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24 Best Virtual Trivia Games to Engage Your Remote Teams

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Reviewed by Chris Fajou

Senior HR consultant

24 Best Virtual Trivia Games to Engage Your Remote Teams

Ever wonder why trivia games are always a classic go-to choice for team-building activities at the workplace? The interactive format makes it fun and easy for everybody including newbies to participate. Teams enjoy engaging in a friendly battle of wits while putting their general knowledge to the test. But now that most of us are distanced due to remote work, the only way to recreate this fun online is through virtual trivia games.

The best part of virtual trivia games or remote trivia is that anyone can join in from anywhere in the world. It sparks conversation and friendly discussion, enabling team members to bond over the game. In this post, we’ll be taking you through a list of the best virtual team trivia games that are guaranteed to entertain your distributed and remote teams.

1. What are Virtual Trivia Games?

Virtual trivia or remote trivia are challenges, games, and quizzes played on conferencing platforms like Zoom, Hoppier, and Google Meet. Typically, a host will compile a set of questions intended for verbal responses or share forms in written formats such as multiple-choice, or fill-in-the-blank responses.

If you're organizing the event, consider polling participants to determine the preferred topics for the questions. If you're outsourcing the hosting to a facilitator, explore the various Trivia formats they provide and choose the one that suits your preferences.

Virtual team trivia differs from in-person games as the entire experience is digital, from answering questions to announcing who won. The purpose of playing paid or free virtual trivia games for work is to build up teams and provide members with the opportunity to break the ice and mingle freely, particularly if they’re sorted into groups to compete against each other.

2. Overview of Virtual Trivia Games

Activity Effort Fun Level Paid/Free
Hooray Teams Medium Super high Paid
Gensmak! High Medium Paid
Virtual Team Pursuit Medium High Paid
Jackbox Games Low Medium Paid
Breakout IQ High Medium Paid
Let’s Roam Medium Low Paid
Virtual Beach Staycation Low High Paid
Time machine Medium Super High Paid
Kahoot! High Medium Paid
Trivia Hub High Medium Paid
The Big Quiz Thing Medium Low Paid
Quiz Runners Low High Paid
Psyche! Medium Medium Free
Quizbreaker High Medium Free
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? High Medium Free
Sporcle Medium Low Free
Random Trivia Generator Low High Free
Crowdpurr Medium High Free
Watercooler High Medium Free
Poppy Quiz High Medium Free
Jeopardy Medium Low Free
Trivia Maker Low High Free
Trivia Crack Medium Low Free
Fun Trivia High Medium Free

3. Virtual Trivia Games for 2023

3.1. Hooray Teams - Best Trivia Game Hosted By Pros


Hooray Teams offers an awesome range of fun and customizable hosted team building games that include classic trivia. With different trivia topic themes such as Christmas, pop culture and "The Office" series to pick from, you and your remote team are sure to be spoilt for choice. These games are a great way to boost creative thinking, spark lively conversations, and make teamwork a breeze.

What's really cool? They customize the questions specifically for your team based on their interests and preferences. For instance, if you want to make it a fun Q&A on the quirks of your team, you could ask them to slot in questions like “Who’s the closet online shopaholic in the team” or “Which team member has watched the maximum reruns of Friends” So if you want to pitch your own favorite questions like these, feel free to reach out and Hooray Teams will do the needful.

Price per person:$ 25

Time Duration:60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000

3.2. Gensmak - Best Trivia For Interactive Entertainment


GENSMAK! Digital trivia was developed by a fully remote team that knows how to have fun on screen. Based on the popular GENSMAK! card game, this digital rendition is tailor-made for virtual teams. When our remote team played it together, it was a riot.

Gameplay is easy (and free!). Once everyone is on Zoom, Teams, or another video platform, the host shares the game on screen, and players (up to 12, with 6 per team) follow instructions to join a team. Teams earn points by answering questions correctly. They earn extra points for not using hints and for answering questions outside their generation. The first team to 15 points wins!

Price per person: $29

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: 2 to many

3.3. Outback Team Building - Best Trivia For Remote Teams

Are you looking for a competitive way to have some fun with your remote team, then look no further than the Virtual Trivia Championship by Outback Team Building. This game offers the flexibility of choosing a dedicated host or self-hosting the session.

