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20 Important Remote Work Essentials for your Home Office

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Remote Work Essentials

Having the basic remote work essentials in place is a win-win for both an employee and the company when it comes to remote working. The right mix of processes, tools and equipment can make a world of difference in creating a super efficient professional work space right at home. So why not go that extra ‘mile’ to create one so you can work more effectively.

Whether you need to upgrade your remote working essentials check-list or don’t know where to start, we have you covered. Here are our top 20 remote work essentials that can have you at your productive best.

1. What Do You Need for Remote Work?

Basic remote work essentials should have the right combination of processes, tools and equipment. These could include technologically compatible laptops/computers, ergonomically designed desks and chairs, stable internet connections, communication and collaboration software for smooth interaction with teams, laptop peripherals, smaller remote work accessories  and most importantly a demarcated space for work. All of these are the basics of must haves for remote work.

2. What Are the Benefits of Having Efficient Remote Working Tools for Employees?

Employees can benefit in various ways when they have efficient remote working tools and work from home essentials to get work done. Some of the main remote office essentials are:

  • Effective communication and collaboration with teams.
  • Organized work schedules to meet goals and deadlines
  • Enhanced productivity since tools can help automate processes and enhance work speed
  • Time-management that helps avoid delays or roadblocks 
  • Help create a more productive and happier work culture that’s conducive for growth

3. 20 Essential Tools for a Remote Home Office Setup 2023

3.1. Clutter-Free Desk & Chair


Having a clutter-free environment to work in is filed under remote work office essentials. It ensures you have a clutter-free mind that is able to focus and stay organized. If you find yourself playing hide and seek with that pen for the umpteenth time or still looking for your notes buried under a pile of paperwork, it’s time to declutter your workspace. You’ll find it so much easier to minimize downtime, tick off your to-do checklist and stay productive. 

Creating dedicated storage spaces for all your items on the desk using labels, file organizers, pen holders and other storage accessories are simple yet efficient ways to get remote work necessities in order.

3.2. Computer/Laptop

There’s one for every type of work and budget  in the market when it comes to a home computer or laptop. The success of your remote work is highly dependent or influenced by the kind of laptop or computer you use. Making it one of the most important remote working essentials. Whether you are on 'workation' at the beach, or you have a home office set-up, consider primary factors such as size, usage, battery life, processor and additional features when you opt for one to ensure you get the most out of it. 

3.3. Laptop Stand

If you'd rather not end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, a portable, ergonomic laptop stand is one of the remote work office essentials that is your best bet for correct posture and comfort while at work. Invest in a sturdy model that lets you adjust the height for optimum comfort. Work does not become a pain in the neck and also helps to reduce the risk of sore wrists and eye strain.

Consider stands with inbuilt LED light to help you work in dark or poorly lit areas and cooling fans to ensure your laptop stays cool over prolonged hours of work.

3.4. Cordless Mouse / Trackpad & Keyboard


Using cordless peripherals such as a mouse, trackpads or keyboards are smart remote essentials for work. Wireless devices provide mobility and freedom to move around easily so you don't have to stay confined to one spot. These must haves for remote work also help to maximize desk space minus the tangle of cable wires so you have a neat and tidy work space.

3.5. Reliable Internet Connection

When looking at remote office essentials one can not miss out on a reliable internet connection. For consistent productivity and seamless functioning while working remotely, a reliable internet connection is  a topper on the list of remote work essentials. This is a given considering the fact that you need to communicate constantly and stay connected at all times during work hours.

A good internet connection offers excellent speed, is more fault-tolerant and secure for use so you do not have to worry about dropped calls, lags and more. It also provides evenly balanced speed for uploads and downloads that’s a must-have when dealing with large files, VPN software and other applications With so many options to choose from, another plus is that you need not be limited to a single device and can create a back-up for work.

3.6. Wi-fi Range Extender

Depending on where you stay this lands in the list of remote working essentials. Wi-fi extenders are designed to expand the range of wireless networks for larger coverage by boosting and re-transmitting signals. This helps to do away with Wi-Fi static spots and helps to boost Internet speeds. 

Easy on the pocket and compatible with most routers, it’s one of the remote work essentials that is especially vital for those who face poor or interrupted signal coverage regularly. 

3.7. Table Lamp

Table lamps are handy work-from-home essentials when it comes to creating well-lit desk spaces so you can showcase work in the best light!  These lamps typically use fluorescent or incandescent  light bulbs to direct focused lighting on specific areas as needed. They also have adjustable arms and heads for precise positioning. 

To avoid poor video conferencing experiences, table lamps are remote work necessities. Choose ones that are not just functional but also have additional features such as wireless phone charging or night lights. This not only can brighten up your 9- 5 workday but also help boost productivity indirectly. 

3.8. Good Quality Speakers

Another one on the list of remote work essentials is a good pair of speakers for a great audio experience. Whether you are working from home, at a café or even on a mountain top, work calls are a norm and speakers are essential for clear communication at all times. Choose portable speakers that are compatible, fit your budget and come with additional features such rechargeable batteries, multiple USB ports, noise reduction, and more. You should be careful about these remote work office essentials.

