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25 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for the 2023 Holiday Season

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

25 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for the 2023 Holiday Season

Winter is here and everyone’s getting out their box of Christmas decorations and ugly sweaters. The only difference here is that instead of decorating the office tree with all your colleagues, you’ll be celebrating the holidays with them through some creative and fun virtual Christmas party ideas.  

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few virtual Christmas party ideas for the office that will make your holiday team-building activity memorable for everyone. Keep reading. 

1. Best Virtual Christmas Party Ideas 2023

1.1. Christmas Jeopardy

Christmas Jeopardy

This holiday season, let’s flip the traditional trivia game with Christmas Jeopardy by Hooray Teams, a hosted platform for awesome virtual team-building activities. An expert will engage participants in an hour-long session with 4 to 5 rounds of diverse holiday-themed topics.

In this fun session, your teammates will find themselves in the hot seat framing questions to the given clues or answers like ‘Rudolph’s red nose’ which might lead them to ask “What is it guiding Santa’s sleigh through the fog?” If you or your team have any specific topics in mind, Hooray Teams will be happy to customize the event. To join the fun, simply reach out to them and save your spot.

Fun Rating - 4.5 out of 5 nailing the correct questions in this fast-paced battle of wits will have your team laughing out loud at the hits and misses. 

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5 because there are no preps needed except a link to join.

1.2. Christmas Cookie Decorating

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Looking for creative yet delicious virtual Christmas party ideas for your team this holiday season? Then get set for an exciting session on Christmas Cookie Decorating by Hooray Teams. During this one-hour session, a dedicated expert will teach your team some fun cookie-decorating techniques like icing, flooding, and outlining. That’s not all, they can even show your team how to recreate some classic Christmas designs if you have any favorite requests. 

Each of the participants will receive a cookie decorating kit packed with all the must-haves to turn your plain cookies into edible masterpieces. No prior culinary experience is mandatory. All you need to bring is some creativity and a big yearning for sweets! So, be a smart cookie and book your seats.

Fun Rating - 4.5 out of 5 as the team bonds and enjoys the thrill of showing off those 'OMG' cookie designs!

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5 as some prep in receiving/arranging supplies is needed, but it's well worth the effort as your team’s in for a real treat and will love it.

1.3. Christmas Mixology

Christmas Mixology

There's nothing quite like elevating the holiday spirit with the joy of cocktail mixing and Hooray Teams Christmas Mixology class is all about guiding your team to do just that. An expert mixologist will guide your team with insider tips, tricks, and fun facts to help them whip up those signature Christmas drinks.

Whether your team is crafting mulled wine, eggnog, or cranberry mules, they will learn to master the art of stirring, shaking, and garnishing like a pro. Hooray Teams will send a cocktail-mixing kit right to the participant's doorstep, complete with all the required ingredients and tools. So join the mixology session and toast to good times and wonderful bonding over holiday drinks!

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 because learning a new cocktail recipe and sampling new blends as a team truly uplifts the mood.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5 as you need to receive/arrange the supplies, but the effort’s going to pay off as your team is going to savor every unforgettable moment.

Read our article on virtual wine tasting parties to add a unique spirit to your holiday celebrations with your team.

1.4. Virtual Christmas Trivia

Virtual Christmas Trivia

Add some buzzworthy excitement to your virtual Christmas party ideas with Hooray Teams Virtual Christmas Trivia. There will be an expert trivia master to host the event from start to finish and to ensure everyone on your team stays entertained. In this lively one-hour session, your team gets to test their holiday IQ with 4 to 5 rounds of Christmas trivia all in the spirit of friendly competition. 

Team members can bond and banter over topics on holiday traditions, movies, carols, Santa, and yummy treats to name a few. Moreover, if your team wishes to tailor the trivia to any specific interests or themes, Hooray Teams has room to customize the trivia event. To plan this fun-filled team-building experience, simply reach out to Hooray Teams and they will handle the rest.

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as a lively host interacts and encourages your team to ace the right answers and outwit teammates in playful competition.

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5 because there are no preps needed except a link to join. 

1.5. Hosted Christmas Event

Hosted Christmas Event

If you've got a cool idea for a virtual Christmas team party ideas but need help with planning and hosting it, Hooray Teams Hosted Christmas Event is the perfect solution. They’ve got a team of experts who can take care of all the details, from organizing the event so your team stays happily engaged to coordinating different activities so everything runs smoothly.

Whether you're looking for a cozy virtual get-together or a fantastic remote holiday extravaganza, they can tailor it as needed. It's a perfect chance for your team to get to know each other better, feel more connected, and unwind with their teammates. So, all you need to do is reach out to them to secure your spots. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as the holiday event is pre-arranged perfectly to suit your team's preferences, all you need to do - is have fun!

