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40+ Kickass Virtual Office Party Ideas Your Team will Love!

September 28, 2023
| By
Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Reviewed by
Kara Funk

Senior HR Consultant, People & Culture

Virtual Office Party Ideas

Everyone loves a good party, even those of you who claim your wild partying days are behind you (cue eye-roll). And don’t think working in a virtual office will excuse you from being in the center of some creative virtual office party ideas. Sure, you probably won’t be doing a keg stand with your fellow coworkers and managers in attendance, but there’s nothing to stop your imagination from taking over in other ways! 

As Gloria Estefan put it, it’s party time! Here, we're going to go into a few great virtual office party ideas for you to try out at your next meet up. Keep calm and party ON!

We’ve put together detailed guides to help you organize some of the most popular virtual office party activities yourself, including team karaoke, Google Meet games, bingo, a murder mystery, a wine tasting or a dinner party.

Planning a party to commemorate a specific occasion? Take a look at our articles on how to throw awesome virtual events for St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Halloween and other seasonal holidays.

If the goal of your virtual event is to recognize your staff’s hard work, check out these posts on how to throw an employee appreciation party or celebrate a work anniversary.

You can even consider combining your office party with employee recognition letters to show how much you value your workers’ contributions.

1. How Do You Throw a Virtual Office Party?

Throwing a virtual office party can be a fun way to connect with coworkers and boost morale, even when everyone is working remotely. To throw a successful virtual office party, start by choosing a platform that everyone can access, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Share a few virtual office party ideas in your company communication platform and ask the team to vote on what virtual event they’d most want to do. This helps with buy-in and excitement as people feel they have a say in the event.  You can also ask is any team members want to help in planning or facilitating the event for further engagement/buy-in.

Next, decide on a theme for the party, whether it's a holiday celebration, a game night, or a happy hour. Once a theme, platform, date and time are set, send out a calendar invite so that people will have a block on the time and have the information they need to join.

If you’ve gathered a few volunteers to help facilitate the event, have a few brainstorming sessions and plan out the activities and ‘run-of-show’ for the event. Virtual office events require the same, if not more planning that in person events in order to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Finally, don't forget to show your appreciation for your colleagues and their hard work. Consider sending out e-gift cards or personalized messages to thank them for their contributions. With a little planning and creativity, a virtual office party can be just as enjoyable as an in-person event.

2. Virtual Office Party Ideas for Work

The only rule to trying out virtual holiday party ideas is to follow the 3 I’s: inform, include and involve everyone! Here are a few virtual team party ideas - 

2.1 Run a Facilitated Virtual Office Party with Hooray Teams

virtual office party ideas for work - facilitated events

When it comes to throwing an amazing virtual party for your employees, Hooray Teams has you covered a bunch of fun and engaging games that ensure your party is a hit.  They offer a variety of exciting activities, led by professional hosts, to help your team have fun and strengthen their bonds. 

Some of the top picks are - virtual trivia, virtual team jeopardy, and virtual icebreaker games. If any of your coworkers is hitting a big work milestone, you can opt for Milestone Celebration event to honor their achievements and celebrate their success. 

2.2 Virtual Amazing Escape

Playing a virtual escape game adventure brings teammates together where they can flex their creativity and problem-solving abilities. The amazing escape sends your team on an adventure to solve a timed mystery or puzzle. Amazing escapes feature themed rooms.  Guests can make their selection.

The session is initiated and moderated by a session facilitator, who will provide instructions on call before sending the team to the room. There are usually clues or riddles to get you closer to the finish line. The best part about escape adventures is that they’re designed for large teams, and several such teams can play separate virtual office party themes at once!

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping escapade, dive into the heart-pounding excitement virtual escape room games hosted by Hooray Teams.

Read more about virtual team escape here:

2.3 Paired Potluck

Paired potluck

In a paired potluck, you can opt to assign co workers based on their relationship or at random. The latter would be a better option if you want to turn this party into an opportunity for them to get to know each other better.  You can plan a perfect potluck and coordinate potluck dishes for your office party through SignUpGenius.

If you want to start small and keep this within the team, you can instead have the assigned pair exchange their recipes. Once everyone has their recipes, they will need to recreate it in their kitchens and present it as a group on a call!

