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10 Out of the Box Team Building Activities in Dallas to Shake Up Your Team

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

10 Out of the Box Team Building Activities Dallas to Shake Up Your Team

If you’re looking for the best team building activities Dallas has to offer, you’ve come to the right place! Texas’ most populous city is a treasure trove of unique locations to hold fun-filled work gatherings. From outdoor adventures to indoor entertainment, there’s a plethora of venues for the rainy months as well as the sunny seasons.

In this post, we’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite Dallas team building events. There’s something for every kind of corporate objective, no matter whether you’re looking to encourage collaboration, promote wellness, or reward staff with a fully catered party.

1. Why You Should Engage in Team Building Activities

Team building activities are an important part of a company’s culture. Primarily, they serve to improve communication and build trust between colleagues, leading to more efficient workplace relationships. At a secondary level, they can also encourage the development of useful skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, and creativity.

2. 10 Creative Team Building Activities in Dallas to Break the Mold

2.1. Kayaking on the Trinity River

Kayaking on the Trinity River - team building activity in Dallas

For one of the most adventurous team building activities Dallas has to offer, head to the Trinity River Paddling Trail during the warmer months. This 130-mile stretch of one of the longest waterways in Texas offers wholesome outdoor fun that’s guaranteed to create a lively atmosphere for team bonding. It’s also a good pastime for relieving work-related stress.

Several companies offer kayak rentals around Dallas, but one of the best options for guided tours with all the equipment included is the Trinity River Kayak Co. Based out of Coppell, the setting-off point is around half an hour’s drive from downtown Dallas. Opt for either 2-3 hours or 5-6 hours on the river, with rates starting from $49 per single-person kayak or $89 per two-person kayak.

Trinity River isn’t the only place you can take your team kayaking around Dallas. At White Elm Lake, Dallas Paddle supplies kayaks for $20 per hour for a single-person kayak and $25 per hour for a tandem kayak. As an equally enjoyable alternative, they also offer paddleboard rentals for sunset excursions. 

2.2. Escapology Escape Room Challenge

If you want to put your team’s brains rather than their brawn to the test, Escapology has a branch of their escape room experience at Victory Park in downtown Dallas. Up to 8 players can take part at a time in one of the themed rooms, which range from a Budapest train car to a Mesoamerican temple.

Few team building ideas in Dallas can match Escapology for fostering group problem solving. Your employees must strive to solve cunning puzzles within 60 minutes using a combination of logic and creative thinking, or face the prospect of being sealed away forever! Well, until Escapology’s staff let them out.

Since Escapology’s in-person escape rooms can cater for a maximum of 8 people at a time, it’s worth considering a virtual alternative for larger groups. Hooray Teams has a range of online escape rooms that can accommodate as many staff as necessary, allowing several teams to face off against one another to see who can complete the quests in the shortest amount of time.

2.3. Paintball or Airsoft Battle

Practice strategizing and team tactics through action-packed activities like paintball and airsoft. These shooting-based games encourage teamwork while simultaneously providing a safe setting where coworkers can release some pent-up work frustration.

Several companies offer paintball and/or airsoft team building activities in the Dallas Texas area, including DFW Adventure Park. Located on the outskirts of the city, this sprawling complex can cater for groups of various sizes, with dedicated team bonding packages available on request. 

Pricing for private outings with full equipment starts from $265 for up to 10 players for paintball and $35 per person for airsoft. This can be complemented by add-ons like an on-site meeting space, catering, and a facilitator who will initiate discussions on leadership, communication, and other useful workplace skills.

2.4. Culinary Mastery at the Cookery Dallas

Culinary Mastery at the Cookery Dallas

Taste success at the Cookery, a culinary school with classes in everything from Parisian fine dining to Japanese sushi and Chinese dim sum. Led by a seasoned chef,  these sessions combine practical learning with a social environment that’s ideal for serving up closer office relationships. As part of the experience, everyone will enjoy a multi-course meal, so come hungry!

The team building activities Dallas’ Cookery Hub offers can be customized according to your company’s requests, including by cuisine type and number of courses. As a bonus, the venue permits visitors to bring their own booze, though drinks can also be purchased on-site as well. 

The Cookery can cater comfortably for groups of up to around 12-14. For larger groups, virtual-focused companies like Hooray Teams can mimic the kitchen experience with postally delivered cooking kits and an online instructor.

2.5. Laser Tag Competition

An experience that can’t be recreated online just yet, laser tag involves all the team play of paintball but none of the pain of being hit by a hard pellet!

Activity centers like Pinstack in Plano and Strike + Reel in Garland have laser tag arenas alongside a whole host of other entertainment to unleash everyone’s inner child, including bowling, bumper cars, and rock climbing. Both places boast private VIP areas that can facilitate presentations and buffet catering. 

