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24 Best Virtual Trivia Games For Remote Workplaces

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Reviewed by Chris Fajou

Senior HR consultant

24 Best Virtual Trivia Games to Engage Your Remote Teams

As long as there have been offices, people have been gathering together to play office trivia. Whether it’s a quick quiz in the morning or a full blown team event, trivia games have always been a go-to team-building activity for any workplace. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, workplace trivia is fun but not exhausting, competitive but not adversarial, and highly engaging and mentally stimulating while still being easy for everyone to get involved with.

With the rise of remote work our workplaces have gone virtual, and luckily for us trivia has as well. As our workplaces have become more disconnected, it’s more important than ever to actively plan and run team building activities, and virtual team trivia is the perfect option.

Virtual trivia games, challenges and quizzes are generally played on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. They’re an exceptional way to engage your remote team, boost morale, strengthen bonds and set your team up to be happier, more collaborative, and extra productive. Best of all, virtual trivia games are easy to join in from anywhere in the world so your whole team can get involved no matter where they are.

In this post we’ll walk you through:

  • The Best Virtual Trivia Games For Work
  • The Best Free Virtual Trivia Games For Work
  • More Awesome Virtual Team Building Games
  • How to Run Your Own Virtual Trivia Event

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick overview of the best virtual trivia games for team building.

Virtual Trivia Games

Trivia GameEffortFun LevelCost
Hooray TeamsMediumSuper high$25/person
Outback Team BuildingMediumHigh$12-$55/person
Confetti TriviaMediumHigh$500
Jackbox GamesLowMedium$29.99
Breakout IQHighMedium$750
Let’s RoamMediumMedium$19.99/month
Virtual JeopardyMediumSuper High$25/person
Virtual Beach StaycationMediumHigh$53/person
Trivia HubHighMedium$249
The Big Quiz ThingHighMediumCustom
Quiz RunnersHighHigh$24
Water Cooler TriviaHighMedium$1 for each user/month
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?MediumLowFree
Random Trivia GeneratorLowLowFree
Poppy QuizMediumLowFree
Fun TriviaLowLowFree

Best Virtual Trivia Games For Work

Hooray Teams


Best For: Professionally hosted trivia 

Price: $25 per person 

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000

Hooray Teams offers top-of-the-line virtual trivia games that can’t be beaten if you’re looking for professionally hosted and fully customized team building trivia events for your team. Hooray Teams will handle every aspect of the trivia game for you, so all you have to is show up and have fun.

Best of all, Hooray Teams will customize the questions specifically for your team based on their interests and preferences. For instance, if you want to make it a fun Q&A on the quirks of your team, you could ask them to slot in questions like “Who’s the closet online shopaholic in the team” or “Which team member has watched the maximum reruns of Friends” So if you want to pitch your own favorite questions like these, feel free to reach out and Hooray Teams will handle it.

As well as a classic trivia event, Hooray Teams also offers a bunch of themed trivia games so can pick the perfect game for your team:

Outback Team Building

Best For: Hosted or self-hosted trivia

Price: Self-Hosted for $12-$34 per person (depending on group size), Virtually-Hosted for $13-$55 per person (depending on group size)

Time Duration: 0.5 - 2 hours

No. of Participants: 4+

The Virtual Trivia Championship by Outback Team Building is a flexible trivia game that gives you the option of hiring a dedicated host or self-hosting the session yourself.

The competition involves grouping employees into teams and then asking groups to answer diverse trivia questions, covering topics ranging from cities and movies to Jeopardy-style challenges. Between rounds, teams can regroup for discussions, creating a collaborative atmosphere. The team who can answer the most questions before the time runs out wins.

Confetti Classic Trivia

Best For: Large organizations

Price: $500

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 2-500

The Classic Trivia Event from Confetti is a professionally run virtual trivia game that’s great for large teams looking to put on a special event.