2.4 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

You cannot go wrong organizing a virtual scavenger hunt, because everyone likes that Aha! Moment when you find a hidden item from the list. You can play themed scavenger hunts, where everyone has to find an item related to a certain theme.

For example, if you’re playing a beach scavenger hunt, the items to find before the timer’s up can include a pail, sand, swimsuits or sun hats! Incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt into your virtual office party ideas can add an exciting element of adventure and competition.

Plan your next Scavenge:

2.5 Netflix Series Party

Netflix Series Party

All of us have a Netflix series favorite. You could do a cosplay party where everyone dresses up as a character from their show. Ensure you assign a virtual host from the team to run this event and avoid any confusion or moments during the event where participants don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing. To play, select the top 5 series all or some are watching or are familiar with.

You can gamify this and give points out for correct guesses with the winner receiving a prize - everyone loves an event with a competition element. You can either announce who you’re going as or unveil it on the day of the party where your coworkers have to guess who you’re supposed to be. 

2.6 Dance/ Nightclub Party 

Dance Nightclub Party

Turn your virtual office into a dance floor with a DJ.  You can even hang a fake disco ball and dim the lights to create the nightclub ambience. Have everyone turn their camera on and step away from their desk as the DJ begins the countdown to the first song. Family members or housemates too can join in on the fun!

2.7 Virtual Karaoke

If you weren’t in a band back in school or university, here’s your chance to go on a virtual stage and perform! A virtual karaoke is conducted via meeting platforms and can be facilitated either externally or self. The host will moderate the session, take participants through the rules and display the song selections.

Ask around if anyone has access to a song’s lyrics that they’d like the group to sing. A fun spin on this event might be to have teams participate vs other teams with the organization by choosing songs they can all sing. Or you can allow team members to select songs for other teammates to sing.

When the hour’s up, you can hold the session over Zoom or via the Karaoke Online Chrome extension. It features an extensive playlist where the lyrics appear on screen as you’re sharing it, enabling participants to give the song their all! 

Read more about Karaoke: 

2.8 Host an Online Talent Show

Who on your team is a talented singer, bassist, painter, dancer or woodworker? Host a virtual talent show to give everyone a fair shot at showing their teammates their hobbies and personal interests! For those of you who tend to get stage fright, the good thing about an inhouse talent show event is that you can do it at home without everyone’s physical presence overwhelming you. When you’re at ease, you’ll be better able to finish your performance! 

Show everyone your true talents

2.9 Let’s Play Bingo

The team played Bingo virtually last Friday on Microsoft Teams and it was a lot of fun! Our HR sent out lotto tickets individually and privately the day before. We convened in the evening and went over the rules for a full house, Early Fives and four corners.

As the numbers were called out, the team began crossing them off on their ticket. We got 3 full houses and 2 early-fives. It brought back memories of family get-togethers in the ‘90s where someone broke out a deck of cards or played bingo in a circle!

Read more about Bingo

2.10 Plan a Murder mystery

A ‘Whodunnit?’ is a naturally fun and exciting way to encourage teamwork among members. There are plenty of remote murder mystery adventure specialists out there, such as Murder Mystery at the Manor, Dr. Ness and Outback. The murder mystery at Manor, hosted by Hooray Teams, is an immersive and thrilling experience. You and your team play the roles of detectives to solve a murder mystery set within halls of a mysterious manor.

There are professional actors and hosts to guide you, and it's a 60-minute session that's all about teaming up, having a blast, and finding the killer. The best part is you don't need extra setup – just click a link, turn on your video and microphone, and Hooray Teams will handle the rest.

2.11 DIY Cocktail & Mocktail class

A DIY cocktail/mocktail class is a refreshing and entertaining option for a virtual office party, providing a delightful departure from the usual Zoom meetings and presentations. As a part of virtual office party, the participants receive a list of ingredients ahead of time, ensuring they're ready with everything for the live session.

It is typically guided by an expert mixologist or a colleague with bartending skills, attendees craft beautiful, delicious drinks from the comfort of their homes. This promotes team bonding as everyone mixes and sips in real-time and caters to both drinkers and non-drinkers for maximum inclusivity. 

