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15 Hand-Picked Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Keep Remote Teams Engaged

January 11, 2023 | By Preethi Jathanna

With companies adapting to the new work-from-home culture, one of the major challenges they face is the constant need to enhance team-building. In this regard, virtual murder mystery games have gained popularity because of it's ability to keep members fully engaged and absorbed in solving the mystery!  

Virtual murder mystery games are whodunnit events held online where participants play different characters and work towards catching the killer.

These games provide a break from the monotony of office work and get your mind racing with possibilities. 

In this post, I’ll be looking at a few sites that offer remote teams an immersive experience playing virtual murder mystery games. Enjoy! 

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1. The Top 15 Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Play


1.1 Outback

Outback is one of the most popular virtual murder mystery games for remote employees to participate from the comfort of their homes, and the best part is it fits any group size!

Their top-rated game involves finding out who killed Neil Davidson. We downloaded the Outback app and video-conferenced in. The group split into two teams and reviewed case files. We were given clues and applied our sleuthing skills to work out who the culprit was! 

Outback has a stellar reputation of over 25 years in conducting virtual murder mystery games for corporates with top brands on board like Microsoft, H&M, Sony, Johnson & Johnson. You can choose to self-host or play with an on-site host, and the price varies with the team size - you can receive customized solutions by filling out this form on their site. 

1.2 That Show about Love by Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries


Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries is a set of virtual murder mystery games hosted by a Ghost Ship representative. Employees play multiple characters with different personality traits, including being the murderer. You get to hunt for clues, share information, and collaborate to reveal the murderer. The plots vary by the size of the group playing.

We were a group of 10 and played the game That Show for Love by Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries where someone murders one of the contestants on a reality dating show (what are the chances?). We played 10 different characters and the onus is on us to hunt down the murderer before another contestant becomes a victim. Everyone put up a strong defence and hid their secrets well until we nailed it down to one of the participants. The adrenaline kept us going throughout the day!

Pricing-wise, this show costs $50 per guest for corporate events and $30 per guest for private events. 

1.3 The Murder Mystery by Dr. Ness

With over 15 years of experience in virtual murder mystery games, The Murder Mystery specializes in making online parties just as lively and fun as in-person experiences.

The package includes a professional actor who will host your game, provide instructions, and facilitate the party in different stages as you uncover clues to find the murderer. You could also dress according to the theme or the era in the plot, to make it exciting. 

Typically, a virtual murder mystery party hosted by Dr Ness lasts around two hours, in addition to a flexible 15-minute window to adjust for any Zoom issues. To plan a party according to your budget, you can fill out the details on their page of virtual murder mysteries.

1.4 Night of Mystery

Are you looking for virtual murder mystery game for work with no dearth of themes to choose from? Check out Night of Mystery, which includes multiple themes like Adult, All-Female, All-Male, Kids, New Year Eve and more! 

We picked the ‘Murder at the Deadwood saloon’ because of the interesting set of characters we got to play. The story involves finding an attendee dead at the celebration party held after Mississippi’s biggest poker tournament. We came up with conspiracy theories to find out who the murderer is! We were given our character backgrounds in advance, so we dressed up like them to make it more compelling. I won’t give away the ending, but it was a lot of fun and we can’t recommend it enough!

Other games on the site include Trailer Park Tragedy, Murder in Margaritaland, Murder at the Juice Joint, Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad and more. These games allow 6 to 80 guests and they come with instruction guides for the games. The average cost is around $50. 

1.5 Virtual Murder Mystery by Let’s Roam

With over 6,000 five-star reviews, Let’s Roam offers an intuitive all-in-one platform designed to bring all your employees together to bond, brainstorm, and have fun!

If you have some wannabe sleuths in your team, they’ll love signing up for the Virtual Murder Mystery game by Let’s Roam. You can choose from themes like Murder at the Red Bear Lounge, Corporate Espionage, A Murder on the ISS, and test your problem-solving skills. Have fun compiling evidence and interviewing suspects to solve the mystery. The plot gets more gripping as it advances! 

Virtual Murder Mystery allows up to 300 players to play this 90-minute long game, and you can play it via any video conferencing software. Nike, Microsoft, and Amazon are some of the big corporations in their user list. 

1.6 Zombie Cannibal Asylum by Playing with Murder


Ever dreamed of your The Walking Dead fantasy come alive? Your team could get to live it in the dramatic game called Zombie Cannibal Asylum.

The story unfolds at Penderghast Asylum where Dr Abraham Weiler uses research subjects to find a cure for the zombie virus taking over the world. However, someone doesn’t approve of what’s happening in the lab. Everything turns violent and topsy-turvy when one of the inmates turns into a zombie. The rest of us had to find out how it happened with the help of witnesses of the murder - the ‘living dead’ or the zombies themselves. We conducted interrogations and collected evidence to boil it down to the scene of the crime. It was so much fun to see everyone in character, especially the ones playing the zombies!

Up to 32 players can play in the standard version and up to 100 participants can join in via the extended version of this game. The time duration of this game is around 90 minutes and it is suitable for both teens and adults.  It costs $39.95 per team.

