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12 Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits for Fun Fridays at Work

January 13, 2023 | By Preethi Jathanna
Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits

Agreed, showing up drunk to work isn’t a good look on any employee. But there’s no rule that forbids remote teams from unwinding post work with boozy, or non-boozy virtual happy hour cocktail kits.

Picture the joy (or incredulity) on your teams’ faces when cocktail kits arrive at their address with a request to join in on an all-hands virtual happy hours meeting. Such occasions create opportunities for teams to form bonds at work and beyond. They spark conversations filled with laughter. 

I searched high and low for cocktail kits that everyone can use when their office decides to host happy hours online. So here’s a compilation to help you recreate pub crawls from the comfort of your home!

1. What are virtual happy hour cocktail kits?

What are virtual happy hour cocktail kits

Virtual happy hour cocktail kits with alcohol are portable and compact kits that contain the liquid and dry ingredients, instructions, and even the vessels to mix drinks in. Some kits also contain recipe cards according to the buyer’s choice of drink.  

Virtual cocktail kits are available for any occasion and are customized accordingly. For example, there are travel-friendly kits that you can take with you when you’re 30,000 ft above the ground, corporate events, or themed kits for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers (non-alcoholic, of course, in solidarity with the abstaining and expectant mum-to-be!). 

The best part of ordering virtual happy hour cocktail kits for yourself and the team is that there’s something for everyone to try out. The bartending act sparks discussion and gives everyone present the chance to show their creative side. You can even hold mini contests to encourage the participants to come up with the most interesting drink. The winner will get a drink named after them! If I was the judge, I’d give more marks for how creative the drink looks and sounds!

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2. 12 Corporate virtual happy hour cocktail kits

12 Corporate virtual happy hour cocktail kits

If there are non-drinkers in the team, fret not! You can have a virtual happy hour with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits. What’s more important is team spirit! 

Boozy Boxes

2.1. W&P virtual happy hour cocktail kit

W&P is a food and beverages packaging company that was founded by Josh Williams and Eric Prum. Their idea was to put together wine and dine kits that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

W&P’s virtual happy hour cocktail kit is a trio pack with enough syrup to make 2x Margaritas,Moscow Mules and Old Fashioneds. 

Ingredients and Quantity

  1. Moscow Mules: 30 mL, Jigger, bar spoon and linen coaster
  2. Margaritas: 30 mL,Rimming Salt, Jigger, Bar spoon and Coaster
  3. Old Fashioned : 2.8 mL, Aromatic bitters,cane sugar,bar spoon, linen coaster.

Why SIWOM recommends 

This virtual cocktail kit contains everything you need. Plus, the coasters are so dainty! We particularly enjoyed making the Margaritas because the quantity was as per what was promised in the package. If you know your bitters, you’ll definitely love making yourself one Old fashioned!

Price: $55, with free shipping on orders above $50.

2.2. Amber Ale kit

Amber Ale kit

Citybrewtours offers cheese and wine pairings, beer making and ice cream floats. The amber ale kit comes under their beer making and will make a brewer out of you in no time! The whole experience is interactive and will require you to turn on your camera.

The Amber ale kit features

  1. A Stock pot to boil the water in.
  2. Grains, malt extracts and hops to create the pre-fermented beer.
  3. The host will take you through each step and demonstrate what needs doing. 

Why SIWOM recommends 

If you’re a DIY-er and want to kick back with a home-brewed drink, then this virtual cocktail kit is for you! Everyone starts in unison and gets to see how the others are getting on. The experience includes live instructions by a beer expert via video conference so don’t worry about messing up or missing a step! 

Price: $150.00 per person.

2.3. Fistful of Bourbon kit

Fistful of Bourbon kit

Sourced Craft Cocktails features a mind boggling array of virtual happy hour cocktail kits. Their fistful series is very popular as cocktail kits for employees, with flavors such as Fistful of Bourbon Tropical Two-Step, Strawberry smash and Soul rush. To be honest, it was hard to choose just one because everything sounded so interesting, but we finally settled on the Fistful of Soul Rush. This virtual happy hour cocktail kit contains freshly-squeezed lemon juice, homemade elderflower syrup and Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters.

If you opt for the Black Cherry or Margarita variants, you’ll get homemade black cherry syrup and Burlesque Bitters and everything in Soul rush with a smidge of Jalapeno for some heat.

The Fistful of Bourbon kit will contain;

  1. A 750mL of Fistful of Bourbon
  2. A bottle of all fresh non alcoholic ingredients batched together 
  3. A jigger for measurements.
  4. Menu with instructions to mix your cocktail and
  5. Plastic cups branded with the Sourced label. (a keepsake that will always remind you of the fun you had at virtual happy hour!)

 Why SIWOM recommends 

The Fistful is a mixologist’s dream! The cocktail kit contains everything you need to measure, mix, shake and pour. If you’re Bour-ed of Bourbon, try their scotches, rum and tequila kits. We guarantee you’ll find something everyone will love in this virtual cocktail kit!

Price: Between $53 and 68.71. The Soul Rush was $59.16, which came out to be about $4.93 per drink.

