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12 Virtual Easter Ideas to Connect With Office Peers on a Festive Note

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

11 Virtual Easter Ideas to Connect With Office Peers on a Festive Note

Be it the Easter egg hunt, or the smell of freshly baked bread and carrot cakes, celebrating Easter traditions brings joy to the heart. In this digital era of work, remote and hybrid teams may find themselves missing the fun of celebrating the holiday at the workplace. However, with some clever planning and creative virtual Easter ideas for office staff, it’s now possible to have a great Easter celebration party at work.

Here are some great virtual Easter ideas for office staff that are bound to give your coworkers fun and memorable moments.

1. What is Virtual Easter at the Workplace?

Virtual Easter is an online holiday celebration that you can enjoy with colleagues via a video conferencing platform from the comfort of your own home spaces. You and your teammates can gather virtually to share a meal, have casual conversations, play games and enjoy participating in themed Easter activities for the workplace. It’s a great way to foster a spirit of unity and bonding among distributed teams. 

2. 12 Virtual Easter Ideas

2.1. Easter Trivia

Think you know everything about Easter? Well, think again, when you test your knowledge about the holiday with Hooray Teams Virtual Easter Trivia. You and your team will get to tackle rapid-fire questions across 4-5 rounds on Easter history, traditions, and more.

Guided by a seasoned trivia master, you'll receive hints and also get fascinating insights throughout the session. Plus, Hooray Teams offers customizable trivia rounds, allowing you to add your unique themes to help celebrate Easter in style!

2.2. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

What’s more interesting on Easter than the traditional Easter egg hunt game? The good news is that you can recreate this fun with your remote teams by joining Hooray Teams Virtual Easter Egg Hunt.  Ask participants to hide the eggs at different spots in their house, be it the kitchen, basement, or anywhere that’s not evident. Click a photo of the egg without giving away too much of the hidden spot, and the other teammates must uncover the eggs. Prior to the event, everyone will receive an Easter egg hunt kit with colorful fillable eggs, crepe paper, candies, markers, and cardstock.

If you want to take the egg hunting experience up a notch, go for Hooray Teams Online Easter Egg Hunt Game. An expert host will cleverly hide multiple eggs throughout your online workplace or within a dedicated app designed for this egg hunt. You and your team will scour websites, folders, drives, or any digital nook and cranny you can find to uncover the hidden eggs. Once the eggs are found, participants should capture a screenshot and post it on a common platform.

2.3 Virtual Easter Happy Hour

virtual easter happy hour class

Hosting an online happy hour with your colleagues is one of the best ideas for Easter events. Transform your Easter Sunday into an unforgettable experience with Hooray Teams Virtual Easter Happy Hour experience. Led by a skilled sommelier, you and your colleagues will learn how to craft holiday-themed cocktails like mimosas and Easter punch.

Before the event, you and your team will receive a cocktail-making kit delivered straight to your door, complete with all the necessary ingredients for mixing your signature drinks. Plus, for the non-drinkers in your team, you can arrange virgin mocktails so that they can still participate in the festivities.

2.4. Easter Egg Decorating Class

easter egg decoration

Add a traditional touch to your Easter festivities with the Hooray Teams Easter Egg Decorating Class. Under expert guidance, you and your team will learn creative techniques to transform simple eggs into charming holiday characters such as Easter bunnies, chicks, ducks, and even unicorns.

Each participant will receive an Easter Egg Decorating Kit delivered to their doorstep, providing all the essentials to kickstart your decorating session. By the end, you'll have a delightful basket filled with beautifully decorated Easter eggs to proudly display and share with loved ones.

2.5. Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt

An online scavenger hunt can be quite an entertaining virtual Easter idea. All you have to do is create a list of Easter-related household items and ask participants to fetch the item. The person who gets the most items first successfully wins.

You can keep the duration for each round quite short to capture the attention of the audience. Some examples of the scavenger hunt are;

2.6. Virtual Easter Bingo Game

Nothing like a Virtual Bingo game that keeps you on your toes (in this case virtually of course) and brings out your competitive streak. You can give participants themed virtual Easter bingo cards and ask them to cross all the called-out squares. The participant who finishes the whole card first wins. 

