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30+ Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for this Festive Season

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Whether it's Christmas, St Patrick's or any other festive occasion, the magic of a memorable virtual work celebration lies in how happy and engaged your remote team is. But how do you ensure your online party looks and feels any different from a regular virtual coffee break or informal meet? That’s where unique and fun virtual holiday party ideas can make all the difference. From virtual costume contests and digital scavenger hunts to festive trivia and online karaoke, adding some creativity to your virtual gatherings ensures they stand out, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere that goes beyond the typical virtual meeting experience.

This is why we have compiled a list of virtual holiday party ideas for every occasion under the sun to transform your virtual celebrations into extraordinary and memorable events for your remote teams.

1. What Is A Virtual Holiday Party?

A virtual holiday party is an online celebration of a particular holiday or event of cultural and historic significance. You’ll do everything you would at an actual party, from taking part in virtual holiday games and team-building activities to laughing at a co-worker’s wisecracks and loading your plate up with finger food. The only difference is that everyone isn’t in the same room when it’s happening. Instead, you’re Facetiming on camera through Zoom, MS Teams, or any other messaging platform!

2. Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

2.1. Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

2.1.1. Virtual Holiday Trivia


One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season is with Virtual Christmas Trivia by Hooray Teams, a virtual teambuilding platform that helps teams organize hosted activities. This game is a spirited virtual twist to the classic rendition of Trivia. With a lively host to help you over 4-5 rounds, your team will go head to head and answer questions related to traditions, music, and the history of Christmas. So, be ready to test your Christmas knowledge and be crowned a Trivia Master.

2.1.2. Virtual Escape Room


Virtual Escape Room by Hooray Teams is a more unique and engaging virtual holiday team building activity to enjoy this Christmas. Be ready to collect clues and solve puzzles, all while the clock is ticking. There are six options that you and your team can choose from during Christmas.

Our pick however would be the mystical world of The Alchemist. In this hosted escape room, you and your team need to find the legendary philosopher's stone before the mysterious order arrives at the scene. You have 60 minutes to do so.

2.1.3. Christmas Mixology


Raise your spirits and toast to good times with the Hooray Teams Christmas Mixology class. In this 60-minute session, you and your team will learn how to create classic Christmas concoctions like mulled wine and eggnog from a master mixologist.

Before the class, you will receive all the necessary supplies in the form of a kit right at your and your team's doorstep. So, be ready to shake, stir, and sip your way through Christmas with this perfect virtual happy hour activity.

2.1.4. Christmas Gingerbread House Decorating


If what you are looking for is a more nostalgic experience, then you need to try Christmas Gingerbread House Decorating by Hooray Teams. In this session, you and your team will be guided by an expert instructor on how to assemble and decorate plain gingerbread houses, transforming them into edible works of art. Everything that you need for this session will be delivered before your class to ensure that you have a seamless experience.

2.1.5. Virtual Secret Santa

This one never goes out of style. To streamline the process, use a random Secret Santa generator to pair everyone with their gift-giving partners. Before the exchange, encourage your team members to create wishlists, making it a breeze for Santas’ to spread holiday cheer with a thoughtful and personalized gift. The Secret Santa can then send presents to each other and open them all together over a memorable virtual meeting.

2.1.6. Carol Contests

Carol contests always remind us of Brooklyn 99’s Captain Latvia episode. You can be either the PD or MTA, sing a traditional carol, or mix it up and make your own lyrics. If you plan to do this as a team event, make sure you inform the employees well in advance so they have time to prepare. You can take it a notch higher and set up contests for the best singer solo or group to ignite some friendly competition.

2.2. New Year’s Eve Virtual Holiday Party Ideas


2.2.1. Virtual Dance Party at Midnight

What’s a party without some music and dance? Invite your employees for a couple of hours before midnight on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform. Select your music from YouTube or even hire a virtual DJ and dance on till dawn. People can also have their own BYOB – hey, it's their house, their rules!

2.2.2. Best of the Year - In Retrospect Work Awards

If you prefer a more low-key yet fun celebration with your colleagues, then go for an office-themed awards celebration. Gather up everyone, and announce awards or appreciation to the “Best X of the Year”. Inject some humor and have some office stereotypes take center stage, like “Awesome Jester of the Office” or “Powerpoint Ninja”, “10-min Frequent Break-er” and more. Let your team know that these of course are all in fun spirit and separate from any formal workplace rewards and recognitions.

2.2.3. Ball Drop Livestream

There is one thing that is synonymous with the New Year - The Times Square ball drop. It's a global celebration that bridges the gaps and a great way to unite your team in welcoming the New Year! As the clock strikes midnight, bring everyone together virtually to share the excitement of this iconic moment. Tune into a live stream of the Ball Drop, capturing the event’s essence with a collective countdown. If you are located outside the NY time zone, then you can view this YouTube playlist of ball drops.