3.9. 1080p Webcam 


This is for sure one of the must haves for remote work. Today’s range of webcams are designed to support high-definition video output easily. It’s vital that you use a high-quality webcam to avoid choppy visuals when you have your meetings and conferences. With a wide range to choose from, it’s easy to pick one that offers seamless streaming, vibrant visuals and clear audio to ensure you make a great impression.

3.10. Noise Canceling Headphones

To stay focused and alert, invest in a pair of excellent-quality headsets that have noise-canceling capabilities to cut background noise. Besides following good etiquette, it’s also a great way to ensure you have a more professional space for yourself. The last thing you need is for your work calls, meetings or video conferences to be hijacked by sounds from pets, sirens, family or the television.

Noise-canceling headphones are remote working essentials that ensure your communication stays crisp and clear, so less information has to be repeated, and there are minimal distractions for consistent productivity in your remote work space. 

3.11 Surge Protector 

You need not worry about sudden system shutdowns, circuit damage or sparking when you use a surge protector. These must haves for remote work are designed to protect electrical devices or equipment from sudden voltage spikes to ensure you work in a safe environment. 

Random voltage fluctuations can damage systems leaving you stranded when you need to access that important file or need to send out an email urgently. These electrical safety devices make wise additions to remote work essentials.

3.12 Power Bank


On those days when there are sudden electricity fails or the battery dies when working outdoors, a handy power bank is a considered one of the remote office essentials. These are a favorite on the list of remote work essentials to ensure you can work uninterrupted in a remote set up.

Portable and compact, power banks don't take up space so they are also convenient to carry around and store. With plenty of models to choose from, consider device compatibility, charging speeds, and usage when you buy one. 

3.13. External Hard Drive

If you are someone juggling multiple files and a large volume of information at work, it’s a good idea to use an external hard drive to maximize storage space and safely store all your important data. These portable hard drives are remote work necessities and can be connected via USB to your computer to create back ups, store and remove unwanted files and documents so you can organize your workload more efficiently. Some external hard drives are available with additional security features such as built-in password protection or encryption so you can protect confidential work from viruses or malware.

3.14. Information Security Tools

Remote work especially on your personal laptop or computer can make you vulnerable to a lot of cybersecurity challenges  due to unsecured devices, unsecured connections or phishing, so information security tools become remote working essentials.

Anti-virus programs, anti-malware software, email security providers and more are remote work essentials designed to minimize risk of data theft and security breaches.

3.15. Whiteboard and Sticky Notes


To stay on top of your to-do list at work and be more organized, whiteboards and sticky notes are excellent remote work essentials. Gaining popularity as remote work necessities are the digital sticky notes and digital whiteboards that offer so much flexibility to prioritize work, plan schedules, create checklists, brainstorm ideas, co-annotate and more. These are great ways to collaborate in a virtual space. 

3.16. Video Conferencing Tools/ Apps

With the increasing pace of remote work engagements, video conferencing tools and applications have become a norm for communication and are must-have remote work essentials. With additional features such as content control, screen sharing, file sharing, co-authoring and more, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Some of the frontliners that offer technologically advanced apps are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting and Slack.

3.17. Good Electronics Bag

If you need to have it all in one place for quick and convenient access, a good electronics bag serves the purpose to store and organize all remote work accessories such as cables, power banks, HDDs and more. If you fancy working from a coffee shop or are on-the-go traveling, get one of these with additional features such as USB charging ports, anti-theft pockets, and more. They make great portable storage accessories for your electronics, even when not in use. 

3.18. Desk Plants

Add a green touch to your work desk for more productivity so you can channel your Zen mode occasionally and rejuvenate. Did you know that having a plant in your workspace can actually boost health and creativity? If you find yourself confined to a desk space that has poor ventilation, a plant can help to naturally filter out toxins. Opt for low maintenance plants like bamboo plants, jade, ivy plants or snake plants to clear the air on this one. 

3.19. Back Support Cushion


If investing in a good ergonomic chair is not an option in the short term or you need a temporary solution for your current one, a good quality back support cushion should be high on your list of remote work office essentials. Versatile and easy to move around anywhere, this is another remote work essential for good posture and good health.

3.20. Mini Stationery Set (Pencils, Pens, Markers, Notebooks)

Understated on the list, but nifty remote work essentials are stationery items such as writing tools, paper clips, notebooks, highlighters and more. It’s amazing how a couple of these remote office essentials can be put to good in organizing your work, so you stay productive. 

4. FAQs

4.1. What are the must have remote work accessories?

Some basic, must-have remote accessories such as a reliable internet connection, headphones, laptop or computer stand and power banks are all designed to ensure uninterrupted work and uninterrupted productivity.

4.2. What are some fun home office essentials?

Fun home essentials for remote work could include stylish blue light filter glasses, coffee makers, neck massagers or even lava lamps that can help de-stress.

4.3. What is the best home office equipment for remote work?

The best home office equipment for remote work should include items such as a laptop stand, ergonomic chair and desk to ensure correct posture for good health and great productivity. 

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