20 Best Employee Scheduling Software for Organizations to Schedule Their Employees

Businesses run on timelines and to ensure efficacy, many businesses rely on employee scheduling software to make the most of their time and workforce. Whether part-time or full-time, employee scheduling software is a must-have for any business that employs people. It helps you keep track of when your employees are working and what they’re working on. This improves communication, streamlines operations, and optimizes performance.

Let’s explore 20 of the best employee scheduling software that can help your business.

1 What is employee scheduling software and why is it essential?


Employee scheduling software helps you manage employee work schedules. It allows you to see upcoming work schedules, track hours worked, and collaborate with co-workers. It also lets you view reports on individual performance and team productivity. The software can help managers and team leaders to plan work schedules and keep track of their employees’ availability. Assign tasks and projects to your employees, who can see their assignments and task priorities on the dashboard conveniently. You can even add shift rotations or create recurring shifts.

An efficient employee scheduling software can help you avoid common scheduling mistakes that many businesses make such as employees working too many hours, inaccurate shift rotations, overworking specific employees, not properly scheduling employees’ breaks, and more.  

2 Overviews Of The 20 Best Employee Scheduling Software

We have scored each software and provided an overview of the best features and who each software is most suitable for so that you can decide which one is the best fit for your company!

2.1 Comparison Criteria

2.1.1 User Interface 

User interface means the ability to quickly navigate the software’s dashboard, features, and general interface. With a good user interface, users should be able to navigate the software seamlessly with minimal training.

2.1.2 Usability

Usability means the overall ability to use the software efficiently. Does the software function as it should? High usability means that there are no bugs, lags, or other issues with any of the features in the software.

2.1.3 Integrations with other apps

Certain scheduling software can integrate seamlessly with other applications for enhanced functionality. This can be useful for integrating with payroll and HR software so that all information automatically populates into the relevant criteria.

2.1.4 Value for money

Does the software provide adequate features for the price points? Value for money ranks the software considering the price point, the services provided, and whether the software offers value-addition.

2.2 Employee Scheduling Software Features

2.2.1 Auto-scheduling

The ability to automatically schedule shifts for employees to cover hours required, breaks, and meals. This is useful for scheduling regular shift patterns, repeated shifts, and organizing monthly schedules.

2.2.2 Payroll tracking

The ability to track payroll costs when scheduling hours worked. This is useful for managing expenditure budgets and forecasting costs.

2.2.3 Absence management

The ability to track and manage absence reporting. With certain scheduling software, it is possible to manage absences, for employees to report their absences, or for employers to review absence reports and analysis.

2.2.4 Employee self-service

The ability for employees to input their scheduling. This means that employees can take responsibility for clocking in and out, tracking absences and leave, and even scheduling their own shift patterns.

2.2.5 Employee profiles

The ability for each employee to have individual profiles and accounts. This means that each employee can track and manage their scheduling separately from other employees.

2.2.6 Time management

The ability to track and manage time through the software interface. This includes employees clocking in and out of their shifts, which can automatically populate into the scheduling and payroll integrations.

2.2.7 Analysis and reporting

The ability to generate scheduling reports and expenditure analysis. This allows employers to manage expenditure, review absence and overtime, as well as review the workload of individual employees.

3 The Best Employee Scheduling Software List

3.1 Monday.com – Best employee scheduling software for simple weekly schedules


Monday.com is a flexible and easy-to-use software with a straightforward user interface and data dashboard. This software allows you to customize weekly schedules with over 200+ templates. This low-cost and value-for-money product allows employers to streamline their employee scheduling and notify staff of new schedules in an easy and accessible way. You can also integrate this software with Excel, Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Pricing starts at $8 per user/month. A 14- day free trial is available. A free forever plan with limited features is available.

3.2 Paycor – Best employee scheduling software for HR integration


Paycor is a combined HR and scheduling software that can be used for both HR management functions and employee scheduling through a single platform. By automating tasks such as payroll, recruiting, onboarding, and reporting, you can save on time. This software acts as an HR hub for all your employee’s personal information, meaning you can easily access essential information when needed.

