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9 Quick 5-Minute Games for Virtual Meetings to Engage and Connect

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

5-Minute Games for Virtual Meetings

In today's hybrid work environment that's fast-paced, finding quick and effective ways to boost team morale and engagement is crucial. That's where quick 5-minute games for virtual meetings can help. 

These short-timed fun games can be a great way to add some spark and creativity to a mundane meeting or stressful day at work, boost team bonding, and motivate employees. So, without much ado, let's dive into our pick for the best virtual meeting. 

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1. What Are the Benefits of Incorporating 5-Minute Games For Virtual Meetings?

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating 5-Minute Games For Virtual Meetings?

Incorporating short 5-minute games for meetings can boost engagement by adding an element of fun and excitement to meetings. They encourage active participation, enhance collaboration among team members, and foster a sense of camaraderie. 

These games also help improve communication skills, break the ice in remote settings, and provide a mental break, re-energizing participants and maintaining a positive atmosphere. By incorporating games, virtual meetings become more interactive, enjoyable, and effective in achieving their objectives.

2. Top 5-Minute Games for Virtual Meetings

Top 5-Minute Games for Virtual Meetings

2.1. Background Show & Tell

This one is a classic for 5 minutes of fun for virtual meetings and a throwback to school times, but it makes for a great team building activity. Every person on the call selects a unique background that has some significance for them. They all take turns to share a story about it. This allows everyone to know each other better. 

The visual component of the activity, which is the background, allows participants to showcase their individuality. It promotes self-expression and a better understanding of your team. If you want to make it even more interesting, assign a theme. Some examples of it include “favorite vacation spot” or “sitcom.” 

Best For: Small groups looking to learn about each other more personally.

2.2. This or That Fast Talk

The game encourages active listening and promotes communication within the team. Give every person about 30 seconds to answer, and you will be done in 5 minutes. Our advice while playing this game is to keep the questions simple and generic. Some of our top picks are “Cats or dogs,” “call or text,” or  “hills or beaches”.

Another exciting addition to the list of 5-minute games for virtual meetings has to be This or That Fast Talk. It combines quick decision-making and effective communication skills and makes for a fun addition to fun Friday activities virtual. The rules of the game are simple: participants will be given a series of dilemmas or choices, and they have to pick one. Simple enough. The added twist in this version is that they have to explain why they picked one and rejected the other. 

Best For: Small to medium-sized groups to ensure everyone has a chance to participate quickly.

2.3. Ask 2-3 Icebreaker Questions

If you are looking for 5 minute games to play on zoom, a classic and easy game is the icebreaker question one. You don't even have to do much, just ask a question on the call and then let everyone answer it as and when their turn approaches. This particular icebreaker is less of a game and more of an activity. But it does aid in promoting communication. 

By sharing their thoughts and experiences the employees develop a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This allows them to get to know each other beyond their professional roles, which is often a big problem in remote teams. You can ask questions like "If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?" or "What is one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish?"

Best For: Groups of any size, but smaller groups allow for better conversations.

2.4. 5-Minute Yoga

5-Minute Yoga

Yoga is a great way to begin your day and clearly your meetings as well. A simple 5-minute session will help everyone feel energized before you get to the agenda. Participants can follow simple yoga stretches and breathing exercises led by a facilitator or through a pre-recorded video.  Yoga is an excellent way to promote relaxation, focus, and overall well-being. 

As far as 5-minute games for virtual meetings go, this one is kind of low effort. You don’t have to prepare too much. It encourages mindfulness and promotes a positive atmosphere within the virtual space. There are plenty of pre-recorded sessions you will find on YouTube, but if you are looking for something more engaging, this Chair Yoga session by Hooray Teams is one to check out.  This, of course, is not one of the 5-minute games for virtual meetings, but it works well if you are looking for an engaging activity for your team. Hooray Teams is a fun virtual teambuilding activity platform that houses several such events.

