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20 Virtual Icebreakers for Large Groups to Help Them Engage, Connect and Succeed

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Breaking the ice in a virtual environment can be a challenge, especially with large groups. Yet, fostering collaboration and a sense of community is essential for any team or gathering. That's where virtual icebreakers come in. Virtual icebreakers for large groups are some of the quickest ways to get people to chat, laugh, or make something together. 

In this article, we’ve curated a list of 20 virtual icebreakers for large groups that can help break the initial awkwardness and cultivate a sense of community and collaboration. 

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1. What Is A Good Virtual Icebreaker?


A good virtual icebreaker is like the espresso shot in your morning coffee – it instantly livens up the room, even if that room is just a grid of faces on a screen. These activities help people get to know each other virtually, such as meetings, webinars, or online training sessions. They transform the typical interactions into engaging talks where everyone feels seen, heard, and, most importantly, connected. 

2. 20 Best Virtual Icebreakers For Large Groups


2.1 Virtual IceBreaker Games By Hooray Teams

Say goodbye to virtual awkwardness and get ready to have a whole lot of fun with Hooray Teams' Virtual Icebreaker Games. Full disclosure, though Hooray Teams is our sister site, which helps teams of all sizes organize hosted team building activities. This event is the perfect way to build on those digital connections genuinely.

This 60-minute session includes interactive challenges, brain-teasing trivia quizzes, and collaborative activities. All are designed to help you and your teammates know each other better. If you want to make certain customizations to questions asked, you can reach out to the team, and they will help you out.

2.2 Simon Says

Remember that childhood game where Simon was the omnipotent commander of your actions? Well, it's back with a virtual twist. This is one of the best virtual games for large groups that promises laughs and active engagement, ideal for warming up a big group.

Instead of the usual "touch your toes" or "jump in place," virtual Simon is upping the ante. Simon might make you do the funniest things - from switching off your camera and popping back on with a funny face to making you mimic a statue. Or, Simon wants you to strike a pose that would give the most famous figures a run for their money. And if you're thinking of a way to get that big group of attendees involved and smiling right from the start? Well, Simon says... give this game a go.

2.3 Remote Scavenger Hunt


Who said treasure hunts were only for kids or pirates? Challenge your group to find quirky items around their home. It could be a spoon with a face drawn or perhaps that ever-elusive left sock. It's a mad dash to showcase the item on camera.

Remote scavenger hunt isn't just about showcasing trinkets or having a few giggles. Whoever finds the 'treasure' first might get the bragging rights for the day, but honestly, everyone's a winner here not only because of the fun they've had but also because of the shared memories they've just created. The next time your virtual gathering feels too formal, throw in a treasure hunt challenge. You're in for some good laughs and friendship.

2.4 Virtual Escape Rooms

Why let our minds snooze when they can be put to something thrilling? Virtual escape rooms are quickly becoming everyone's favorite digital hangout. It's more than just a simple game; it's a virtual challenge designed to kick your brain cells into action. As you navigate through mysterious clues and perplexing puzzles, the clock keeps ticking, adding that extra dash of adrenaline. 

These games have various themes for rooms that cater to different interests (e.g., space, historical periods, or movie genres). The stories behind escape rooms, whether it's solving a mystery, saving the world, or escaping a haunted mansion, can be conversation starters.

2.5 Pass The Buck

Pass the Buck game can serve as a light-hearted and engaging activity that prompts participants to think quickly, often leading to laughter and memorable moments. In Pass The Buck, each participant spills the beans on something they've never done. The twist? As they share, they also get to pick who's up next. It's a continuous relay of revelations.

You might discover that your usually serious manager has never ridden a bike or that the quiet intern has never tasted sushi. With each revelation, you gather fun tidbits about your colleagues and watch as your screen fills with chuckles, gasps, and sheer surprise. So buckle up for this one; it's an excellent way to see familiar faces in a new light.

2.6 Two Truths And One Lie

This is the classic game with a digital twist, where each person shares three statements about themselves – two truths and one lie. The challenge? You need to spot the tall tale among the truths.

But this isn't just a game of guesswork. It's a strategic blend of storytelling and scrutiny as participants share their truths (and the occasional fib). Listeners are not just passive audience members. They morph into digital detectives, piecing together what they know of their colleagues with the tales being spun. The result? A melange of surprise, laughter, and deeper connections

2.7 People Bingo


We're all familiar with the game of Bingo – those grids filled with numbers, the anticipatory wait for a match, and the jubilant shout when you've finally made a line. But People Bingo isn't just about numbers or random luck; it's about getting to know the fascinating tapestry of individuals that comprise your virtual team.

Participants receive bingo cards, not filled with mundane numbers but intriguing traits, unique experiences, or even offbeat quirks. Think about who 'Owns more than 10 pairs of sneakers', 'Has skydived', or 'Can recite the entire opening of Shakespeare's Hamlet'. The objective? Navigate the virtual room, engage in conversations, and unearth colleagues who resonate with these descriptions, inching closer to that sought-after "BINGO."