2.2.4. Vision Board Party

A vision board party is a unique and meaningful addition to your New Year's virtual holiday party ideas. Beyond the creative outlet it provides, it allows team members to reflect on their personal and professional goals for the upcoming year. You and your teammates can grab favorite images and quotes, share laughs, and craft vision boards together. This creates a positive air to set intentions for the year ahead, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose among team members.

2.3. Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas


2.3.1. Conduct An Origami Class

Delve into the rich tradition of origami, an ancient art form, to celebrate Chinese New Year. You can elevate the experience by arranging for a hosted origami class or inviting an expert to lead your remote team through the intricate folds and creases of paper crafting. This immersive activity not only pays homage to tradition but also fosters teamwork and shared learning, creating a unique bond among your remote colleagues.

2.3.2. A Tea Party

Tea is not just a beverage; it's an integral part of Chinese culture, with a rich history dating back thousands of years. To pay homage to this cultural tradition and to foster a sense of connection within your team, consider hosting a virtual tea-tasting party. In this session, you and your team will come together to sample a diverse selection of teas while understanding their history and importance over the years.

2.3.3. Online Mahjong Game

Mahjong is often (wrongly) attributed to being a pair-matching game. But the actual Mahjong is very different and more like card games. There are plenty of online sites that allow you to play this game like Arkadium and Mahjong. So you can learn and play on the go. Do keep in mind that only 4 people can play mahjong at one time, so you will have to divide up larger groups to be able to play this game.

2.3.4. Play a Chinese New Year Themed Quiz

Consider hosting an easy and engaging virtual team-building activity to celebrate Chinese New Year. For this activity, all you need to do is come up with a set of questions that cover various aspects of the Chinese New Year, such as traditions, zodiac signs, festive foods, and historical facts. (Hint: 2024 is the year of the Dragon). A quiz is one of the best ways for you and your team to come together and engage in some friendly competition.

2.4. Virtual St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas


2.4.1. Virtual Drinking Hour

St. Patrick's Day equals fun and drinks, right? Well, for your virtual bash, why not mix things up? Plan a cool drinking hour where the team can chill out together. The happy hour will serve as a great way for your employees to enjoy themselves in a relaxed and open environment. As part of the experience send out miniature bottles to your employees prior so that people can enjoy themselves on the day.

2.4.2. The Lucky Leprechaun Game

It is important to include leprechauns, the unofficial ambassador of St. Patrick's Day in your virtual holiday party games, at least in spirit. While this spin on the game called “Never Have I Ever” game has nothing to do with leprechauns, it loops in the word for good luck. Participants recall fortuitous incidents of the past like -'' I'm a lucky leprechaun because I got an extra pastry with my order.” Keep track of how many times people raise their hands and find who the luckiest leprechaun is amongst your staff.

2.4.3. Online Irish Jig

St. Patrick's Day is a day full of drinking, singing, and well dancing. An amazing way to get your employee's spirits high is through the traditional Irish jig. There are two ways you can go about this particular activity. One is by learning through a YouTube tutorial, or you can sign up for a virtual class with a professional. This is a fun game, especially since it gets people moving and shaking.

2.5. Virtual US Independence Day Holiday Party Ideas


2.5.1. Hot Dog Eating Competition

​​Hot dog eating used to be a staple in offices, but now that most people work in a hybrid or virtual set up it isn’t as easy to do this. But you can move this online and enjoy this as an online party activity. Encourage your employees to try it out and carry the tradition forward. Additionally, to make it easier, you can get the hot dogs delivered to your employee's homes. Try out fun hot dog recipes for a creative twist, and have fun relishing them with your remote team over engaging banter and music.

2.5.2. Name 50 States

When looking through virtual holiday games, this is a simple, fun one. You can ask your employees to state all the fifty states, and the one to do it the fastest wins. You will be surprised at how many people miss out on it. It will be hilarious, as most of you must have witnessed in the episode of Friends where Ross struggles to name them.

2.5.3. Uncle Sam Hat Making Competition

How about trying some patriotic-themed virtual holiday party games to match the holiday spirit? Schedule a virtual crafting session where the team can gather to create their Uncle Sam hats together. A designated host or a team member can guide the process, offering tips and tricks for hat-making fun. Add some creativity by introducing themes to the Uncle Sam hats. To make it more fun, turn it into a friendly competition with categories such as "Most Creative," "Best Use of Materials," or "Most Patriotic." Post this, take a picture of everyone in their quirky hats, and share it online for keepsakes.

2.6. Virtual Diwali Party Ideas

2.6.1. Rangoli Competition

Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form that involves creating vibrant and intricate designs using colored powders, rice, or flower petals. In a virtual setting, team members can showcase their artistic skills by designing and sharing their unique Rangoli patterns through video calls or photo submissions.