Best For: Small to medium-sized groups. This way, participants can easily follow along with the brief yoga session.

2.5. Totally Random Slideshow

The Totally Random Slideshow is on of the 5-minute games for virtual meetings that add an element of fun and creativity to the start of a virtual meeting. This game may seem a little simple at the surface, but it will go a long way in allowing people who usually don’t participate to open up. What you need to do is ensure that you create a space where the answers can be slightly outlandish yet well-received. 

Each participant is given a random image from a collection, and they have one minute to create an impromptu story or explanation based on the image. This game encourages spontaneity, storytelling, and quick thinking. It elicits laughter, engages participants' imaginations, and sets a playful tone for the meeting.

Best For: Effective for groups of all sizes. This game helps highlight everyone's diverse perspectives.

2.6. Pictogram Riddles

Pictogram riddles make for a good team building game as people work together to find the answers. Also, since every person interprets visuals differently, it can end up being a laughter riot. Participants are presented with a series of pictograms that represent words, phrases, or idioms. 

They must decipher the meaning of each pictogram and quickly share their answer in the chat or verbally. This encourages problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking, stimulating participants' minds and creating an interactive and engaging environment. Our advice would be to keep the game simple so that you would be done in 5 minutes.

Best For: Small groups as it allows for active participation from all members.

2.7. Object Memory

Object Memory

I’m sure everyone has played some version of this game as they were growing up. Object Memory is a memory-based game that engages participants right from the start of a virtual meeting. You can break your large group into smaller teams and all of them can work together.

In this game, you or someone who is organizing the game presents a tray or a collection of objects and displays them on the screen for a brief period. The employees then have to recall as many objects as possible within a given time limit.  This game challenges participants' memory skills, promotes active listening, and encourages focus and attention.

Best For: Small to medium-sized groups, so that everyone can actively engage in the memory game.

2.8. Bucket List Mix Up

If you are looking to switch things up, this addition to our list of 5-minute games for virtual meetings is a great one-time play. The Bucket List Mix-Up adds a personal touch to the start of a virtual meeting. Participants are asked to share one item from their bucket list that has been mixed up with other participants' lists. The mixed-up bucket list is then presented to the group, and people have to try and figure out who put what.

This is an amazing activity if you are looking to promote team building and want to help develop a sense of community. Considering the premise of the game, you can imagine the conversations that are bound to take place. Also, on a sweeter note, it allows employees to learn more about each other's dreams and interests, thus also making it a great icebreaker game.

Best For: Medium-sized groups. It provides a balance between sharing personal stories and starting a group discussion.

2.9 Solitaire

If you're seeking a timeless and collaborative online game for your virtual meetings, online Solitaire is an excellent choice. In this virtual version of the classic card game, participants work together to solve a wide library of popular Solitaire games.

Solving card games like Solitaire helps foster team building and a sense of community as participants collaborate to strategize and solve the game's puzzles. It provides a unique opportunity for engaging discussions and allows team members to bond while working towards a common goal, making it a fantastic icebreaker game that also enhances problem-solving skills.

Best For: Medium-sized groups, Solitaire strikes a balance between personal enjoyment and group interaction during virtual meetings.

3. FAQs

3.1 What is the icebreaker for adults 5 minutes?

The icebreaker for adults in 5 minutes can be a simple question or prompt that encourages participants to share something about themselves or engage in a brief conversation. It serves as a quick way to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere before diving into the main agenda of the meeting.

3.2 What is the 5 minute game?

The 5-minute game refers to a short and engaging activity that can be played within a 5-minute time frame. These games are designed to be quick, fun, and interactive, providing a brief break from the meeting's content while promoting team bonding, communication, and creativity. They add a dynamic element to virtual meetings and help keep participants engaged and energized.

3.3 What are some free 5-minute games for virtual meetings?

Some free 5-minute games for virtual meetings include icebreaker questions, totally random slideshow, and background show and tell.

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