5 In-Demand Remote Tech Jobs In 2023 That Pays Well

Unless you have been living in a data cloud of your own for the last few years, you are probably aware that it is an employee’s market when it comes to finding tech jobs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that finding the right tech job is easy; in fact, with so many choices and new roles developing all the time, it can be harder than ever to find the role that will not only suit you now, but long into the future. This blog takes a look at some of the predicted changes in the industry, and which remote tech jobs are good options, based on growth and average salary. 

1.Reasons To Why There Is The Tech Talent Gap

One of the reasons for the widening of the tech talent gap is that remote and hybrid working mean that people are no longer constrained by geography. The opportunity to work remotely is transforming industries, especially the tech industry, with promises of improved work-life balance and less time and money spent commuting making hybrid and remote working more attractive than ever. 

2. Home Working Opportunities

According to a white paper by Jonathan Dingel and Brent Neiman, around 37% of US jobs can be successfully performed entirely remotely. In general, these jobs pay more than ones that have a compulsory in-person element, so although they account for 37% of jobs, those that can be done at home account for nearly half (46%) of all US wages. 

3. Best Remote Tech Jobs

If you are looking for a remote tech job, it is a good idea to look at the employment landscape to see what jobs are going to be most in demand in 2023, and what will pay well.  If we take into consideration whether a tech job can be performed remotely, and the opportunities available now as well as in the future, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most in-demand and well-paid remote tech jobs include Data Scientist, Computer Scientist, Software Developer, IT Manager and Information Security Analyst. 

3.1 Data Scientist

according to the BLS, the number of Data Scientist jobs will increase by 36% between 2021 and 2031. The role involves processing raw data and analyzing it, so that information can be presented in a way that is easily understandable. A key role for any organization that has established cloud based capabilities, or that is looking to move to the cloud, the role of data scientist is a solid career move for programmers who are looking to work their way up the career ladder. What’s more, according to Indeed, the average salary is $123,191 for entry level data scientists, rising to over $167,000 for those with more experience. 

3.2 Computer Scientists

with 21% growth predicted in the 2020s, computer scientists are in high demand. While data scientists look at the raw data, and disseminate it, computer scientists focus on how information is stored and utilized by computers. A computer scientist requires a range of skills, which will include coding, algorithm modification or creation, model design and research. While, according to Indeed, a computer scientist earns slightly less on average than a data scientist, the role offers a breadth of knowledge that can facilitate career progression.

3.3 Software Developer

the world is going online and customers expect an entirely digital experience when they are shopping, banking, information gathering, and even consulting their physician. This means that there is a steady rise in demand for software developers, with a predicted 25% rise in opportunities from 2021-31. With an average salary of just $93,000 , software developers are at the forefront of the digital revolution, transforming customers’ digital interactions and creating high quality user experiences for customers across digital channels and devices. 

3.4 IT Managers

IT Managers are no longer only sought after by larger, tech-savvy organizations. In order to keep up with the digital revolution, most companies need some kind of tech specialist to oversee their digital activities, which is why the BLS predicts a 16% rise in opportunities. IT managers will have general oversight of all tech activity and form a critical link between software and hardware to ensure smooth technical operations. From making sure that staff have the right technology to do their job to overseeing IT policy and evaluating security, the role of IT manager is fairly well paid (average $92,178) and lays strong foundations for a CTO or directory of technology role in the future. 

3.5 Information Security Analyst

with a rise in digital experiences comes an inevitable rise in digital threats, so it is no wonder that the BLS predicts a 35% growth in information security analyst jobs. When it comes to data security, retrospective action is not enough. It is essential that risks are identified and threats assessed, and appropriate actions put in place in order to prevent breaches in data or cyber attacks. This is where the information security analyst comes in. Currently, the average security analyst’s salary is $87,786 according to Indeed. However, with increasing demand and with hackers evolving as quickly as new security measures can be implemented, this is a solid career choice for people who have an analytical mind, and who are looking to lay strong foundations for their future career.


With an ever increasing number of tech job opportunities emerging, it can be a challenge to tell which jobs are more likely to offer opportunities in the longer term. A good benefit package and the convenience of working from home may not be enough to give your career the boost it needs. Tech recruiters are familiar with the ever-changing digital employment landscape and they are aware of the organizations that retain and nurture talent. If you are hoping to make a meaningful career move, it is a good idea to assess the opportunities available to you and consult a specialist recruiter to help you to make the right one.