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9 Top Virtual Scavenger Hunt Apps for Team Building Adventures at Your Fingertips

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work


A virtual scavenger hunt app is a creative way for your staff to build better relationships with one another, even if they are based in different locations. Using nothing more than a smartphone, your colleagues can participate in fun challenges that incorporate mixed media to create a competitive team-building game that guarantees plenty of laughs.

It doesn’t have to cost you a penny either, as there are both paid and free scavenger hunt apps for adults available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play. In this post, we’ve highlighted just a handful of options to help you get started on building your own virtual scavenger hunt.

1. Why Use a Scavenger Hunt App for Team Building Activities?


A well-designed virtual scavenger hunt app can greatly reduce the burden of organizing a scavenger hunt, simplifying the process from start to finish. At the planning stage, a lot of software will supply templates that you can customize to build your own company-specific game, while on the actual day the live updates mean you can sit back and monitor how players are progressing at the press of a button. The plus of this being all virtual means that the scavenger hunts can be played from anywhere in the world.

2. Paid Virtual Scavenger Hunt App List for Your Team in 2023

2.1. Scavify


As one of the most popular virtual scavenger hunt app for adults, Scavify is a professional-looking piece of software optimized for business use cases, from team-building events to visitor engagement at conferences. 

Build a list of challenges, then publish it at the click of a button. The admin can track all progress in real time through the dashboard, as well as analyze the participant data after the scavenger hunt is complete to assess success rates and identify areas of improvement for the next game.


  • Different types of challenges are available, from photo and video tasks to trivia questions.
  • Toggle the leaderboard to make public participant progress.
  • The data analytics dashboard tracks engagement.
  • Custom mobile rewards add another level of gamification.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Available upon request.

2.2 Actionbound

Actionbound is a German business that started out supplying virtual scavenger hunts (dubbed ‘bounds’) for educational purposes in 2012. It has since expanded to incorporate both the business and personal spheres into its offering.

Try one of the pre-made scavenger hunts or create your own custom adventure. The app is designed to enable users to travel the world through their phones, solving mysteries using GPS locations, pictures, videos, and more. 


  • The scavenger hunt app offers extensive customization options.
  • Detailed video tutorials make it simple for newcomers to navigate and utilize the virtual scavenger hunt app. 
  • You can choose from gameplay such as quiz (trivia), mission (recording video, images, or audio), and find spot (geolocation-oriented tasks).
  • After the scavenger hunt has been completed, you can survey participants about their experience, using the feedback to improve future games.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: The Pro tier starts from €350 for 50 players.

2.3 Eventzee


Eventzee’s easy-to-use app supports several different challenge types, including answering quiz questions, uEventzeeploading media, using GPS to pinpoint locations, and scanning QR codes in a real-world setting. Your team can play from home or in a location of your choice.

One of Eventzee’s best features is its social functions, which allows players to chat directly with one another, keep track of live progress using the in-app feed, and see who’s currently coming out on top via the leaderboard.


  • Multiple different challenge formats are available to provide variety and increase enjoyment.
  • The game can be personalized with company branding for a more professional-looking experience.
  • Social features allow players to stay in touch with one another to increase engagement.
  • Admin functions can be performed on a computer or in the app for added convenience.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Available upon request.

2.4. ClueKeeper

USA-based ClueKeeper offers two main formats: hosted, which happens at a specific time and is designed to be played by everyone simultaneously; and self-guided, which is available on demand. This platform is principally designed for use in specific locations, such as a town center or a local park, though you can also build scenarios for remote team-building gatherings.

The app allows for real-time tracking and scoring, as well as hints that are released at pre-configured times. You can even employ some basic augmented reality (AR) functionality to make the experience more interactive.


  • One Clue Keeper per team enters answers, so only that person needs the app.
  • Play in the real-world using pre-built or custom-made scavenger hunts.
  • Real-time tracking means you can keep tabs on progress and help out stragglers.
  • A partnership with Zappar means you can upgrade your game with AR.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Hosted hunts are priced at a flat rate of $10 per team. Self-guided hunts are priced at a variable rate of up to $5 per team.

2.5 Let's Roam


Let’s Roam offers several team-building games, including a virtual scavenger hunt app. Groups earn points by solving riddles, answering trivia, and completing photo challenges.