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5 as Hooray Teams handles all the nitty-gritty from planning to hosting while ensuring your team enjoys every minute of the party.

Explore our blog on virtual holiday party ideas to make your virtual gatherings truly extraordinary. 

1.6. Virtual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Next up is a fun ugly sweater party to add a touch of humor to our list of virtual Christmas party ideas for work. Host a themed party online, so everyone in the team can dress up and proudly showcase their most outrageous holiday sweaters or cardigans. You can take it one notch higher, create categories, and vote for the Ugliest Sweater, Most Creative Sweater, Cutest Sweater, Most Christmassy Sweater, and more. 

Choose winners who get the most votes in these categories. Don’t forget to click a group picture with funny faces to share on social media! It’s always entertaining to see your coworkers in those tacky, bold, and fun ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as showing off your outrageous attire adds a light-hearted vibe to the event, adding laughter to the team.

Ease of Setup -5 out of 5 as no preparations are needed except finding the sassiest sweater, which, of course, you would love to do.

1.7. Plan Online Secret Santa

Did you know Secret Santa is also known as “Kris Kringle'' in some parts of the world? Call it “Secret Santa” or “Kris Kringle”, no one will be averse to the idea of someone getting them something from their Christmas wish list. 

This classic gift exchange shouldn’t be ignored even during the office Christmas party online. Use Elfster to pair gift giver and receiver automatically. They can also buy their gift from hundreds of shops available on this platform. Teammates can open their gifts one by one at the virtual Christmas party and try to guess who their secret Santa is. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 because who doesn't love getting gifts? Vague guesses, funny surprises, and the joy of giving and receiving presents are unparalleled.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5, as it involves drawing names and exchanging gifts, yet the efforts are well worth the holiday fun and memories it brings.

1.8. Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread games for an office Christmas party stream online are delightful and interactive activities that center around the holiday tradition of gingerbread houses and cookies. In this virtual Christmas party, you and your fellow participants can get creative by either receiving gingerbread house kits beforehand or baking your gingerbread pieces.

Once the virtual party begins, you and your team members will have the chance to decorate these gingerbread houses with icing, candies, and other edible decorations. When the decorations are complete, everyone can proudly display their gingerbread house creations on the video call, and you can select a winner based on the most imaginative and well-designed gingerbread house. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as participants can enjoy a fun and creative time, not to mention the fun of proudly showcasing the final result.

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5, as everyone needs to collect and arrange all the supplies prior but the payoff is your team enjoying the hilarious time ahead.

1.9. Online Christmas Caroling

Keep the Christmas music tradition alive in your virtual work Christmas party ideas with online Christmas caroling. There are a variety of ways you can enjoy Christmas caroling with your teammates virtually. All your coworkers can decide and come up with a list of Christmas carols that they want to sing during the office Christmas party online. 

They can also create their version of Christmas Carol and perform it together. If your team loves Christmas caroling but does not want to butcher the songs with their killer voices, then leave the matter to the professionals and hire a virtual caroling troupe. You and your team will find yourselves pumping out Christmas Carol songs in perfect harmony (or not!) while bringing tons of holiday cheer. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as the joy of singing, sharing, and spreading the holiday spirit makes it a heartwarming experience for all participants.

Ease of Setup -  4 out of 5 as a bit of team coordination is involved, but you know the fun is practically guaranteed.

1.10. Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A virtual Christmas scavenger hunt is a fantastic way for teams and coworkers to come together during the holiday season, even if they're miles apart. To play a virtual Christmas scavenger hunt, one person, usually the host, compiles a list of holiday-related items or challenges for the participants to find in their own homes. 

The host shares this list, and participants race against the clock, displaying the items on a video call as they find them. The person or team that finds the most items typically wins the game. It's a straightforward and fun way to enjoy the holiday spirit with friends and family through your computer or device.

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as participants will have a fantastic time searching for items or clues virtually, contributing to the high fun factor.

Ease of Setup - 4 out of 5 as setting up a virtual scavenger hunt is usually a breeze as the host takes care of everything to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for participants.

1.11. Christmas Photo Booth

Christmas Photo Booth

If you are looking for some free virtual holiday party ideas, office parties with photo booths are always a hit. Arrange for assorted holiday props like Santa hats, Elf hats, sparkly glasses, or reindeer antlers, and get them delivered to your teammates’ houses in advance. If that’s not an option, you can also send them printable holiday accessories so they can use them as props during the virtual Christmas party. 