The competition involves grouping employees into teams and then asking groups to answer diverse trivia questions, covering topics ranging from cities and movies to Jeopardy-style challenges. Between rounds, teams can regroup for discussions, creating a collaborative atmosphere.

Price per person: Host it yourself or self-hosted $12-$33 (per person varies based on group size), Remote-hosted - $13-$53 (per person varies based on group size)

Time Duration: 0.5 - 2 hours

No. of Participants: 4-8 (team size)

3.4. Jackbox Games - Best Trivia For Group Fun And Quirky Challenges

Jackbox Games - Best Trivia For Group Fun And Quirky Challenges

If you haven’t heard of Jackbox Games before, you’ll thank us for including it here! Jackbox Games is a studio and game creator that was developed by Harry Gottlieb in the late 80s. To host the game, just one member of your team needs to be a Jackbox product owner and then he can use a screen-sharing app like Zoom or Google Meet. Up to 8 players can get in this virtual team trivia, with an audience of 10,000 members!

The games coming under the 4 Party Pack include Fibbage: Enough About You, The web-based Survive the Internet, Spooky Monster date-a-thon, and Bracketeering, the deranged debate match. There are also standalone virtual team quizzes such as Fibbage and Quiplash.

Pricing: $27.99

Time Duration: 20 min

No. of Participants: 1-8 players

3.5. Breakout IQ - Best Trivia For Problem Solving

Breakout IQ is a place for remote team building activities, and besides remote trivia, they offer office feuds, virtual scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and the perfect (Brain)storm! A dedicated host will organize your employees into small groups and handle all of the questions and scoring, so there’s no additional work to be done. Our team had a blast participating in Breakout remote trivia via Zoom.

This engaging remote trivia activity brought us together for a mix of brain-teasing challenges and good times. The atmosphere was relaxing yet thrilling, allowing us to break the ice by splitting into breakout rooms, naming our team, and tossing around ideas with our newly appointed captain. Sure, some puzzles left us scratching our heads, but the real thrill lay in the shared laughs and sheer fun.

Pricing: $750.00 ( for 1 - 15 people)

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: Up to 750

3.6. Let’s Roam - Best Trivia For Variety

Let’s Roam - Best Trivia For Variety

You can’t go wrong with Let’s Roam, because it is the website to roam the virtual office, catch up with your coworkers, and indulge in a bunch of games and activities of your choosing!

There’s an on-page teaser that you can try to get a feel of what the actual game is like. With five rounds of themed trivia, you get to test your knowledge with questions on music artists, pop culture, sports, politics, geography, and more. What’s more interesting is that Let’s Roam provides facilitators who can host these sessions to keep teams happily engaged till the end.

Pricing: $19.99/month (7 days free trial)

Time Duration: 1-1.5 hours

No. of Participants: 16 people per game

3.7. Virtual Beach Staycation - Best Interactive-Themed Trivia For Remote Teams

Get together with your team and take a virtual trip to the gorgeous beach in Cancun. Captain Furling's virtual yacht is all set to offer a perfect virtual staycation for your remote employees. Wonderful vacation destination footage and ocean soundscapes make this one a perfect virtual staycation for remote employees.

Trivia game questions from travel destinations, themed movies, pop hits, and more will give your colleagues a truly well-deserved immersive experience. Your yacht captain and host will make sure to keep everyone’s attention and excitement from beginning to end. This activity promises much-needed social interaction for employees, so they can bond in a more relaxed setting and boost camaraderie.

Pricing: $$13-$53 (per person varies based on group size)

Time Duration: 0.5 – 2 hours

No. of Participants: 4-1000+ (group size) 4-8 (Team size)

3.8. Virtual Trivia Time Machine - Best Trivia For Office Engagement

Travel back in time with corporate trivia games, revisiting company milestones with this fast-paced virtual trivia game. It is a big walk down memory lane as it takes you decades back to the 60's in the Outback Time Machine.

To break the ice, the game show host has a few breakout room mixers where teams are divided and warm into the game. You can use phones as buzzers to battle it out and claim fame as trivia champions.

