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12 Best Corporate Retreat Gifts to Appreciate Your Employees

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Best Corporate Retreat Gifts to Appreciate Your Employees

Your company’s annual getaway is around the corner, but this time around what kind of corporate retreat gifts can you present to make sure they go beyond the stereotypes? We swear that no one wants another black T-shirt with a giant company logo. So, why don’t you go the extra mile by adding a personalized and unique touch to gifts for corporate events? It’s an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude towards your valued employees while enhancing the strong connection you’ve built. 

To address the elephant in the room, we’ve drawn together some creative and eco-friendly corporate retreat gift ideas that will make a lasting impression. Let’s jump right in.

1. Why Corporate Retreat Gifts Are Important for Employees?

Research has shown that feeling valued is one of the most important influences on job performance. Sending corporate gifts to employees for company events showcases that an organization recognizes and appreciates their hard work and efforts. These thoughtful tokens not only serve as tangible expressions of gratitude but also contribute to strengthening the bond between the company and its workforce. 

Beyond individual recognition, corporate retreat gifts can have a ripple effect on various aspects of business, including increased employee engagement, enhanced company loyalty, improved client retention, and a higher likelihood of referrals.  Whether it’s team-building events, company loyalty, client retention, or a referral, sending gifts for corporate events will lead to a positive work culture and overall business growth. 

2. 12 Awesome Corporate Retreat Gifts for Employees

2.1. Paint a Tote Experience

Paint a Tote Experience

Are you searching for unique and hands-on ideas for corporate retreat gifts? Bags and totes are a classic choice when it comes to swag or gifts for employees. But you can take it a notch higher with a DIY gift. What we mean is to gift them a virtual Painting-a-Tote-Bag Class by the Hooray Teams, hosted team building platform. Led by an expert host, you and you team get to paint your own beautiful tote bag in style from wherever you are located.

Before the event, they will send a DIY tote bag art kit containing a high-quality canvas tote bag, an array of vibrant fabric paints, and a set of brushes straight to your doorstep The best part is after the event, you get to keep your very own tote to cherish as a personal keepsake.

2.2. DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrarium

‘Wow’ the nature lovers or green thumbs in your team by gifting them a  DIY Terrarium Class by Hooray Teams. With the help of a dedicated botanical expert, you and your team will learn to create an ideal environment for your mini garden by layering sand, soil, moss, rocks, and plants. 

Each of the participants will receive a DIY terrarium kit delivered right to your home, packed with all the essentials for making your very own beautiful terrarium. At the end of your time, you'll take home your personalized terrarium and the wonderful experience to share with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones. 

If you are planning your next staff retreat ideas, check out our thoughtfully curated list of the best company retreat locationscorporate retreat planners, and best executive retreat ideas that help you curate an unforgettable experience for your team. 

2.3. Tea Bento Box

Make a stellar impression on your team members by sending them a Tea Bento Box. This is a luxurious and unusual bit of swag that provides a treat for the palate, supplying several different epicurean teas in smart, lacquered packaging.

Not only do employees love it, but a Tea Bento Box is a great tool showcasing your consideration for employee wellness. Other gift ideas for staff retreat include seedsticks, which make it easy to plant and grow a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and custom USB sticks.

2.4. Fitspiration Kit 

Adding well-curated fitness kits to your corporate retreat gifts idea for employees helps them lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. When purchasing this gift, you can include accessories like resistance bands, sweatshirts or windbreakers, water bottles or blender bottles,  T-shirts, travel mats, towels, athletic socks, or duffel bags.

Plus, you can customize this gift by adding a company logo or name to the box. This thoughtful corporate gift helps you to showcase to your employees how truly valued they are and they’re guaranteed to love it.

2.5. Reusable Notebook

If you prefer eco-friendly corporate retreat gifts that are smart, reusable, and innovative, reusable notebooks are a great choice to go for. Reusable notebooks allow you to have the same experience as traditional writing but on a wipeable page or a digital screen surface.

Any notes or doodles can then be transferred to a digital device. As well as being very useful corporate team building gifts, reusable notebooks can also tie in nicely to any company messaging you may have around the environment and sustainability, as they reduce the paper wastage associated with traditional notebooks.

2.6. Desk Humidifier/ Aroma Diffuser 

Desk Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

Who doesn't love to work in a refreshing space filled with the soothing mist of essential oils? Of all the trending corporate retreat gifts for employees, you can’t go wrong with these office supplies as they are extremely useful for improving mood and productivity at work. 

Last year, for our company's business retreat, we gifted these to our employees, and the response was overwhelming. The simple addition of these devices to their workstations brought smiles and improved the overall work environment, making it clear that even small gestures can make a big difference in employee satisfaction.

