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8 Best Virtual Holiday Trivia Platforms for Festive Fun

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work


Virtual holiday trivia is an excellent choice for fun and interactive activities to play on Zoom with your coworkers, friends, or family. You can all be in different parts of the world and still be able to share some excitement and connect during the festive season. 

You can also show appreciation for your employees or spend quality time socializing with everyone.

While there’s plenty to organize in terms of logistics, you don’t have to stress about it—simply partner with a virtual holiday trivia platform that will plan and host the session for you. 

Not sure where to start? Here are our top recommendations you must consider!

1. Why Holiday Trivia Is a Fun Office Game?

The format and questions in this game are holiday-themed, such as “Holiday Movies,” “Seasonal Songs,” and “Festive Foods.” These are great for allowing participants to reminisce about their own favorites while sharing and making fond memories with coworkers.

Holiday trivia is particularly popular for office parties as it promotes team-building and boosts staff morale. The games are tailored around fun themes that get everyone in the holiday mood. At the same time, they bring out everyone’s competitive spirit, which makes the games engaging.

As an office game, holiday trivia can be used for icebreaking, onboarding, or simply celebrating the holiday season. It is a fun way for the employees to relax and refresh.

2. Best Virtual Holiday Trivia Platforms to Try

2.1 Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams’ virtual holiday trivia is an exciting experience, with music, fun banter, and healthy competition. Their experienced team takes over the planning so you can kick back and enjoy the games with everyone. A professional host is there throughout the event to ease the way and minimize awkward silences. You can personalize the event as much as you want and include fun welcome messages for every member on the call. 

The event can be hosted on Zoom or Remo, and participants only need to sign in using a link. The game lasts 60 minutes and involves four to five rounds of trivia. You can customize the session to run longer or include more rounds.

Hooray Teams can seamlessly accommodate 10 to 1,000 participants. If you want to host a lot of people without stretching the time limit, you can split up the participants into smaller groups.

They offer customizable pricing depending on your needs and personalizations. But rest assured, their top-notch services are very affordable.

2.2 SocialPoint Audience Engagement Platform

SocialPoint can help you design a virtual holiday trivia game guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. They have over 50 themes to begin with, and there are further subcategories with custom-designed templates. Some of the popular options from their holiday themes include Halloween, Fall Harvest, Winter Trivia, New Year’s, and more. They add new themes every month, so you’re never short of options.

You can also use their templates to find inspiration and build your own trivia game with custom graphics and unique questions. Go with custom branding for the leaderboard, player app, question screen, and question results, too.

Participants must simply log in using a link and play on any device. There are other fun customizations like time limits to answer questions, which further boost the sense of competition. For a more relaxed pace, you can play the game in manual mode. 

The package includes a rehearsal meeting and live chat support if you need assistance while designing your game. The only drawback is that SocialPoint does not provide hosts, so you’ll have to find one on your own.

Users gain access to their game software for up to a month. That means you can host practice sessions or multiple games throughout the holiday season to keep the festive cheer going!

2.3 TeamBonding

TeamBonding offers a fun range of virtual holiday trivia themes, including Festive Foods, Global Traditions, Winter Wonderland, Gifts and Toys Galore, etc. They’re customizable to your group’s liking and accommodate individual players and team breakout rooms.

The games themselves come in a range of options like holiday trivia multiple choice, true/false, or type-in. Each event lasts around 30 to 90 minutes and allows for four rounds of ten questions each.

A professional host guides the participants through the game, from introductions to results announcements. They provide interactive commentary and announce the leaderboard updates—there will be no dull moments during your event!

Another cool feature for companies is the variety of branding options to weave your mission statement or cultural values into the program. You can suggest your own ideas or ask for help from the support team.

You can invite 10 to 1,000 participants to play a game and set the video-conferencing platform of your choice. They don’t disclose their pricing, so you must fill out their contact form to request a quote.

2.4 Outback Team Building & Training

Give your team the ultimate winter wonderland experience with Outback Team Building & Training’s non-Christmas holiday trivia. Their virtual event takes place in Frost’s brand-new ice hotel, where guests can enjoy a fun trivia game. Hosted by the Frost family, the event involves three rounds of holiday and winter-themed trivia questions and one round of icebreakers.

You get access to their expert consultants, facilitators, and hosts who take care of everything from pre-planning and organization to hosting.

