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27 Virtual Escape Rooms to Pump Up Your Adrenaline and Promote Teambuilding in 2024

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

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The Work-from-home culture is proving to be both a boon and a bane. It has given staff more flexibility and work-life balance but has created a disconnect among teams due to the absence of intentional interactions. Virtual team escape rooms have gained popularity because they can easily bridge the gap and engage participants.

We decided it was high time we tried a few virtual escape rooms that recreate the fun of finding a way out. This post gives you a rundown of 27 virtual escape rooms for team building. 

1. What is a Virtual Escape Room?

Virtual escape rooms are completely online or web-based mystery games conducted via video conferencing platforms. The organizers of the virtual escape room create mysterious and dynamic online escape room experiences for participants. Different teams solve various puzzles or riddles or unearth hidden clues to solve the mystery and escape the room within a stipulated time limit. A virtual team escape room engages employees, encourages healthy competition, and promotes collaboration. If you want to indulge your team in virtual reality escape rooms, explore our article on free escape room puzzle ideas that captivate your participants.

2. Paid Virtual Escape Rooms For Your Team 

2.1. Dungeon Things


Want to indulge the super sleuths in your team? Get ready to immerse them in a world of mystery and excitement with the "Dungeon Things virtual escape room” virtual escape room challenge by Hooray Teams, an awesome virtual team-building platform. A terrible thunderstorm causes a power outage that transports your team back in time to unlock the secrets of mysterious vanishings that occur in the small sleepy town of Lindale. 

You and your team will have to put your heads together in virtual breakout rooms to solve a series of mind-boggling challenges and codes before time runs out. This spine-chilling game is not as easy as you think —collaboration is key as you navigate a series of intricate puzzles, crack codes, and discover hidden clues. 

Price per person - $35 

Duration - 60 minutes 

2.2. Mafia 360

Dare to push your team's wits to their very limits? Then try your best to beat Mafia 360 virtual escape room challenge. You and your team will return to an era where bootleggers, La Cosa Nostra, federal agents, and influential politicians lock heads, creating a heady mix of thrill and intellectual challenge. There will be a professional game-master standing ready to guide you through any intriguing twists and turns in the process. 

Each participant is free to independently explore the room, move objects, and access the inventory of the props shared between teammates. It's not just about finding the key to an exit; it's where collaboration and collective problem-solving skills are the keys to achieving the ultimate goal. 

Price per person - $35 

Duration - 60 minutes 

2.3. Patient 360


Gather your teams for a fun and collaborative experience with the Patient 360 Virtual Escape Room challenge. There are tons of mysteries in a psychiatric hospital and your team will step into the shoes of journalists to uncover the truth in the Patient escape room challenge. There's a short time when security is relaxed, and you can sneak into the doctor's office. But you've only got an hour before the nurse arrives for her shift. Get the evidence you need and figure out how to get out before time's up!

You and your team need to brainstorm to unlock secrets and puzzles while also interrogating suspicious characters in the game room to investigate what's going on.

Price per person - $35

Duration - 60 minutes

2.4. The Alchemist


Round up your remote crew for a thrilling adventure with The Alchemist' Escape Room game. You and your team engage in interactive virtual reality games to compete against each other in a thrilling race to uncover the elusive Philosopher’s Stone. Participants must collaborate and put their critical thinking to the test in virtual breakout rooms to crack the challenges within the tight time frame. 

The Alchemist's real-time virtual adventure offers a 360-degree virtual reality room view, a multiplayer collaborative interface, and an activity log designed to foster effective teamwork. To elevate the excitement, real-time props inventory is provided to participants. 

Price per person - $35 

Duration - 60 minutes

For more such thrilling activities, explore our latest article on murder mystery team building.

2.5. The Escape Game

Along with physical escape rooms, the Escape Game even offers remote adventures like the one we played last month! The virtual escape room game we were sent into was themed "Prison Break" where we played inmates of the Iron Gate. 

The objective of Prison Break was to escape under the jail warden's nose in under an hour while he was away at a meeting of the wardens. All 8 of us were fully engrossed in it as the host moved about the prison cell guiding us through the maze. 

Price per person - $32-35 per player + tax

Duration - 60 minutes

2.6. Trapped in the Web


Trapped in the Web is a series of virtual escape rooms where you can play alone or in teams. These virtual team escape rooms are mostly text-based and pass clues in the form of images and videos to help solve puzzles. The puzzles are tricky and require you to go back and forth through various rooms and move to the next stage. 

The best part is that it doesn’t need you to download anything besides video chat software like Zoom, Webex, and Team. We also suggest checking out other interactive escape rooms

like Space Race, Escape Fest, which we’re planning to pick next.

Price per person - $11.23 

Duration - 1-2 hours

2.7. Sherlock’s

Want to put on your detective hat and solve mysteries? Try Sherlock’s online escape rooms with your team members. It provides you and your team members a chance to help a live actor in a real escape room to escape through given instructions. 

There are 9 different adventures, including The Shipwreck, Cabin in the Woods, The Lost Kingdom, The Shed, The Bank Heist, Outbreak: Find the Cure, Zombie Survival Run, and more. This is the best virtual escape room for murder mystery buffs.