Paycor costs $99 monthly on the basic plan with up to 10 employees. Further charges apply to add more employees. There is no free trial.

3.3 Saviom – Best best employee scheduling software for larger businesses


Saviom is industry-leading software that provides resource planning, workforce planning, and portfolio management software. This software lets users plan, schedule, and forecast in real-time. You can streamline your employee planning, HR, and employee training all in one place. Saviom also generates analytics for absence reporting, shift tracking, and more!

Pricing is available through consultation appointments.

3.4 OpenSimSim – Best employee scheduling software for employee managers


As an award-winning scheduling software, OpenSimSim allows users to quickly build their work schedules on a user-friendly and straightforward interface. This software will save managers countless scheduling hours by providing a quick planning solution. Time clock facilities, including attendance tracking and absence reporting, can integrate with payroll applications, allowing you to streamline your workload and reduce administrative hours.

Pricing starts at $12.99 per location. A free forever plan is available with limited features.

3.5 Rotageek –  Best employee scheduling software for intelligent scheduling


Rotageek is innovative scheduling software that allows you to predict demand on the basis of data-centric technology. This allows you to schedule your staff most efficiently. The software includes a drag-and-drop interface to manage shifts. This is a great feature that allows you to schedule with ease.

Pricing is available in consultation.

3.6 Tanda – Best employee scheduling software for busy and demanding organizations


Tanda is one of the best employee scheduling that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. Known for its easy roster management, users can schedule and organize employee shift patterns with ease. HR and onboarding features are also available to streamline the hiring process and eliminate additional administration costs. The smart Tanda dashboard tracks wage expenditure so that you can generate essential metrics and reports on annual spending.

Pricing is available in consultation. A 14-day free trial is available.

3.7 7Shifts – Best employee scheduling software for restaurants


7Shifts is a versatile software most suited to large employee bases with a complex shift schedule. 7Shifts is used in more than 500,000 restaurants to plan and schedule employee hours accurately. 7shifts allows employers to quickly build complex schedules in minutes, using shift repetitions, smart tracking, and user-friendly tools. Employers can then publish the schedules when complete so employees can have access to view it on demand.

Pricing starts at $19.99 per month. A free forever version is available with a limited ten users.

3.8 Humanity – Best employee scheduling software for time clocking


Humanity is great scheduling and time-clocking combo software that allows employees to organize shifts, communicate their schedules, and track their hours worked efficiently. The software aims to reduce administrative hours by using smart technology to ensure error-free schedules in an instant. There is a smart forecasting feature that ensures employers create accurate, data-driven schedules every time. A mobile app with an excellent user-friendly interface can be used on the go.

Pricing is available in consultation.

3.9 Sling – Best employee scheduling software for absence management


Sling(is now Sling by Toast) is a versatile software that combines scheduling and absence management. It allows users to report, track quickly, and easily access absences. The software also allows you to copy and paste shift patterns for quick scheduling. Sling aims to reduce unnecessary overtime, reduce absentee levels and eliminate late clock-ins by providing accurate and helpful budget analysis reports. A mobile app allows employees to report absences and check their schedules from home.

Pricing starts at $1.70 per user/month. There is a free version available with limited features.

3.10 Calamari – Best employee scheduling software for leave management


Calamari is a scheduling software best known for its excellent leave management tools. This scheduling software allows employees to track various kinds of leave, calculate leave balance, and automatically approve leave requests. Employees can easily submit their requests on the platform for approval. Calamari also allows employees to easily clock in and out of their shifts, which automatically integrates with any payroll systems, timesheets, and reporting. It creates an all-in-one platform for employees to manage their employee’s shifts and payroll.

Pricing starts at $1.70 per user per month. A free forever version is available with limited features.

3.11 actiPlans – Best employee scheduling software for leave management


actiPlans’s user interface is easy to navigate and supports employees in planning time on and off work. This intuitive software allows employees to track their time, report absence, schedule their shifts, and take responsibility for their work patterns.

actiPlans is known for its efficient leave management features that allow employees to book leave and receive automatic approval through smart scheduling, leave balance is automatically calculated and adjusted accordingly. Employers can also view leave requests with ease.

