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How to Host a Vision Board Party to Manifest Your Dreams

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Vision Board Party

Hosting a vision board party can be a motivating, inspiring, and empowering experience for both the host and the participants. Often, people think of the creation of a vision board as something private and secretive, but there are several good reasons to turn the activity into a social interaction. It's a chance to bring people together, foster a positive and creative atmosphere, and facilitate personal growth and goal-setting.

We cover all you need to know in this post on how to host a fun vision board party, and offer an inspiring and creative experience for your guests.

Looking for some inspiration to aid in your manifestation journey? We have compiled a list of vision board ideas, templates, quotes, examples, and supplies to help you create the best vision board. 

For a deep dive into the world of vision boards, we also recommend having a look at vision board ideas for adults and vision board apps.

1.What Is a Vision Board Party?

What Is a Vision Board Party?

A vision board party is a social gathering where individuals come together to create vision boards. During a vision board party, people come together in a group setting to create a collage of their aspirations and goals using photos and other images. These cutouts are then arranged and glued onto the poster board to create a personalized vision board. For physical vision boards, the images are usually cut from magazines, but you can also utilize software like Canva or Fotor to create a digital vision board that you can either print out or store online.  

The party atmosphere adds a fun and collaborative element to the process. People can share their aspirations, discuss their goals, and offer encouragement to one another.

2.Why Host a Vision Board Party?

Vision board parties provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their goals and aspirations. Individuals get to connect with like-minded individuals who may share similar aspirations or goals and this helps foster a sense of community, support, and encouragement.

By hosting a vision board party, individuals can hold each other accountable for their goals and provide ongoing motivation and support. This kind of clarity can then fuel their sense of motivation as well as improve productivity. While you don’t necessarily need to host or attend a vision board party in order to make a vision board, such events can be fun and enjoyable experiences.  Otherwise, it’s easy for people to procrastinate and put off making one indefinitely. Also, having a room full of people to bounce ideas off of will help foster deeper thinking about what is important and, just as importantly, what is realistic. 

3.What Do You Need to Host a Vision Board Party?

What Do You Need to Host a Vision Board Party?

3.1 Setting a Date, Time and Location

Starting with the basics, the first thing to do when hosting a vision board party is to settle on when and where it will take place. Take into consideration other people’s schedules and locations before deciding on a final date, time and place, so that these aspects are as convenient as possible for everyone. As a way to optimize this stage, you can turn to scheduling software like Doodle to help poll everybody’s availability.

Another factor to take into account is the time of year. Often, people find it helpful to create their vision boards during a particularly noteworthy period, such as the end of the year, the beginning of the year or during the spring, a traditional time of year for fresh perspectives and new beginnings.

As for location, consider whether you want to hold the party in person, either in a private space or in a public one. Alternatively, you could always manage the session remotely. The most important thing is to get everyone making their vision board at the same time, so that there’s plenty of room for discussion as well as a bit of a deadline.

3.2 Send Out Invites

Send Out Invites

The next step is to send out invites. You can do this easily through Microsoft Outlook or other similar apps like Calendly. These programs will allow you to track RSVPs, so you know how many vision board craft supplies you need to stock up on and also how many party essentials like food items and beverages you need to arrange for.

3.3 Gather Necessary Materials

Once you’ve received confirmations from the invitees, you can start planning and purchasing the necessary materials to construct the vision boards. Start with cork board, construction paper or poster board as a base, with at least a couple of pieces per person, just in case anybody needs to start over. You will also need glue sticks, scissors and markers, plus a good stack of old magazines and/or a printer that can be used to obtain pictures.

Don’t forget to plan refreshments as well. Some drinks and light food – nothing too messy that could damage the vision boards – will keep everyone energized and lend a more relaxed, informal feeling to the gathering. 

In case you decide to go digital, in which case you need to make sure you have the right number of licenses for your group if it’s a paid piece of software. There are always free options, but these may not come with as many features.

4.Things to Do at Your Vision Board Party

Things to Do at Your Vision Board Party

4.1 Start with an Icebreaker Session

To get your vision board party off on the right foot, begin with some icebreaker activities. These will get people chatting and relaxed, so that when people get down to the business of discussing their various goals, they will already feel more comfortable communicating with one another.

For example, you could start with the classic Two Truths and a Lie game, where each person relates two true stories and one fake one, and the rest of the attendees have to guess which is which. Another fun icebreaker is Find 10 Things in Common, where small groups have to find at least 10 things they share with the other people in their group. These things can range from favorite colors to sports played.

Try to choose an icebreaker that provides enough interaction to put people at ease but that also doesn’t take up too much time. The main purpose of getting together, after all, is to create an inspirational vision board.

4.2 Share and Discuss Ideas 

Before you begin setting down your goals on paper though pictures and pens, take some time to carefully think about what you would like to achieve. Once you’ve had a little time to brainstorm a few ideas, share them with the wider group. 

The discussion stage is crucial to a vision board party, as you will usually find that through open communication, it is easier to both clarify your own thoughts and find inspiration in the objectives of others that apply equally well to you.

4.3 Setting Goals and Intentions 

Once all attendees have had some time to bounce their thoughts off one another, it is time for each person to individually narrow down their intentions. These can range from career goals like becoming a manager, to learning new skills or improving work-life balance. 

It can be helpful to have a separate piece of paper where you can write these down, so that you know what kind of images you will be looking for to include on your poster board.

The best method is to start by scribbling down as many things as possible. Don’t worry if it seems like too much at first, as once you have a big list to draw from, you can then begin crossing out the items that are less important to the future you envision for yourself, whittling down the bullet points to a handful of core targets.

4.4 Creating Vision Boards

Creating Vision Boards

Now for the fun part- actually creating the vision board. To start with, you will need to trawl through either the physical or digital media at your disposal to find the pictures that best fit your objectives. Again, participants should feel free to start off with too many images, as these can always be trimmed down before you start attaching stuff to your background paper or board.

Once you have a good selection of pictures, the next step is to start thinking about how to arrange them. Make sure people take their time, as once something is stuck down, it’s going to be a real task  to get it off!

Don’t forget to keep the conversation flowing during this step. It may be that somebody else has found just the right image to fit your vision board, but they won’t realize that unless you let other people know if you are struggling to visually represent a particular concept or idea.

4.5 Reflect on the Board 

Once everybody has finished their vision board, it’s time to reflect on each person’s creation. This phase is a way for individuals to validate their goals and build confidence in what they have outlined through their creative project. Aside from garnering support, it also fosters a degree of accountability, which can be beneficial in terms of commitment and motivation.

Just before the conclusion of the session, encourage attendees to display their vision boards somewhere prominent, so that they are regularly confronted by the visualization of their goals.


  • What is the psychology behind vision boards?

According to some neuroscientific research, the brain assigns greater importance to images than written words. Plus, the more you see certain images, the more they grow in stature. In other words, through visualization and repetition, your vision board can help program your mind to turbocharge your motivation.

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