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20 Top Team Building Questions to Have Fun in the Workplace

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

If you’re looking for light-hearted ways to create a bit more cohesion in your workplace, team building questions are one way you can go about it. These queries can be used not only to enable staff to learn more about one another, but also to stimulate a discussion about a particular topic, or even set the tone for an upcoming meeting.

In this post, we’ve put together a guide that you can use to write your own team building questions, as well as a tight list of 20 excellent examples that should inspire your own creative juices. 

1. What Are Team Building Questions?


Similar to icebreaker questions for work, team building questions are designed to help staff get to know one another better, while at the same time fostering rapport between colleagues. They can also be utilized to initiate discussions and stimulate creative thinking.

2. Why Are Team Building Questions Important in the Workplace?

When teams talk more, they gradually learn how to communicate better with one another, thanks to a greater recognition of non-verbal cues. This naturally leads to a more pleasant working environment where friendships flourish but can also translate into increased productivity thanks to a psychological effect known as social laboring.

More generally, companies that are strongly bonded together are usually associated with greater corporate success and staff loyalty, as employees feel more invested in a business’ success when they have better relationships with their colleagues.

3. How to Create Team Building Questions at Work


3.1 Determine the Purpose

As with most office-related activities, if you have a clear objective in mind, you’re more likely to succeed. Asking questions on team building and leadership, for example, is a casual way to facilitate discussions about how people like to be managed. Alternatively, you might want simply to put people in a relaxed frame of mind before a meeting or learn more about different ways staff approach work from home.

3.2 Understand the Team


Is your team composed of individuals that enjoy amusing hypotheticals or are they people that like to ponder more practical queries. Composing good community building questions for adults relies not just on having clarity of purpose, but also on understanding the kind of personalities you have in your team.

3.3 Brainstorm the Topic

Brainstorming helps you to think laterally about how to approach your team building topics. If you give yourself the opportunity to be creative with your questions, you’re more like to come up with a broad range of items that can later be carved down into a handful of gems.

3.4 Craft Open-ended Questions

One of the key points to remember is that team building questions need to provoke more than simply one-word answers or “correct” responses. They should give respondents the opportunity to express opinions in a thou

3.5 Make Them Engaging


What makes a question engaging will be tied into understanding your team, but there are a few ways to create a more thoughtful atmosphere, such as by posing team building reflection questions that prod people to be a bit more introspective. 

3.6 Ensure Inclusivity

Avoid questions that depend on a particular social, gendered or cultural experience, such as “What is your favorite Christmas memory?” One of the key criteria for your team building questions should be, will everyone be able to supply an answer to this query?

4. 20 Best Team Building Questions


4.1 Background Team Building Questions

Start off with some simple queries that provide a window into the young lives of your peers. These kinds of questions are useful when you want to create a positive mood engendered by everyone being able to relive some of their favorite memories, but perhaps more importantly they provide a forum for people to share a bit about their different backgrounds, which can abet your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • What is your most cherished childhood memory?
  • What was the best vacation you had in your childhood days?
  • What was your favorite TV show?
  • Tell me about a memorable school incident.
  • Who was your celebrity crush as a teen?

4.2 Work from Home Team Building Questions


There are numerous strategic questions to ask your team as part of developing a closer-knit group, including ones that dissect what works best for everyone when it comes to working from home. The answers may even inform your future remote working policies or help others optimize their own practices.  

  • What is your routine before you sit down for work?
  • Where is your home work setup?
  • Which of the Zoom backgrounds is your favorite?
  • What kind of online team activities do you think are the best?
  • How do you create a balance between home and work?

4.3 Funny Team Building Questions

A positive mood is linked to increased levels of engagement, motivation, and productivity in the workplace, so why not kick off a work day or a brainstorming meeting with an amusing head scratcher? Fun Friday questions for work, for example, are a lighthearted way to finish off the week so that people actually look forward to coming back into the office on the following Monday.

  • Which is your most used emoji while chatting with team members?
  • If you were asked to bring a pet to the office, what animal would you turn up with?
  • Describe a prank that you would like to play on a coworker?
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • What is the weirdest gift you’ve received?

4.4 Ice Breaker Team Building Questions


Team building ice breaker questions tend to be the broadest category of team building queries, demanding everything from single-sentence answers to outline descriptions of future career plans. Generally speaking, they are less focused and designed predominantly just to get people relaxed and talking, rather than for gathering useful information or targeted feedback.

  • Recite your favorite movie line.
  • What celebrity show would you like to attend?
  • Describe the best day of your life.
  • What is the one thing that you regret not doing?
  • If you were given a chance to choose a post in the workplace, which one would you select?

5. FAQs

5.1 What are the 5 Cs of team building?

There are several variations of the 5 Cs in existence, but one of the most common versions features confidence (trust in one another), consensus (making decisions as a team), commitment (to performing well), collaboration (working harmoniously together, and communication (being able to speak frankly and constructively).

5.2 What are 3 fun icebreaker questions?

In addition to the ones listed above, some of our favorites are: “Who would you want with you during a zombie apocalypse?”, “Which actor would play you in a movie of your life?”, and “What’s a fashion fail you retrospectively regret rocking?”

5.3 What is a fun check in question for team meeting?

“Would you rather” style questions are always a reliable option, as they can be both amusing and stimulate a lighthearted debate. For example, “Would you rather be a cat or a dog?” or “Would you rather win an Olympic medal or go to space?” are both excellent team building discussion questions.

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