1.7 Maple Murder Mysteries

Even the murderer doesn’t know who the murderer is! Already intrigued? 

Maple Murder Mysteries brings you a unique collection of amusing virtual murder mystery games. The host can also play a character and join the guests in solving the crime. 

We picked the “The Murder in the Naughty Nineties” game, which is 90s themed and speaks of a common goal to prevent the world from ending on Dec 31st, 1999. The game consists of the end-of-the-world cult, wannabes, and New Age psychics. 

This murder mystery game for work begins with the investigation in the wake of the unprecedented murder of Lord William Worthalot-Worthy, a handsome lord and owner of a splendid manor. The list of suspects keep growing, from William’s wife to the occultists of Save Our Sinners Foundation, who are fixated on preventing the world from ending. This is a classic Whodunnit within your own house! We also interrogated the rebellious servants. One of us, the Junior, exposed a lot of secrets which unraveled the mystery. It was a great game that kept us all at the edge of our seats until we found out the murderer. Our colleague did hide their identity pretty well! I highly recommend this game for your next virtual murder mystery team building. 

You can always go ahead and try other games like Murder in the Swinging Sixties and Murder in a 1920s Speakeasy. The length of each party is flexible - you can choose to omit sessions like Initial Mingling (ice-breaking) sessions to cut it short. The games can accommodate 6 to 14 players at a time and prices vary from £17 to £29.

1.8 Broadway Murder Mysteries


Broadway Murder Mysteries offers all the games with Broadway actors performing detective voices (Noice!). That makes the game more thrilling and your team will have a great time! 

All the games include the necessary materials to throw a perfect murder mystery party, be it in-person or virtually. A unique thing about the games is that the murderer changes each time you play. This means you can play the same game several times and get a different ending each time. 

Bullets on Broadway, 80s Mall Murder Madness, Drama at Drag Brunch: The Slaying of the Sequin Sisters, Murder Under The Big Top, etc. are among some games that Broadway offers. The instant access for one game costs 45$, the annual subscription plan with access to all games comes at $99 per year, and the lifetime subscription costs $199. So get your team and start sleuthing!

1.9 Murder Mystery

This company began as an event company called Murder Mystery and Mayhem in 1989 and initially it ran murder mysteries for organizations. In 2000, it launched Murder Mystery and came to be known as the pioneers of downloadable virtual murder mystery games.

Murder in the Red Room and The Chocolate Bar Mystery can be played virtually with your team. A part of these games is scripted and the rest is left to the characters to improvise - how fun is that? The price of each game is $27.76, its average duration is 90 minutes, and the players can range from 8 to 20. 

We played Murder in the Red Room where a modern art piece is being auctioned off by its owner. We played the roles of art collectors bidding in the auction, key characters in the plot, or crime-solving observers. A mysterious death takes place just as the art piece is about to be sold to the highest bidder (timing, am I right?). The plot gets interesting as we move forward and solve the mystery. Try this out today with your team! 

1.10 Murder in the Queen’s Court by Team Building

Team Building offers engaging virtual murder mystery zoom games for corporate murder mystery parties. The facilitator leads the team through a set of challenges, clues, and hints related to a real historical murder mystery and the participants work in teams to solve puzzles within the time limit.

If there’s a The Crown fanatic in your team, they’ll surely love cracking the Murder in the Queen’s Court puzzle. The plot involves the death of a magician’s apprentice under mysterious circumstances. It takes place right outside the Queen’s door and you have to solve puzzles and clues to catch the offender.

This game is an interesting mix of magic, murder, political schemes, a touch of royalty, learning, and of course - fun! This game lasts 1.5 hours and 2-300 guests can play it virtually. Let the party begin, in royal style!

1.11 Red Herring Games

“There’s something fishy going on” is the tagline of this popular virtual event planning company. This company is known to organize virtual murder mystery zoomparties for up to even 900 guests (not kidding!) for an organization. Zoom is the recommended video conferencing platform as it can support up to 1000 video participants with a paid pricing plan. 

Red Herring Games provides DIY kits which are either printed kits (they arrive by post) or downloadable kits which contain instructions, game material ideas, character and script booklets, invitations, MP3 sound files (allows the host to take part as a character). It supports a variety of card payment options to purchase the games. A virtual game costs approximately $83.29 on its site, and you can get customized solutions too.

Some of the fascinating games include The Great British Bump Off, A Bad Vintage, Once Upon a Murder, etc. out of all the others on the site. They also create event-themed gift boxes to accompany the event such as custom cocktails, personalized chocolate bars, fancy dress accessories, waxed sealed invitations, and more. Get in touch with them through this form and get, set, murder mystery!

1.12 Don Carrasino And The Murdered Mobster by Playing with Murder

The Don Carrasino And The Murdered Mobster is one of those virtual murder mystery team building games that the Godfather aficionados are sure to enjoy. The game features Don Carrasino, a notorious mafioso who has several crooks, killers, mobsters, and gang members who work for him. The feel of that gangster-era this game gives is unique in itself.

