team objectives ensure that you are addressing the most urgent problems and have the resources and abilities to complete the goal, even though your team may be driven to solve numerous concerns.
  • Time-Related – Team objectives should have defined due dates to ensure the effective use of time and resources.
Goal-Setting System
  • Create short-term goals – they help

Short-term, attainable objectives are preferable at the outset. Making promises to oneself, like "I will learn to cook pancakes by next week," provides a more regular opportunity to assess progress and celebrate success. 

When we achieve our objectives, we feel good about ourselves and are more likely to establish new ones, whether short-term, intermediate, or long-term. 

These short-term goals, when fulfilled, makes the working ‘atmosphere’ happy. Your employees are happy. And on the happiness note, read about the ten ways you can improve employee happiness!

  • Commit to the company's goals

Setting realistic goals demands a firm grasp of the nature of the endeavor, an understanding of the resources at your disposal, and a firm grip on the value you expect to get from succeeding. You've got to have a strategy for getting things done and the will to follow it through.

Suppose you aren't willing to dedicate yourself to the goal by planning and setting aside time to work on the stages that will get you closer to the objective. In that case, you're setting yourself up for an unnecessary difficulty in the process.

  • Make support teams for your employees

When working with others, we increase our chances of success. Supportive online groups increased people's chances of attaining their fitness objectives.

On the other hand, when you work on your company objectives in solitude, you reduce your level of responsibility. It may also make it harder to learn from the mistakes of others and take advantage of the insights and ideas of others around you when you hit a snag.

Let your company partners and staff know what you're shooting for in the next year. Facilitate teamwork by providing a shared template for all members to follow. Track the company's development and recognize its successes to encourage accountability.

Even if you're a one-person business or freelancing operation, you may still assemble a solid crew of backers. Share your plans and progress with loved ones and ask them to help keep you on track. 

Participate in a group where company owners may offer each other constructive criticism, helpful pointers, and moral support as they work toward their objectives.

  • Track employee progress and give feedback

To keep everyone on the same page, tracking how far along they are in the process of achieving their goals is crucial. The company and the employee will feel more responsible for ensuring the objectives are met if progress is communicated often. 

Updates on goal progress clear up any ambiguity about which objectives are falling short and highlight areas where adjustments need to be made before it's too late. We recommend you read the article on whether you need a real-time feedback or annual reviews for your employees

Instead of merely providing feedback when a target is not met, goal tracking gives managers several opportunities to provide constructive criticism throughout the year. 

The ability to receive and act upon constructive criticism may be quite powerful. Do not worry about giving too much if you are afraid to do so. 

Top 10 Software for Setting SMART Goals


  • Learn from previous mistakes while setting new goals

Not every objective can or should be achieved. Some targets were deliberately set excessively high, others were unrealistic (in retrospect), and others were negatively affected by fluctuations during the quarter. The workplace is full of surprises like that, and you must learn to roll with them.

Ensure your staff knows it's okay to make mistakes. The endpoint isn't everything, but it is a useful tool for directing efforts in the right direction. Having a growth mindset doesn't imply you have to settle for mediocrity.

That there is no assurance of success is only stating the obvious. What matters is what we take away from our failures as lessons for the future. Is there anything that might have been done differently to avoid this happening? And progress to greater achievements.

Potential benefits you will get from creating a goal-setting system for your employees

There are several wins for everyone involved when a leader applies their team in goal setting.

  • By working toward a common purpose, individuals of a team may see how their efforts contribute to the whole.
  • Establishing and adhering to a set of team objectives gives your group focus and a road map for success.
  • Team objectives improve responsibility and foster a sense of pride in accomplishment.
  • Having the same objectives might help members of a team get closer.
  • Meeting team objectives helps members advance their careers and learn valuable new skills.
  • Setting team objectives provide a framework for evaluating performance at individual and team levels.
  • Setting collective objectives might help you zero in on unattended tasks.
  • Team objectives may measure success.
  • Team objectives define the group's value to the company.

Taking the time to sit down as a team and discuss where they are, what they've done, and where they want to go is a valuable exercise in and of itself. Any areas of confusion or competing goals must be brought to light throughout this process. 

Finally, the exercise helps everyone in the group feel more engaged in the objectives and the outcomes. Setting goals as a team is an important process that should not be hurried or treated as routine.

How to Set the Right Business Goals to Scale Your MSP

The bottom line: Set ambitious goals for your team

Improve your team's performance in 2022 by adopting a goal-setting method representing how you normally do things. Provide the team with a stretch goal that will evaluate their abilities but be within their grasp. 

As you can see, you may use various approaches to implement objectives inside your organization; the key is to get going, maintain forward momentum, foster collaboration, and set ambitious targets.

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