2.8 Deserted Island


Ever thought about being stuck on an empty deserted island? What are the top three things you'd want with you? It could be something practical like a Swiss Army knife or something offbeat like your favorite brand of chocolate or a guitar to strum away the hours. 

In this activity, participants are divided into small groups and presented with a hypothetical scenario: They are stranded on a deserted island with a list of potential survival items, ranging from knives to solar-powered radios. 

Each group must discuss and decide on a limited number of items they believe are most crucial for their survival. After discussion, the groups share their selections with everyone. The activity encourages teamwork, communication, and decision-making, as individuals negotiate and prioritize their survival needs.

2.9 Most Likely To…

In large teams, every member brings a unique shade of personality, quirks, and potential surprises. What if we took a moment to playfully predict who amongst us might surprise (or amuse) the rest the most?

Most Likely To… game is a delightful dive into the realm of lighthearted prophecies. The concept is simple yet irresistibly engaging. You can pose hypothetical scenarios, like "most likely to forget a Zoom meeting" or "most likely to try bizarre food combinations." Then, sit back and watch participants cast votes, trying to match their colleagues with these amusing titles.

2.10 Achievements Under 18


Did you manage to clinch the first prize in the school debate? Or perhaps you once orchestrated the perfect senior prank? Or maybe you had a short-lived stint as the neighborhood's most sought-after lemonade stand owner?

What's the most epic thing you achieved before the age of 18? Whether winning the school talent show with a yodeling performance or inventing a new type of sandwich, it's time for those nostalgic stories to shine.This activity allows group members to appreciate the diversity of experiences within the team and breaks down pre-existing stereotypes or assumptions.

2.11 Never Have I Ever…

Ah, the age-old classic that's seen many a gathering turn from mundane to revealing! Never Have I Ever…. isn't just about unearthing your teammates' eccentric adventures or secret experiences; it's about creating a shared space for vulnerability, laughter, and collective surprise. 

In our screen-dominated world, watching digital hand-raises or a flurry of emojis punctuate the revelations is fascinating. So, as you delve into this game, prepare to witness the many facets of your colleagues — from their mischievous childhood antics to profound life experiences. And remember, while you're busy discovering them, they're learning a bit more about you, too.

2.12 Zoom Background Challenge


We've all had our fair share of Zoom meetings — from the formal discussions with standard backdrops to the casual hangouts. But here's an idea: why not use that virtual space to showcase whimsy or creativity? The Zoom Background Challenge nudges everyone to ditch the usual scenes and embrace the eccentric, the funny, or the breathtakingly beautiful. 

Whether it's an animated space odyssey or a still from a beloved classic movie, this challenge promises a visual treat. And the reward? Well, it's the collective admiration, the echoing laughter, or the shared sense of awe. In this game, everyone's a winner, thanks to the shared joy they bring.

2.13 Caption This

Every picture tells a story, but sometimes, the most unexpected narratives come from on-the-spot creativity. Caption this is an addition to short virtual icebreakers for large groups that allows participants to don their imaginative hats, presenting them with a picture that's either bewildering, hilarious, or just plain odd. The challenge? Craft a caption that captures its essence, all while adding a personal touch of wit or insight. 

As captions pour in, be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, from bursts of laughter to thoughtful nods. It's a testament to the diverse perspectives and the brilliant (sometimes baffling) creativity each team member brings. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this game, the unexpected captions steal the limelight.

2.14 Rank Your Favorites

Rank your Favorites is the ultimate arena where pop culture meets personal preferences, sparking delightful debates and sometimes hilarious justifications. Ever wondered why someone would rate Batman over Iron Man? Or have you been baffled by someone's undying love for anchovies on their pizza? 

This activity is all about showcasing those passionate inclinations and whimsical choices. But it isn't just about the rankings; the stories and reasoning behind them make the game so intriguing. As the lists get unveiled, and discussions heat up, you'll discover shared likes and dislikes and the quirky reasons that fuel them. So, gear up for some friendly sparring, a splash of nostalgia, and loads of fun revelations.

2.15 Foodie Icebreaker

If there's one thing that can unite (or divide!) a group faster than any icebreaker, it's food. The Foodie icebreaker is about our love for food. Participants can share photos or stories about delicious treats they've tried, special family meals, or even adventurous eats like chocolate-covered bugs. This particular kind of short virtual icebreakers for large groups are a fun way to explore different food experiences from around the world.

This icebreaker activity is not just about showing off culinary skills or quirky preferences; it's about reminiscing on memories, sharing a piece of one's culture, or giving a shout-out to a favorite midnight snack. As stories get dished out, expect reactions ranging from collective cravings to curious questions t.


2.16 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers

Ever thought you could turn your vast reservoir of pop culture trivia, travel memories, or foodie fascinations into a title? Now's your chance. With 30-minute virtual icebreakers for large groups, it's not just a race against time; it's a thrilling voyage through the annals of your mind. 