Hooray Teams has this awesome virtual cocktail making class that's perfect for virtual office party. Guided by a skilled mixologist, the cocktail making class takes you through the process of crafting tasty cocktails, one step at a time. They even send you all the ingredients and tools you need. It's a fun way to connect with your colleagues, whether you're a small or large team. Just log on, get your kit, prepare and enjoy the drinks and good times! 

Read this compilation of best wineries

2.12 Play Jeopardy with the Team Online

Jeopardy! Is a widely televised American trivia game developed by Merv Griffin in the mid-60s. Virtual Team Jeopardy hosted by Hooray Teams is an excellent way to infuse some light-hearted competitiveness into your virtual office party. This 60-minute session lets you test your knowledge across various topics by answering questions in the form of a question, just like on the show.

A lively host guides the game, sharing the Jeopardy board on your screen during a video chat. You can turn your virtual office party into a 'Trivia Extravaganza,' testing knowledge and offering prizes to the most knowledgeable participants.

Play Jeopardy online

2.13 Game Night (and Face) On!

No virtual office party ideas are complete without playing a diverse mix of online games, be it for large groups, small teams or an entire unit. Make virtual game night interesting with prizes based on the person who wins most games, or at least one game.

When we had a virtual game night, we played games such as Spymaster, Prison Break and even Pictionary using Skribbl.io to guess the object from the freehand drawing!  

Plan the next virtual game night

2.14 Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

This is one of the best virtual office party ideas to bring out people’s creativity. Participants join a virtual meeting dressed in spooky costumes. Remote employees can dress up as mummies, Frankenstein, Annabelle or any other character.

Winners of the best costumes can be determined through online polls, with prizes like online vouchers. The event may also feature virtual team celebration activities like sharing creepy stories or playing themed games. It's a way to enjoy Halloween traditions and interactions, but digitally.

Bonus points if they can also fashion props such as paper skulls, black cat drawings and pumpkin cut outs to set the mood. Conduct a round-the-circle story time where everyone shares creepy stories, or play a round of trick-or-treat. 

2.15 Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Secret Santa office parties are just as fun online as they are in-person! Set a budget for gifts and use sites like Elfster to draw names. I like what Arcanis has come up with, though, because it does not collect and store names forever like other applications.

It's a random name generator that lets you enter your team’s name and copy the links over to send to them (don’t worry, the others won’t be able to find out pairings or swap for someone else).

2.16 Social Booth

Social booth is a photobooth software that you can install on your machine to snap crazy, clownish photos of the team. Have everyone make silly faces at each other or at the camera and let the software do the rest. Once everyone's photos are captured, display them in a slideshow or gallery format for your internal employee wall of fame.

It's a fantastic way for everyone to share a laugh, see everyone's creative side, and create a digital memento of your virtual party. In a virtual work environment, such moments are invaluable in fostering a close-knit, cohesive team.

2.17 Spymaster Party

The Sorry, On Mute team clued me in on a Spymaster game they recently stumbled played. It's conducted by codenames and splits teams into two. Each team has a spymaster. The person who elects themselves to be the Spymaster has to give their team a one-word clue and the team has to guess which tile matches the clue.

You have to manually end the guessing to let the next team’s turn The team that gets all the tiles right wins!

2.18 Werewolf

The Werewolf game assigns 4 roles to players at random. The choices are werewolf, villager, medic and seer. A random generator tool can facilitate the game’s online version. Some versions of the game can accommodate 20 or even more players. The more players you have, the more Werewolves you might want to include to balance the game.

A general guideline might be to have one Werewolf for every four or five players. The werewolf eats other players, villagers vote on who they think the werewolf is, medics rescue the player and seers can reveal if the player guessed to be the werewolf really is one. 

This game works better if you set the right scene for it. You can use sound effects such as a wolf howl, thunder or crickets chirping. The game master calls the werewolf to select a victi. The medic hasto point to a person to save and the seer reveals whether the person is a werewolf or not, which the game master confirms with a nod or a shake.

Then, the game master announces whether the werewolf successfully ate a  villager. This is one of the best virtual work party ideas that will keep everyone debating and guessing! 

