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Willo Review: An In-Depth Evaluation for Smart Candidate Selection

By Aakash Gupta

Founder and Remote Work Advocate

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Willo Review : An In-Depth Evaluation for Smart Candidate Selection

Hiring processes are cost-intensive and time-consuming, adding a multitude of tasks to the hiring teams’ workload. For companies trying to hire at scale, these problems can be a huge hindrance to operations. A video interviewing and candidate screening software can thus be of significant help — as we will see in this Willo review.

If you’ve been trying to simplify your hiring processes while delivering a great candidate experience, you’ve probably already heard of Willo. But is this video interviewing platform a cost-efficient decision for your company?

Let’s take a closer look at how Willo works, its benefits and drawbacks, and whether Willo can support your hiring process and cater to your candidate screening needs.

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1. What Is Willo?

What Is Willo?

Founded in 2018, Willo is an award-winning candidate screening and ID-checking software company based in Glasgow, Scotland. It offers multiple scalable features that help companies of all sizes to screen candidates faster and manage the hiring process more efficiently. With its screening solutions, Willo tries to simplify the hiring process for both recruiters and candidates. It also aims to reduce any bias that may enter the recruiting process while improving inclusivity and accessibility.

2. How Does Willo’s Interview Software Work?

How Does Willo’s Interview Software Work?

The Willo software offers a user-friendly video interviewing process that can be categorized into four simple steps. Here’s a closer look at what this process looks like from our Willo review.

2.1. Step 1: Setup Interview Questions

The first step involves setting up interview questions for the candidates. This also includes a short introduction for the candidates, which will play before the interview. The recruiter can also set a deadline for candidates to submit the interviews and add availability requests for further interviews. Recruiters can easily set up all of this and more from the Willo dashboard.

2.2. Step 2: Share Invite Link

Once the interview questions and other details are set up, the recruiter needs to generate the interview invite link. To do this, they just have to click on “Publish” and then simply send out the invite link. Recruiters can share the invite link either by sending it to prospective candidates, posting it with job descriptions, or putting it up on their website.

The candidates can now access the interviewing process by using the invite link.

2.3. Step 3: Candidates Complete Interviews

The third step involves waiting for the candidates to complete the interviews. The candidates can open the link on any device and answer all the Willo interview questions at their convenience. How much time this takes depends on the duration you’ve allowed.

Once candidates complete their interviews, you’ll find the update on their profiles and can then start reviewing their interviews.

2.4. Step 4: Review Answers

The final step is reviewing the completed interviews and shortlisting candidates for the next stage of the hiring process. Everyone involved in the reviewing process can also use Willo’s platform to comment on or rate candidates. The recruiter in charge can then share the list of all the shortlisted candidates with the hiring manager for a final review.

Willo has also simplified this part of the process for hiring teams and managers as it allows you to share a one-time link that managers can open on any device without signing in. Once the manager gives the green light, the recruiter can move to the next stage of the hiring process.

3. Key Features of Willo

Key Features of Willo

3.1. Safe and Secure

Our Willo review found that the platform promises 100% GDPR compliance. It uses AES-256 TLS 1.2 encryption to encrypt users’ data and keep it secure when being transferred across networks. It is the industry standard encryption used by both government organizations and large business corporations.

Willo also ensures all its servers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, which is the international security standard for managing data.

3.2. Works on Any Device

One of the best features of Willo’s interview platform is that it is fully browser-based. So, candidates don’t have to download any software or sign in, ensuring a better candidate experience. There’s also no concern about slow data connections or WiFi hiccups either.

3.3. Accessible Anywhere and Anytime

Willo’s candidate screening software allows companies to interview global talent at massive volumes. The platform also allows candidates to complete interviews at their convenience and supports 12 of the most widely spoken languages.

3.4. Question Library

Recruiters can either create their own questions when conducting one-way interviews or use prompts from Willo’s intelligent question generator. By leveraging the library, organizations can create engaging, well-rounded assessments that effectively evaluate candidate skills and competencies.

3.5. Digital ID Checking

Willo integrates digital checks for Right to Work as well as ID checks right within the interviewing process to ensure candidates are who they claim to be. After confirming the candidate’s identity, the platform generates a certified report.

3.6. Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Over 5000 Willo integrations are available for various platforms such as Greenhouse, Workable, Zapier, and OpenAPI. It can help you automate your hiring processes and other admin tasks seamlessly when working with more than one software tool.

