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12 Must-Have Vision Board Supplies To Transform Your Goals into Reality

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Vision board supplies

One of the most powerful ways to aid manifestation is a vision board. Considering this is a creation that you need to see and interact with every day, the right vision board supplies are essential. They will help you create a vision board that truly resonates with you and brings your visions to life. 

We at Sorry on Mute are big fans of vision boards, and so we went through a few dozen of these supplies (Thank you, Amazon!). From selecting the perfect board to decorative elements, we have compiled a list of 12 must-have vision board supplies for you to create the manifestation tool of your dreams. 

Looking for some inspiration to aid in your manifestation journey? We have compiled a list of vision board ideas, templates, examples, and quotes to help you create the best vision board. 

For a deep dive into the world of vision boards, we also recommend having a look at vision board ideas for adultsvision board apps, and how to throw a vision board party.

1.  How to Make a 2023 Vision Board?

To make a 2023 vision board you need to set your intentions for the year in line. Visualize the kind of year you are looking to have. Consider various areas of your life especially the ones where you want change to take place, such as career, relationships, health, personal growth, and hobbies. Be specific as to write down your intentions and goals in every category. 

Find images and words that resonate with your aspirations, and add them to the board. This will help you take inspired action. One thing to remember is that there will be moments when you will need to update your goals or intentions based on changes in life to reflect on your vision board better. So, do remember to update your vision board from time to time. 

2.  Vision Board Supplies You Need To Get 

Vision Board Supplies You Need To Get

2.1.  Board Options 

There are plenty of different factors to consider when picking the right vision board for yourself.  If you prefer a tactile experience and enjoy physically arranging materials, opt for a corkboard or poster board.else consider using a digital platform that’s clutter-free and easy to work on. 

2.1.1.  Corkboard

A corkboard is a classic choice when it comes to vision board supplies. It offers a tactile experience as it allows you to easily pin or tack images, affirmations, and other materials onto its surface. If you have space and like the process of physically arranging and pinning materials, a corkboard is an ideal choice. 

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Lockways Cork Board Bulletin Board

Why we love it: If you are looking for a sturdy, durable option then this is perfect. This corkboard comes in a variety of sizes, for reference, we got the 36 x 24-inch board and it worked great for us. We could easily mount it on the wall and changes were also easy to make. It comes with 10 push pins for you to begin creating your vision board.

2.1.2.  Posterboard

Posterboards are another great choice for vision boards. Made of sturdy cardboard or foam board, these are sturdy, versatile, and allow you to use different kinds of adhesive material to secure your pictures. They are also a little cheaper than corkboards. If you are someone who moves a lot and wants a more portable board then you should get a posterboard. They are also great if you are working on a shared vision board. 

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Trifold Poster Board 

Why we love it: This is a classic product that does the job well. We found it was easy to move around different elements of the vision board. It’s also pretty rugged and survived quite a few trips around during our testing process. The tri-fold makes it easy to store and use.


2.1.3.  Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms

If you do not want to go through the fuss of creating a physical board then you have the option of creating a digital board. These applications are convenient and clutter-free. You can easily search for and upload images, add text, and organize your goals digitally. Another great part about these is that they are accessible from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. 

Our pick for the vision board supplies list: Sparkello

Why we love it: Out of the virtual board apps out there, this was probably the one that we found the easiest to use. If you aren't really sure about where to begin your vision board journey, this app provides you with inspiration in the form of sparks. The explore section has a list of goals that you can go through and get an idea to begin your own vision board.

2.2.  Visual Materials 

Visual Materials

When it comes to laying down the foundation of your vision board, gathering images and print materials is essential as they provide a visual representation and inspiration for your goals. Whether you prefer physical cutouts from magazines or digital images from online sources it is important to aim for variety and diversity in the pictures. 

2.2.1.  Magazines Cutouts

From time immemorial, or at least since vision boards have become an integral part of our collective memory, magazines have been known to provide some of the best visuals. They cover a wide range of topics such as lifestyle, travel, health, and personal development. Also, they feature vibrant visuals that can spark creativity and help you visualize your goals vividly.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Free Period Press Vision Board Book

Why we love it: As much as we loved the old magazines from our local library, we understand that it might not be the easiest for everyone to access it. So, we picked this magazine from Amazon. It's available in two variations and features ample images to help create your vision board. 

2.2.2.  Catalog 

If your vision board includes aspirations related to your living space, style, or personal interests, catalogs are a great resource. They feature a wide range of images to choose from, allowing you to explore various possibilities for your goals. Their accessibility makes them a convenient option for finding and selecting materials for your vision board without the need for extensive searching or brainstorming.