2.19 Puppet Theater

This is one of the virtual office party ideas I can’t wait to try out myself! A puppet theater set has a plot, character and voices. It is a team building activity that relies on teamwork. Just as you would a real play, each person can be in charge of something. The team comes together on a video call to brainstorm ideas.

The storyline, themes, and characters are discussed and finalized. Team members pick or are assigned roles based on their strengths. For example, someone from the marketing team can write the story, while the creative team can design puppets out of socks or gloves.

As fun as it is, it's a great way to bring everybody together. To ensure a seamless performance, teams would undergo virtual rehearsals, fine-tuning puppet movements, dialogue delivery, and the integration of sound effects or virtual backgrounds. 

2.20 Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity

Want to make everyone laugh till their sides hurt? Why not download the cards against humanity pack and see just how rude and sarcastic everyone’s sentences get?

2.21 Charcuterie Chalet

In a virtual office party, a charcuterie chalet can be a delightful way activity that combines creativity, skill, and festive spirit. The main objective of this activity is to create virtual chalets using charcuterie and other edible elements charcuterie boards or plates, all within a set time frame. More than an activity, the purpose is to have fun, be creative, and build something that resembles a charming chalet scene. 

The participants gather their selected ingredients and arrange them in a way that mimics the different components of a chalet (walls, roof, windows, doors, etc.). The ingredients should be placed on their own charcuterie board or plate.

The participants showcase their creations via their webcams at the designed time in the virtual party. They explain their design, the inspiration behind it, and any creative touches they've added. After everyone has presented their charcuterie chalets, team members can vote for their favorite designs based on creativity, attention to detail, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Alternatively, judges can be assigned to evaluate and select winners. Once the winners are announced, participants can enjoy their charcuterie creations during the rest of the virtual office party.

2.22 Holiday in Hawaii

You know those animated background options that appear on Zoom or Skype? You could have everyone set their background to the palm beach theme and dress in loud colors.

Participants in this virtual office party can also mix their own drinks, wear Hawaiian floral garland (known as Lei) and start a discussion. If you really want to get into the beach mood, we recommend checking out Neal’s deep-sea project!

2.23 Boozy Pictionary

If you want to see who can keep a clear head even with a few drinks in them, Boozy Pictionary is the way to go! Split teams as you would in an actual Pictionary game, and whoever guesses wrong has to take a sip of their alcoholic drink.

The team that ends up drinking the most is the losing team (sorry, guys, we didn’t specify who Boozy Pictionary would be more fun for!) Boozy Pictionary is a lively and memorable game that, when played responsibly, can infuse a virtual office party with laughter, bonding, and the right kind of spirited challenge.

2.24 Putting the pieces together

If you loved spending hours fitting jigsaw puzzles together, then you’re sure to love a trip down memory lane with virtual jigsaw games! There are both free and paid puzzles, the former can be downloaded from Microsoft. The remote and distributed team can issue daily challenges and invite a coworker to compete to complete the puzzle in a certain amount of time.

We experimented with a free jigsaw from Ravensburger featuring a butterfly and it was both engrossing and relaxing. You can start a new game and see the percentage of progress on the top left side of the pane. You can even make this a competition and have a puzzle of the day - the person that completes it in the shortest amount of time wins a prize.

Read more about virtual jigsaw puzzles

3. Bonus Virtual Party Ideas for Work

3.1 Virtual Dinner Party Ideas

3.1.1 Who has the best fast food order?

I got these virtual party ideas for work from a Buzzfeed (India) video I’d watched recently. The Buzzfeed crew sampled their coworker’s orders and scored their favorite one on a scale of 20. The order with the highest mark was the winner.  I felt that the theme is in line with throwing the team a virtual dinner party! You can play the remote version of this competition. Ask participants to pick a fast food chain of their choice and set an ordering budget. 

They can either swap orders and rate each other, or be randomly assigned a member’s order to sample, rate and guess who it belongs to. If your budget allows for it, you can play it exactly like Buzzfeed and have everyone taste the same orders in terms of taste, packaging, portion size and whether they’d order it again.