You and your team play the roles of Don Carrasino and his mobsters. They are regular guests at The Joint, Don Carrasino’s bar, and everyone’s enjoying their drinks, playing cards in high spirits. Here comes the twist - the eight of you witness Danny “Chuckles” Luciano stiffen up in his seat and fall dead. His hands were on his throat as if someone was choking him. Who did it?

It’s up to you to find out who is behind Don’s right-hand man’s murder. It is more fun if everyone dresses up as gangsters. Now that’s a group picture which will definitely go up the company’s photo wall! This game costs $29.95, lasts 30+ minutes, and has an extended version that can accommodate up to 100 players. Get your team and start playing!

1.13 Hunt a Killer

Want your team to join a private investigator to help him with his investigation? Then, Hunt a Killer is the right pick for you. Private Investigator Michelle Gray needs your help in solving a cold case. Gear up, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing!

Hunt a Killer is an immersive murder mystery comprising six episodes or “boxes”. Each box contains several high-quality hand-crafted clues, physical items like witness statements, autopsy reports, archival documents, etc. - all of this makes the game pretty realistic. It is one of the long-running virtual murder mystery team building games where you’ll receive one box every month newer clues and hints. Every month, the plot thickens and you get closer to revealing the murderer. Your team needs to sift through the clues, decode ciphers, and piece everything together to catch the killer, which you will be able to do in the final box! 

Hunt a Killer is America’s no. 1 murder mystery subscription with an online community 140,000+ strong. The base plan starts at $30 per month plus shipping billed every month.

1.14 The Little Engine that Could Kill - FREE

The Little Engine that Could Kill is a murder mystery game that requires 8 people to solve the mystery with a downloadable plot guide. This game is for the Murder on the Orient Express fans out there - it is set around a murder on a three-day express train from India to Portugal. 

You’re a passenger on a train with eight others, and one of them gets killed. This leaves behind the seven of you to find the killer. So, get your detective hat on and set up your team of seven to start looking for the evidence and clues. 

Every participant gets to read their part and improvise on it with the other seven characters. Make sure that you do not end up giving others the impression that you are the culprit by trying to cover up too much through improvisation. And if you are the murderer, be extra cautious! In the end, if the murderer doesn’t get caught, they win the game. So, play your cards right and enjoy the party with your team!

46 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities, Games, Tools & Ideas

1.15 Movie Murder Mystery

Just imagine - a certain crew is celebrating the completion of filming their movie and the director is found dead amidst the party. Could it be more dramatic? Who could have done it? The cast,or the crew? Murder Mystery Party is a virtual murder mystery Zoom game set around this theme and the cinephiles in your team are sure to love it. 

You and your team get to enact various cast and crew members of the film. The twist is - the paranoid director of the movie had foreseen his murder and had decided to give away the clues to reveal the murderer which makes the game a lot more captivating. It is a typical scavenger hunt where you must find the hints, clues, and puzzles to nab the killer. Buy the eBook or the paperback version of the game for new improvements, characters, randomization of the murderer, or you can continue with the virtual free version of the game as well. 

Happy playing!

2. FAQs

2.1 How do you host a murder mystery party online virtually?

Hosting a murder mystery party for your team sounds thrilling, and it is easy to set one up! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a murder mystery party online which is relevant for your group size, and ensure the payments are done on time.
  • Check if the plot, instruction guides, characters, and resources like evidence, clues, and props are downloaded. Send the character backgrounds and resources to the team members  in advance so that they prepare for it. A character-based dress code is optional.
  • Send invitations and meeting links to your guests via email or calendar. Download Zoom, Hangouts, MS Teams, or any other suitable video conferencing software depending upon your group size and party duration.
  • If your game comes with a host from the game company, coordinate with them and join the game on time. If you are hosting it yourself, set up your plot, clues, and characters and facilitate the game accordingly.

2.2 How much does a virtual murder mystery game cost?

The cost of a virtual murder mystery game varies from game to game. the breakdown of any game bundle includes its

1. Complexity

2. Maximum capacity

3. Game duration

4. Nature of the event i.e private or corporate, etc.

Some virtual murder mystery games provide free versions. Others provide access to the games with a monthly subscription of $25 to $40. You can go for an annual plan which will costs about $200 to $300. The games are also available to download instantly at a nominal fee.

2.3 Are there any virtual murder mystery games to play on Zoom?

Yes, there are plenty of virtual murder mystery games that can be played on Zoom. Murder Mystery, Maple Murder Mysteries, Murder Mystery by Doctor Ness, Virtual Murder Mysteries by Let’s Roam, Red Herrings, etc. are a few examples. 

2.4 What are some good virtual mystery games for team building?

Some good virtual mystery games for team building are - murder in ancient Egypt, murder in Queen's court, murder in speakeasy, ho-ho-homicide, and which guide lied.

2.5 What are some good virtual murder mystery puzzles online?

Some good virtual murder mystery puzzles online are - clue season pass, murder most puzzling, the business of murder, and jazz age jeopardy.

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