You and your team can snap holiday photos, create fun interactive Christmas posts, and share LOL moments to post on the group channel, social media handle, or company newsletter. It's a fun way of letting your subscribers and clients know the people behind the roles!

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as everyone enjoys capturing holiday moments and creating memories together.

Ease of Setup -4 out of 5 as a group photo session is much like a walk in the park 

1.12. Online Christmas Market Tour

Christmas markets are the highlight of the holiday season. Thanks to modern technology, you can add a dash of holiday spirit to your online Christmas celebration with a virtual tour. You and your teammates get to visit holiday markets in different countries, discover unique traditions, and shop online for holiday gifts right from the comfort of your homes.

Don’t let your team miss the fun of traveling with virtual tours through Christmas Market at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin, Germany, London's most famous Christmas decorations, traditional winter wonderland in Vienna, Austria

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as it creates a lively and enjoyable experience to keep the spirit of seasonal shopping for participants.

Ease of Setup -  4 out of 5 because it requires minimal effort in terms of technical setup and coordination

1.13. Christmas Dance Party

If you got the moves then this is your time to shine. Let your teammates pick their favorite numbers, groove to the beats of peppy music, and welcome the holiday season with a bang. It doesn't matter if you make your mix or use an online playlist that everyone enjoys. 

If someone has prepared a special performance for the night, put them in the spotlight so everyone can see their moves. Make sure that everyone’s camera is on so that they can be part of the fun even if they opt out of the actual dancing! 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as the team can dance their souls away to Christmas music, showcasing their best moves for an enjoyable celebration.

Ease of Setup -  3 out of 5 as it requires a great playlist and team coordination which sets the stage for some fun moments.

1.14. Costume Party

Costume Party

Without decorated desks, huge Christmas trees, gift boxes, and string lights; it is hard for some of us to get into the holiday spirit. Virtual Christmas party costume themes are the best virtual Christmas party ideas to set the mood.

Ask all your employees to dress up as a famous character associated with the holidays. Step up the level by dressing up as a team. You can be a Santa and ask your team members to dress up as elves. Or someone else can dress up as baby Jesus and their team can dress up as Mary, Joseph, and villagers. If you want to make the experience even more exciting, you can hold a costume contest and hand out prizes for the best dressed. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as participants will have a fantastic time dressing up and showing off their favorite Christmas-themed costumes.

Ease of Setup -4.5 out of 5 as all it requires is finding the perfect holiday costume and of course a dash of creativity. 

1.15. Christmas Theme Netflix Party

A warm fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a Christmas movie marathon sound like the perfect activity to include in virtual Christmas party ideas. Plan a Netflix party streaming session with your team members and watch some classic Christmas movies like Home Alone Series, The Grinch, The Nutcracker, The Polar Express, and Jingle All the Way. 

You can sync all your team members’ screens together using apps like Teleparty to watch any movie together. This app also allows your team members to chat during the movie.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as what better way to relax this holiday season than with a Christmas movie or series on Netflix from the comfort of your cozy couch

Ease of Setup -5 out of 5 as all you need is a Netflix account and a handful of popcorn to chill.

1.16. Holiday Minute-to-win-it Games

Holiday Minute-to-win-it Games

Holiday Minute-to-Win-It games for a virtual office Christmas party stream involve participants taking on quick, entertaining tasks that must be completed in just one minute. These challenges can include activities like stacking as many red and green cups as possible, unwrapping and eating a candy cane with no hands, or transferring marshmallows from one plate to another using only chopsticks.

You and your teammates can engage in friendly competition, while the host keeps track of who completes the challenges within the minute. These quick and lively games not only add an element of excitement to your virtual Christmas party but also foster a sense of fun and camaraderie among your guests..

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 as your team will have lots of laughs playing these quick and exciting holiday-themed games.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5 as planning the game requires thoughtful preparation but the unlimited fun that follows makes it a worthwhile holiday experience for your team

1.17. Play Holiday-Themed Games

What are virtual Christmas party ideas without a mention of some classic holiday games for your team? Here are a few to add into the mix-

  • Virtual Holiday Bingo: Send a holiday-themed bingo card to everyone. The host calls out activities, players cancel matching ones on their cards; first to cancel all wins.
  • Never Have I Ever - Naughty or Nice Edition: Call out a list of activities with an intro statement, “You are on Santa’s naughty list if you have…”. If a team member has done that activity before they’ll lower down their one finger. Whoever has all their fingers up will win the game. 
  • Virtual Office Flued: It’s a classic game with a virtual twist. Divide your team members into two teams and guess the top response of public surveys. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as these holiday-themed games are packed with so much festive cheer that your team is sure to be laughing throughout the event.