This event will divide your workplace into teams and guide them through 3-4 rounds of trivia covering an array of topics including pop culture, history, sport and more across a range of formats and difficulty levels.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games - Best Trivia For Group Fun And Quirky Challenges

Best For: Fun and quirky challenges 

Price: $29.99

Time Duration: 20 min

No. of Participants: 1-8 players

If you haven’t heard of Jackbox Games before, you’ll thank us for including it here! Jackbox Games is a studio and game creator that was developed by Harry Gottlieb in the late 80s. To host the game, just one member of your team needs to be a Jackbox product owner and then he can use a screen-sharing app like Zoom or Google Meet. Up to 8 players can get in this virtual team trivia, with an audience of 10,000 members!

Jackbox offers a ton of different party packs containing a huge variety of fun games, with our favorite being The Jackbox Party Pack 6 which included Trivia Murder Party 2, Role Models, Push the Button, Joke Boat and Dictionarium.

Virtual Coworker Feud

Best For: Family Feud game

Price: $30 per person 

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000

A fun twist on Virtual Trivia is this delightful Family Feud themed game from Hooray Teams. In this game, teams will be asked questions on a collection of topic that suit your workplace and have to laugh, guess and squabble their way to victory.

This is a fun and lively event that is sure to lift your teams’ spirits, and best of all the event will be completely organized and managed for you by an engaging host who will bring that Steve Harvey magic to your virtual workplace. 

Breakout IQ

Best For: Problem solving

Price: $750.00 ( for 1 - 15 people)

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: Up to 750

Breakout IQ is a place for remote team building activities such as office feuds, virtual scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and of course virtual trivia! A dedicated host will organize your employees into small groups and handle all of the questions and scoring, so there’s no additional work to be done. Our team had a blast participating in Breakout remote trivia via Zoom.

This engaging remote trivia activity brought us together for a mix of brain-teasing challenges and good times. The atmosphere was relaxing yet thrilling, allowing us to break the ice by splitting into breakout rooms, naming our team, and tossing around ideas with our newly appointed captain. Sure, some puzzles left us scratching our heads, but the real thrill lay in the shared laughs and sheer fun.

Let’s Roam

Let’s Roam - Best Trivia For Variety

Best For: Virtual game subscription

Pricing: $19.99/month (7 days free trial)

Time Duration: 1-1.5 hours

No. of Participants: 16 people per game

Let’s Roam is a software subscription service that allows customers to access and run unlimited virtual trivia games with built-in video chat functionality whenever you want!

Running a virtual trivia game with Let’s Roam will give you access to thousands of questions across hundreds of categories so no two games will be the same. As well as classic trivia, you can also check out other fun trivia games like Let’s Draw, Guess Where and Emoji Decoder.

Virtual Jeopardy

Best For: Virtual Team Jeopardy

Price: $25 per person 

Time Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000

Jeopardy is a trivia game that has delighted and engaged audiences all over the world for decades and now you can bring the excitement to your remote team with this delightful professionally hosted virtual game show from Hooray Teams.

This game follows the classic Jeopardy format where teams answer in the form of questions and rack up points. This virtual game comes complete with a lively host, digital buzzers and excellent questions on customizable topics you’re interested in to really bring the Jeopardy feeling to your next team building event.

Virtual Beach Staycation

Best For: Tropical vibes

Price: $13-$53 per person (depends on group size)

Time Duration: 0.5 – 2 hours

No. of Participants: 4-1000+

Another entry from Outback Team Building, Virtual Beach Staycation is a tropical themed trivia event where your remote employees can indulge in a hosted trivia event with a fun tropical theme complete with gorgeous beech footage and relaxing oceanscape sounds.

Answer delightful questions on travel destinations, vacation-themed movies, pop hits and more while your yacht captain and host make sure everyone’s having fun from beginning to end. 

Trivia Hub

Best For: Classic trivia experience

Pricing: $249.00 (1-20 attendees), $799.00 (51-100 attendees)

Time Duration: 60 minutes (upgradable to 90 minutes)

No. of Participants: Up to 300

Trivia Hub is one of the best platforms to access various trivia games that can bring your remote team together for a fantastic team-building experience. A professional host will be there to deliver a fully immersive and interactive trivia experience for your team wherever they are. Their virtual trivia hosts are more than just question readers; they're professional actors, comedians, and musicians who know how to bring the party to life!

They have a massive collection of questions in over 300 different themes. Whether you're interested in popular TV shows, catchy ad slogans, or even quirky stuff like movie-themed cured meats, Trivia Hub has a themed session for it.

