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12 Virtual Paint and Sip Classes for Hybrid and Remote Teams

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Reviewed by Kara Funk

Senior HR Consultant, People & Culture

virtual paint and sip

If you are looking to create a unique and memorable team building event with your remote or hybrid team, virtual paint and sip events are the best answer! A virtual paint and sip event requires no prior knowledge - you can be a painting novice or channel your inner Van Gogh. Virtual paint and sip team building is an innovative way for remote teams to connect. This innovative approach to team building allows remote teams to connect uniquely. Participants can tap into their artistic side through painting while enjoying relaxed conversations over their favorite beverages.

Choose from our list of the best virtual paint and sip online classes for your next social event with your remote and hybrid teams!

1. What Is Virtual Paint and Sip?

A virtual paint and sip party or class is an informal art class conducted on a virtual conferencing platform, where participants are guided at every step by an expert to create their very own masterpieces. To enhance the casual and relaxed atmosphere, you can savor a drink of your choice, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The focus is on learning, having fun, and enjoying casual conversations within the group. Teams will enjoy this as a creative outlet for their artistic expressions and also as an opportunity to interact and bond with coworkers, making it an ideal team building activity. 

2. Virtual Paint And Sip Team Building Classes

2.1. Paint Class with Hooray Teams 🍷🎨

Get ready to let your inner artist take over in the most enjoyable way possible with Hooray Teams hosted Paint Class. This virtual teambuilding platform will bring the vibrant art studio experience right to your doorstep. Each of our paint kits is meticulously curated to include easels, paints, and all the essential tools you'll need to craft your masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned pro with a palette or you've never picked up a paintbrush before, our virtual paint classes are designed for everyone to unwind and de-stress through art.

If you are looking to take it a notch higher, feel free to reach out to Hooray Teams to customize the event with add-ons such as wine, non-alcoholic beverages, or snacks at an additional cost.

Participants: 10-1000

Pricing: $45/per person

2.2. The Paint Bar

Get your team to join you in a collaborative virtual painting experience with The Paint Bar. Their private sessions last about 1.5 to 2 hours, wherein you will be given instructions and guidance about the painting. All you have to do is relax, grab a drink, and have fun!

Participants can choose from three virtual paint and sip classes for art instruction. There are several different classes you can choose from like canvas painting, wine glass painting, and a watercolor painting option. For each option, everything you need will be set right to your doorstep in the form of a kit. 

Participants:   5 - 5,000

Pricing: Available on Request 

2.3. Art Fun Studio

Art Fun Studio sets up the party for you, so you don’t have to worry about it and can enjoy it throughout the session. The studio’s art instructor will give you step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful painting. They will join using the studio’s state-of-the-art video and audio setup to provide you with a seamless experience.

They also provide a dedicated audio/ visual technician to ensure there are no technical difficulties and the party doesn’t stop!  The studio provides international shipping for art supplies, which are shipped free in the US. You can book corporate events or even host your party.

Participants: Minimum of 10 people.

Pricing:  $35 fee per person and requires a minimum of 10 people.

2.4. Canvas n Cup

If you’re looking to do virtual events with your coworkers, check out Canvas N Cup’s virtual draw and sip events. They arrange some of the best online paint and sip Zoom parties which can accommodate over 200+ people. All you’ve got to do is pick a date, time, and a painting from their website’s gallery - and the studio will ship you the supplies.

You can browse through their painting themes such as nature, animals, festivals, seasons, and more.  The studio also arranges hybrid and in-person parties.

Participants: 8- 100 

Pricing: $40 per person for 8-12 people (minimum 8 required), $38 per person for 13-20 people, $35 per person for 21-30 people, and $33 per person beyond 30.

2.5. Paint and Sip Live

If creating something new while listening to music and sipping your favorite drink sounds like your thing - you should check out virtual Paint and Sip Live. They host online painting classes accompanied by a DJ or a music performance, which you can attend from the comfort of your home.