The card can be filled with fun Easter traditions, Easter-related dishes, and other Easter activities for the workplace. You can also fill the squares with clues. Some examples of the clues can be:

  • Eaten the traditional Easter bread
  • Collected more than 6 Easter eggs
  • Owns more than three stuffed animal toys
  • Been to an Easter potluck
  • Cooked ham for Easter
  • Owns a printed umbrella
  • Has their birthday in April

2.7. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

virtual easter egg hunt

What’s more fun on Easter than the traditional Easter egg hunt game? The good news is that you can recreate the magic with your remote teams. Ask participants to hide the eggs at different spots in their house, be it the kitchen, basement, or anywhere that’s not evident. Click a photo of the egg without giving away too much of the hidden spot.

Share your screen with the photo snaps, and the team must guess the hidden spots. Be creative while giving clues! Each participant can take turns sharing their screen to show the photos of the hidden eggs. Sounds like a very egg-citing game!

2.8. Mail Easter Baskets

Do you remember waking up on Easter and running to raid the candies inside the Easter basket? An adult spin on that is  Easter baskets. Fill some Easter baskets with goodies and mail the baskets to your employees in advance. Gather together over a video call to share your childhood experiences and Easter stories.

In case you don’t want to send out Easter baskets, you can send vouchers or coupons to purchase the Easter baskets in their city 

2.9. Virtual Brunch-Off

Bring on the holiday cheer by holding a virtual brunch with your team. All the team members can prepare a meal of their choice for the brunch. You could also email some delectable Easter recipes like frittatas, Easter bread, carrot cake, deviled eggs, potatoes, ham, and chocolate desserts. Set a time for the brunch and come together over a call to have the meal.  

You could also arrange for meal kits to be sent, or even set up an online cooking class before brunch. This gives an opportunity for employees to learn new dishes, get some cooking tips, and simply have a great time with the team! 

2.10. DIY Sock Bunny

DIY sock bunny

Channel your inner crafty side and bring out your crafts box to make your very own DIY sock bunny. You can share your screen with your employees and watch a do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial video together to create cute sock bunnies as a fun activity.

You just need markers, scissors, tape, marker, some thread, rice, and of course, a sock! Fill 3/4th of the sock with rice, tie it up with the thread. This is the bunny’s body. Fill the rest of the sock with some more rice for the face and tie it up. Cut a slit on the upper part for ears. Draw eyes, nose, and lips on the face. Decorate and tape a ribbon on the neck. There you have it, your DIY sock bunny!

2.11. Easter Wreath Making

Nothing comes close to feeling like spring like the smell of freshly-cut flowers. This virtual Easter holiday, arrange an Easter wreath making session for your remote employees. You can have a DIY session on it, or call a professional to guide you through the process online.

It doesn’t even have to be flowers, you can make a wreath out of practically anything like pom poms or even egg cartons. Voila! You have a door hanging to complement your Easter themed holiday decor accessories.

2.12. Virtual Paint Session

A spring holiday is all about bright colors and a breath of fresh air. Express all of these feelings through a virtual paint session by Hooray Teams. You could pick an Easter-related or a spring-related theme for the painting like Easter egg baskets, cherry blossoms, bunnies, or farm animals.

In the end, share the pictures of everyone’s creations on your company’s website and social media channels. 

3. 7 Easter Gifts To Check Out For Your Team

3.1. Easter Chocolates: For The Sweet Tooth

Easter Chocolates: For The Sweet Tooth

Whether you are a child or an adult, when looking at Easter gifts, chocolates should be right on top of your list to gift your coworkers. Easter chocolates come in a variety of forms, like Easter peanut butter eggs, chocolate Easter eggs, candy Easter eggs, and even Easter chocolate bunnies. The common thread, however, is the sheer joy one experiences with chocolates. Additionally, if you are looking for a team gift, this one is perfect, as you’ll be able to buy it in bulk. 

If you are looking for a recommendation Christopher Elbow and John and Kira have some great options.

3.2. Easter Gift Basket: A Neutral Gift

While people always think Easter gift baskets are reserved for kids, that isn’t the case. You can share an Easter gift basket with each of your teammates. Classic Easter chocolate and Easter truffles are some must-haves in any Easter basket. You can curate and gift a food basket that has an assortment of savory snacks and spreads too.  For those who prefer the sweet route, gift a sweet Easter basket filled with candy, marshmallows, and different Easter sweets along with a small stuffed plushie. 