One moment, you're enjoying '80s music; the next, you're guessing famous places from just their shadows. As time runs out, everyone's wondering: Who has the best memory? It's surprising how remembering old things can be so thrilling.

The goal of 30-minute icebreakers for large groups is to spark conversation, create connections, and set a comfortable atmosphere for future interactions. By the end of the 30 minutes, participants feel more acquainted and at ease with each other, even in the digital space..

2.17 Virtual Team Trivia


Ever wonder who knows all the lines from the 'Marvel Series" or can name rare bird species? As we play, you'll see who's the trivia expert in the group. Get ready for surprises and fun "I knew that!" moments. Who's in for some virtual team trivia fun? 

Whether you're the type who yells answers at the TV during quiz shows or someone who quietly knows a lot of unusual facts, virtual team trivia is the game for you. The informal setting of the large group icebreakers offers team members a safe space to express themselves without the constraints of workplace formalities. They can be silly, witty, or show a side of themselves rarely seen in meetings. 

2.18 Guess The Acronym

LOL, BRB, ICYMI... the digital world is teeming with acronyms. But what about lesser-known ones or ones you've coined? Guess the Arconym game challenges your team to guess the meanings or invent hilarious alternatives. It's a playful game of digital deciphering and creative coinage. 

Toss out those obscure acronyms you stumbled upon in a deep Reddit thread or those hilarious ones you crafted at 2 a.m. during a chat-fest. Now's the time to see if your team can decipher the meaning behind them or, even better, come up with wildly amusing alternatives.

With a large group, the variety of acronyms keeps participants on their toes, eager to see which familiar (or unfamiliar) acronym pops up next and to guess its meaning. Members can brainstorm and discuss potential meanings of an acronym, which fosters teamwork and can reveal unexpected leaders, collaborators, and creative thinkers within the larger team. 

2.19 Good Old Times

Want if your virtual meeting place can be transformed into a time machine, transporting everyone back to various eras? As a virtual icebreaker, especially for large groups, the "Good Old Times" activity is an effective way to foster connections. In this activity, participants can share a memory, or story from their past that left an impact. This could be a favorite childhood toy, a memorable summer vacation, the first concert they attended, or even their first experience using the internet.

To make it more engaging, participants can be encouraged to share photos or items related to their stories. Members can be divided into smaller breakout rooms to ensure everyone gets a chance to share and listen.

2.20 Emoji Guess

With Emoji Guess, you're testing the cryptic creativity of your team members. Think of it as charades but with a digital, playful twist. Can you narrate the plot of 'The Lion King' using emojis? Or perhaps depict the phrase "raining cats and dogs" without using a single letter?

Challenge your teammates to string together a series of emojis to depict a movie title, a proverb, or even a historical event. Then, let others decode the emoji story. It's charades for the 21st century, and oh boy, is it a whirlwind of fun.

Distribute those emoji keyboards, and Participants craft their best emoji tales, while others turn detectives, interpreting the cascades of smileys, animals, and symbols. 

3. What Are The Benefits  Of Virtual Icebreakers for Large Groups?


3.1 Enhances Team Bonding

Virtual icebreakers for large groups help create a personal connection among team members who might not have the chance to meet face-to-face. They act as a platform for sharing personal stories, experiences, and interests, helping members to find common ground. 

3.2 Eases Group Dynamics In Virtual Environments

Virtual icebreakers for large groups online offer unparalleled engagement when connecting big teams in the digital realm. The beginning of any virtual meeting can be awkward, especially if participants don't know each other. Virtual icebreakers for large groups can set a positive and collaborative tone for the entire meeting or session.

3.3 Increases Participant Engagement

Virtual icebreakers for large groups can re-energize participants, ensuring they are more attentive and involved throughout the session. By giving everyone a chance to speak up during the icebreaker, even quieter members are encouraged to participate and share.

3.4 Facilitates Better Communication

Many virtual icebreakers for large groups require participants to listen actively to what others are saying, honing their listening skills. Icebreakers can help team members become more comfortable communicating with one another by encouraging open conversation at the workplace.

4. FAQs

4.1 What are the icebreakers for a large virtual meeting?

Virtual icebreakers for large groups, like a remote scavenger hunt, virtual background challenges, or rapid-fire introduction rounds, can efficiently energize participants and create a bond, even through screens.

4.2 What is an ice-breaking activity for a large crowd?

"People Bingo" is an excellent ice-breaking activity for a large crowd. Participants have bingo cards with unique traits or experiences, and they mingle (or ask in a virtual setting) to find people matching those descriptors, aiming to complete a bingo line in this large group icebreakers. 

4.3 What are three fun icebreaker questions?

Some of the best fun icebreaker questions include - 

  • If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be?
  • Which three items would you take to a deserted island and why?
  • If you were to write a book about your life, what would its title be?
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