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8 Fun-Filled Team Building Activities in NYC – The Big Apple to Unlock Team Potential

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

team building activities in NYC

The days set out for team-building activities on your corporate calendar are arguably some of the most widely anticipated days by most employees. However, if you’re considering hosting your team building activities in NYC, then The Big Apple can add an even more riveting touch to the occasion. New York City, with its diversity of experiences and iconic landmarks, can help you create a memorable team-building adventure if you know where to go.

In this article, we share our compilation of the most thrilling team-building activities in NYC that can help you improve your team synergy and dynamics.

If you're up for some team building adventures beyond NYC, we've got you covered with guides to other major cities across the United States, including Washington, D.C., Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Denver, and Las Vegas.

1. Why are Team Building Activities Important for a Company?

Team-building activities are one sure-fire way to get your team of employees to collaborate more efficiently with one another. Of course, this will lead to improved productivity which means you’ll be hitting your company goals much faster.

By organizing events where team members can interact more freely with one another in a relaxed environment, you help them develop their communication skills with one another. This leads to enhanced collaboration as team members get to learn more about each other and figure out how to complement one another. Besides, engaging in fun and challenging activities can boost team morale which means a better drive when it’s time to resume work.

All in all, leveraging team-building activities in NYC, or anywhere else, can help you achieve a more cohesive workforce that’s motivated to get results.

2. 8 Team Building Activities in NYC That Your Team Will Truly Enjoy

2.1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Secret City

team building activities in NYC

First on our list of the best team building activities in NYC is a scavenger hunt at Secret City. And for good reason too.

A scavenger hunt at Secret City is not your typical treasure hunt. First off, this scavenger hunt does not take place in our location or building. Instead, you and your team members will find yourself on a thrilling  adventure through the streets of New York as you try to solve puzzles and unearth secrets to locate the prize.

Embarking on a scavenger hunt at Secret City can work wonders for team-building as it encourages collaboration and communication. Team members typically have to work together to decipher clues and work their way through the landmarks of NYC.

In addition, it also promotes out-of-the-box thinking and a sense of camaraderie as team members bond over various challenges. Besides, exploring the vibrant NYC adds an element of excitement and wonder on its own.

2.2. Take a Hudson River Kayak Tour

The Hudson River is one of the most popular destinations in New York, and it provides a perfect setting for your team-building activity. You and your team can bond over the picturesque view of the Manhattan skyline and the beautiful Hudson Valley as you paddy along the iconic river.

In addition, a kayak tour through the Hudson River offers you a unique perspective of the city that never sleeps as you get to see iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and more.

Also, since kayaking requires synchronized movements and communication between team members to navigate the waters effectively, it’s a great way to build teamwork and mutual understanding.

The best part?

You and your team members get to journey through nature and put in some exercise, which can help you unwind and relieve work-related stress.

2.3. Visit the Central Park Zoo

If you’re looking for more team-building activities in NYC that get you close to nature, the Central Park Zoo is another great option for you.

A visit to the Central Park Zoo combines the charm of a zoo with the tranquility of Central Park. This outing allows your team to connect with nature and wildlife while strolling through beautifully landscaped exhibits. 

Besides, observing animals in a peaceful environment can also provide an opportunity for your team members to bond over shared amazement and passion for animals. Furthermore, it encourages empathy and communication as individuals share their observations and thoughts about the animals. Also, team members get to engage one another in more personal conversations that may not have taken place in the workplace. This fosters stronger bonds between colleagues and can boost the quality of workplace collaborations.

Moreover, supporting wildlife conservation efforts through your visit can instill a sense of collective purpose in your team, enhancing their motivation and sense of unity.

2.4. Participate in a Yoga/ Fitness Class

Yoga is an excellent way to unwind, relax, and achieve a calmer mental state. However, attending a yoga or fitness class with team members is also a great way to bond and improve team dynamics.

First off, a yoga studio or fitness class provides a refreshing change from the office and business-related pressure. Even more, trying yoga or attending a fitness class can promote physical well-being, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity. 

By attending such events with your team, you can foster a sense of togetherness as everyone works towards common health and fitness goals. Besides, the positive impact of yoga and fitness classes often extends beyond the studio, as participants will usually carry the benefits of relaxation and improved focus into their day-to-day life. This means potentially better productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

2.5. Enjoy a Museum Hack Tour

Another item you should consider adding to your shortlist of team-building activities in NYC is a tour at Museum Hack.

Museum Hack boasts an impressive collection of items throughout history. However, the best part may be the unique twist they add to traditional museum tours. Their guides are experts at turning a museum visit into an interactive and engaging experience. As a result, team members can explore art, history, and culture while participating in fun activities and challenges. 

At Museum Hack, you also get the option of customizing your tour route to reflect your company values and industry. Or better still, to increase the thrill as you and your team members examine the exhibits. 

A tour of museums not only increases appreciation for the exhibits but can also inspire creative thinking and communication among team members as they share thoughts and opinions.

2.6. Tackle an Escape Room Challenge at The Escape Game

Another team-building activity in NYC that you consider is an escape challenge. Escape rooms are generally renowned for their team-building potential as they require participants to work together in finding clues and deciphering puzzles as they try to “escape.”

In light of this, The Escape Game in NYC is one of the best places to try your hand at escape room challenges. At The Escape Game, you’ll find a variety of themed escape rooms where participants must collaborate to solve puzzles and find their way out in under one hour.

This activity promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication as team members pool their skills and knowledge to unlock clues and achieve the common goal of escaping the room. 

Pro tip: You can use escape room challenges to  identify individual strengths and teamwork styles, which you can leverage back at the office.

2.7. Play Mini Golf at Pier 25

Play Mini Golf at Pier 25

Mini golf is a classic team-building activity that combines friendly competition with the opportunity for casual conversation. As an inclusive activity, the game doesn't require prior golfing expertise. As a result, everybody on your team should be able to participate. 

At Pier 25 in Hudson River Park, you and your team members can engage one another in a light-hearted mini-golf competition complete with friendly banter. You also get to enjoy the picturesque waterfront views. 

In addition to providing an opportunity for more personal conversations, mini-golf also fosters teamwork as players strategize, offer assistance, and celebrate each other's successes. It's a fantastic way to strengthen interpersonal relationships within the team while having a lot of fun.

2.8. Test Your Skills at Bowlmor Lanes

Another all-inclusive team-building activity in NYC you can try is bowling at the Bowlmor Lanes.

Bowlmor Lanes provides your team with the perfect setting for friendly competition and camaraderie. Since bowling is a recreational activity that allows team members to relax and enjoy some friendly competition, it’s a great way to improve team relationships. 

Bowling fosters team dynamics by encouraging support and teamwork as teammates cheer each other on. It also provides an opportunity for team members to engage one another in more intentional ways that build rapport while creating lasting memories.

3. FAQs

3.1. What are the 4 main types of team building activities?

The four main types of team-building activities include communication activities, problem-solving activities, decision-making activities, and adaptability activities. 

3.2. What activities can we do for team building?

Some popular team-building activities include outdoor adventures like hiking and scavenger hunts, interactive workshops, teamwork games, like escape rooms.

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