Ease of Setup -3 out of 5 because organizing the games requires a bit of effort; however, the memories created will be there to cherish forever.

If you want to elevate your virtual celebrations, explore our interesting articles on virtual games on Google Meet that will inspire and empower you.

1.18. Virtual Holiday Card Exchange

E-cards are the best way to relay your holiday greetings to members of your team who are geographically distributed or work remotely full-time. With a virtual holiday card exchange, your team can also prevent unnecessary paper waste. 

Design your own holiday greetings cards for your coworkers using Canva Templates. Or they can also use sites like Blue Mountain or American Greetings to send readymade e-cards. Many other platforms offer this service at a minimal cost. Your team can exchange their holiday greetings with each other without harming the environment. 

Fun Rating - 4.5 out of 5 as designing your virtual card gives you creative expression and adds a touch of personal warmth to the occasion.

Ease of Setup -4 out of 5 as designing your holiday card simply needs you to sign on to a platform 

1.19. Holiday Fundraising Event

This holiday season, be a Santa in someone else’s life. Host a virtual fundraising event to help a charity or organization and make their holidays merry. You can ask all your teammates to contribute a small amount and then donate the raised fund to a charity organization that you all want to contribute to. Or request everyone to buy some new clothes and toys to donate to a nearby orphanage. Organizing a game night is also a good idea to raise funds for charity. 

Fun Rating - 4 out 5 as engaging in a holiday fundraising event provides immense satisfaction as participants come together for a meaningful cause.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5 as it needs a  little effort to organize a fundraising event but the fulfillment from contributing to a worthy cause makes it a rewarding experience for all.

1.20. Virtual Holiday Decoration Contest

Virtual Holiday Decoration Contest

Even when working remotely, you can enjoy decorating Christmas trees and desks with your team virtually. You can deliver festive decorations like jingle bells, string lights, and wreaths to everyone's home so all can decorate their trees and homes together

Gather everyone on a video call and start decorating your Christmas tree and home desk. Ask everyone to click a picture with their Christmas tree and desk decorations and share it at work with your group. Vote for the best decorations and select the winner for the contest. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as it sparks creativity, holiday spirit, and friendly competition, creating a fun-filled atmosphere at a remote workplace.

Ease of Setup - 4 out of 5 as participating in the Holiday Decoration Contest demands a touch of effort and creativity, but the resulting satisfaction and joy are truly unparalleled.

1.21. Christmas Storytelling

Christmas Storytelling is one of the best free virtual holiday party ideas for remote employees. Your team members share their favorite Christmas stories or memories, creating a heartwarming and engaging atmosphere. These stories can be personal anecdotes about past holiday experiences, tales of family traditions, or even humorous accounts of holiday mishaps.

To make it more engaging,  you can add interactive elements like quizzes, games, or interesting fun facts. Ask any team member to record the session for later viewing, fostering a sense of togetherness and holiday spirit.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 as everyone enjoys occasional storytime, and holiday stories encourage your team to tap into nostalgia and revive heartwarming memories.

Ease of Setup -5 out of 5 as all it requires is a compelling story to share

1.22. Christmas Book Club

A Christmas book club is a delightful and intellectual twist on a Christmas holiday party. In this activity, you and your colleagues select and read a Christmas-themed book, ideally a heartwarming or festive story. This can be anything from a classic like Charles Dickens - 'A Christmas Carol' to contemporary holiday novels. You can then set a timeline to read the book, followed by a virtual or in-person meeting to discuss it.

This activity not only encourages team members to explore their reading interests but also fosters meaningful discussions about the holiday season and the themes presented in the book. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 for people who enjoy reading and shared discussions

Ease of Setup -3 out of 5 as selecting and arranging books adds a bit of effort, but the knowledge gained is undoubtedly worthwhile.

1.23. Murder Mystery

A Christmas Murder Mystery at the office is a super fun way to enjoy the holiday party with your coworkers. You all dress up and pretend to be different characters like detectives or Santa's helpers. Then, the party takes a surprising turn as there's a made-up murder mystery to solve. You chat, gather clues, and guess who the culprit is.

Finally, the host reveals the pretend murderer, and you all have a blast figuring it out together. It's like playing a fun game and spending a memorable time with your team during the holidays.

Fun Rating -5 out of 5 as solving clues to unravel the mystery offers an interactive and thrilling experience to the participants

Ease of Setup -5 out of 5 as a dedicated host manages every detail of the event from start to finish, making the entire experience for your team stress-free. 