Throw an awesome virtual dinner party

3.1.2 Cuisine exchange 

Another food-related exchange to play as a virtual dinner party idea would be to have everyone swap a daily dish or comfort food recipe with each other. The pairings can be based on people’s dietary preferences and availability of ingredients. This is a great game that even internationally located offices can take part in.

Someone from the U.S office, for example, can learn how to make Miso soup while sharing a recipe for a Philly Cheese Steak with their Japanese counterpart. The two can film themselves recreating the dishes in their kitchen and present the dish to everyone at a meeting!

3.1.3 How many popcorn kernels can you eat in a minute?

This is a fun minute-to-win-it game that challenges players to eat as many popcorn kernels, crisps or fries in 60 seconds. The players have to pick the kernels or chips up one by one to make it easier for the others to see how many are down! 

3.2 Virtual Farewell party ideas

3.2.1 Pajama party

Pajamas are the new work suits, so your party goers have the dress code down pat, at least! Host a pajama party where the theme is ”casual” and everyone is in lounge wear. You can also decide on a movie or series episode to livestream that everyone can watch together.

A movie night with popcorn and the works is just what your coworkers need to unwind as a group before bidding goodbye to a coworker who’s leaving the firm! Isn't it one of the COOLEST virtual party ideas for work? 

3.2.2 Virtual mixology classes

If you can’t make it to happy hour,  keep the drinks coming with a happy hour cocktail kit under the supervision of a professional mixologist! Sign the team up for mixology lessons so that they can learn how to make their favorite drink with a personal twist.

The Vendry offers 46 of the choicest mixology classes in and around the U.S. Krafty Labs, HostEvents and drinkmasterbartending are other options to try, where you can book your class and have the mixology kit shipped to individuals. Events cost between $400 to 1000 depending on the number of cocktails in the package you book and duration.

Make happy hour come to you! Check out 

3.2.3 Who has the highest spice tolerance?

Another Buzzfeed original! The spice tolerance challenge will test your colleague’s limits by presenting them with spicy foods in increasing order of heat levels.  The question is, who will reach for the glass of milk first? 

The rules are simple. Contestants arrange the food items in front of the camera and eat it systematically from the least to most spicy. They can have a glass of milk or ice cream on standby in case things get a little heated! But if anyone reaches for the glass in a round then they can’t advance to the next round. Keep doing this till someone makes it to the final round (hopefully with their senses intact!).

The contestants have autonomy in deciding what foods to eat so long as everybody is able to buy the items before the challenge starts. To set the bar at a comfortably competent high, we suggest including the following 

  1. Snyder’s Jalapeno Pretzels
  2. Hot Flaming Cheetos
  3. Spicy Tuna Rolls
  4. Samyang noodles

3.2.4 Macaroni Art

Macaroni art is usually a classroom art and crafts activity for young children. But who says only children can stick artwork on the family fridge? Bid your colleague farewell with a work of macaroni art. You can use either dry or parboiled pasta shells and stick them onto a pencil sketch of a subject.

You can ship your creations to the colleague, who can look at it whenever they think of you. It’ll also give them something to talk about when they have visitors over!

3.3 Virtual Work Anniversary Ideas

3.3.1 Give them a day off

What better way to celebrate a virtual work anniversary than to announce you’re giving your teammate the day off? Virtual office party ideas are a creative way to celebrate milestones and maintain team spirit in the digital age. If the work anniversary falls on a weekend or public holiday, the employee can opt to take the next day off for an even longer time off. 

Read our work anniversary ideas blog:

3.3.2 Master of the day 

The master of the day is a fun activity where the person whose work anniversary it is, gets to command the office for that day. Everyone on the team has to do what they say (within reason, of course!). Funny suggestions include

  1. Doing desk exercises for 10 minutes.
  2. Taking a silly selfie and posting it on the group chat
  3. Office charades
  4. Making a chai or coffee the way your coworker takes it.

3.3.3 Pick your next office

Even if the celebration is virtual, it's fun for everyone to choose the type of office they’d want to work in. The Officefinder offers 360-degree virtual tours of real office spaces that let viewers experience what it's like walking across a lobby, or waiting in the reception area.  We liked the digital tour of the MeadowCreek Business Center that I clicked on.

