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16 Entertaining Virtual Bridal Shower Games for the Bride-to-be’s Party!

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Virtual Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are a custom followed by people to shower the bride-to-be with their love, blessings, and gifts before she embarks on her new journey in life. With every event going remote, virtual bridal showers are no exception. Although, keeping a virtual audience entertained is far more difficult than a physical one. But, there is always a way out! Incorporating virtual bridal shower games in the event will serve your purpose. 

Kudos to the innovative solutions, it is now possible to make the bride-to-be feel special by holding a virtual bridal shower amongst their closest friends and family. This can be a memorable bonding experience for everyone involved and gives the bride a much-needed break from all of the strenuous wedding preparations. To ease the planning process, we have created a list of 16 entertaining virtual bridal shower games that will light up the party!

1. What do you do at a virtual bridal shower?

What do you do at a virtual bridal shower

A virtual bridal shower is a day for the bride-to-be to look forward to new beginnings and fill her pandora box with countless memories, including fun virtual bridal shower games before her big day. You can organize it in the following format:

  • Pick a date:

Keep in mind that the bride would be busy close to her wedding date, so typically three to four months prior to the wedding would be ideal to organize the bridal shower. Send a quirky online invitation with the date and the meeting link to all the guests and ask them to RSVP.

  • Select a theme:

Select a theme and dress code for the guests. This will help in setting the celebratory mood for the evening. It can be related to the bride’s favourite movie or series, or even her favourite vacation destination. Ask guests to change their Zoom backgrounds to something related to the theme.

  • Choose games and activities to play:

Make a list of virtual games and make arrangements for them before the shower begins. Some fun games and activities could be virtual karaoke, Couple trivia, Bachelorette Bingo, He Said She Said, and more. You could take suggestions from the guests as well and use a suitable conferencing platform according to the size of your group.

  • Photo booth props and gifts:

You could deliver some photo booth props to the guests’ residences that they can hold up on their screen and click snapshots with the bride. They can also send online gifts to the bride - such as a Macy’s Gift Card or an Amazon Gift Voucher. The attendees can also shop online for gifts such as a Memory Photobook or His & Her Passport Covers and get their gifts delivered to the bride’s address beforehand and have a virtual gift-opening session at the bridal shower.

2. 12 Virtual Bridal Shower Games

2.1. Virtual Bridal Shower With Hooray Teams

A well hosted event is a great way to take the pressure off everyone when throwing a bridal shower. Hooray Teams is a virtual teambuilding marketplace that helps you get in touch with professionals to have a great hosted event. Our top pick for a bridal shower is their paint and wine class.In this class you will be working with a professional host to create a masterpiece while at the same time sipping on wine. It is the perfect low-stakes fun activity during a bridal shower.


2.2. Couple’s Trivia

 Couples Trivia

A couple’s trivia game is bound to light up your virtual bridal shower as it not only helps in knowing the couple better but also gives guests a chance to interact with each other in the event. You can include fun facts about the couple in the form of questions and have your guests write down the answers.

This os one of the most fun free virtual bridal shower games you can incorporate into your plan. You could either select a trivia template available online or create your own questions. Some examples can be- Where did the couple first meet? How did they propose, What is their favourite activity to do together? and so on. And the bride can be the judge of who knows the couple better!

2.3. He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said is one of the most amusing virtual bridal shower games out there. It includes a host reading out questions or statements about the couple and the guests have to identify who out of the bride or the groom said it or did it. The bride could then confirm the answer and narrate the story behind it as well.

The participants could use designated placards to show their response such as a bow tie for the groom and a veil for the bride, or a shoe and a heel, anything creative to add to the amusement. 

The statements for the game could be something of this sort:

  • I am the romantic one
  • I am the better cook
  • I snore at night
  • I am the funny one
  • I have the most clothes

2.4. How old was the Bride?

How old was the Bride

How old was the Bride is a game that people of all ages can participate and enjoy at a virtual bridal shower. The host can create a Powerpoint presentation of some old pictures of the bride and present their screen for everyone to see. This could help initiate informal conversations amongst people and send them on a nostalgic trip.

Guests have to guess what is the age of the bride in the pictures. You could also include pictures of the groom which would give everyone a chance to get to know him better. The chief guest of the event could also share some of her favourite childhood stories in the course of the game. This is one of the best virtual bridal shower games to play with your friends and family!