Pricing: $13-$53 (per person varies based on group size)

Time Duration: Up to 2 hours

No. of Participants: 4-1000+ (group size) 4-8 (Team size)

3.9. Kahoot! - Best Trivia For Interactive Group Challenges

Kahoot! - Best Trivia For Interactive Group Challenges

A popular virtual team game platform, Kahoot! features brainstorms, word clouds, and polls. Easy as it is to host a live game with questions on a large screen, this one can also be conveniently shared with remote players. To join this self-hosted game, you'll need an online meeting account like Zoom, Meet, Webex, or Teams. The questions will be shown to everyone in the meeting, but you should send your answers using a different device.

With a unique platform, you can customize the questions for work or use their pre-written questions to play the game. Players will enjoy the different themes available and audience participation features.

Pricing: $250 (bronze), $500 (silver) $750 (gold)

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Up to 2000

3.10. Trivia Hub - Best Trivia For Diverse Themes

Trivia Hub is one of the best platforms to access various trivia games that can bring your remote team together for a fantastic team-building experience. A professional host will be there to deliver a fully immersive and interactive trivia experience for your team wherever they are. Their virtual trivia hosts are more than just question readers; they're professional actors, comedians, and musicians who know how to bring the party to life!

They have a massive collection of questions in over 300 different themes. Whether you're interested in popular TV shows, catchy ad slogans, or even quirky stuff like movie-themed cured meats, Trivia Hub has a themed session for it.

Pricing: $249.00 (1-20 attendees), $799.00 (51-100 attendees)

Time Duration: 60 minutes (upgradable to 90 minutes)

No. of Participants: Up to 300

3.11. The Big Quiz Thing - Best Trivia for Your Next Icebreaker Session

If you're looking for something special, The Big Quiz Thing offers dynamic trivia events for your remote team. Their professional event experts will respond within the day to arrange a live demo, send you videos, and answer all your queries regarding virtual trivia events.

Their trivia questions are not only unique but also designed to be “easy to crack”, so participants, while challenged, also have a fair shot at answering. An added twist is their “Smart-Ass” Points, rewarding participants for hilariously incorrect answers.

Pricing: Customized

Time Duration: Customized

No. of Participants: Customized

3.12. Quiz Runners - Best Trivia for Balanced Questions

12 Quiz Runners - Best Trivia for Balanced Questions

Quiz Runners is a virtual trivia game for work that promotes team collaboration and friendly competition among your virtual team. The game has text-based questions, image-based questions, and puzzles to keep things exciting.

You can even customize the experience to your team's interests. Their all-inclusive trivia quiz event packages come with an expert host, trivia questions, and other essentials to ensure your remote team has an enjoyable experience.

Pricing: $24

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.13 Psyche! Outwit Your Friends - Best Trivia Game For Pop Culture Buffs

Psyche! Also known as the Truth Comes Out is a game that guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show have played! And it's now available on the app store. Not just for family nights, it's also perfect for those Fun Fridays, Zoom calls, 15-minute coffee breaks, or game nights at the workplace! Since this is self-hosted, all you need is to download the app and choose from a variety of fun categories. Each player has to make up fake answers to real trivia questions in this remote trivia game.

The game's unique blend of wild guesses and clever bluffing adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a perfect choice for remote team gatherings.

Pricing: Customizable

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.14 Quizbreaker - All-in-one Trivia Platform for Team Engagement

Quizbreaker - All-in-one Trivia Platform for Team Engagement

Quizbreaker is a popular destination for virtual team players who wish to participate in team building and bonding activities. You can instantly host and play a plethora of games, ranging from icebreakers and water cooler conversations to gamified quizzes.

Besides their standard 100 icebreaker questions, you even have the option of creating an online team quiz about members. The questions can be about a member’s favorite music bands, shows, or sports.

Pricing: Free 21-day trial. $21/annum (4 months free)

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.15. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - Best Trivia For Brainiacs

15 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - Best Trivia For Brainiacs

This highly popular, televised game has had millions of viewers glued to their screens since it aired in the late ‘90s! Contestants answer questions lobbed at them by the host. You and your team can play this game on your own via smartphone, or tablet at any time and climb the Money Tree to become a millionaire for free of cost!