This work anniversary idea isn’t limited to space renters only. You can also create your own office VR experience as a gift for those employees who miss being at work. You can film your current office space from different angles and upload the footage on an interactive VR platform like Eevo

3.3.4 Sandwich tower

Create a sandwich tower with fillings of your choice. The rule is that your tower should stand without being held in place by toothpicks or any other placeholder. You’ll need

  • A loaf of bread
  • Condiments of your choosing (vegetarian or non-vegetarian)
  • A serving tray
  • Napkins 

Set a time limit of 30 minutes to make the sandwiches and an extra 5 or 10 minutes for everyone to stack the tower up. They can be near the creation to ensure it doesn’t fall over when they’re creating it but they have to step back once the countdown ends. I’d say that everyone’s a winner if there’s food at the end of it!

3.3.5 Distributing personalized gifts

To celebrate virtual work anniversaries, companies can present bulk personalized gifts to team members. It is a great way to acknowledge the hard work that employees put in to help the company meet its goals and develop steadily. At GS-JJ.com, there are various styles of customized promotional gifts, such as lapel pin, challenge coins, lanyards, and more.

These products can be engraved with the company's logo and name to make them the perfect gifts for your employees. Ensure those celebrating work anniversaries get the same gift and the gift should increase in value as the tenure increases.

3.4 Virtual Retirement Party Ideas

3.4.1 You’ve got mail

I’d talked about a mailbox eruption before and I’ll say it again- how cool would it be to have a mailbox full of wishes from your coworkers? Since we’re talking virtual retirement, you’re unlikely to be able to drop by and pay a social visit in person.

You can instead arrange to mail cards to your retiring coworker’s physical address. Coordinate with everyone to send it out in unison so that they are more likely to receive the cards at once or within a few days.

Read more about virtual retirement parties

3.4.2 Autograph

Gift your soon-to-be retired coworker a book full of everyone’s autograph. This autograph book can be filled with thoughtful quotes or funny anecdotes that your colleague can read at leisure. Invite everyone to contribute using a Doc or Presentation and design it the way you would an eBook! 

3.4.3 Roast or Toast

A roast is a panel of coworkers, colleagues, managers or even friends and family members who gently tease the outgoing employee. Remember to keep it respectful and impersonal. If the virtual work party ideas of roasting your coworker doesn’t appeal, you can opt to toast to their future happiness!

3.4.4 Dress up as your coworker

Does your colleague have a particular dressing sense? Why not wear outfits that are their style! and turn on your camera to show them how their look looks on you?

3.5 Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

3.5.1 The price is right

This is a popular guessing game people play at virtual baby showers, where the guests have to guess the price of different baby gifts. From bassinets and strollers to overnight bags, the person who is able to get most prices right wins the game!

Plan the next digital baby shower

3.5.2 Baby bingo

Create bingo cards with baby-related terms, such as diapers, rattle, playpen, naptime etc. The usual rules of bingo apply such as the Early 5, 4 corners and full house, until someone gets a full house!

3.5.3 Make a dough baby

This challenge may leave the mum-to-be and her partner in splits! Everyone has to position themselves in front of the camera with readymade dough. On the count of three, everyone attempts to shape their dough to resemble a baby in any position- asleep, playing or in motion. The dough baby that looks closest to an actual baby wins! 

3.5.4 Guess the baby photo

Collect everyone’s baby pictures beforehand in a secret chat and save them in a folder. Share your screen with the expecting mum and have her try to guess who the baby in the picture is. 

4. FAQs

4.1 How to do a virtual office party?

You can organize a virtual office party by selecting a platform like Zoom or Teams, sending out invites with a set date and time, and planning a mix of activities and virtual office party themes to engage participants.

4.2 How do you celebrate events virtually?

You can celebrate events virtually by hosting a video conference, sharing themed digital backgrounds, playing interactive games, and enjoying synchronized activities like watching movies or making cocktails.

4.3 What games are good for virtual work party?

Some of the popular games for a virtual work party include trivia quizzes, Pictionary, charades, and online escape rooms, which can ensure lively participation.

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