Our pick for the vision board supplies list: Mailing Lists

There are plenty of places that still provide free catalogs if you are looking for a specific one. Even though there has been a move to digital in the past couple of years you can still find some by just signing up for their mailing list. Here is a list of some available.

2.2.3.  Online Sources

In today's digital age, online sources play a crucial role in gathering images and print materials. Websites, search engines, and online platforms offer a vast array of images, articles, quotes, and resources that align with your goals. You can easily hop online and find any image you are looking for which is convenient. But if you are looking for the classic experience of creating a vision board, we do recommend catalogs and magazines. 

Our pick for the vision board supplies list: Unsplash

Why we love it: Well, this one is kind of a more obvious choice. But if you are looking for license-free, non-watermarked images then Unsplash is a great source. There is a wide variety available, and the selection is constantly growing with the help of their thriving community. 

2.3.  Essential Cutting and Collaging Tools

Essential Cutting and Collaging Tools

Cutting and collaging tools are essential for a vision board so you can physically manipulate and arrange your chosen images and materials easily and conveniently.

2.3.1.  Scissors

Let’s start with the basics, scissors are versatile and useful for cutting out images, shapes, and materials for your vision board. They offer a comfortable grip and allow for general cutting tasks, making them suitable for various materials like paper, lightweight fabrics, and thin cardstock.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Scotch Brand Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

Why we love it: These are sturdy, dependable scissors. What we really liked was that they are great for both right-handed as well as left-handed people. They feature a soft comfortable grip handle which means that even after we spend the better part of the day cutting out images from magazines, you won’t experience grip fatigue.

2.3.2.  Precision Cutting Tool 

If you are looking for more control or accuracy than regular scissors then you should get a precision knife or a craft scalpel. These tools feature a sharp, pointed blade that allows you to make precise cuts along intricate lines or detailed shapes. They are particularly helpful when working with small or delicate images or when you need to trim with utmost precision.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit

Why we love it: The grip on this precision knife is great and makes is easy to cut at angles. They are sharp enough that you don’t have to go over the same area twice. For testing purposes, we tried to cut vinyl with it and it went great. So, if you are looking for a precision knife for your vision board this is one you should definitely consider. Also, this combo kit comes with 5 additional blades. 

2.3.3.  Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are a popular adhesive choice for vision board creation. They are easy to use, mess-free, and provide a temporary bond that allows you to reposition your visuals before the glue dries completely. Glue sticks are suitable for paper-based materials and work well on lightweight images, magazine cut-outs, or printed photos.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Elmer's Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks 

Why we love it: It is hard to go wrong with the classics, which is why this makes an appearance on our list. The glue goes on purple and then turns invisible as it dries, so you can glue with precision. This no-run, easily washable glue is a staple in every home and office, if you don’t have it around just order it. We are sure you won’t regret it. 

2.3.4.  Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape, such as double-sided tape or clear tape, is a quick and efficient way to attach materials to your vision board. They provide a strong and permanent bond, ensuring that your visuals stay in place over time. Tape works on most materials like paper, cardstock, and even some lightweight fabrics.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided Adhesive 

Why we love it:. We liked it because it was clear and sturdy on application. It's strong enough to even mount your posterboard to the wall. However, if you try to remove it you might end up taking a chunk of paint off as well. Just thought we would warn you.

2.3.5.  Cutting Mats

When you are in the process of cutting things there is a chance that you might end up destroying the material on which you are cutting, so, it is recommended that you get a cutting mat. These protective surfaces can help prevent damage when using cutting tools.They also provide a stable surface for cutting, ensuring safety and accuracy.

Our Amazon pick for the vision board supplies list: Fiskars Self Healing Cutting Mat

Why we love it: It's nice, big, and sturdy. The self-healing function is as advertised, we cut quite a lot on it and there are no permanent marks on the material. Once you are done using it, you can roll up the mat for easy storage.

2.4.  Personal Touches and Decorative Elements

There is an endless  list of decorative elements that you can add to your vision board as these will be an inherent reflection of your personality. We suggest a few classic elements like handwritten affirmations, customized artwork, washi tapes, and personal photos or items as they will make your vision board more visually appealing. 

3.  FAQs

  • What paper is used for a vision board?

Various types of paper can be used for a vision board, such as cardstock, construction paper, scrapbook paper, or even regular printer paper

  • What is the best board to use for a vision board?

The best board for a vision board can vary based on individual preferences. We recommend using a corkboard or a poster board.

  • How do you make an aesthetic vision board?

To create an aesthetic vision board, carefully curate and arrange images, colors, and design elements that align with your desired aesthetic. 

  • How do you make a vision board without a printer?

If you don't have access to a printer, you can still create a vision board using alternative methods. You can cut out images and words from magazines, newspapers, or catalogs, or hand-draw and paint your visuals directly on the board. 

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