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Employee Monitoring Statistics to Consider Before Implementing an Employee Monitoring Program

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Employee Monitoring Statistics to Consider

If you looking to implement an employee monitoring program for your organization, then there are a few basics thst need to be covered before you can implement one. The most essential would be the kind of employee monitoring statistics you need to consider that will align with the goals of your …

In this article, we cover some of the different statistics that are out there on employee monitoring to help you make an informed decision so let's dive in.

1. Employee Monitoring  Adoption Rates

We are well on our way to of being primarily remote or moving towards hybrid, as a complete industry. So, there are still kinks that are being sorted out. No matter what anyone says about the effect of monitoring on employees (mostly negative) the truth is that this software will have a 70% adoption rate by the end of the year.

Yes, workplace morale will take a hit and you will have increased instances of things like quiet quitting.  The truth is that in the larger picture, if as an organization you want to continue offering the work-from-anywhere perk, monitoring is going to be a mainstay.

So, what percentage of companies monitor their employees?

60% of employers are using some form of employee monitoring software.

2. Productivity and Efficiency Employee Monitoring Statistics

One research by Gitnux states that employees are 7% more effective when they know they are being monitored. In certain cases, it can even increase productivity by 46%.

This shows that productivity does increase with which the bottom line impact also increases.  Real-time monitoring and performance insights allow employees to stay focused on their tasks. Research also indicates that under monitoring conditions, non-work-related activities, decrease substantially.

3. Employee Behavior and Engagement Employee Monitoring Statistics

Believe it or not, about 40% of employees are okay with the monitoring aspect of their jobs. Provided they are able to work from home. However, it is still a mixed bag when it comes to engagement levels.

If we look at employee monitoring even generally, it can have both positive and negative effects. On one hand, excessive monitoring can make employees feel micromanaged, leading to a decrease in autonomy and job satisfaction. On the other hand, monitoring data can be leveraged to provide employees with data-driven insights. Thus allowing them to take ownership of their performance and make autonomous decisions to improve productivity.

4. Data Security and Privacy Employee Monitoring Statistics

One of the biggest costs associated with remote work has to be the increased instances of data breaches. A report by Malware Bytes showed that 20% of organizations have experienced a data breach due to remote working. The lack of infrastructure for cybersecurity is the primary reason for this hubris. Another report by IBM stated that the average data breach cost over $1 million every time a remote employee was a reason behind it,

All of this is why it is essential to make employee monitoring policy in every organization, Real-time monitoring enables quick identification of suspicious activities, significantly reducing the impact of potential data breaches.

5. Misconduct and Policy Violation Employee Monitoring Statistics

Now this is another interesting statistic out there. As per a study by HBR, employees who were being monitored had a significantly higher chance to break rules. This includes extended breaks, early clock-outs, unauthorized use of company resources, and non-compliance with internet usage policies. On the other hand, people who were not monitored had no such urge and did not even indulge in this kind of behavior.

See, this is a classic case of why it is important to provide your employees with some kind of agency when they are working in a remote setting. Trust them to make the right decisions like an adult. Being transparent about why you are implementing an employee monitoring program is one of the ways you can ensure your employees don’t feel like they are being treated like children.

6. Remote Work Employee Monitoring Statistics


The shift to remote work has led to an increase in employee monitoring practices. Statistics reveal that nearly 96% of remote companies state that they use employee monitoring software. The inability to physically oversee remote employees has prompted organizations to rely more on monitoring tools for insights into remote work activities.

A survey by ExpressVPN of 2000 remote and hybrid employees showed that  59% said they felt stress or anxiety as a result of their employer monitoring them. Another 43% said the surveillance felt like a violation of trust. This leads to employees trying to find ways to game the system, so to say. How do you deal with this?

Find a balance between monitoring and stifling your employees. Approach monitoring in a responsible and transparent manner.  Address employee concerns, and respect privacy while leveraging monitoring insights to enhance productivity and overall organizational performance.

7. FAQs

7.1. How do employees feel about employee monitoring?

Employee sentiments about monitoring vary. Some employees view it positively, as it helps them stay focused and accountable. Others may feel uncomfortable, considering it an invasion of privacy or a lack of trust in the employer.

7.2. How do companies monitor their employees?

Companies use various methods to monitor their employees like time tracking, employee screenshot monitoring, and communication monitoring.

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