They can use three lifelines as they progress, which include phoning in a friend, asking the audience, and the process of elimination that crosses out two wrong answers. The online version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? features much of the same rules with modifications to the way contestants use up their lifelines.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: 30-60 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.16. Sporcle - Best Trivia Game For Office Chit-Chat

Sporcle - Best Trivia Game For Office Chit-Chat

Sporcle is a website and app-friendly virtual trivia game provider. Their live Quiz Host will guide contestants through different rounds of trivia that will be sure to spark friendly discussions and lively debates. We wanted to get a feel of what we’re dealing with here and tried their Bingo trivia against random opponents.

What sets Sporcle apart is its appeal to both solo players and teams. For individuals seeking a personalized challenge, multiplayer games such as Live5, Showdown, and Bingo offer an exciting arena. On the flip side, teams looking to enhance camaraderie or introduce a bit of friendly competition will find Sporcle seamlessly accommodating thanks to its versatile range of questions and adaptable formats.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.17. Random Trivia Generator - Best Trivia Game For Casual Competitions

Random Trivia Generator - Best Trivia Game For Casual Competitions

The Random Trivia Generator is a site teeming with topics from general to arts, science, and geography, which you can use to design trivia for virtual meetings. The website opens to a set of questions that are pulled from different categories and are in a jumbled-up order (hence random). You have the flexibility to host and manage this virtual trivia game on your own while crafting questions from the random trivia generator.

The carefully curated questions spark curiosity and test your knowledge to the core, creating a dynamic atmosphere at the workplace. Since the tiles can be flipped to reveal the answers, don’t share the link with everyone in the beginning.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.18. Crowdpurr - Best Trivia For Interactive Engagement

Crowdpurr lets you create and self-host your very own virtual trivia, complete with themes! You can create a survivor mode or points-based trivia game. The former style requires your teams to answer correctly in order to survive, while the latter scores you and rewards the audience based on who gets the highest score!

We tried out the survivor-style virtual trivia because we found it intriguing and were not disappointed! The team had to work quickly and strategically to answer the questions. The thrilling nature of the game kept our team on their toes, making the trivia session a memorable experience for all of us.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: 20 people (free plan)

3.19. Water Cooler Trivia - Best Trivia For Lively Office Chats And Breaks

Water Cooler Trivia - Best Trivia For Lively Office Chats And Breaks

The literal water cooler talks might be a little tough in office settings, but you can still play virtual trivia games online around an e-watercooler! This company lets you self-host your virtual team trivia with preferred categories and schedule them automatically. You can decide on the difficulty levels and time period by which players should submit their responses.

You can preview the format on their sample quiz to come prepared. There are rules at the top and a space to enter your answers below each question. The categories are scrambled, so you won’t get questions on only one or two topics!

Pricing: 4-week free trial, Water Cooler Trivia conducts four quizzes a month for as low as $1 per user

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: 20 people (free plan)

3.20. Poppy Quiz - Best Trivia Game For Classic Challenges

Poppy Quiz is a multiplayer social virtual trivia game. You can sign up on your own using your social media account and find friends online to play a remote trivia game. This self-hosted trivia game comes with over 200 topics with popular categories, such as movies and TV shows, literature, athletics, and science.

Once you zero in on a topic, you can pick friends and add them to the virtual room. They’ll get 30 seconds to respond, and if they don’t, the system assigns random players from any part of the world. The matches consist of 6 rounds and a bonus round to conclude the game.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: 30 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.21 Jeopardy Online - Best Trivia For Testing Wits In A Classic Game Show Format

If you are searching for free virtual trivia games for work, Arkadium’s Jeopardy is definitely worth playing. Unlike traditional trivia, this one flips the format and players get topic-based clues for which the answers are given. The twist is that your response has to be framed into a question. This distinctive nature of the game adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, making it more than just your typical trivia experience

Notably, Arkadium’s Jeopardy is self-hosted, giving you the advantage of hosting and managing the game on your terms. The game opens on a board with three topics and 4 clues apiece (12 clues in total). You can select any and answer it as best as you can. If the answer is right, you’ll get points which are scored based on the hint difficulty. As you move across the board, you’ll get more points, but the level’s difficulty increases, so answer wisely! Corporate trivia games with a Jeopardy twist help teams bond in a fun and competitive way.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: 30 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.22. Trivia Maker - Best Trivia For Crafting Personalized Quiz Experiences