The paint parties will have a live teacher who will guide you with your art piece every step of the way. You can also place an order for a paint supply kit on their website which will be delivered right to your doorstep. Book corporate events, holiday events, and more.

Participants:  10 person minimum

Pricing: The site offers a 30-day free trial with unlimited virtual Paint and Sip Live classes for all ages. The class is priced at $20 and $40 with supplies included. You can also have premium access at $49 per month for a limited time.

2.6. That’s Art Studio

That’s Art Studio’s virtual paint night will take you and your coworkers on a wine and art journey. You reserve the seats, and they will take care of the rest. Even if it is your first time painting or your hundredth, the studio’s instructors will guide you at every step from beginning to finish.

The studio will send you all the art supplies and the Zoom link for the class. 

Participants:   20 - 400+

Pricing: The Full Kit - $45, The Restock Kit - $30 and Virtual Instruction only - $15

    2.7. Pinot’s Palette

    Be it any occasion, customize your very own private and virtual paint and sip party with Pinot’s Palette. The virtual painting party includes artists who will guide you through the event, art supplies, professional instructions, and music. Are you convinced yet? 

    Pinot’s Palette is operated by small and local business owners. The studio’s site also provides recorded videos for painting at your own pace. You can choose from a number of paintings from their gallery.

    Participants:  Available on Request

    Pricing: Available on Request.

    2.8. Online Paint and Sip

    Online Paint and Sip has it all - virtual Live private parties, pre-recorded virtual paint and sip classes, and ScreenShare private parties. You can book a virtual painting party with your online paint and sip team, which comes with a certified instructor. You then select a painting from the gallery and get the art supplies shipped to your home.

    If you purchase a pre-recorded video, you have the option to run an asynchronous virtual painting session or paint together using ScreenShare.

    Participants:  Available on Request

    Pricing: Pre-recorded videos are priced at just $18.

    2.9. Paint & Sip Studio LA

    Get your virtual paint and sip party done right with Paint & Sip Studio LA. Re-create a featured painting virtually as you sip your favorite beverages with your team in the comfort of your home. 

    The studio provides a virtual draw and sip event which includes a live art instructor or an ‘entertainer’ to guide you and your guests through the event. The price is inclusive of art materials that will be shipped to your location.

    Participants: 10 guest minimum

    Pricing: $45 for 5-14 guests, $40 for 15-29 guests and $35 for 30+ guests

      2.10. Unarthodox

      If you want an engaging online painting class, check out Unarthodox. This studio provides a virtual Zoom-based painting class where a paint instructor hosts and guides you through the session. 

      Incorporated with music, the session lasts about 1.5 hours. The supplies are shipped to all the pre-registered participants in this online paint night. You just need to click on the Zoom invite, gather your supplies, take a sip from your drink, and have fun!

      Participants:  10 guest minimum 

      Pricing:  $550 for up to 10 guests (Shipping costs excluded)

      2.11. Team Bonding

      One of the best team-building activities to do with your remote teams is to attend a virtual sip and paint class on Zoom hosted by Team Bonding. Choose your favorite artwork, collect the required art materials, and join the Zoom link. Don’t fret, as the classes are for absolute beginners - no prior skills are required!

      In this live event, participants can get basic paintbrushes, a canvas, paints, a table easel (if needed), an apron, paper towels, a palette, and of course, a drink of your choice. Get your virtual paint and sip team ready for two hours of absolute fun!

      Participants: 10+

      Pricing: Available on Request

      2.12. The Painted Cork

      Get your creative juices flowing with a fun virtual sip and paint party hosted by The Painted Cork. With a duration of about 2-3 hours, the art instructor guides you and your team through the entire painting process as you create a magnificent piece of artwork at the end of this virtual wine and paint night. Some of the paintings come with a preliminary sketch on the canvas, and you’ll be shown which brush to use and how to mix colors. Painting 101, alongside your favorite beverage - Kahlo believe it?