2.5. Bachelorette Bingo

Bachelorette Bingo

One of the most popular virtual bridal shower games, Bachelorette Bingo is an amazing party activity that your clan will absolutely enjoy. Create a Bingo card and fill the squares with prompts that are tailored fit to the bride, groom, the guests, and things that happen during the bridal shower. Guests have to cross a square when they see a particular prompt getting fulfilled. The first one to finish 5 lines (could be a mix of rows, columns, and diagonals) and scream Bingo!, wins.

Email this card to your attendees and ask them to print it out before the shower or play from their phone or tablet. You could keep this as an ongoing game throughout the party and when someone gets a Bingo, they win something that can be sent digitally such as coupons, subscriptions, or vouchers. Some of the prompts for the game can be:

  • A pet walks into someone’s video frame
  • The bride-to-be takes a shot
  • Someone shares an embarrassing story of the couple 
  • Someone plays a musical instrument
  • A bridesmaid or best man gets emotional
  • Went to school with the bride

2.6. Make or Bake

Make or Bake

Creating something out of scratch along with others at an event is satisfying and fun at the same time. You could organize a Make or Bake activity and plan on unleashing the artist in you or give your guests the choice to come up with their own ideas. It could be either baking, cooking an appetizer, making a cocktail, a virtual paint and sip, or even knitting something related to the shower’s theme. Though this is one of the few fun virtual bridal shower games that maybe might not be up everyone's alley, it is still a refreshing way to spend a bridal shower.

If you are doing an activity together, you can also send the supplies kit to the guests or contact companies that do so. The participants will have something memorable at the end of the activity that they created and show off on their mantelpiece proudly. This is indeed one of the best Virtual bridal shower ideas during COVID.

2.7. Virtual Karaoke

A Bridal Shower is incomplete without some music! A virtual karaoke session is one of the best ways to make the event interactive and fun. Get your guests to unravel their singing potential and uncover hidden talents -  you might find the next singing superstar in your group! 

Ask participants to send in their song suggestions before the activity, and create a playlist. Share your screen for the track and the lyrics and ask other attendees to mute themselves whenever someone is singing. Ensure there are no technical glitches or internet issues for the session to run smoothly.

2.8. Remote Insensitivity

If you and your crew love playing Cards Against Humanity, you are bound to like Remote Insensitivity. The rules are similar for both games wherein a player flips a card to reveal a statement with a blank. The other players are required to play their best card to match the blank and compete against each other to win the round.

This game is designed to play online and all players can come together to play it over any online conferencing platform. The player who starts the game can share the link and the unique room code for everyone else to join. Keep the video on to see and hear the funny reactions of the players in the game!

2.9. Wedding Movie Charades

This one certainly makes it to one of the most entertaining virtual bridal shower games. Wedding movie charades can be easily played over video calls. Divide your group into teams and create a list of popular wedding movies. Ensure you don’t pick out titles that are too easy or too difficult to act- give the participants something challenging.  

You could keep a time limit for the player to act out a scene or words from the title. Ask all participants to turn on their videos to see how they all guess and react to the acting. Some popular title suggestions for the wedding movie charades can be My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridesmaids, Father of the Bride, Mamma Mia, License to Wed, 27 Dresses, and more. It is a great game to add to your list of free virtual bridal shower games.

2.10. Couple’s Roast

This is a chance for the thespians in your group to show how well they know the couple. In Couple’s Roast, the host cuts a piece of paper into strips and writes situations or scenarios involving the couple on each of them. Some examples can be ‘John and Jane get lost in Ikea’ or ‘Jane teaches John how to bake’ and so on. 

The host picks a strip of paper from the bowl every turn for a participant and asks them to enact the situation for both characters. You could also write scenarios involving just one person such as ‘John goes grocery shopping'. The key is to act out most of the couple’s quirks and mannerisms and make it believable. Give fun scenarios to make it hilarious!

2.11. Pass the Love Story

With Pass the Love Story, all attendees get a chance to exaggerate the story of how the to-be-weds met. A prompt is given to the first player such as ‘Tracy and Norman met at the cafe’ and the guest writes one sentence on a Google Sheet to continue the story. This line is given to the next player who writes another one to follow it, and the same goes on.