2.4. Caroo

Caroo specializes in creating employee gift boxes that provide hard working professionals with all sorts of treats. The Happy Hour Box is a virtual cocktail kit that includes: 

The box contains

  1. An insulated wine tumbler 
  2. 1 Cocktail kit for whipping up a delicious beverage 
  3. Team icebreaker activity 
  4. 8 delicious snacks so guests 

Why SIWOM Recommends

This cocktail box provides all the essentials to spice up your happy hour while providing a snack attack of healthy treats that they can use the rest of the work week when they need a pick-me-up.fe, this kit can be a great gift for any occasion.

Price: Take this 60-second quiz to get custom pricing details 

2.5. Brooklyn Brew Shop Sparkling Rosé Kit

Wine connoisseurs rejoice! Farmsteady offers a Sparkling Rose kit that tastes of celebration. You can serve it for brunch or have everyone make it for the next virtual coffee break. It also serves as cocktail kits for employees.

The Sparkling Rose kit contains

  1. 1 batch of Rose Grape juice, Sparkling Wine Yeast & Yeast Nutrient
  2.  Glass Fermentation Jug
  3. Hydrometer
  4. Racking Cane 
  5. Tubing and Tubing Clamp
  6. Screw-cap Stopper
  7. An Airlock and cleanser
  8. 5x corks and wire cages.

Why SIWOM recommends

The Sparkling Rose kit is reusable and fully inclusive. You can make about 5 bottles of Sparkling Rose with this.

Price: $69.95

2.6. The Cocktail box co 

The Cocktail box co 

The Cocktail box co is a one-stop shop for recipes, wholesale and custom virtual cocktail kits. There is a wide selection of Mai tais, Moscow mules, Old fashioneds and margarita mixes available. We wanted a Fancy Friday instead of a fun one, and ordered Champagne cocktail kits using their online quotation form. This is featured in their 2021 


The Champagne cocktail in their 2021 product catalog contains

  1. Scrappy’s aromatic bitters
  2. Lavender and Lemon bitters
  3. 6 sugar cubes
  4. Muddler spoon
  5. Linen coaster, and
  6.  3 cocktail picks

Why SIWOM recommends

The Champagne we made ourselves with their virtual cocktail kit was crisp with floral and citrus notes thanks to the aromatic bitters. The packaging is neat and spill proof. One of us even made a champagne float with some ice cream and it definitely looked interesting. If champagne’s not your drink, there are other kits and recipes under their How to section to mix the drinks yourself!

Price: $22.99. The 4 and 6-piece sets cost between $59-$104.

2.7. Let’s Fiesta Margarita

Let’s Fiesta Margarita

Doesn’t the name make you think of a Mariachi bar? The Let’s Fiesta Margarita is one of the most colorful virtual happy cocktail kits we’ve seen in some time. 

This Margarita-in-the-mail has its own set of recipe cards and comes with

  1. Cocktail jigger and shaker
  2. Jelly Belly jelly beans
  3. Tortilla chips with salsa and nacho cheese dip
  4. Margarita rimming salt

Why SIWOM recommends

If there’s a nachos and spicy cheese dip with my name on it, then I’ll down any number of salt-rimmed Margaritas! The virtual cocktail kits are customized according to the order specifics and gets shipped within days of placing the order.

Price: One-time set up fee: $125. It costs $45 per unit for upto 95 kits, $43 for 191 kits, $42.5 for 255 kits and custom pricing for 500+ employees.

2.8. Saloon box

Saloon box

The Saloon box is an artisanal provider of virtual happy hour cocktail kits. The packaging \contains a story behind the person who made it, ingredients and how the drink is made. The kits are more compact compared to the others, and range from Bloody Mary’s, French 75s and whiskies. The Chipotle Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit serves 12 and includes

  1. One 750 mL bottle premium vodka 
  2. Organic tomato juice
  3.  Worcestershire sauce, Chipotle Tabasco
  4. Orange juice, Tapatio,pepper
  5. Lime juice.
  6. 4 wooden stirrers.  

Why SIWOM recommends

Although the selection of cocktail kits for employees are limited, the quality of craftsmanship is evident in the way the boxes are packaged. Plus, the little notes containing trivia on the drink or its maker are quaint! If you want to splurge a little, you can opt for the 3 months Saloon box deal which contains 6 recipes, of gin, rye whiskey, margaritas and white rum. 

Price: $89.99

2.9. Shaker and Spoon

Shaker and Spoon

Shaker & Spoon was founded in 2015 by Mike and Anna, 2 Brooklyn-based designers.

The boxes don’t include alcohol, which you’ll need to procure separately. They contain the ingredients such as 

  1. Syrups and bitters.
  2. Garnishes 
  3. Lime and mixers.

Why SIWOM Recommends

Besides the chance to win a free box by subscribing to them? The Shaker and Spoon store offers an interesting combination of drinks in their kit, including a chocolate-themed theobroma box with orange bitters, mezcal, coffee and chocolate.  The names are as unique and diverse as the kits, and you’re sure to find one that everyone will love talking about!

