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Maximizing Small Businesses Visual Marketing

August 17, 2022 | By Preethi Jathanna

As a small business owner, you will know all about tight budgets and the need to maximize what you invest in marketing. The combination of smaller budgets and the need to market efficiently can often seem like an impossible task, but new technology and social media platforms can enable the possibility of ticking both boxes. To do so needs a focus on visual marketing. This article is dedicated to providing some helpful tips to maximize your visual marketing.

The Non-Negotiables

A quick Internet search will reveal several great marketing guides and textbooks for small businesses, but to save you some time all of them will cover certain things your business must have in place. These non-negotiables include a website (or at the very least a landing page), social media accounts on platforms that best suit your business, relevant contact details are a must and surprisingly overlooked, and customer reviews.

Once those are in place you can begin to develop your marketing strategy. Here it is important to understand your customer's needs. This will help dictate how you employ the following tips to your best potential. Luckily, due much in part to technology, the costs associated with these tips are often small or even free.

Social Media

Over 3 billion people use a social media platform, with many of them spending an average of 145 minutes daily on their desired platform. This ultimately means that your target audience has a presence on social media. To begin with, you don’t even need to pay for ads and can publish organic content to garner more eyeballs on your business. Take care in choosing your platform, for instance, if your target audience is in the 18-21 range, LinkedIn is not the best choice, and platforms like TikTok are a better option.

Email Marketing

Another important marketing tool is email marketing and there are several online services that offer a platform for you to create engaging emails and send them to customers and potential customers. Another advantage to these platforms is that when growing your email base the services are free, only once you start sending thousands of emails at a go will you need to start paying. Over 300 billion emails are sent daily, which in terms of sheer numbers puts social media platforms to shame and unlocks another avenue of potential customer engagement.

The All Important Content

You will need to create engaging content to take advantage of email and social media marketing. The good news is you don’t need to hire expensive graphic designers right away. Online tools like a background remover vista can give you a powerful graphic design tool for far less than a freelance graphic designer. These tools can produce incredibly professional results perfect for generating eye-catching content.


As a small business owner, it will often feel like the whole world is against you. Fortunately, in our interconnected digital lives, the tools have been made available for you to nail the marketing aspect of your business without the need for unrealistically deep pockets. Results can also be achieved in very little time.

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