2.7. Organic Self Care Package 

A self-care Sunday or a long soak in the tub using a self-pampering kit may be just the cure for stressful work weeks or burnout. You can include scented candles, soap, face masks, bath salts, bath bombs, shower steamers, essential oils, and more in the organic self-care packages for a nourishing and rejuvenating experience.

You can add personalized cards with a reminder to “take care of you” or “self-care is self-love”. The best part about this corporate gift idea is that it is subscriptionable, and your team will likely yearn for more!

For an extra touch of thoughtfulness, consider tailoring some gift ideas for women's retreats, including curated self-care packages with floral scents, pampering skincare products, and wellness items. 

2.8. Bean Bags

Inject a bit of comfort and chill into your coworker's workspace by gifting them bean bags. In fact, who wouldn't appreciate a comfy spot to unwind after tackling those tight deadlines? The ergonomic design of the bean bag provides full support for your back, neck, hips, shoulders, muscles, and head while improving body posture.

Rather than just another gift item, it's a thoughtful gesture that says, "Take a break, unwind, and make your workspace a more comfortable place."

2.9. The Gourmet

When it comes to selecting gifts that match your office retreat ideas, you can seldom go wrong with delicious delicacies. Packed with premium treats or snacks, flavorful popcorn, artisanal chocolates, or fine wines, the gourmet gift box offers a thoughtful and practical way to show your appreciation towards employees. 

To fulfill the sensory experience, include scented candles, coffee blends, soothing tea bags, or a selection of high-quality cheeses. This thoughtful gesture not only fosters a sense of camaraderie within the workplace but also reflects the company's commitment to acknowledging the hard work and dedication of its employees.

2.10. Travel Accessories 

Travel Accessories

Did you know Google's search volume for "travel accessories" spiked last year? From a recent survey conducted in our office, "travel accessories" emerged as one of the top requested themes for corporate retreat gifts.

Travel kit gifts for corporate retreat locations include handy items such as travel bags, jewelry cases, toiletry kits, power banks, ID holders, wallets, travel mugs, hip flasks, blankets, towels, and more. Whatever kind of corporate team you’re gifting for, there should be something to all kinds of company retreat themes. 

2.11. Amazon Echo 

Amazon Echo

Who wouldn’t want a gift that meets both luxury and sophistication? Amazon’s Echo Dot is an ideal addition to the modern home where it uses Alexa assistant to control smart home devices, answer questions, or set timers. Whether it's adjusting the thermostat, dimming the lights, or locking the doors, your coworkers effortlessly control their smart home devices with just a voice command.

By gifting the Amazon Echo Dot, you're not just offering a piece of technology; you're presenting a lifestyle upgrade that reflects your commitment to staying ahead of the curve. 

2.12. Electronics Organizer

With so many devices, wires, and plugs to juggle as part of modern-day life, an electronics organizer can be an incredibly useful piece of kit to incorporate into your best corporate retreat ideas.

These handy, travel-sized bags are relatively inexpensive to purchase as a corporate gift, with various styles and sizes available depending on the quality and the number of items you want to be able to fit inside. You can also pay for custom branding if you want your logo sewn onto the fabric.

Explore our virtual retreat ideas, small business retreat ideas, corporate retreat activities, luxury corporate retreats, and executive burnout retreats, uncovering how these retreats can restore your well-being and improve overall productivity.

3. FAQs

3.1. What are corporate retreat gifts?

Corporate retreat gifts are items that are given to staff on a company getaway, usually as a souvenir of the trip. These can be small mementos like a keychain or more luxurious objects like ear pods or gift baskets or even experiences like happy hours, mixology class, or a paint party. 

In the digital era, corporate retreat gifts can also extend to curated experiences, aligning with various company retreat topics, such as team-building activities, wellness workshops, or professional development sessions, to enhance the overall retreat experience for employees.

3.2. What are some good corporate retreat gifts?

Corporate gifts for business retreat ideas can range from inexpensive items like water bottles and mugs to more costly things like Bluetooth speakers. Ideally, you want to find a balance between your budget and providing something genuinely memorable or useful. 

Additionally, tailoring gifts to fit corporate retreat themes enhances the overall employee experience, fostering a cohesive and engaging atmosphere at the workplace. 

3.3.  What are some best women's retreat gift ideas?

Consider thoughtful and self-care-oriented gifts for your unique retreat ideas, such as spa vouchers, scented candles, personalized journals, wellness-themed books, or even custom-designed goodie bag ideas for women's retreats also work. 

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