1.24. Virtual Escape Rooms

Christmas virtual escape rooms are like puzzle games that make your holiday celebrations extra exciting. You and your coworkers are put in a virtual room, often with a Christmas story. Your mission is to solve puzzles and riddles to escape the room within a time limit.

It's like a festive adventure where you work together to crack codes, find hidden clues, and have a great time while enjoying the holiday spirit. The ultimate goal? enjoy the festive spirit with your team.

Fun Rating -5 out of 5 as it challenges participants to solve clues as a team in a fun and enjoyable setting. 

Ease of Setup -5 out of 5 as a dedicated professional is there to take care of hosting the event and guide the participants throughout the game. 

1.25. DIY Ornament Making

DIY Ornament Making is one of the fun virtual Christmas party ideas where you and your team members create your holiday decorations. You'll need clear ornaments and craft supplies like paint, glitter, and ribbons. Everyone can design their ornaments by painting, adding sparkles, or writing messages.

It's a great way to be crafty, spend time together, and create unique emblems to decorate your tree or give as gifts. 

Fun Rating -4 out of 5 as participants can express their creativity and make unique holiday decorations. 

Ease of Setup -3 out of 5 as it requires collecting and arranging the DIY ornament kits but the joy of creating their own holiday ornaments offers a fulfilling experience to participants. 

2. FAQs

2.1. How do you make a virtual Christmas party fun?

You can make your next virtual Christmas party fun with these virtual Christmas party ideas;

  • Organize a costume party
  • Host a dance night
  • Play holiday-themed virtual Christmas party games
  • Watch movies together
  • Sing Christmas carols over a video call
  • Decorate Christmas trees and cookies with your team

2.2. How do you celebrate a Christmas party via Zoom?

To celebrate the Christmas party on video conferencing platforms like zoom, first design an invite and send it across to all your team members. Don’t forget to mention the party date and zoom meeting invite in the invitation. Plan some fun activities and virtual Christmas party games to play with your team. Here are some holiday games for work virtual you can plan together with your team for the Christmas party - 

2.3. How do you do a secret office virtual Santa?

To organize a virtual office Secret Santa, you can take the help of an online platform to decide gift giver and receiver or you can also do it by yourself. Once everything is decided, send out the gift receiver’s mailing address to the gift giver so they can send them the gift in advance. During the virtual office Christmas party, everyone can open their gift and try to guess their gift giver’s name. 

2.4. What are the best virtual Christmas party costume themes?

Some of the best virtual Christmas party costume themes are - holiday costume dress-up, holiday sweaters, DIY ugly sweater parties, holiday scavenger hunts, winter wonderland, ladies' Elf outfits, and roast turkey costumes. 

2.5. How do you celebrate a virtual Christmas party?

To celebrate a virtual Christmas party, you can organize activities like virtual gift exchanges, holiday-themed games, a festive dress code, and video calls with colleagues or friends to share the holiday spirit, even when apart.

2.6. What are the best holiday virtual party ideas?

The best holiday virtual Christmas party ideas include virtual Secret Santa exchanges, holiday-themed trivia games, cookie decorating competitions, virtual tours of holiday destinations, and creative activities like ugly sweater contests.

2.7. How do you host a fun virtual holiday party?

To host a fun virtual holiday party, plan engaging activities, encourage participation, use online platforms for interactive games and contests, and create a festive atmosphere with decorations, music, and virtual backgrounds.

2.8. What is a virtual Christmas party for?

A virtual Christmas party is for bringing together friends, family, or colleagues who are physically separated, allowing them to celebrate the holiday season, share joy, and create memorable moments through online interactions and activities

2.9. What do you do at a work Christmas party?

If your team is still working remotely, and searching for office Christmas party streaming options to socialize, here are a few virtual Christmas party ideas for your team to make the holiday celebration delightful. 

  • Dinner and drinks for all to celebrate the ho-ho-holiday season
  • Come together and decorate a Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments and fairy lights - it’s also a great team-building activity 
  • Rock around the Christmas tree with a fun-filled dance party
  • Organize a karaoke night and sing famous Christmas songs together
  • Host a potluck to taste delicious holiday treats cooked by your teammates
  • A bake-off between all employees to bring in the competitive spirit 

When brainstorming ideas for Christmas team building activities virtual, you can also consider organizing a festive cookie decorating competition, a holiday-themed trivia night, and a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange to bring joy and connection to remote celebrations

Need more inspiration for holiday team building activities? check out articles on Halloween Party, virtual dinner parties, New Year's Eve extravaganzas, and work anniversary celebrations.


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