The Big Quiz Thing

Best For: Large trivia events

Pricing: Customized

Time Duration: Customized

No. of Participants: Customized

If you're looking for something special, The Big Quiz Thing offers dynamic trivia events for your remote team. Their professional event experts will respond within the day to arrange a live demo, send you videos, and answer all your queries regarding virtual trivia events. The team at the The Big Quiz Thing specialize in both in-person and virtual events, and they know how to organize an outstanding bespoke event.

Their trivia questions are not only unique but also designed to be “easy to crack”, so participants, while challenged, also have a fair shot at answering. An added twist is their “Smart-Ass” Points, rewarding participants for hilariously incorrect answers.

Quiz Runners

12 Quiz Runners - Best Trivia for Balanced Questions

Best For: DIY trivia events

Price: $24 for a pack or $69/month for weekly games

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

Quiz Runners is a company that creates board-game style trivia events that you can purchase as individual packs or as a weekly subscription.

If you want a more casual option for your virtual trivia this could be the option for you. The host just needs to open the pack and start running trivia games over Zoom whenever the mood strikes. The game has text-based questions, image-based questions, and puzzles to keep things exciting.


Quizbreaker - All-in-one Trivia Platform for Team Engagement

Best For: Team building trivia

Price: $21/year

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

Quizbreaker is a popular destination for virtual team players who wish to participate in team building and bonding activities. You can instantly host and play a plethora of games, ranging from icebreakers and water cooler conversations to gamified quizzes.

Besides their standard 100 icebreaker questions, you even have the option of creating an online quiz about your team members. The questions can be about a member’s favorite music bands, shows, sports or anything else.

Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia - Best Trivia For Lively Office Chats And Breaks

Best For: Weekly quizzes

Price: $1/month per user

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: 1-250

If you miss the water cooler chats and morning quizzes of an in-person office then Water Cooler Trivia is the game for you. You can subscribe to get access to a short weekly quiz where you can customize the difficulty, number of question, schedule and categories.

The literal water cooler talks might be a little tough in office settings, but you can still play virtual trivia games online around an e-watercooler! This company lets you self-host your virtual team trivia with preferred categories and schedule them automatically. You can decide on the difficulty levels and time period by which players should submit their responses.

Your entire team can join from any device and compete to get the most correct answers! You can even check out a  sample quiz before you commit so you know what you’re in for.


Trivia Maker - Best Trivia For Crafting Personalized Quiz Experiences

Best For: Creating your own quizzes

Price: $8.99/month

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

TriviaMaker is a fantastic virtual trivia app for people who want to create and host their own trivia games from scratch.

Choose from a variety of formats including Trivia, Grids, Wheels, Lists and TicTac, add your questions and get started.  All the games are playable on the web, so you don’t need to install anything on your mobile devices for these trivia games for virtual meetings, and you can even choose from a bunch or pre-made quizzes if you’re not ready to create your own from scratch just yet.

Best Free Virtual Trivia Games For Work

If you’re looking for a free alternative to these great trivia games there are plenty of free alternatives available. While these trivia games won’t be as personalized or polished, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with a more casual online trivia games. Here’s a rundown of  all our favorite free free trivia games for your remote team.



Best For: Trivia game for all generations

Price: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: 2-12

GENMAK! Digital trivia was developed by a fully remote team that knows how to have fun on screen. Based on the popular GENSMAK! card game, this digital rendition is tailor-made for virtual teams. When our remote team played it together, it was a riot.

Gameplay is easy (and free!). Once everyone is on Zoom, Teams, or another video platform, the host can start a game for all the players to join on their phone and start answering questions from every generation from the Greatest Generation through Gen Z!

Teams earn points by answering questions correctly. They earn extra points for not using hints and for answering questions outside their generation. The first team to 15 points wins!

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Best For: A quirky twist

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

Psych is a game that guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show have played! And it's now available on the app store. Not just for family nights, it's also perfect for those Fun Fridays, Zoom calls, 15-minute coffee breaks, or game nights at the workplace!