The first player’s line is kept hidden so that only the second player’s sentence is revealed to the third one. This goes on till the last player completes the task and then the host reads out the final story to the whole group. The guests will have a gala time reading the funniest love story. Make sure the participants write romantic and funny sentences to make the story exciting and create a personalized rom-com!

2.12. Virtual Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

A virtual Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to test people’s searching abilities in their own homes. You can create a list of items that are wedding-related and ask players to fetch the item for the game. Whoever returns to the screen the quickest with the item is the winner. You could also include small activities to do within a time limit.

Some examples for the items and activities can be:

  • Something blue
  • Stockings
  • Write a hilarious wedding vow
  • Tie a bowtie in under 3 minutes
  • A pair of black formal shoes
  • A childhood photo 

2.13. Would She Rather

Would She Rather is one of the entertaining virtual bridal shower games to know how well the guests know the bride. It can also act as an ice breaker game to get the party started on a fun note. The game is simple to set up and play.

The host makes a list of things that the bride likes with its other extreme next to it. The online document’s link is shared to all participants and the bride as well. Once the timer begins, participants circle the item that best describes the bride. After the time ends, everyone matches their answers with the bride’s and gets points accordingly. Some examples can be:

  • Country or City
  • Beach walk or Mountain hike
  • Renegade or Rule Keeper
  • Brand New or Vintage
  • Own a Dog or Own a Cat
  • Dreamer or Realist
  • Early Bird or Night Owl

So, are you ready for a fun-filled, memorable virtual bridal shower?

3. Virtual Bridal Shower Games For Work

Virtual Bridal Shower

3.1. The Toilet Paper Dress

This is one game you can easily adapt to be one of the virtual bridal shower games for workplace. All the participants need is a toilet paper roll which then has to be converted into a dress. If you don’t want to use toilet paper, ribbons are a great alternative.

At the end, you can ask everyone to walk down their hallway for their showstopper moment. If you are looking for virtual bridal shower games Zoom, this is one lit game.

3.2. What's In The Purse?

Anyone can participate in this particular entry into our list of virtual bridal shower games for workplace. It is a simple game. All you need to do is distribute a list that you can find easily on Pinterest for all the possible products you can find in someone’s bag. Do this either by mail or text. Then go through it one by one and get points for everything actually in the bride-to-be’s bag.

If you are looking for free virtual bridal shower games, this one should definitely be a part of your list.

3.3. The Disney Love Song Game

If your bride-to-be loves Disney then you can add this one to your list of virtual bridal shower games for workplace as well. All you need to do for this game is play the first 30 seconds of any Disney song like- “Let it go” or “I won’t say (I’m in love)” and make everyone guess. The person who guesses the most number of songs wins.

If virtual bridal shower games Zoom is what you are looking for, this should definitely be considered.

3.4. Make Your Own Cocktail

This is one of the few virtual bridal shower games for workplace that you should play on the weekend. Send a small curated basket of the bride-to -be's favourite drinks and finger foods to everyone’s house. Everyone can then come together on Zoom and enjoy the food and drinks together.

You should consider this as one of the virtual bridal shower games Zoom because people can have a great conversation while enjoying great food.

4. FAQs

4.1. How do you make a Zoom bridal shower fun?

A Zoom bridal shower with a lot of interactive games and activities included that help in knowing the bride and groom better makes it a lot more fun. Some examples of such games are Couple’s Trivia, He Said, She Said, How Old was the Bride?, Couple’s Roast, Would She Rather, and many more. You could also ask the guests to change their Zoom background to something related to the shower’s theme, or even a picture of the couple. The guests could hold up bridal shower photo booth props to create an all-round atmosphere and send good vibes. v

4.2. What is the apron game?

 The apron game is an amusing bridal shower game that tests the memory of all the attendees. The bride wears an apron and attaches as many useful items to it as possible for several minutes, and leaves the room. The participants have to write down all or most of the items on a piece of paper. The person who remembers the most number of items wins. You could pin items such as spatula, oven gloves, tabletop cleaner, salt shaker, baking moulds, screwdriver, tape, hairbrush, bottle opener, and many more. This game is another one you can add to your list of  virtual bridal shower games Zoom.

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