Price:  custom

2.10. Day-themed boxes&nbsp

Day-themed boxes&nbsp

Do some days of the work week feel like they’ll get better only if they’re named after a drink? Think mimosa Mondays, tequila Tuesdays or wine wednesdays! The Barchef’s cocktail kit subscription gives you access to their hosted virtual happy hours on Wednesdays, where you’ll interact with their staff and learn how to mix drinks the right way. So, your virtual happy hour drink delivery is sorted with these virtual cocktail kits.

The Tequila gift set (tequila excluded) contains

  1. Blood orange margarita
  2. Cilantro syrup
  3. Grapefruit syrup
  4. Citrus garnishes

Why SIWOM recommends

All their products ship out on Mondays with deliveries happening between Tuesday and Thursday, just in time to get the drink and sit down for themed virtual happy hours! If you plan to attend one of their virtual happy hours, you’ll get recipes based on the featured spirits, from classic to craft cocktails.

Price: $59.

Non-Alcoholic Virtual happy hour kits

2.11. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits are the perfect gift for teetotallers (and to give your liver a break from all that drinking!) and a virtual happy hour drink delivery. Their collection features  Grove42, spice 94 and Garden 108 paired with citrus hints and fragrant spices such as ginger.  

Seedlip was founded by Ben Branson about four years ago and will soon open in Los Angeles and Sydney.

The Seedlip Spice 94 Mycelium Gift set contains

  1. Grapefruit and lemon
  2. Oak
  3. Green cardamom pods
  4. Cascarilla

Why SIWOM Recommends

I like Seedlip’s commitment to sustainable practices, right from their packing to their mission to be carbon neutral in a year’s time. The kits are allergy-free, sugarless and calorie-free, making it one of the healthiest virtual happy hour cocktail kits to order!

Price: $38 for a 700mL package.

2.12. Ludlow high ball

Ludlow high ball


Proteau’s botanical drink has been featured in Cosmopolitan and is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative for virtual happy hours.


You’ll need the following ingredients to make a Ludlow highball;

  1. 4 oz. Proteau Ludlow Red
  2. 4 ox. Chilled sparkling water
  3. An Ice-filled highball glass
  4. Berry and rosemary garnishes for the finishing touches.

Why SIWOM recommends

At just 30 calories per serving, the Ludlow Red can be enjoyed guilt-free and contains no added sugar. It's suitable for vegetarians.  The highball tastes like blackberry with a smidge of fiery peppercorns and dandelion in every sip. 

Price: $19.5

2.13 Sandy Leaf Farm Color Changing Gin Infusing Kit

Sandy Leaf Farm Color Changing Gin Infusing Kit

I was actually going to try out Sandy Leaf Farm’s Ultimate Gin maker’s kit before spotting their magical color changing gin infusion kit! This DIY distilled kit comes with an instruction booklet (The gin isn’t included, you’ll need to buy it elsewhere or from a local bar).

The box contains

  1. Blue pea flowers
  2. Eco-friendly cotton filter bag
  3. Earl grey infusion (NEW)
  4. Bottle labels and 
  5. Tasting pipette.

Why SIWOM Recommends

Sandy Leaf Farm’s creations are sourced ethically and are certifiably fresh. The blue pea flowers and tea infusions add a mildly spicy undertone to the gin’s sweetly herbal notes. The taste isn’t too overpowering and thanks to its long shelf life, this kit can be a great gift for any occasion.

Price: GBP 7.99.



3.1. What are Mimosa Mondays?

Mimosa or Margarita Mondays are virtual happy hours with a theme to have a drink of that very name. You can make the mimosa with champagne and any chilled citrus juice. The common pairing is orange for a mimosa, and lemon for Margaritas.

3.2. What are the rules to host  virtual happy hours?

   1.   Check in with your team and ask them for their drink preferences. If the majority prefers it to remain a non-alcoholic event, you can accordingly look up recipes that don’t require alcoholic spirits. 

      2. Finalize a budget for the number of virtual happy hour cocktail kits you’ll need to buy per attendance.

  1. Issue Invites by mail and send out reminders in a common group on the day of the actual happy hour.
  2. Look at shipping times and dates and confirm the invitations once the kits are sent out.

3.3. How do you host a virtual cocktail hour?

You can host a virtual cocktail hour through any virtual meeting platform such as Zoom, Webex, Teams or Google Meet. you will need to

  1. Decide on a theme, including decor and dress codes for everyone to follow.
  2. Hand pick a few team building games and activities to play while on the call.
  3. Plan for the time to make the drink and play
  4. Ensure the call settings work fine and that everyone can be heard and seen.

3.4. How do you make a virtual cocktail party?

A party with a virtual cocktail making kit should have a theme, a few contests such as a drinking game or a quiz, food and beverages. Party guests can either shop for their own snacks or a standard snack set can be shipped to everyone from the company account. 

3.5. How do you make a homemade cocktail kit?

You’ll need 

  1. An alcohol or non-alcoholic base of your choosing.
  2. Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon or orange.
  3. Garnishes such as a lemon wedge, or seasonally available berries.
  4. Salt and sugar (to heighten the flavor).
  5. A jigger or measuring cup to measure out the liquid.
  6. Mixing spoons to stir and blend in all the ingredients.


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