The best thing about Let’s Roam is that they plan and prepare everything for you, leaving you to just sit back and enjoy. Their team can customize the scavenger hunt to your needs, creating experiences for any location.


  • A dedicated event coordinator runs the scavenger hunt to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Custom roles and challenges can be assigned to different team members.
  • Location-based trivia keeps players on the move, with hints if you get stuck.
  • The live leaderboard means participants can keep track of everyone’s progress.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Available upon request.

2.6 TurfHunt

Built by Icelandic company Locatify, TurfHunt is designed for both real-world and virtual scavenger hunts that can take place anywhere on the globe. Treasures can be accumulated either by players entering the correct physical location or by dropping a pin on the correct location using the app. 

Game types range from memory tests and jigsaw puzzles to drawing and photo challenges. Use the leaderboard to keep track of how everyone is doing, while also using the social media functions to share photos and rewards.


  • The content management system provides a user-friendly interface for you to create and test games.
  • Game content can be supplied in multiple languages for easy accessibility..
  • Once the app and game are downloaded, the game can function offline, making it easier to use in areas where internet connection might fluctuate.
  • Reward coupons and vouchers can be built into the scavenger hunts for gamification to boost engagement levels.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Starts from €19 per single game for up to 20 players.

3. Free Virtual Scavenger Hunt App List for Your Team


3.1 Goosechase

Not all scavenger hunt apps cost money. Goosechase is a virtual scavenger hunt app free to use for up to three teams. Explore more than 250 pre-built templates that will help you to build a custom interactive experience, whether the goal is team building or onboarding.

Earn points completing missions that range from taking funny photos to answering survey questions. Players can see what other teams are doing via the live feed, which can be downloaded afterwards so you can share the fun-filled images afterwards.


  • Multiple co-creators can have access to an account, so that several members of staff can build a scavenger hunt together, reducing the burden on any one person. 
  • Custom brand your experience with logos, photos, and descriptions to highlight the company aspect.
  • Real-time activity feeds and scoring keep everyone engaged.
  • Use the reporting dashboard for more information on which tasks were successfully executed and which ones were harder for staff to complete or understand.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free for up to three teams, with up to five mobile devices per team. $850 per month for a subscription, with up to 250 creator accounts and unlimited live simultaneous experiences.

3.2 Camera Hunt


One of several amusing games created by web developer Robbie Elias, virtual scavenger hunt app Camera Hunt is very easy to set up and play. The rules are simple: you have 60 seconds to snap pictures of as many objects as you can. All the objects are things you would find in your home, but you can skip some if you are struggling.

The app uses machine learning to decide whether you have correctly fulfilled its tasks, and the person who manages to accumulate the most correct snaps in a minute wins.


  • Camera Hunt has an extremely simple interface, which makes it easier for everyone to participate.
  • Artificial intelligence assesses photos and awards points, saving staff effort and time.
  • View the leaderboard to see who’s doing the best for better overall engagement.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free.

3.3. Adventure Lab

The developers behind Adventure Lab have taken the principles of geocaching and used them to create scavenger hunts that can be used to discover facts about a local area.

The app combines education with trivia, encouraging you to solve location-based puzzles through exploration of the world around you. While it’s not ideal for teams that are fully remote, it is a good app for teams that can meet up together at a set location.


  • Location-based discovery means you can find scavenger hunts in your area more easily.
  • The linear gameplay creates a storyline for players to experience as they play, which increases engagement.
  • Geofencing verifies that teams are in the correct location before advancing the scavenger hunt, creating a more sophisticated playing experience.
  • The app supports 29 languages for easy accessibility across globally distributed teams.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free.

4. FAQs

  1. Is there an app to create your own scavenger hunt?

There are many create your own scavenger hunt app options, several of which are listed above. Many of the platforms will even provide you with templates to help you build a fun experience from the ground up, as well as in-depth guides for when you need to troubleshoot issues.

  1. How do you do a virtual scavenger hunt?

The process can be as easy or as complicated as you want. Some companies, such as Let’s Roam, will handle all the details for you. Others provide you with the tools to tailor make your own company scavenger hunt yourself.

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