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Top 11 Virtual Dance Classes to Amp Up Your Team’s Moves and Grooves

September 29, 2023
| By
Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Top 11 Virtual Dance Classes to Amp Up Your Team's Moves and Grooves

If you are looking for a thrilling way to wake and shake your remote workforce, virtual dance classes are something that your team will enjoy and cherish forever. Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill team building activities, a dance class is a perfect recipe for teamwork, laughter and most importantly fun! Whether it is a simple move or a well choreographed performance, there is no better way for your team members to connect, bond and support each other. 

In this article, we have carefully curated a list of 11 best online dance classes you can join from the comfort of your home. 

So, let’s dive in. 

If you want to learn about more exciting and energetic dance forms, you will love our in-depth article on virtual bollywood dance classes. For those seeking thrilling and fun ways to stay fit, check out our virtual Zumba class blog that will help you move, learn and enjoy the world of dance.

1. Why Virtual Dance Classes are Great as a Team Building Activity?


Dancing in sync, even through a screen, requires participants to coordinate their movements, communicate and rely on each other. This collaborative experience of learning and performing dance steps can break down barriers and build a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members. The laughter and enjoyment that come from practicing new moves can mitigate work-related stress, burnout and tensions from a monotonous routine. 

Though online dance is all about having fun, it's a great way to stay active and fit. It combines cardiovascular exercise and strength training to burn calories and promote weight management. This helps individuals to lead a robust and joyful lifestyle in a supportive environment. Not to mention the myriad of benefits virtual dance class has to offer in the areas of morale, empathy and  etiquette, all of which are paramount for an organization to function well.

2. 11 Best Virtual Dance Classes for Your Team

2.1 Paid Virtual Dance Classes

2.1.1 Hooray Teams


Hooray Teams stands as the ultimate virtual platform, dedicated to providing engaging and interactive team-building experiences for your remote workforce. 

They facilitate a diverse range of exciting and fun activities, all thoughtfully curated to enhance creativity and collaboration while strengthening the bonds within your team.  

Among their offerings, the online dance classes add a unique dimension to your team's growth and connectivity with perfect rhythm and movement. These sessions are expertly tailored to cater to individuals of all skill levels, whether they are beginners taking their first dance steps or professional dancers. With the guidance of qualified dance masters, you'll receive great support in both mastering new dance steps and honing your existing skills.

Ideal for: Remote team, Team building, Virtual conferences and meeting, Diverse team

  • No. of participants: 10-1000
  • Time duration: 60-120 minutes
  • Price per person: Available upon request

2.1.2 STEEZY Studio

If you are looking for a virtual dance learning experience just like a session at a physical studio, STEEZY Studio is the right one for you. Steezy has tools that enable you to loop a section, control the speed, mirror the video and watch dance classes from front or back. They offer 1500 plus varieties of dance styles such as hip hop, contemporary, ballet, lite feet, dance workout, popping, jazz, salsa and more. . 

If you are brand new who can’t really dance, beginner who got a couple of moves, intermediate, trained or a professional dancer, steezy has got something for everyone. All you need to do is just filter your search based on dance level, style, instructor, and the class length to get the desired results. 

Ideal for: Remote team who like learn dance, Team building, Diverse team, Corporate events

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 30 - 60 minutes 
  • Price per person: $20

2.1.3 Diva dance company

Sometimes, all your office ladies’ squad just needs a 30-minute break for a sweaty and stress-free dance experience. Diva dance company gets it. Whether you are a novice or a professional dancer looking for advanced training, Diva has a range of well-curated dance sessions led by expert choreographers. 

The session will start with the basics of dance styles and movements, rhythm and coordination. As you progress, you will discover advanced techniques and complex movements while improving flexibility, strength and stamina. Expert trainers at Diva will get you to move, groove, foot-stomp and hair-flip like Shakira, Britney Spears or Beyoncé. 

Ideal for: Remote working women, Dance lovers, Fitness seekers, Team building  

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 60 minutes 
  • Price per person: $20

2.2 Free Virtual Dance Classes

2.2.1 Learntodance.com


Learntodance.com was launched by Leon Turetsky, a professional dance instructor, with the aim of teaching dance with simple and easy steps. The website offers step-by-step tutorial videos of popular dance styles, including, ballroom, hip hop dance, break dance, salsa dance, belly dance, line dance, club dance, tap dance, all of which are completely free of cost.

Each free online dance session is conducted by qualified instructors who are experts at teaching beginners and those who are trying to upgrade their dancing skills to the next level. The interesting thing is that you can rewind, pause or fast forward videos to improve a particular dance style or technique. What’s more, you can watch their online videos anytime, anywhere on any device or download the same to your computer. 

Ideal for: Remote team, Beginners who want to learn simple moves, Anyone looking to spice up their dance skills

  • Time duration: self-paced
  • Price per person: Free

2.2.2 FitSevenEleven


Looking for an online dance class that combines a little bit of jazz or zumba with a high energy workout session? If so, you will love the classes at FitSevenEleven. This youtube channel offers thirty plus dance-focused cardio burns such as salsa, traditional pop stylings and jazz funk that will leave you feeling alive and energized. 

FitSevenEleven's classes are much like a regular aerobics class and it may take some time to understand all the dance moves. In this class, you’ll burn calories, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles with the help of your favorite beats. 

