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How to Offer Employees a Virtual Recognition Wall of Fame

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

How to Offer Employees a Virtual Recognition Wall of Fame

Employee recognition is widely recognized as a valuable approach towards creating a positive, pleasant working environment where staff will be as engaged, productive, and loyal as possible. One way to approach it is with a virtual recognition wall of fame.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to get started, scroll down to find out how to build your own virtual recognition wall of fame and discover some creative wall of fame examples to inspire your own company’s strategy.

1. What Is a Wall of Fame?

A wall of fame is a space devoted to the recognition of high achievers in the workplace. Usually, it consists of names, pictures, and details of accomplishments. While traditional walls of fame are physical objects in real-world spaces, increasingly companies rely on a virtual recognition wall of fame to praise and motivate staff

2. Why Is Virtual Recognition for Employees Important?

2.1. Boost Employee Morale


As more businesses move to remote or hybrid working, finding ways to digitally acknowledge triumphs is useful in boosting employee morale. This ultimately results in better job satisfaction and retention.

2.2. Strengthens Work Relationships

Both managers and employees can participate in the process of digitally patting colleagues on the back. In fact, there are numerous examples of peer-to-peer recognition software available today. This aids the enhancement of departmental communication and improves teamwork.

2.3. Increases Loyalty

Staff that feels valued are generally less likely to switch companies. Even when they do, knowing that their contributions were acknowledged means they are more likely to become advocates for a business in the future, as well as leave positive feedback on sites like Glassdoor

2.4. Creates a Positive Work Culture

Researching the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ of 2021, Pew Research found that one of the top three reasons people were leaving jobs was because they didn’t feel respected at work. Digital acknowledgments especially in the remote workspace combat this by demonstrating a culture of recognition within a company.

2.5. Promotes Growth and Learning

According to a study published by Gallup in 2020, 87% of millennials rate learning and career growth as important in a job. Virtual recognition can have an impact on this by utilizing constructive feedback to build confidence and open avenues for further development.

3. How Can Wall of Fame Help in Virtual Recognition of Employees?

Drawing attention to someone’s successes with a virtual recognition wall of fame is a visual way to show employees that their contributions are being noticed and appreciated. As well as highlighting those who perform exceptionally well, walls of fame also add an element of gamification to the workplace, which can increase productivity and engagement.

4. How Do You Create a Virtual Recognition Wall of Fame?

4.1. Choose a Themed Background


Your company’s wall of fame can be organized in several different ways. It might be designed to look like a leaderboard or arranged according to targets achieved. It could be a dedicated page on your company website or a feature of your social media channels. Deciding what’s most appropriate for your business is the first step to building your own wall of fame.

4.2. Add Relevant Details for Every Employee

Sharing accomplishments is obviously the primary purpose of the wall of fame, but you can also personalize the display with photographs of employees, their roles, and the number of years they’ve been with the company. You might even consider adding fun nicknames or quotations to mix some light-heartedness into the wall of fame.

4.3. Highlight Their Wins

Naturally, the most important part of the virtual recognition wall of fame is the achievements. This doesn’t just have to be individual success stories but could also include team wins. This can help bolster camaraderie and show that individual triumphs aren’t emphasized over group accomplishments. 

4.4. Insert Biographies

One of the great benefits of a virtual recognition wall of fame is there is no limitation on space. This means you can include brief biographies of company employees so that people in other departments can learn a little bit more about the people behind their faces.

4.5. Appreciation Notes

Promote a supportive office environment by creating a digital space that incorporates peer-to-peer appreciation. This could involve a comments function or other interactive features like emojis or stickers.

5. Virtual Recognition Wall of Fame Ideas 

5.1. Social Media Pages5.1.-Social-Media-Pages

Highlighting employee achievements on your social media channels is a great way not only to give staff a boost but also to portray a positive work culture to people who follow your business or maybe consider job opportunities at your company. Shoutouts can be one-offs for an outstanding performance or a regular weekly feature of your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

5.2. Dedicated Recognition Page

If you want to have something that’s specifically set aside solely for your virtual recognition wall of fame, you could build a separate page for it on your company website. While this approach might take a bit more effort to launch, it does mean you have something designed according to your business’ unique parameters. 

5.3. Employee Recognition Software

Employee recognition software takes the legwork out of building your own wall of fame. There are numerous options available on the market today, most of which offer free trials, so you can test out the various features and decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

5.4. Virtual Recognition-Themed Background for Team Meetings

Create your own wall of fame-themed background for team meetings. If you’ve got a creative touch (or have a team member who does), you can ask them to try their hand at designing something personalized for your team using free software such as Canva. This can then be uploaded to common communication channels such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

5.5. Online Leaderboard

Foster an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness with a wall of fame that is themed around an online leaderboard. Decide what objectives or behaviors you want to promote, then design a simple points-based system to keep track of who the top performers are according to your criteria. You could even offer rewards for the individual in the first place each month, such as a gift certificate or a meal delivery via platforms like Hoppier.

5.6. Newsletter


Another way to approach the virtual recognition wall of fame concept is through a newsletter. This could be a standalone departmental or company-wide email dedicated to celebrating go-getters or included as part of a more general newsletter that your business sends out. Either way, it’s a nice way to share individual or team triumphs.

6. FAQs

6.1. How do you celebrate achievements of remote workers?

A virtual recognition wall of fame is a great way to honor the success stories of remote workers. As an entirely digital construct, it can be viewed from wherever your staff is located. It can also be updated in real-time to reflect achievements and praiseworthy performances on an ongoing basis.

6.2.What is the wall of fame in teams?

The Wall of Fame in teams typically showcases outstanding achievements, recognition, or contributions of team members, serving as a visual tribute to celebrate their success and dedication.

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