Price per person - $20 

Duration - 60 minutes

2.8. Panic Room


The Panic Room has an array of virtual escape room games to build team spirit in your company. Their website has a lot of filters for you to apply to pick the right game. You can select games according to the difficulty level, age, and number of players. Another strong reason we recommend The Panic Room is that it provides virtual team escape room bundles where you can avail of many games of different types in one place. The Panic Room is playable on most devices, with 24 x 7 access to games. 

Price per person - $15 - $20

Duration - 1-2 hours

2.9. Confundrum

At Confundrum, you can select the best virtual escape room game online specific to your and your team’s interests with 3-D immersive graphics. There are good virtual escape rooms challenges for team building corporate events, team building, and morale boosting. 

We had the opportunity to try 'Twisted Woods,' a virtual escape room where we entered a common room designed to look like the interior of an abandoned cabin. The game ends when you find and solve all the clues to get out of the woods alive. It almost felt real, especially with the spooky background music added for effect. 

Price per person - $25

Duration - 60 minutes

2.10. Roobicks

If you are looking to play an escape room online game with friends, or coworkers, Roobiks virtual escape rooms are a great pick! Your remote teams can solve interactive online puzzles, compete with each other in groups, and more. Remote teams can crack codes and find clues to unlock the next stage of the adventure. The entire team can start together first and divide into small teams later to escape the game first. 

Price per person - $20/person for large groups, $50/person for small groups.

Duration - 60 minutes

2.11. Mystery Escape Room


Want to put on your detective’s hat, sail on the ships, or embark as a superhero? Join Mystery Escape Room’s Virtual Team Escape Room. We played Nancy Drew’s “investigative” friends and had to follow her footprints, which led us to the Monroe Mansion’s interiors. Inside lie secrets and more mysteries to solve. It's up to us to wade through them all and find out where Nancy is! This game kept us on the edge of our seats till the end. And no, we’re not giving out spoilers! 

Price per person - $10 

Duration - 90 minutes

2.12. TeamWorx

TeamWorx is one of the best virtual team escape room companies that provide exciting virtual escape rooms for team building. All events include a live host and focus on maximizing human interaction and fun. There are over 12 virtual team escape rooms for team building, “Who Stole Anti-Matter” piqued our curiosity and it turned out to be the game that turned us into “Avengers” - at least in the game. The theft of the top-secret antimatter technology from MatterMatters Corp, a research company, sets the stage for the game. As the investigative team hired by Global Energy Research and Development’s head, we have to recover the stolen antimatter technology before it’s too late! 

Price per person - Customizable 

Duration - 60 minutes total event time; 45 minutes max time in the room

2.13. Black Noir


Those with investigative minds looking for virtual room escape ideas with mystery themes need to check out Black Noir murder escape. In this escape room virtual game, you will play the role of Mr. Jones, a suave and witty Private Investigator. When you join in, you’re greeted by a mysterious letter that takes you through the puzzles you must solve.  

You and your team have to interrogate suspects to solve the murder mystery and prevent another murder from happening. You can purchase one access code for each group of 3 to 5 people and play Black Noir murder escape over Zoom or Google Meet. 

Price per person - $10 (group of 3-5 is recommended)

Duration - 60 minutes

2.14. Doctor Who Worlds Collide Escape Room

Dr. Who’s fans or Whovians in the house will like this virtual escape room game the most. You and your team can join this Zoom escape room experience from the comfort of your home. Enjoy directing the game's master, having them move around, pick hidden clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time is up! In Worlds Collide, Doctor Who needs help to fend off Cybermen. So, get ready and step into the future, enter ChronosCorp HQ’s offices, and save the Earth from Cybermen.

Price per person - $30 (2-3 player)/ £25 (4 - 6 players)

Duration - 65 minutes

2.15. Puzzle Break

One of the best virtual escape rooms for team building is the Revolutionary Virtual Escape Experiences by Puzzle Break. For instance, School for Spies focuses on skills like research and reference, communication, information analysis, attention to detail, global perspective, memory, and teamwork. Hackfiltration, on the other hand, hinges on teams picking up ambiguities and applying their critical thinking and pattern recognition skills to solve the clues. Disco Detectives help in active collaboration, multi-tasking, and exploration.

Price per person - $37 (standard)/ $62 (premium) 

Duration - 60-90 minutes

2.16. 60Out


60Out provides downloadable virtual escape rooms to facilitate critical thinking, problem-solving, and encourage team building at the workplace. The game Miss Jezebel Online is a great virtual team escape room game that you can pick for your next virtual party. It’s a game themed in the residence of Miss Jezebel, the “killer” of her husband and you are his guests! 

The guests must figure out how to survive her horrifying hospitality and gather enough evidence to prove her crime. It is filled with thrill and ‘adult’ comedy in parts. We assure you that this virtual team escape room won’t make you regret your decision! 