Pricing starts at $1.50 per user/month. There is a free forever version with limited features.

3.12 QuickBooks Time – Best employee scheduling software for QuickBooks users


QuickBooks Time is an intelligent time-tracking and payroll management software that can be integrated with QuickBooks for a streamlined payroll process. Employees can clock in and out, track breaks, and upload timesheets. The software is beneficial to employers who are looking for a simplified and concise payroll process. QuickBooks time also allows employees to manage team projects through the software. Employees can track their time, schedule their work, and tick off projects all in one place. This creates a streamlined workforce with minimal errors.

Pricing starts at $20 per month. A 30-day free trial is available.

3.13 Factorial – Best employee scheduling software for employee empowerment


Factorial is world-renowned scheduling software that allows you to manage employee shifts and HR processes. The software covers time tracking and management, along with shift management to allow planning that works for your employees.

Pricing starts at $4 per employee/month. A 14-day free trial is available.

3.14 Homebase – Best employee scheduling software for team management


Homebase allows you to create work rosters and manage teams easily. There are scheduling templates available that can be edited quickly and easily. There is also a feature that allows you to forecast labor costs. Employees can use the mobile app to track their schedules, plan, and book their shifts if needed.

Pricing starts at $14 per month/location. There is a free forever version available with limited features.

3.15 Resource Guru – Best employee scheduling software for resource management


Resource Guru is the best software to recognize under-utilized or overworked staff. You can easily view which employees are under stress by referencing the auto-generated “rebalance workload” feature. Resource Guru is a chic, fast, and easy-to-use interface that will elevate your team and benefit the well-being of your employees.

Pricing starts from $2.50 per user/month. A 30-day free trial is available

3.16 On the Clock- Best employee scheduling software for small teams


On the Clock provides a simple solution to your scheduling woes. Try out On the Clock for fast and accurate time tracking and scheduling software that is both easy to navigate and value for money. On the Clock uses phone apps to track employee locations in real-time, keeping everyone honest and accountable. This software easily integrates with other apps such as QuickBooks and Paychex.

Pricing starts at $30 per month. A 30-day free trial is available.

3.17 Hot schedules – Best employee scheduling software for shift work


Hot Schedules is scheduling software that targets shift workers. The automated scheduling features save managers time and create reliable and accurate employee shift schedules. This software also generates reports and analyses of labor costs and budgets.

Pricing is available in consultation.

3.18 Connect Team – Best employee scheduling software for medium-sized teams 


Connecteam is an intuitive software designed for diskless employees. It allows users to clock in and out in real-time, organize and complete administrative tasks, and conduct surveys. This is excellent software for business owners who require compliance checks and other administrative tasks to be completed by employees regularly.

Pricing starts at $39 per month. A free forever version is available with limited features.

3.19 Deputy – Best employee scheduling software for Windows users


Deputy is an intuitive software, most suited to those who use the Windows operating system. Features include an administrative dashboard, a newsfeed for employees to interact with each other, leave applications, and shift scheduling.

Pricing starts at $2.50 per user/month. There is a minimum requirement of $10 spent per month.

3.20 Shiftboard- Best employee scheduling software with time-tracking for teams


Shiftboard offers a cohesive, accurate scheduling and time-tracking platform. This software provides helpful and accurate reports and analytics based on the time tracked. It allows employers to view unwanted overtime, create automated schedules, and view weekly reports. This software also provides HR onboarding features such as training and necessary information handling.

Pricing is available in consultation.

4 FAQs

What is the best work schedule app?

The best work scheduling app is Monday.com. This is a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly software that allows employees to create schedules with ease.

Is there an app for scheduling employees?

Connect Team is a completely mobile interface for scheduling employees. It provides a fun and engaging dashboard for business owners, and employees, to track time and manage their schedules.

How can I schedule my employees for free?

Many scheduling software has free forever versions, such as Homebase, actiPlans, and Connect Team.