2.6.2. Paint Your Diya

If you are looking for virtual party ideas to celebrate Diwali, then painting a diya or lamp is the perfect fit. Diwali, often referred to as the festival of lights, encourages a return to the classic customs, particularly through the use of diyas. Encourage your colleagues to support the local potters by buying a plain earthen diya, painting it, and then sending in pictures. As far as virtual holiday party games go, this is a fun, easy one that helps you support your local artisans as well.

2.6.3. Ethnic Wear Contest

What is more traditional about Diwali than dressing up in new traditional clothes? Hold a virtual event with your teammates dressed up in ethnic wear representing their culture. To make it even more interactive, team members can share stories related to their chosen attire, creating a platform for cultural exchange within the team. This will also help everyone know a little bit more about each other's culture especially if you have a multicultural team.

2.7. Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Halloween

2.7.1. Pumpkin Carving Competition

Bring the spirit of Halloween to your virtual holiday team party by hosting a Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest. Encourage your team members to showcase their spooky creativity by carving pumpkins, then have them send in snapshots of their eerie masterpieces. You can also hold a public poll in the group and the one with the most votes will be declared a winner.

2.7.2. Virtual Trick or Treat

All of us have at some point enjoyed trick or treating as a child, but no rule says that adults can’t enjoy some version of it. This game can be modified and played along with your team members. You can have one person ask another trick questions, if they get the answer wrong, they have to treat the other person, and if they get it right, they will get the treat from the questioner. To make it more fun, you can also switch it with a classic game of You Laugh You Lose. The winner gets a treat from the loser.

2.8. Virtual Thanksgiving Party Ideas


2.8.1. Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

If you are looking for virtual holiday party ideas, then this one captures the essence of Thanksgiving the best. This holiday is famous for its food. People love making a large spread and hosting friends as well, which has given rise to the concept of Friendsgiving. You can host a similar online soiree for your employees. You don’t have to do a traditional meal, you can treat it more like an opportunity to sit together across screens and bond over cozy conversations and exchange delicious holiday recipes too.

2.8.2. Virtual Paint and Prosecco

This is one that you should for sure include in your list of virtual Thanksgiving activities for your employees. The premise is simple, all you need to send is some supplies to your employee's homes like a bottle of Prosecco (or any other drink of choice), a small canvas, and some paints, and see the magic happen. Once everyone receives their packages you can hop onto a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Teams and catch up while painting and enjoying a drink.

2.8.3. Pie Cook Along

Pies are a quintessential part of Thanksgiving. You can organize a Thanksgiving Pie cook along for your employees. All you need to do is send out the ingredient list for people to be ready when the time comes. The cook-along can take place on a video conferencing app.

This will also let people who usually shy away from the kitchen, try out something new. You can either get a professional chef to help out or if someone from your organization enjoys cooking, they can take the lead as well.

3. FAQs

3.1. How to host a virtual party on Zoom?

Elevate your virtual gatherings by hosting an unforgettable Zoom party that will leave everyone engaged and eager for more. Start by crafting an inviting atmosphere—utilize the Zoom app or browser version to create personalized meeting links, ensuring seamless accessibility for all attendees. a dash fun, leverage Zoom's whiteboard, and screen-sharing features, perfect for games like Pictionary.

3.2. What counts as virtual holiday party food?

A mix of sweet and savory options that are filling and popular count as party food. You can always fall back on a large order of burgers or slices of pizza, accompanied by shakes, fries, cupcakes, and popcorn. And water! Always make sure there are sufficient drinks to go around.

3.3. What is the virtual holiday party agenda when everyone is remote?

The MO of any virtual holiday party is that everyone is able to experience hilarity and entertainment no matter where they are physically. It is important to keep it inclusive and regular so that everyone has a break from the monotony of routine. It’s a good reason to stay in touch with people you rarely get to interact with when work doesn’t intersect. The more involved remote workers feel, the better engaged they are at work. After all, happy people are productive employees and lead more fulfilling lives

3.4. How do you make a virtual Christmas party fun?

There are multiple ways you can make a Christmas party fun. Start with some icebreaker games so that people do not feel awkward and then move on to activities like a mixology class to ensure maximum participation from everyone. This is how you can host fun virtual holiday activities.

3.5. How to start planning a virtual holiday party?

To ensure a successful virtual party, here's a concise guide: Begin by confirming attendee availability and allowing time for food arrangements. Set clear guidelines for camera use and etiquette, utilizing platforms with breakout rooms for a smoother experience. Schedule the event using apps like Calendly, sending prompt invitations with engaging designs and essential details. Plan fun virtual holiday games to keep the energy high.

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