Ideal for: Fitness enthusiasts, Expert dancers, Remote team looking for challenging dance moves 

  • Time duration: 30 minutes 
  • Price per person: Free

2.3  Virtual Dance Classes for Beginners

2.3.1 DancePlug

DancePlug feels like a utopia for dance lovers - you can choose from a library of 750 plus tutorial videos of dance styles, exercises, warmups, choreography and many more. Embracing the motto ‘your space, your pace’, they strive to be an ideal online dance platform with versatile and diverse dance styles. 

Class genres include hip-hops, jazz,contemporary, ballet, theatre dance, funk, conditioning and bollywood. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced dancer, DancePlug has customizable and easy to follow classes, all taught by experienced dance masters.  

Ideal for: Team building, Aspiring dancers, Remote team who want to take high quality dance classes

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: Differs for each class 
  • Price per person: $20/ month

2.3.2 Dancio


Do you want to dance to your favorite music with simple steps? or want to improve your ballet dancing skills? Then it would be best to check out Dancio's library of 100 plus dance classes online that have something to bring out the aspiring dancer inside you. 

They offer classes in three genres: ballet, modern and contemporary styles with expert lessons from qualified instructors. Dancio’s classes cater to all levels of experience such as open, beginner, beginner intermediate, advanced intermediate, intermediate and youth friendly. 

Ideal for: Dance lovers, Expert dancers, Remote team with all dance skill levels

  • No.of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 60 minutes 
  • Price per person: $30/month

2.4 Virtual Dance Classes for Intermediates


2.4.1 CLI Studios

If you want to refine your dancing skills or enhance your confidence, then the CLI studio’s can be an ideal go-to platform. Their 500 plus intermediate online dance classes are designed to enhance body and mind with strong exercise and graceful performance. Also, you will be able to develop your own style and improvisation under the guidance of top choreographers. 

CLI has online intermediate dance classes in contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, modern, ballet, jazz funk, tap, musical theatre, ballroom and more. You can access the classes 24/7 with the options to pause, rewind, slow down and mirror controls repeat or jump ahead a section. 

Ideal for: Fitness lovers, Aspiring dancers, Remote team who want to upgrade dance skills

  • No.of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: Differs for each class 
  • Price per person: $199/annually

2.4.2 DanceBody

When you want to learn a high-energy, high-impact workout that is both fun and effective, DanceBody’s online classes fit the bill for you. Known for its focus on cardio exercise and muscle sculpting techniques, their highly qualified and experienced instructors teach you unique ways to strengthen your body, mind and soul. 

Dancebody offers daily live streamed classes, 400 + On Demand workouts, Wellness & specialty content from its locations in New York City, Los Angeles, the Hamptons and Miami. They feature a diverse range of class types including sculpt, dance and sculpt, hip-hop hits, signature, strength and stability and full out to help you practice, perfect and perform.

Ideal for: Team building, Diverse team, Corporate events, Dance enthusiasts 

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 50 minutes 
  • Price per person: $34.99/ month

2.5 Virtual Dance Classes for Experts

2.5.1 Shine dance fitness


If you want to melt away your calories with a little bit of music, Shine Dance Fitness should be your vibe. They combine cardio exercise and toning workouts accessible to all experience levels. Each session incorporates dance moves from ballet, hip-hop and jazz along with unique playlists that are choreographed by professional instructors. 

Shine Dance Fitness brings trending music and brilliant choreography for all fitness levels. Overall, they provide a mood-lifting experience that leaves practitioners feeling strong, capable and confident in a supportive environment. 

Ideal for: Remote team, Diverse team, Fitness lovers, Dance enthusiasts 

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 60 minutes 
  • Price per person: $13.99

2.5.2 DNCR academy

DNCR academy is one of the best online dance classes for adults who are looking to expand their skill set and master some cool moves from professional dancers. New classes are added every month covering various styles like contemporary, hip hop, freestyling, isolations, dance fitness, bollywood, shuffling and many more. 

DNCR brings dance lessons and choregraphies from the world's top-notch dancers like Matt Steffanina, Enola Bedard, Bailey Sok, Nicole Laeno and Fik-Shun. You can take your step-by-step dance lessons from anywhere with the help of a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Ideal for: Remote team, Dance lovers, Fitness lovers, Professional dancers

  • No. of participants: Available upon request 
  • Time duration: 60 minutes 
  • Price per person:$17/month

3. FAQs

3.1 Is it possible to learn dance online?

Certainly, you can learn to dance online. With the advancement of technology and the availability of various video conferencing platforms, individuals can practice different dance styles and levels from the comfort of their own space. Whether you are brand new to dancing or an experienced dancer looking to refine skills, online dance classes offer video lessons or live virtual dance classes with a diverse selection of instructors. There are paid and free options available for learning different dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom and bollywood to name a few.

3.2 Which online dance classes are best?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Selecting the best online dance classes depends on your specific preferences,budget, goals and skill level. Research popular virtual dance platforms like STEEZY, Danceplug, Dancio, Dancebody and familiarize yourself with the quality and user experience of their sessions. Most of the online dance platforms offer free trial sessions which can help you get a feel for their teaching style and interface.

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