How to throw an Office Party Any Time Of The Year

Work is online, and now so are the office and holiday parties you formerly celebrated at a common venue with everyone present. Stand ups have been replaced by screen time, with everyone interacting virtually. But when work-talk becomes the only reason for everyone to reach out and connect, you know you need to give everyone something to look forward to in order to encourage work friendships.

In this eBook, we’ll share ideas to

  • Throw virtual office parties by occasion- be it your birthday, or a colleague’s work anniversary.
  • Play the online versions of popular games- from Bingo and trivia night to spice challenges.
  • Experience something new communally- be it a winery tour, cook off or talent show.
  • Engage everyone no matter how long they’ve been around, and what they do.

Read the eBook and get your office party ON!


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