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14 Fun and Interactive Kahoot Topics for Team Building

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Fun and Interactive Kahoot Topics

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to facilitate knowledge acquisition while also reinforcing team dynamics, Kahoot is a handy platform to have in your L&D arsenal. Useful for both adults and kids, you can utilize the educational tool to either play preexisting games or construct quizzes around the Kahoot topics of your choice.

These Kahoot topics can range from purely fun trivia around sports, pop culture, and unsolved mysteries, to competitive games around language learning, business skills, and more. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of queries you can use to build your own quiz.

1. What Are Kahoot Topics?

Kahoot topics are the various categories that exist on the Kahoot platform to educate and test individuals. These can range from work-related subjects (such as sales training or product knowledge) to school subjects (such as chemical elements), to fun Kahoot topics for family gatherings (such as Disney characters or Marvel movies). Essentially, whatever you want to create a learning game around can be a Kahoot.

2. Purpose of Kahoot Topics


2.1. Engagement

One of the primary reasons to sign up to Kahoot is because it drives engagement. The company’s visually stimulating model of education and the interactivity of its platform keep users interested and energized with a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and slider formats.

2.2. Active Learning

Rather than utilizing passive knowledge acquisition modes, such as watching a presentation or attending a seminar, Kahoot drives active learning through quizzes, puzzles, and polls. As Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience suggests, this method is more likely to improve retention.

2.3. Fun and Enjoyment


Put simply, Kahoot is fun! The games can be designed to be colorful, creative, and amusing, opening the door to plenty of laughs, particularly if they are used as part of a team-bonding exercise.

2.4. Collaboration and Competition

Kahoot’s platform promotes friendly competition with colleagues, allowing them to collaboratively learn and challenge one another to exceed. This kind of gamification is an effective tool in improving performance and boosting motivation.

3. List of Kahoot Topics for Work


3.1. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing Kahoots bolster and refresh the knowledge of your sales and/or marketing team while simultaneously providing the basis for a fun team-building session. You can create a quiz that covers the whole spectrum of areas or zoom in on specific themes, such as core marketing concepts, digital sales, lead generation.

Example questions:

1) What is marketing segmentation useful for?

a) Targeting existing clients

b) Targeting prospective clients

c) Identifying customer tastes

d) All of the above

2) Which of these is not one of the stages of Product Life Cycle Theory?

a) Introduction

b) Maturity

c) Growth

d) Aggregation

3) What does the ‘S’ in SWOT analysis stand for?

a) Simple

b) Standard

c) Strengths

d) Situation

3.2. Sports

Anyone for cricket? Following sports – and sometimes even playing them – is a favorite pastime for people all around the world. As such, it’s one of the best Kahoot topics for friends, family, or colleagues, as well as a good way to learn more about how people spend their recreational time.

1) In which sport do teams compete to win the Stanley Cup?

a) Ice hockey

b) Tennis

c) Rugby Union

d) Baseball

2) How long does each half last in a game of soccer?

a) 30 minutes

b) 20 minutes

c) 45 minutes

d) 33 minutes

3) Which of these tennis players has won the most Grand Slams?

a) Roger Federer

b) Novak Djokovic

c) Rafael Nadal

d) Pete Sampras

3.3. Food & Drinks


Both fun and educational, food and drink questions can be a pathway towards exploring global cultures and ethnic diversity. Just make sure you have some snacks on hand if you don’t want stomachs to start rumbling!

1) Which if these is not a genuine Chinese delicacy?

a) Duck neck

b) Chicken feet

c) Bird’s nest

d) Goose brain

2) If you order a dish of bouillabaisse in France, what would you be eating?

a) Baked eggs

b) Seafood soup

c) Braised chicken

d) Flambeed pancakes

3) Which of these spirits generally has the most alcohol?

a) Gin

b) Rum

c) Vodka

d) Blue Curacao

3.4. Pop Culture

Does your team know their Marilyn Monroe from their Jayne Mansfield? Their Harry Styles from their Zayn Malik? Their Kim Kardashian from their Khloe Kardashian? Then pop culture might be the Kahoot topic for you!

1) Which singer or group sang the music parody ‘Eat It,’ a jokey homage to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’?

a) Bananarama

b) Electric Six

c) Rebecca Black

d) Weird Al Yankovic

2) Which of the characters on the TV show Friends was never married?

a) Rachel Green

b) Ross Gellar

c) Joey Tribbiani

d) Monica Gellar

3) Which of these Bond films starred Sean Connery?

a) The Living Daylights

b) The Spy Who Loved Me

c) You Only Live Twice

d) Tomorrow Never Dies

3.5. Language Learning

While Kahoot can’t replace a language teacher, it can help build up some foundational vocabulary and grammar skills, while simultaneously providing background cultural knowledge. Kahoot’s ‘puzzle’ game format is particularly good for language learning, as it requires players to arrange a series of words into the correct order to form a cogent sentence.

1) Which of these is not a type of character used in the Japanese writing system?

a) Kanji

b) Hanzi

c) Hiragana

d) Katakana

2) When did France first become a republic?

a) 1789

b) 1792

c) 1805

d) 1815

3) Arrange these German words into the correct order to ask for the location of the toilet.

a) Toilette

b) Die

c) Wo

d) Ist

3.6. Current Events


Find out which of your team stays most up to date with what’s going on in the world with a current events Kahoot. You can even gear the questions towards subjects that are relevant to your business. For example, if you work at a technology company, you might ask about a piece of news related to a recent digital breakthrough.