Psyche offers a fun twist on trivia where players have to make up fake answers to real questions, and you have to try to pick the real answer out of the pack. There’s also a fun “And the Truth Comes Out” expansion where you have to answer questions about your co-workers which is a great way to bring the team closer together.

This is a self-hosted game all you need is to download the app, choose your game and get started.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

15 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - Best Trivia For Brainiacs

Best For: Trivia experts

Price: Free

Time Duration: 30-60 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable

This highly popular, televised game has had millions of viewers glued to their screens since it aired in the late ‘90s to watch contestants answer questions lobbed at them by the host.

Now you and your team can play a free online version of this popular game anytime via smartphone or tablet. The online game has all your favorite features from the show including phoning a friend, asking the audience, and the process of elimination that crosses out two wrong answers.


Sporcle - Best Trivia Game For Office Chit-Chat

Best For: Casual trivia games

Price: Free

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: Customizable

Sporcle is a website and app-friendly free virtual trivia game provider. All you need to do is pick a trivia game that’s right for your team, gather everyone together in a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call and guide them through the questions individually or in teams.

Sporcle is constantly publishing new quizzes on a massive range of topics including history, geography, and pop-culture.

Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator - Best Trivia Game For Casual Competitions

Best For: Instant trivia questions

Price: Free

Time Duration: Customizable

No. of Participants: Customizable

The Random Trivia Generator is a site that generates an endless list of trivia questions with topics ranging from general knowledge to arts, science, and geography. The website opens to a set of random questions pulled from different categories. This gives you the flexibility to host and manage this virtual trivia game on your own while using the random trivia generator to come up with fun questions


Best For: Creating your own trivia game

Price: Free (upgrades available)

Time Duration: 6 minutes for each game

No. of Participants: 20 people (free plan)

Crowdpurr lets you create and self-host your very own virtual trivia that employees can access on their mobile device. 

All you need to do is provide your own trivia questions and customize the game rules and you’ll be ready to go. Crowdpurr offers several different game types including timed trivia questions, family feud games, and an extra fun survivor mode where participants have to keep answering questions correctly to avoid elimination.

These games are easy to access and play on your smartphone, with everything from time limits to scoring being seamlessly handled for you.

Poppy Quiz

Best For: Instant play

Price: Free

Time Duration: 30 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable

Poppy Quiz is a multiplayer social virtual trivia game. You can sign up on your own using your social media account and find friends online to play a remote trivia game. This self-hosted trivia game comes with over 200 topics with popular categories, such as movies and TV shows, literature, athletics, and science.

Once you zero in on a topic, you can pick friends and add them to the virtual room. They’ll get 30 seconds to respond, and if they don’t, the system assigns random players from any part of the world. The matches consist of 6 rounds and a bonus round to conclude the game.

Fun Trivia

Best For: Pick up and play

Price: Free

Time Duration: 3 mins per game

No. of Participants: Customizable

Fun Trivia is an easy-to-play online trivia game where you can simply pick a game from a constantly growing list of quizzes covering an extensive range of topics. This is a great option for teams looking for a quick, casual trivia game where someone can easily read off questions and provide answers.

It’s easy to play individually, in teams, or even in one-big collaborative group. This is a great option if you want to have fun with your team and get everyone relaxed at the start of the day or before a meeting.

More Awesome Virtual Team Building Games

A game of virtual trivia is an outstanding way to build camaraderie and delight your team, but it’s far from the only virtual team building game you should try out. Here’s a rundown of some of our other favorite team building games and puzzles to try out with your remote team.

Virtual Murder Mysteries

Add a spooky twist to your next team building event by running a Virtual Murder Mystery event where your remote team is guided through a murder mystery where they have to find and explore clues to unravel the truth and find the murderer.

These games are perfect for increasing collaborations and encouraging team bonding.

Our favorites are the Murder at the Manor and Virtual Mystery in Hollywood activities from Hooray Teams, but there are plenty of great options out there including Murder Mystery activities from Outback Team Building and Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries.

You can see our full list of the best Murder Mystery team building activities right here. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Online scavenger hunts where your team has to scour the internet to find items and complete tasks is a great way to leverage being a remote team to create a truly unique team building experience.

