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Top 10 Webex Games to Re-Energize Your Teammates

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

games to play on webex

Let's face it. Virtual meetings are not as engaging as in-person meetings. Without the usual water cooler talks and coffee break gossip, remote workers tend to get disengaged faster. Of late, many virtual team-building activities and Webex games have been given great importance to combat this monotony. You need not go for external apps or game boards. You can organize these activities with your regular video conferencing software, like Webex, Zoom, and Teams.

Cisco Webex is one of the most popular video conferencing and communication platforms among larger companies worldwide. Many remote employees spend a large portion of their work hours on Webex. So why not use the platform to enhance their engagement level too?

Here are some of our top picks for virtual Webex games that you can play on Webex.

1. Best games to play on Webex App Hub

1.1. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr is a fun game to play on Webex for all the trivia lovers. Sign up through Webex and create your own interactive trivia about your organization. Or choose from a wide range of trivia topics like Movies, Music, Sports, Holidays, Trending Topics, and more. The free version allows for up to 20 participants at a time.

1.2. MeetingPulse

As the name suggests, MeetingPulse adds more engagement levels to your Webex meetings. It is especially helpful if you are hosting long meetings, webinars, and video conferences, as it has integrations to make them more interactive. MeetingPulse provides tools like Q&A and Brainstorming, Polling and surveys, Animated Live Sentiment Emojis, and Games and raffles. 

1.3. Wordster (bot)

If you prefer a small break for me time, then Wordster is the game to play on Webex. Integrate the bot with Webex, and type @wordsterbot: hi, and when the bot responds, Follow the instructions on the screen. Here is a game we played on Wordster – 

Wordsterbot: Hi! Let's have fun With words. 

Take up a challenge and unjumble as many words as you can. 

P.S - have some very tough ones. Are you ready? 

Here are a few keywords could use (don't jumble them): 

Challenge: To Start the challenge.

Pass: To skip the current word. 

We: Challenge 

Wordsterbot: Try this: stitw 

We: twist 

Wordsterbot: Perfect, here's another one: nbrigo

Pro tip! It is very addictive for the likes of us who like word games. So tread with caution!

2. Bonus! More Webex Games To Play with Your Teammates


2.1. Chubby Bunny

We have all played Chubby Bunny as kids, but I have been particularly interested in daring others with this after watching Jennifer Lawrence attempt it. Ask your teammates to have a packet of large marshmallows ready for the activity. During the meeting, have them shove marshmallows into their mouths one by one while saying "chubby bunny" after each. Repeat this until someone is unable to say the words. It's hilarious and screenshot-worthy!

2.2. Virtual Spirit Day

A fancier word for a themed costume party. Enliven your high school days – set up a theme for the meet-up, and get your team members to dress up accordingly. You can also have multiple categories to choose winners from – Best dressed, Most original, People's Choice, etc.

Here are some ideas for Spirit Day themes – 

  • Pajama party
  • Pirate of <insert your organization name>
  • Movies from the '90s
  • Dress like an animal day
  • Superhero day

2.3. Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries have become a classic game to play on Webex, especially among those who love solving cryptic puzzles. You can download templates and cards online or create your own murder mystery storyline.

You can also have a hosted Murder Mystery activity and have them run the activity for you like Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries, The Murder Mystery, Zombie Cannibal Asylum, and more. Here are our top picks of hosted virtual murder mystery games

2.4. Giants, Wizards, Elves

A hilarious and engaging spin-off of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Giants clobber Wizards; Wizards beat Elves; Elves overpower Giants. 

To portray a giant, put your arms up in the air and grunt while making your best giant expression.

Mimic a wizard by holding out an imaginary wizard and yell "Expelliarmus" or "Acid Splash" or create your spell.

if you're the elf, bend your head slightly while keeping your face up, bring your palms next to your face, and wiggle your fingers.

2.5. Webex Tic Tac Toe

We found this to be heavily communication intensive. Here's how you can play the human version of the evergreen tic-tac-toe

  • Everyone switches to gallery mode, so there are 9 thumbnails on the screen
  • Everyone except 9 switches off their cameras
  • Select two players who are not on camera and have them play the game. They each choose a cross or a circle, then select one player alternatively to mimic an X or an O. 
  • The first one to get 3 in a line wins.

Here's the evil twist - Not all players see the same display of 9 people.

2.6. Virtual Pictionary

Probably one of the best uses of Whiteboard in Webex would be for playing Pictionary. It is similar to the in-person version wherein selected players draw the chosen word for the other teammates to guess. You can use a word generator for selecting words. 

This is a great game to play in groups or pairs. The one who scores the most at the end of the stipulated time wins.

2.7. Yellow dolphin

All participants cut out a dolphin shape and painted it yellow or any other color. Each player will bring the dolphin to the screen discretely during the meeting. If the dolphin goes unnoticed by others, then the player gets the point. 

If the dolphin gets spotted, they are out of the game. Each player can show the dolphin any number of times throughout the meeting. They get a point for each time the dolphin is displayed, and the participant with the most number of points wins the game.

2.8. Webex Bingo

Yet another classic virtual game to play on Webex. You can use this fantastic Bingo card generator and send one to each player. Each team member listens for the phrases, watches for, or completes actions to mark off each square. The first one to complete each row and the 'full-house' wins the game.

3. FAQs

3.1. Can you do a quiz in Webex?

Conducting quizzes, polls, and surveys in Webex is very simple. First, you have to integrate MeetingPulse with Webex and organize quizzes of your own or select from the default categories available.

3.2. What games can be played with colleagues online?

Almost every team activity has evolved into a virtual version. You can include icebreakers, team-building activities, and games to enliven your conversations with your colleagues. Scavenger hunts, Secret Santa, White Elephant, and even Virtual Reality games can be great games to play online with your co-workers.

3.3. Do you need any special equipment to play games over Webex?

Not unless a game demands it. Bingo would require the game board, Yellow Dolphin would require the dolphin cut-out, and Scavenger hunts would require you to bring props as part of the game. Apart from these, you would not need any special equipment to play games on Webex, or any other platform for that matter.

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