11 Best Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Picture Perfect Teamwork

September 5, 2023
| By
Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Best Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Picture Perfect Teamwork

Thinking of doing a scavenger hunt to build team spirit? Why not take it up a notch for your team and consider a photo scavenger hunt instead.  By challenging participants to take photos of certain items, you’re adding a unique and fun twist to plain old scavenging events.

If you’ve never organized a photo scavenger hunt game or aren’t sure what it entails, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you all you need to know about them. We also suggest 11 photo scavenger hunt ideas you can use.

Scavenger hunts are great for promoting staff camaraderie, as are these other team-building activities we’ve gathered together to inspire your company’s virtual hangouts.

1. What Are Photo  Scavenger Hunts?


Instead of simply finding certain items through riddles and following a certain path, photo scavenger hunts require players to take photos of the items. These games often have time limits and encourage interaction. They work well for groups of different sizes, including individual players.

2. How Do You Arrange a Photo Scavenger Hunt?


2.1. Define the Theme

Decide on a theme while considering how accessible and doable it is for everyone involved. Some photo scavenger hunt ideas for themes could be wedding, museum, zoo, city, or cuisine.

2.2. Develop a List of Clues

The next step is designing photo scavenger hunt riddles to make the game challenging. You can also set a time limit to keep everyone on their toes.

2.3. Select a Location


When you’re picking a location for the hunt, consider the weather, traffic, and other factors that may help/hinder a game. Think about the experience and scenes your participants will see. Consider iconic places and interesting locales nearby.

2.4. Set the Rules

Set clear and simple rules to guide your participants through the hunt. For example, you can ask them to:

  • Submit only one photo per task
  • No trespassing on private property
  • Strike a pose in every photo
  • Include certain people in the photos
  • Submit photos before the time expires, and more.

2.5. Brief Participants

Based on your photo scavenger hunt ideas, brief participants on taking photos. If you’re using a scavenger hunt app, make sure all teams have downloaded the app before the game begins.Also, remind them to ask permission before photographing strangers. This will also help improve their communication and people skills.

2.6. Start the Hunt


Confirm everything’s set and everyone’s ready. Remind everyone to have fun and to use this opportunity to get to know each other. Then, set the timer and let the games begin!

2.7. Reward Winners

Once the time limit is up, review all the submissions and give out scores. Tally the results and announce the winner. You can then share the photos on an internal employee wall of fame with everyone or make a photo scavenger hunt PDF of the best submissions to present later,

3. 11 Best Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas


3.1. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Step out for a photo scavenger hunt and meet the animals at your local zoo. Make sure everyone follows the rules and doesn’t engage in harmful or risky behavior. Here are some examples of animals they can “hunt” for:

  • A bird that cannot fly
  • Two jungle cats in one frame
  • A real animal and its stuffed toy version

3.2. City Scavenger Hunt


If you want some photo scavenger hunt ideas that allow your team to explore the city and local neighborhood, this is your best bet. Make your city hunt exciting with ideas like:

  • A locals-only spot
  • Regional dishes
  • Most delicious dessert

3.3. Office Campus Scavenger Hunt

Do you have a large office or compound? Let all your employees explore it together with these challenges:

  • A group photo at the entrance
  • Rocky Balboa’s victory impression on a flight of stairs (with your team)
  • Vogue pose at your favorite spot

3.4. Team-Building Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunt ideas can also be tailored for team-building and collaboration. You can get creative with the ideas below or take inspiration from company culture and values.

  • Strike an iconic pose with your team
  • A snap of everyone’s feet
  • Recreate the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road album cover

3.5. Selfie Photo Scavenger Hunt

A selfie scavenger hunt involves taking selfies as proof of completing the challenges. Design the tasks so every team member has to participate in taking selfies. You can also make the challenge a little more exciting by adding bonus points for teams with creative poses and compositions. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • By the poolside
  • With a grandma
  • In a mirror

3.6. Travel Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect photo scavenger hunt idea for companies that are hosting a virtual scavenger hunt. Ask your employees to submit photos from past trips that fit the clues. You can also make the activity more engaging by adding a storytelling session afterward. Get started with these hints:

  • Plane window
  • Trying new food
  • Photo taken by a stranger

3.7. Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is a brilliant photo scavenger hunt idea to get your tired team outdoors. It involves some walking so it’s good exercise for everyone. You can also have a picnic afterward to celebrate!

Set some rules to ensure everyone’s safety while exploring these areas. Here are some challenges for inspiration:

  • Interesting trees
  • Animal tracks
  • Birds of prey

3.8. Conference Photo Scavenger Hunt


Hosting an industry event soon? You might want to liven up the atmosphere with a scavenger hunt.

Here are some fun photo scavenger hunt ideas to get everyone acquainted and boost socializing: 

  • Breakfast buffet/fancy food
  • Guest speaker
  • Mascot

Don’t forget to set some rules to encourage positive and respectful interactions!

3.9. Coffee/Tea Shop Photo Scavenger Hunt

Keep the coffee vs. tea debate going by sending your team on a coffee/tea shop photo scavenger hunt. This one is great for in-person and virtual teams.

  • Famous coffee/tea art
  • Oldest coffee shop
  • Best coffee

3.10. Historical Monuments Photo Scavenger Hunt


Photographing historical monuments can encourage everyone to brush up on their general knowledge. You can tailor this theme for virtual teams or in-person teams depending on their location and access to monuments.

For virtual teams, allow people to use old photos or create fake setups of historical monuments. The most creative images win.

  • Most famous historical monument nearby
  • Make a human chain around a landmark
  • Monument with unique architecture

3.11. Museum Pictures Scavenger Hunt

For teams that are stuck on creative tasks, a scavenger hunt in the museum may be just the thing! Inspire them with a visit to the museum or art gallery. Don’t forget to check if photographing the exhibitions is allowed before deciding on this type of venue.

Try these museum photo scavenger hunt ideas:

  • A painting that reflects your frame of mind
  • Recreate a sculpture
  • An exhibition you’d like to enter

A photo scavenger hunt sounds incredibly fun, doesn’t it? Start planning one of the most engaging employee events you’re about to have!

4. FAQ

4.1.How Do You Hold a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

Hosting a photo scavenger hunt entails looking for venues where people can do their “hunts.” You should also consider the weather, especially if it’s going to be outdoors. List down items or locations that participants need to photograph during the game. Then, prepare hints by turning them into creative riddles. Finally, set a time limit. You can also use an app to make the process easier.

4.2. How To Do a Scavenger Hunt With Pictures?

To do a scavenger hunt with pictures, make a list of all the items the players must find. The only rule is that they must snap a picture of it. The player or team who can snap the most pictures within the given amount of time wins.

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