1) Which company’s bid to buy video game maker Activision Blizzard is currently under scrutiny by competition authorities around the world? 

a) Google

b) Meta

c) Microsoft

d) Apple

2) Which filmmaking body went on strike in July, bringing the TV and movie industry in the USA to a shuddering halt?

a) Screen Actors Guild

b) Directors Guild of America

c) Costume Designers Guild

d) Writers Guild of America

3) What is the name of the Turkish president who was recently reelected as the leader of his country? 

a) Kemal Kilicdaroglu

b) Vladimir Putin

c) Orhan Pamuk

d) Recep Tayyip Erdogan

3.7. Art & Culture

Covering a broad sway of topics, art and culture is a good Kahoot trivia category to get everybody on the team involved, whether there passion is movies, theater, literature, or paintings.

1) Who sculpted such famous works as The Thinker, The Kiss, and the Gates of Hell?

a) Alberto Giacometti

b) Michelangelo

c) Auguste Rodin 

d) Jeff Koons

2) If you encountered the characters Elinor Dashwood, Colonel Brandon, and Edward Ferris, what novel would you be reading?

a) Great Expectations

b) Middlemarch

c) Vanity Fair

d) Sense and Sensibility

3) Which actor is famous for uttering the lines “I’ll be back”?

a) Arnold Schwarzenegger

b) Dolph Lundgren

c) Jean Claude Van Damme

d) Sylvester Stallone

3.8. Unsolved Mysteries


Another of the best Kahoot quizzes for fun, unsolved mysteries delves into a world of unresolved crimes, unexplained happenings, and baffling disappearances. Woth niche but fascinating trivia, this Kahoot topic is sure to fuel discussions.

1) Which record-breaking aviator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, never to be seen again?

a) Charles Lindbergh.

b) Orville Wright

c) Howard Hughes

d) Amelia Earhart

2) One of the most famous serial killers of all time, the true identity of Jack the Ripper has never been revealed. In which city did he commit his gruesome crimes? 

a) New York

b) London

c) Paris

d) Sydney

3) In which Southeast Asian country would you find the Plain of Jars, an expanse of land covered in giant stoneware whose purpose nobody has been able to gauge so far?

a) Vietnam

b) Laos

c) Cambodia

d) Thailand

3.9. AI

Artificial intelligence will inevitably come to affect almost all aspects of our lives, whether we realize it or not. In the business world, it has already transformed many aspects of the way we work, making it one of the most important yet misunderstood aspects of modern technology. Clue your team up with these queries.

1) What is the name of the scientist who proposed a test to discover whether a machine has reached the threshold whereby it can think like a human being?

a) Alan Turing

b) James Waston

c) Enrico Fermi

d) Richard Fenyman

2) Which of these is not a common use for AI in the workplace?

a) Customer service chatbots

b) Analyzing data

c) Providing training and education

d) Fact checking

3) What is the difference between a cyborg and an android?

a) A cyborg is designed to resemble a human while an Android is not

b) A cyborg is part organic and part machine

c) A cyborg is built as a weapon

d) A cyborg is really good at origami

3.10. Workplace Diversity & Inclusion


Lectures on diversity and inclusivity in the workplace sometimes come across as joyless tick-box exercises. Using Kahoot, however, you can educate people about D&I in a way that is both educational and engaging.

1) What term is used to describe different perspectives and modes of thinking engendered by diverse backgrounds?

a) Ethnic diversity

b) Cognitive diversity

c) Behavioral diversity 

d) Genetic diversity

2) What is perceptive discrimination?

a) Discrimination caused by the perception that someone is of a certain age, sexuality, or other protected characteristic

b) Perceiving discrimination and doing nothing about it

c) Understanding discrimination and its causes

d) The perception that discrimination is everywhere

3) A six-floor office without a working elevator would be guilty of which of the following?

a) Sexism

b) Racism

c) Ableism

d) Absenteeism

4. FAQs

4.1. How do you search for topics on Kahoot?

Once you’ve signed into your Kahoot account, you can use the Discover bar on the homepage to browse the range of Kahoot topics that are available on the platform. These can then be sorted by relevancy quality, and most played.

4.2. What types of questions are on Kahoot?

Kahoot offers quite a few different question formats, including multiple choice, open ended, true of false, slider, and puzzle/jumble. The company also provides tools to collect opinions via brainstorming, polling, and word clouds. Precise availability is dependent on the plan purchased.

4.3. How do I make my Kahoot more interesting?

There are lots of fun Kahoot topics for adults that you can employ to make the quizzes interesting. It’s also possible to insert images, audio, and videos into your games for an added multimedia element.

4.4. What is Kahoot famous for?

Kahoot is principally known for its gamification of learning. Since its inception in 2013, it has evolved from the foundational multiple-choice quiz offering to branch out into other formats of game-based teaching, from Kahoot ideas for students to learn school topics to Adult-oriented puzzles that facilitate skills acquisition.

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