Alternatively, hire a business to set up a custom laser tag course in a private location. GameTruck, for example, masterminds ways to turn an office or a nearby park into a full-throttle shooting experience. A game coach leads participants through missions and play formats specifically designed with businesses in mind, emphasizing the collaborative elements of laser tag.

2.6. The Great Guac Off™️ Fiesta

One of the most unique takes on cooking team building Dallas has to offer, the Great Gauc Off (TGGO) is 90 minutes of avocado-themed hilarity, incorporating a mixture of icebreakers, trivia, and, of course, guacamole making. A USA-wide phenomenon, the business has facilitated events for big guns like Amazon, YouTube, and Uber, but still has affordable bespoke pricing for smaller companies as well.

One of the best aspects of TGGO is its flexibility. The event can be hosted for as many people as you like, in a location of your choice, whether that’s an office meeting room or a third-party location. 

TGGO staff are more than willing to customize the experience to suit your company goals, blending collaboration and competition for a laugh-filled day of team bonding. The only thing that never changes is the guac!

2.7. Visit Urban Air Adventure Park

Boasting trampolining, rock climbing, ball pits, and more, the Urban Air Adventure Park is primarily geared towards kids. Having said that, it’s also a highly amusing place to arrange a corporate get-together, with private areas available to rent if you want to kick the experience up a notch.

Although it’s not as well set up for corporate gatherings as most of the other places on this list, the Urban Air Adventure Park is still a solid option if you’re planning a work do for the colder months, when the indoor obstacle courses provide a team bonding experience out of the rain.

2.8. Granada Theater Spectacular

Granada Theater Spectacular

Bubbling with personality, the Granada Theater is a restored art deco cinema that now functions as one of the most unique places for team building events Dallas has available. It’s a stylish, multifunctional, one-of-a-kind venue where you can bring everyone together for a company-wide conference that features presentations, workshops, and guest speakers, all topped off with a big party.

Perfect for large-scale events, the main floor can host 128 attendees for a full banquet while still leaving space for a dance floor where staff can shake their groove thang after dinner. Alternatively, rent out the entire theater space for a sprawling, standing-room-only gathering for 1,000 people.

In-house AV technicians and designers can handle all your projector, audio, and décor requirements, while the catering services can dish up both buffet-style eating and multi-course menus. 

2.9. Go Rock Climbing at a Dallas Climbing Gym

There aren’t many fun corporate event ideas Dallas does better than rock climbing. There are a surprising number of professional bouldering venues where your staff can learn an adventurous new skill while spending some quality time with their peers scattered all over the wider region. 

One of the best chain options for corporate dos is Movement Gyms, a professional outfit with locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The brand is set up to cater to private groups, supplying instructors who will place the focus on communication and building trust.

Another solid choice for business events is Climb Oso, which was recently acquired by the USA-wide Bouldering Project. The facility has a range of climbs for different skill levels so that there’s something to challenge everyone on your team.

2.10. Bowling Competition at Bowlounge

For an activity that’s a little more sedate than rock climbing, the Bowlounge is dedicated to the elegant art of bowling. With a location in Dallas as well as a site in Fort Worth, this brand provides a seamless team building experience that can accommodate up to 400 people at a push.

Rent out a couple of alleys or the entire venue, then supplement the bowling with a delicious junk food menu of pizzas, nachos, quesadillas, and wings, washed down with beers and cocktails from the bar. The venue can put together a custom food-and-drink package on request, ensuring all the practical arrangements are taken care of before you even set foot on site.

3. FAQs

3.1. What are some popular venues for team building events in Dallas?

Some of the most popular team building activities Dallas has to offer are found at adventure-focused facilities. These include both indoor-based experiences like rock climbing at the Movement Gym in the Design District as well as outdoor escapades such as kayaking along the Trinity River.

3.2. What are the types of team building activities Dallas?

Aside from the physical fun of team building activities like rock climbing and kayaking, Dallas also has more cerebral experiences. Escapology’s many themed escape rooms, for instance, have a variety of challenging puzzles to solve.

3.3. What are creative team building ideas suitable for Dallas-based teams?

If you’re looking for something a little outside of the box, one of the most innovative team building companies in Dallas is the Great Guac Off. Their idiosyncratic offering centers on turning avocados into a delicious dip, incorporating communication games and an Iron Chef-style competition along the way.

3.4. What are some engaging group activities in Dallas?

Culinary classes are one of the most engaging team building activities in Dallas. The lessons teach staff useful life skills while also providing a sociable environment where participants can get to know one another over some delicious food.

3.5. What are the best fun team building activities in Dallas?

Among the most fun activities in Dallas for adults is a trip to DFW Adventure Park, where staff can battle it out with paintball guns or airsoft rifles amidst the scenic, wooded nature of rural Northlake, just north of the city.

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