Just make your way to Gourmet Gift Baskets or 1800 Baskets to get a great Easter basket for your team.

3.3. Gift an Experience: For Shared Memories

Gift an Experience: For Shared Memories

One of the best gifts you can give your employees is the gift of a shared experience. One where everyone comes together to create something special. One of our favorite activities for Easter is the Hooray Teams DIY Terrarium (Plant) at Home. In this activity, you get to create your own lush green space and since it’s low maintenance, it’s easy for those who don’t have a green thumb. Everything you need in this hosted class to create the terrarium will be sent over in advance to participants’ homes in the form of a kit. 

If you prefer something that’s not crafty, Hooray Teams also has a great lineup of other activities that we recommend such as a thrilling Escape Room or a top-rated Trivia Session.

3.4. Aromatherapy Kits: For Selfcare 

When you are shopping for Easter gifts for adults, you cannot miss out on lovely aromatherapy kits. Whether it's candles, lotions, or skin care, depending on your employee's preferences, you can give a personalized kit to them.  Sephora or Ulta have great options to choose from.  If you want something more varied, explore Etsy, where you get the option to curate a basket. This gift idea works for everyone, irrespective of their gender and age. 

3.5. Books: For the Bookworms

An avid reader can never have too many books. For Easter, you can choose to give your co-workers a selection of classics. Books like Pride and Prejudice, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Count of Monte Cristo are all classics that everyone has heard of, but not everyone has. It’s also a great way to encourage the habit of reading for the non-readers in your team. To add a more meaningful touch, you can also get an Easter bookmark online like this Cute Rabbit Bookmark or this Medieval Rabbit Metal Bookmark. For those who prefer the digital version, consider sharing Kindle book subscriptions.

3.6 Gift Cards: For a More Personal Touch 

This Easter, why not give your coworkers a gift card? With plenty of categories available in the market, you can choose and personalize your Easter gifts based on their preferences. For movie buffs, there are choices like Netflix, Hulu, and Max. For people who love concerts, there is Ticketmaster or Live Nation. If you have bookworms in your team you can get them an Illumicrate or Kindle subscription. 

3.7. Easter Coffee Mugs: To Keep Caffeinated

If you are looking for a classic, no-fuss gift, then it is very difficult to go wrong with Easter mugs. Whether your employee's drink of choice is coffee, tea, or even water, they do need a cup to drink it from. Additionally, if you can find an Easter-inspired coffee mug like one with eggs and rabbits even better like these charming picks on Etsy.

4. FAQs

4.1. Is there a way to do a Virtual Easter egg hunt for office employees?

You can do a virtual Easter egg hunt for office employees in multiple ways:

  • Hide the eggs at your office, take pictures of them, and ask participants to find the eggs in the picture.
  • Have a special interactive page designed for easter where they can spot the eggs
  • You can photoshop the eggs on your team’s picture and challenge everyone to look for them.
  • Choose any online application or website like Game Flare or GamePix to play it with your team.

4.2. How to host a Virtual Easter?

Choose the right virtual conferencing platform according to your team size. You can select a platform like Teams and Zoom which have features to record the session, have a chat box, and emoji reactions.

Select an appropriate time beforehand for the get-together. Since it is a holiday, people may have plans for the day with their families or friends. Set a time, send an invite, and ask people to RSVP to the invite. Last but not least, don’t forget to have a great time!

4.3. How do people celebrate Virtual Easter at work?

You can celebrate virtual Easter at work with your remote teams by gathering over a video conferencing platform of your choice. Choose an activity for all to do together which can be decided beforehand. You can hire professionals to facilitate the activity if needed. Record the session to have it on the cloud for memories. Overall, enjoy your time with the team!

4.4. What are some best virtual Easter activities?

Some of the best virtual Easter activities include - virtual spring bingo, bunny hop workout, virtual egg hunt, and easter scavenger hunt

Virtual St Patricks Cupcake Decorating Class
Virtual St Patricks Cookie Decorating Class
Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
International Womens Day
Corporate Retreat

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