Their event is perfect for those who want to enjoy trivia-based team competition along with bond-building socialization. They can accommodate four to over 1,000 participants, separated into groups of five to 15. The games typically run for 30 to 120 minutes. 

Their minimum event fee is $1,045 in addition to per-person charges from $13 to $53.

2.5 Confetti

Confetti’s game themes are all-encompassing and allow everyone to participate. Some of our favorites are “Winter Holidays Around the World,” “Holiday Movies,” and “Winter Facts.” The experience is perfect for groups with a fair amount of knowledge about pop culture in the United States.

We also like how they give bonus points to players who can make their answers sassy and funny—it’s a great way to encourage creativity and build camaraderie within teams. You can pre-assign teams before the game or opt for randomly assigned groups to split into different breakout rooms.

All of the games include a professional host who keeps the conversation going while keeping the score. Their game format comprises three to four rounds of trivia, with three write-in rounds and one buzz-in round to maintain a fun pace and keep the competition exciting. These are played in teams of up to five people and go on for about 60 minutes.

Confetti can accommodate two to 500 people per game. Their starting price for these games is $600.

2.6 Watson Adventures

If you want to get your group into the festive spirit, laughter is the best answer. And with the laughter-filled virtual holiday trivia by Watson Adventures, all of your needs are covered. Their fun events ensure full-throated carolers and grumpy Grinches get along and enjoy participating in the event.

Their trivia games cover a range of holiday themes such as “Halloween Trivia,” "Holiday Virtual Mystery Trivia,” and “New Year’s 2023 Trivia.” No matter what theme you pick, you’ll get some of the most humorous questions. These can center around tricky lyrics from holiday songs to celebrities with connections to the holidays.

The best part is that they offer adult holiday trivia and kids’ holiday trivia to accommodate all types of groups.

All events come with a host who handles the introductions, questions, breakout rooms, and winner announcements. Their packages also include a photo scavenger hunt round for a bit of a refresher in the midst of the festive activities.

Watson Adventures does not disclose its pricing on its website. You can request a quote after filling out their inquiry form with details of your event.

2.7 Avva Experience

Avva Experience offers some of the most unique holiday themes among the trivia platforms listed here. Some of our favorite themes include “Sounds Of North Pole Nature,” “Back To Elf School,” and “The Christmas Music Round.” You can customize the games to suit your chosen topic or your company’s culture.

Their events involve five rounds of trivia and are hosted by high-energy quiz experts who know how to get everyone fired up. They divide participants into groups of three to eight and can accommodate five to 500 players overall. Each game typically runs for about 60 minutes. 

They can hold events for various time zones depending on their availability. Each client gets access to a personal event manager to facilitate the program. The best bit is that they also offer an add-on service to deliver the drinks and snacks of your choice to the participants—talk about a fun holiday party!

Pricing for their trivia event starts at $339 + VAT for the first ten attendees. They do not include the hosting service in their package, so you must pay for it separately.

2.8 Elevent

Elevent is the best option for hosting virtual holiday trivia for a diverse, international team. Their random holiday trivia questions have a global focus and include festive traditions across the world.

Elevent is best known for its theatrical hosting of virtual events carried out by actor-trained emcees. They’re experts at ensuring your event is fun and immersive for everyone involved, including you! All guests receive a keepsake presentation that includes highlights from the best moments in the event.

Their 60-minute events are hosted on Zoom and can accommodate a flexible headcount. They use breakout rooms to divide teams into smaller groups of five to eight, which can also be pre-assigned.

The starting price for the event is $1,075 with a $32 per person charge.

3. FAQ

3.1. What Are Some Good Holiday Trivia Questions?

Some good examples of virtual holiday trivia questions are:

  • When was the term "X-mas" invented?
  • When is Hanukkah celebrated?
  • What is the significance of Diwali?
  • Do more Americans get real or artificial trees?
  • What does the word "Hanukkah" mean?

3.2. How Do You Make Virtual Trivia Fun?

To make your virtual trivia fun, start by dividing the participants into teams. Make sure the theme is easy to grasp, and the questions are customized to the group. Combine easy and difficult questions to keep the spirits high. In addition, hire a good host for the event.

3.3. What Is Virtual Trivia?

A game of virtual trivia is similar to a traditional one, except that it is hosted online. The platform organizing the virtual trivia game typically handles all of the details. You can pick from a range of formats or combine different ones to make the game unique to your group.

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