      The studio offers a variety of virtual paint and sip corporate events such as ‘Paint at Home’ and virtual painting lessons and also offers painting kits like Home painting kits, Paint your pet kits, or a Bottle painting kit.   

      Participants: 10 guest minimum

      Pricing: $40 per person

      3. Tips To Organize a Virtual Paint and Sip Party for Your Team

      3.1. Select Your Art Theme

      Choose a theme for your painting. You can draw inspiration from anywhere - it can be a scene outside your window, your fireplace, the classic fruit bowl, or even your pet! Imagine how adorable and dignified Bruno would look on your wall! Pro-tip: don’t pick a very difficult theme, as the point is to enjoy and feel good.

      3.2. Choose Your Medium

      Pick a medium for your painting. You can paint on a canvas (size of your choice), a watercolor painting book, or simple things around your house, such as a paper cup, an acrylic pot, flat stones, or even leaves. Make sure you test the paint on the surface first and check for its feasibility.

      3.3. Book Your Class and Specify the Capacity

      Browse through some of the best virtual paint and sip classes and pick one that suits your requirements like guiding expert, art themes, duration, and more. Mention the team size and check the pricing plans. Book the class for the set date and time, and ask your team to RSVP for the same.

      3.4. Set Up the Painting Zone/ Corner

      Set up a cozy painting nook in your house to start. This will create the right ambiance and keep you away from distractions - like your office work! Go all in and set safety newspapers on the floor, paper towels, a water container, your art supplies, some fairy lights, and of course, your laptop or desktop for the online class.

      3.5. Ready, Set.. Gogh!

      Now that your painting corner is set, drink in hand,  and the virtual paint and sip class is ready, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative and Gogh crazy!

      If you want some inspiration to make your virtual gatherings more enjoyable and entertaining, explore our articles on virtual team building activities, virtual happy hour cocktail kits, virtual coffee break and happy hour ideas that create a perfect experience.

      4. FAQs

      4.1. Are paint and sips fun?

      Paint and Sips are a lot of fun, and no prior experience is required. You can pick up a brush, mix colors, take a sip of your favorite drink, converse with colleagues and just have a good time. A virtual sip and paint party with your team creates a memorable experience as you engage in casual conversations while you paint your masterpiece!

      4.2. How does virtual paint and sip work?

      First, you must book a virtual paint and sip class online for your desired date and time. Then, send a calendar invite with the Zoom link to your team beforehand. Ensure the art supplies are shipped to all participants. Send your team a reminder on the day of the event and tell them to set up their ‘art space’ in advance of joining the event. Then it’s time to grab your beverage of choice; click the Zoom link and have fun! 

      4.3. How much does a virtual paint and sip party cost? 

      A virtual paint and sip party costs anywhere between $15 to $150, depending upon the team size and the online class. Some classes include the art supplies and the shipping charges in the price, whereas some provide an option of selecting only the art instruction while participants procure their own art materials.

      4.4. How to organize a virtual paint and sip team building event?

      Organizing a virtual paint and sip team building event requires a series of steps: from selecting an inspiring art theme, choosing your preferred painting medium, setting the date, and picking a reliable platform, to ensuring the right supplies reach all participants and guiding them to create their own mini art studios at home.

      4.5. What is a paint & pour event?

      A paint & pour event is a creative and social experience where participants gather to paint a predetermined artwork while enjoying beverages like wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic options. It's a fun way to unwind, express your artistic side, and socialize with friends or fellow art enthusiasts in a relaxed setting.

      4.6. How can a virtual paint and sip corporate event benefit my company?

      A virtual paint and sip corporate event offers several benefits to your company, including - promoting team building, fostering creativity, and providing a fun and relaxed environment for employees to connect, even when working remotely. Virtual painting with a twist is a unique way to boost morale, strengthen bonds among team members, and encourage a positive work culture.

      4.7. What can I expect from paint night classes?

      Paint night classes are interactive art sessions where participants create paintings in a relaxed and guided setting. You will learn interesting painting techniques as well as some fun and interesting facts about your teammates in virtual home painting classes.

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