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Scarlett Panda Stories Review: A Comprehensive AI Storytelling Platform That Engages Children With Reading

By Aakash Gupta

Founder and Remote Work Advocate

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In a world that values individuality, hyper-personalization is the way to go.  Scarlett Panda Stories is one such platform that is leveraging AI in a way that helps create meaningful interactions for your children. They can now be the leads in their own stories or turn any of their creative moments into beautiful and exciting narratives with illustrations.

Scarlett Panda's primary mission is to nurture the love of reading in children to help foster a stronger connection between parents and their children through storytelling. This platform brings their imagination to life by crafting personalized and interactive stories that capture their interests and preferences. This innovative approach ensures that each child's learning journey is unique and engaging. So, if you want to engage with your children, you need to look at our review of this platform.


1. What is Scarlett Panda?

Scarlett Panda is an AI tool designed to help parents and guardians to create stories and lullabies for their children. This hyper-personalized approach allows children to be the creators of their own stories.

It also provides them with a platform that not only engages their imagination but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their creations. Focused on children’s well-being, it focuses on representation and additionally offers custom meditations to pamper young minds

1.1. First Impressions

On first look, the platform is easy to navigate. Scarlett Panda goes beyond just short stories. In addition to the instant stories available, there are also storybook stories with high-quality images, custom meditations for children to introduce mindfulness, learning adventures, and even lullabies. This allows for a fully customized experience tailored to each child's preferences.

You can sign up either using your Google account directly or a different email address. After signing, you can view a dashboard where you can choose from a number of different options. We started our journey with the help of the Story option.

2. Features of Scarlett Panda

2.1. Story Option

The story mode is fairly straightforward. You fill out the prompts that include what you want the story to be about, the name of the characters you want to include, the moral of the story and then let the magic begin.

Depending on what your child’s interests are, you can easily just put in the details. For us, it was a unicorn on a journey through a magical land to find a special power, only to realise that the power was deep inside them all along. Imagine a children’s version of The Alchemist, with talking frogs and owls. 

This empowers you to create a story that truly reflects what your child wants to read about. It does not always have to be a unicorn. It could be a car; it could be a banana; it could be anything based on their interests and evolving likes and needs. Surprisingly it only takes about 20 seconds to generate a quality story with a consistent narrative.

This was our finished story ;) 

2.2. Create a Story Book

If you are looking for something a little longer for bedtime reading, you can create a storybook. The basic process remains the same.

For our storybook, we decided to stick to the theme of Sparkle the Unicorn and scenarios to pick and choose from;

You have the opportunity to create stories in a collaborative manner. You can ask your children what kind of adventure it is that they want to embark on. Our pick for this round was the enchanted forest. You can, of course, select other options and add them to your custom library to read at a later date, as everything you create is automatically added to your library. Scarlett Panda also offers to print and deliver a story for a premium, but you need to contact customer service directly for this.

2.3. Meditation

In addition to its core storytelling functionality, Scarlett Panda also provides a range of guided meditations specifically designed for children, helping them cope with stress and to explore mindfulness. By listening to these guided meditations, children can develop important life skills such as emotional regulation, stress management, and self-awareness.

The meditation feature caught our attention with its unique and intriguing concept, something we had not encountered previously. Its simplicity and user-friendly format make it easily accessible for young children to follow along. The rhythm is a bit faster than what you would usually experience with adult meditations in order to help focus. Additionally, it addresses the children directly and has cute references to the things they like (e.g. favourite colour).

You need to fill out a form to create your child’s personalised meditation. The form asks for their name, age, what you want to achieve through the meditation module, their favourite colour, and the meditation you want them to personalise. Once you complete the form, you will receive the personalised meditation in your inbox in about 24 hours' time. They even mention your child’s name to make it an engaging experience for them. 

Considering the inputs we provided, the meditation provided to us was well-suited and relevant.

2.4. Lullabies

Another feature that we really liked was the ability to create custom lullabies for your little dreamer. A unique and special lullaby can help soothe your child to sleep and bring a smile to your face.

To create a personalised lullaby, you can start by defining your theme. You then input the name of your child and their favourite toys and even transform them into animals or magical creatures. This customisation allows you to create a lullaby that is perfectly tailored to your child's preferences and imagination. Once the lullaby is generated, you can find it in your library.

Once again, sticking to our theme of unicorns, we asked Scarlett Panda to create a Lullaby about Sparkle the Unicorn on the rhyming scheme of twinkle twinkle little star. This is what we ended with;

3. Pricing

The subscription to Scarlett Panda is commitment-free, providing unlimited access to all features, including meditation and story generation. You can try all the features for $1 only for a week. The premium plan is priced at $4.90 per month or $49.90 for a year, offering unlimited access to all features.

4. Final Thoughts

 Scarlett Panda is a platform that empowers children to become creators of their own stories. With personalised adventures, unique moments for parents and children, and additional features beyond short stories, Scarlett Panda provides an engaging and educational reading experience. We found that the hyper-personalization of the stories was a great way to interact with children. So, if you have been wondering whether or not to give this a try, we will definitely say it's going to help you out.


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