Price per person - Customizable 

Duration - 2 hours

3. Free Virtual Escape Rooms For Your Team  


3.1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Are you also a 90s kid who loves the Harry Potter series? The  Hogwarts Digital Escape Room lets you relive your teenage time with a bit of nostalgia and fun. This free escape room online game is suitable for all team sizes and you and your teammates will need to use math and critical thinking abilities to solve three puzzles. This is indeed one of the best free online escape games for Potterheads who are longing for Hogwarts experience. 

Price per person - Free

Duration - 15 minutes

3.2. Romeo and Juliet

If you and your team are Shakespeare fans, looking for free online escape room games, then consider playing Romeo and Juliet virtual escape room game at the workplace. This is one of the best virtual escape rooms for team building, where everyone applies word power, maths-solving skills, and critical thinking. You and your team have to decipher some puzzles to help Romeo and Juliet unite and solve the feud between their families. Be ready to give these star-crossed lovers a happy ending!

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.3. Escape: The Midnight Express

This is a perfect one-hour game for Agatha Christie’s fans in your team who have read her famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express”. This guided online virtual team escape room takes participants through a mystery on a midnight train. The mystery is to find out the change to the timeline connected with Abraham Lincoln. All you and your team have to do is gather the evidence of change to the timeline and get off the train before someone discovers you.

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.4. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar

At the National Aquarium, there's a mysterious situation going on as their famous resident, Oscar, has lost his Oscar! To solve this intriguing puzzle, you and your teammates are encouraged to work in groups. Some questions require moving around the aquarium to uncover the answers, while others involve watching videos or reading short paragraphs. It's a fun and interactive way to engage with the aquarium's exhibits while unraveling the enigma of Oscar's missing award.

Price per person - Free

Duration - (There is no time limit as this game is hosted on Google Forms)

3.5. Pikachu’s Rescue


Everyone has some kind of memory associated with Pokemon. This is one of the nostalgic escape room games online free. It is suitable for all team sizes and can be completed individually or in groups in an hour. The mystery is straightforward -  Pikachu has disappeared and needs your help. It combines basic Pokemon trivia with some math, making it a fun collaborative adventure for teams to collaborate and solve while having fun.

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.6. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The mark of a good escape room is taking a premise that all of us are familiar with and then giving it a unique spin. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln virtual escape room has elements of an escape room and some of a pick-your-own adventure. You and your team get to decide how your adventure plays out. At every step of this 60-minute game, you get to pick between two scenarios, one that follows the events as they occurred in the past and one with an alternate version. Solve the puzzles connected to the fictionalized version of the same to proceed.

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.7. Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley is one of the escape room online free games that allows teams to explore the wilderness of the Oregon Trail. In this game, you and your wagon trail are trying to escape a sickness taking over and must reach Willamette Valley. The trail is littered with dangerous obstacles that require you to solve a series of puzzles in an hour to survive the course. 

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.8. Dr. Who Escape Room 


At some point, you must have heard about Dr. Who, it is a very popular show by BBC. In this game, you will find yourself shoved into the world of Dr. Who through the Tardis. Your goal is to use your critical thinking skills and stop the rouge villain Dalek from destroying the Spaceship in 60 minutes. The game is timed and the only way to get out is by completing the mission. 

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.9. Mr. X

Most free escape rooms are played through Google Forms, but not this one. This is an interactive game which lasts up to 120 minutes. You play an agent of a secret agency, working from home as HQ is shut down, but a sinister figure Mr. X is taunting you.  Your job is to decipher the clues and figure out his identity. 

Price per person - Free

Duration - 45-120 minutes

3.10. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

If you are looking for challenging yet free online escape rooms, Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room is a great one. The premise of this 15-minute game is that you need to follow the world-renowned spy Carmen. You have to solve puzzles and clues to prove to her that you are capable of being her apprentice. The clues are slightly tricky, but you will have a lot of fun. Also, there is a sequel to this game to keep the adventure going.

Price per person - Free

Duration - 60 minutes

3.11. Dog Man Digital Escape Room


This is another one to add to the list of room escape games online that features a goofy character at its helm, namely the part dog, part man, Dog Man. Your goal is to escape the locked digital room in which he is trapped. The clues consist of videos, images, and text. Dog Man Digital Escape Room is a great virtual escape room to play with co-workers and friends alike. 

Price per person - Free

Duration - Not specified 

4. FAQs

4.1. How does a virtual escape room work?

Players form teams and immerse themselves in a themed virtual environment, solving puzzles and escape room challenges related to a storyline. Clues and hints are available to help players progress, and the game typically has a time limit, encouraging effective communication among team members. 

4.2. How to pick the right virtual team escape room?


To pick the right virtual team escape room, consider the team size, allocate sufficient time, and match the difficulty level to ensure an engaging and challenging experience for all participants.

4.3. Are there any escape rooms free games?

Yes, there are quite a few escape room games online free such as Hogwarts Digital, Escape, The Midnight Express, Romeo and Juliet, are some examples.

4.4. What are some of the best virtual escape rooms?

There are various escape rooms better in terms of audio-visual experience, graphics, 3-D experience. If we still have to pick our personal favorites, We would recommend Hooray TeamsBlack Noir, 60Out, as we love cryptid-themes and sleuth stories. 

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