3.7. Bulk CSV Exports

Willo enables you to upload a single CSV file and invite up to 1,000 candidates at a time.By allowing users to export multiple candidate profiles and assessment data in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, this feature streamlines the process of data extraction, enabling seamless integration with other systems and facilitating comprehensive analysis.

3.8. Language Customization

Willo’s interviewing platform is localized to support the 12 most widely spoken languages. These include Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and Arabic. This helps to create an inclusive, localized, and engaging assessment experience that resonates with candidates in their preferred language. By removing language barriers, you can reach a wider pool of talent, promote diversity, and ensure fairness in the assessment process.

3.9. Share Link on Social Media

Share Link on Social Media

Recruiters can easily share their invite links on social media or any other platform, where users can access it. This can help to enhance the visibility of job opportunities, attract a wider pool of candidates, and simplify the application process. Willo will also create a beautiful preview for the link that’s customized to your brand.

3.10. Multi-Factor Authentication

We found the multi-factor authentication to be another useful feature during our Willo review. It enables recruiters to set up an extra layer of safety on their accounts. With this feature, recruiters can request all users to log in using multi-factor device-based authentication.

4. Willo Pros & Cons

4.1. Pros

  • Boosts your hiring team's productivity
  • Offers a 15-day free trial
  • Helps attract better candidates with an inclusive, structured interviewing process
  • A free trial is available with no credit card sign-up
  • Cost-efficient pricing plans for all sizes of businesses
  • Available in a free version with limited features
  • Streamlined volume screening saves 30% of the total time taken by traditional hiring processes
  • Enhances candidate experience with flexible browser-based interviews

4.2. Cons

  • The dashboard and user interface can be improved further
  • Some key integrations are missing from the list
  • The set of questions is limited and not categorized based on role type
  • No option for CSV download of candidate interview links for panel reviews

5. Willo Pricing Plans

Willo is available in three regular pricing plans and a special pricing plan for complex enterprises that need to be built with an API.

Through our Willo review, we also learned that the software offers a 15-day free trial for those who want to try out this service before committing.

5.1. Starter Plan

The basic Starter plan is for businesses with 1 to 49 employees. Some of its features include 200 candidate responses per month, up to 3 users, unlimited jobs, customized branding, 100 SMS invite credits per month, and more. Its monthly plan is available at $75 per month and the annual plan at $675 per year.

5.2. Growth Plan

This is Willo’s mid-tier plan that’s aimed at businesses with 50 to 249 employees. It includes all the features of the Starter plan along with upgrades like 2,000 candidate responses per month, up to 15 users, and 500 SMS invite credits per month. It is available for a monthly plan at $300 per month and an annual plan at $2,700 per year.

5.3. Scale Plan

The premium pricing plan is perfect for businesses with 250 or more employees. Along with including features of the Starter and Growth plan, it also allows a custom number of responses and users and offers various other features. It is available for customized pricing with both monthly and yearly billing, which starts at $850 per month for both options.

5.4. API Pricing Plan

The API plan includes all the features from the regular pricing plans along with a few extra perks. These include customized responses, 1-on-1 developer support, a dedicated success manager, data residency and retention, white-label Willo branding, and much more. The API plan is billed annually and starts at $180 per month.

Additional Pricing Plans

Willo also offers some unique pricing solutions for nonprofits, startups, small businesses, and freelancers. They offer startups a price break and a 50% discount to nonprofits. Additionally, freelancers or small businesses can access up to 1 job and 10 responses per month for free.

6. Final Verdict

Based on this Willo review, this is a good candidate screening platform, especially for businesses looking to bulk hiring. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of features that can streamline your recruitment process and make it more efficient.

It provides various features with competitive pricing plans that businesses of any size can benefit from. Features such as digital checks, easy availability, a question bank, and language customizations can be extremely useful as they automate certain key processes for the hiring teams.

Overall, Willo is a useful software with valuable features that can be of great use to businesses wanting to optimize their hiring process.

7. FAQs

  • How Much Does Willo Cost?

Willo can cost you between $75 and $850 per month or between $675 and $10,200 per year. You can also use it for free with a limited set of features.

  • How Does Willo Interview Work?

Willo Interview allows recruiters to create and set up one-way interviews that candidates can answer at their convenience. Recruiters can also use the platform to review the interviews, collaborate with the hiring team, and shortlist talent.

  • How Can I Practice an Online Interview?

Candidates giving an interview via Willo can practice an online interview before they start with the actual interview by selecting the Try it Out button beside the Get Started button.

  • Where Can I Get a Free Mock Interview?

You can practice mock interviews for free using platforms like Pramp, Exponent, Interviewing, and My Interview Practice.

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