Putting together a virtual scavenger hunt requires a lot of effort which is why we recommend getting your event organized and hosted by a pro. Hooray Teams organizes consistently delightful scavenger hunts where your team will have to find hidden treasures and complete entertaining tasks. Social Scavenger also puts on a great event where your remote teams will be sent on a funny scavenger hunt though their own homes!  

You can see our full list of our favorite remote scavenger hunts right here. 

Virtual Bingo

If you’re looking for a more casual virtual team building game, then playing Bingo might be the right idea for you.

Sites like My Free Bingo Cards  provide you with all the resources you'll need to create your own bingo game, but if you want a more engaging event where everything is handled for you, virtual team building event coordinators like Hooray Teams can handle everything for you with a variety of events including Virtual Drag Queen Bingo and International Women’s Day Bingo.  

Virtual Pictionary

Artsy teams might like to gather on Zoom for friendly (or not-so-friendly) games of Pictionary that are sure to get everyone engaged.

Free tools like Drawize and Random Word Generator both offer Pictionary word generators that allow you to easily run your own Pictionary event, but if you really want things to go smoothly you might want to consider a professionally hosted event like these from Confetti and Hooray Teams.

Virtual Taboo

Taboo is a fun word guessing trivia game where one participant tries to get their teammates to guess a particular word without using a series of related “taboo” words. It’s a great game for bonding your team and exercising their brains.  You can play Taboo online for free at PlayTaboo, but if you have a larger team we recommend you get some professional help to make sure everyone knows how to play and the event goes smoothly with an engaging host who is sure to get everyone involved.

Once again, Hooray Teams and Confetti are two great options for a more organized Taboo event for when you really want to delight your team!

How to Create Virtual Trivia Games

If you want to bypass hosted events and premade trivia games and create your own awesome trivia game from scratch you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Choose Your Theme

Pick a theme you think your team will love. This can be as simple as classic or pop culture trivia, or something more niche related to your business.

  1. Come Up With Questions

Next you’ll have to come up with all of the questions and categories for your game. If you need some ideas, take a look at these awesome question lists for classic trivia, pop culture trivia and sports trivia.

  1. Create Answer Forms

You’ll then need to create physical or digital answer forms that your team can use to answer and submit questions.

  1. Divide Your Group Into Teams

Choose if you want people to play individually or in teams and organize them into those teams.

  1. Get Setup on a Video Conferencing Platform

You’ll need everyone participating to join you in a call on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or any other platform you use. Don’t forget to get everyone to do a video and audio check before you start.

  1. Have Fun!

Once you’re all set up it’s time to run your event. Remember to give people enough time to answer before moving onto the next question, and give time between rounds for teams to regroup and chat in breakout rooms, or as one big group.

Common Questions

What makes a virtual trivia game fun?

A successful virtual trivia game is fun when it combines well-crafted questions, encourages healthy competition, promotes teamwork, and creates moments of laughter and memories among participants.

What are the benefits of Virtual Trivia Team Building?

Virtual trivia team building provides a fun and effective way to strengthen remote teams. It promotes communication, teamwork, and morale. By fostering a shared sense of accomplishment and injecting a dose of fun, it cultivates a positive team culture that transcends digital barriers.

Which categories can you pick for a good virtual trivia party?

You can pick any type and number of categories you like based on your personal interests. If you’re a lab geek, science questions may be your forte. Or, if you like arts and culture, you may try your luck in that department.

How many people can participate in a virtual trivia party?

You want at least 3-4 people to make the competition interesting, but any amount from there up lends itself to a great game. If you have more than 10 people, you should consider organizing a professionally hosted trivia game to ensure things go smoothly.

Are there some good virtual trivia games for smaller groups?

Trivia Crack, Crowdpurr, and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Are great for small groups. You can play this on your browser or via the app, allowing any remote team members to join in on the fun!

What are some virtual trivia games for a large group?

Websites, such as Hooray Teams, Let’s Roam and Jackbox games, offer packages and bundles for both large groups. This is because audience participation determines the score participants get, so the larger the group, the better!

What are the best Zoom trivia games?

All of the games above are perfect to play over Zoom, but our personal favorites are games from Hooray Teams, Confetti and Gensmak.

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