Trivia Maker - Best Trivia For Crafting Personalized Quiz Experiences

The Trivia Maker is one of the best virtual trivia apps out there because you can create and host your very own trivia from the style and formats they provide. The game choices include trivia, grids, wheels, or lists. I tested out a teacher’s chemistry quiz. The window opens to rectangular tiles that contain letters you’re supposed to guess. If you guess the right letter, the rest of the word appears. At the end, the total money won by the contestants is displayed on the leaderboard. The best part is that the games are playable on the web, so you don’t need to install anything on your mobile devices for these trivia games for virtual meetings.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.23. Trivia Crack - Best Trivia For Gamified Knowledge Battles

Trivia Crack is the Etermax gaming division’s popular self-hosted trivia game! We came across it by chance on Facebook. The objective of the game is to collect all six characters on the wheel. The characters represent one of the question categories, and the first player to obtain all six characters will be declared the winner! Start by clicking on the wheel to spin it until it lands on a category. You have to answer the question. If you guess wrong, your turn goes to an opponent.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

3.24. Fun Trivia - Best Trivia Game For Quizzes And Fun Facts

Fun Trivia is a super interactive and enjoyable activity where you get to tackle a bunch of questions spanning all sorts of topics. You can select a particular category or theme and host this game on your own with your team members. As you get into the game, you're not just sitting back – you're diving right in, answering questions left and right, and getting instant feedback.

The time element adds an extra layer of exhilaration, keeping you on your toes and your brain firing. Plus, you can customize the experience to match your interests or event theme – you might even add your own questions to the mix.

Pricing: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

4. FAQs

4.1. How to play virtual trivia games?

You can follow the steps below to maximize your fun playing free virtual trivia games online for work

  1. Decide on the format, type, and number of games to play.
  2. If you’re playing it using your own custom template and rules, convey them clearly at the start or provide written instructions via email so that players are aware of how to play. If the game is hosted via an external facilitator, ensure that the pack you’ve subscribed to accommodates all the players.
  3. Have everyone do an audio and video check before starting so that they don’t miss out or drop off midway. Keep checking in to see if everyone’s in the game.
  4. Announce the winners or direct the players to a leaderboard after the game ends.
  5. Record the session and share the clip on a common group for everyone to replay at their convenience.
  6. Take feedback afterward to see how everyone feels and to know if they’d be up to play again in the future!

4.2. What makes a virtual trivia game fun?

A successful virtual trivia game is fun when it combines well-crafted questions, encourages healthy competition, promotes teamwork, and creates moments of laughter and memories among participants.

4.3. What are the benefits of Virtual Trivia Team Building?

Virtual trivia team building provides a fun and effective way to strengthen remote teams. Beyond knowledge acquisition, it promotes communication, teamwork, and morale. By fostering a shared sense of accomplishment and injecting a dose of fun, it cultivates unity and positive team culture, transcending digital barriers.

4.4. Which categories can you pick for a good virtual trivia party?

You can pick any type and number of categories you like based on your personal interests. If you’re a lab geek, science questions may be your forte. Or, if you like arts and culture, you may try your luck at those questions on the virtual trivia app!

4.5. How many people can participate in a virtual trivia party?

A minimum of 3 to 6 players is needed to make the competition interesting. However, it also depends on the game provider. If you wish to add more people to the virtual trivia party, you’ll need to get onto a plan or membership to avail all the benefits of multiplayer games.

4.6. Are there some good virtual trivia games for smaller groups?

Trivia Crack, Crowdpurr, and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Are great for small groups. You can play this on your browser or via the app, allowing any remote team members to join in on the fun!

4.7. What are some virtual trivia games for a large group?

Some websites, such as Hooray Teams, Let’s Roam and Jackbox games, offer packages and bundles for both large groups. This is because audience participation determines the score participants get, so the larger the group, the better!

4.8. What are the best Zoom trivia games?

Some of the best Zoom trivia games include "TriviaMaker," "Kahoot!," "Sporcle," "QuizUp," and "GooseChase."

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