16 Best Corporate Retreat Gifts to Appreciate Your Employees

June 2, 2023
| By
Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Best Corporate Retreat Gifts to Appreciate Your Employees

Once your company getaway is over, you will want to make sure that staff remembers how much they enjoyed the experience. Corporate retreat gifts are a great way to not only commemorate your excursions out of the office but also to give staff a bit of a morale boost through the always-popular medium of free stuff!

In this post, we’ve drawn together some classic options for you to consider, as well as a few more creative ideas that have an unorthodox flair. Whatever you choose to go with, remember that the best gifts are useful, memorable, and, of course, within budget.

Looking to provide the best retreat experience to your team? We have compiled a thoughtfully curated list of the best company retreat locationscorporate retreat planners,  and best executive retreat ideas that help you curate an unforgettable experience for your team.

Additionally, explore our virtual retreat ideas, small business retreat ideas, corporate retreat activities, luxury corporate retreats, and executive burnout retreats, uncovering how these retreats can restore your well-being and improve overall productivity.

1. Benefits of Corporate Retreat Gifts for Companies

  • Gives employees a sense of recognition

Gifts tell employees that a company recognizes and appreciates their hard work. Items received during a retreat can have a knock-on effect back in the office, as research has shown that feeling valued is one of the most important influences on job performance. It’s worth noting that even a small gift can have an impact on morale and motivation.

  • Develops a strong bond with employees

A bit of company swag can act as a memento of your corporate retreat. Having something that reminds staff of the getaway long after the fact will help to increase loyalty and reduce turnover, while also keeping any lessons or techniques learned on the escape front of mind.

  • Boosts your company's reputation

It’s a competitive labor market out there for employers, but one way you can set yourself apart is by developing a reputation for being a business with generous staff perks. Corporate retreat gifts can form a part of an overarching plan to attract top talent, enticing skilled workers to your operation with the promise of free goodies.

  • Creates a positive work culture

While it is definitely beneficial to give everybody who goes on your corporate retreat some form of souvenir, consider whether to award more valuable items to people who have made particularly strong contributions to the business. Singling people out in this way shows that hard work is noticed and rewarded, leading to a more positive overall work culture.

2. 12 Awesome Corporate Retreat Gifts

Awesome Corporate Retreat Gifts

2.1 Hoodies

Hoodies are one of the best corporate retreat gifts for a number of reasons. First, they’re useful, rather than just being a bit of disposable tat. Second, they are a good way to indirectly promote your company brand: whenever your staff wears the jumper, people will notice the logo. Thirdly, they can help build camaraderie by giving employees something they can all wear together.

2.2 Activities With Hooray Teams

Activities With Hooray Teams

If you are looking for help curating an experience right from scratch, you can reach out to Hooray Teams, a booking platform that helps you organize team-building activities. All you need to do is pick the activity you want, and they will help you set up the entire event, right from the activities to the gift. Some of our favorite activities include DIY Terraium, Paint a Tote, and Virtual Murder Mystery.

2.3 Personalized Mugs

Like a hoodie, a mug is a functional everyday item that can act as a regular reminder of your company retreat, whether used at home or in the office setting. It can be personalized with your company logo relatively inexpensively, with lots of websites offering a variety of cup styles.

2.4 Laptop Bags

Laptop bags make perfect sense as a company gift – what could be more logical than to give employees something which they can use to carry around a principal piece of work equipment? On the plus side, they are easy to customize with your company logo and extremely useful; on the negative side, most people will probably already have a laptop bag and may prefer their existing one.

2.5 Ear Pods

If you’re looking for corporate retreat gifts that are more on the techy side, ear pods are something that most staff will be delighted to receive. While they are a more expensive option, particularly if you have a large number of people on your getaway, you can almost guarantee they are something staff will be delighted to receive.

2.6 Soap and Candle Gift Set

Soaps and candles are good wellness retreat gift ideas, as you can complement the yoga and meditation classes with soothing scents designed to promote calm. The wide variety of aromas allows you to make each set seem a little unique to the individual recipient. The only downside is they are perishable, so once they’re gone, so is the memento of the retreat.

2.7 Wireless Chargers

Another handy bit of tech that is eminently practical is a wireless charger. Most will work on any device, regardless if it’s Apple or Android, as long as the phone itself has wireless charging capabilities. That means you can bulk buy them without worrying about compatibility issues, saving you time and money when purchasing.

2.8 Water Bottles

Most of us have an ongoing need for water bottles, which is what makes them such great corporate retreat gifts. Alternatively, you could upgrade the present to a thermos, which will most likely cost more but has the benefit of meaning your staff will appreciate their gift while sipping that essential morning coffee. Both water bottles and thermoses can be customized with your company logo.

2.9 Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet gift basket

One of the nicest things about a gourmet gift basket is that you can make it bespoke, incorporating a variety of edible bits and pieces for different occasions and tastes, from champagne and wine to cakes and biscuits. If you want to tie it neatly to your company retreat, you could even fill the basket with local produce from the region your team visited on their corporate getaway.

2.10 Chocolate Hamper

While not all staff will appreciate the temptation of the chocolate hamper, almost all of them will enjoy the indulgence of biting into a collection of delicious sweet treats. Chocolates are a good starting point, but you might also consider healthier alternatives like fruits, nuts or even yogurts if you want to promote well-being.

2.11 Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are one of the more luxurious corporate gifts on this list. Not the cheapest option but definitely something staff will love; the expense means they may be best reserved for small teams or as a reward for staff who have performed exceptionally well in achieving their objectives and key results.

2.12 Tea Bento Box

If you want something that sticks in the memories of your staff, opt for unique corporate gifts that aren’t just run-of-the-mill fare. Tea bento boxes, for example, are a luxurious and unusual bit of swag that provides a treat for the palate, supplying several different epicurean teas in smart, lacquered packaging. Other quirky ideas include seedsticks, which make it easy to plant and grow a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and custom USB sticks.

2.13 Customized Keychains

One of the most classic corporate gift ideas is the keychain, complete with a company logo on the ring. These are fairly inexpensive but also fairly unmemorable and, thus are arguably most effectively employed as part of broader retreat gift bag ideas. On the plus side, there are also loads of different ways you can make them unique, from having each member of staff’s name engraved on their own keychain to selecting an unusual design.

2.14 Electronics Organizer

Electronics organizer

With so many devices, wires, and plugs to juggle as part of modern-day life, an electronics organizer can be an incredibly useful piece of kit. These handy, travel-sized bags are relatively inexpensive to purchase as a corporate gift, with various styles and sizes available depending on the quality and the number of items you want to be able to fit inside. You can also pay for custom branding if you want your logo sewn onto the fabric.

2.15 Smartphone Magnifier and Projector

While smartphones are wonderfully portable, they do tend to have rather small screens. A smartphone magnifier or projector allows your staff to turn their hand-held device into a mini television or even a presenter screen. Just make sure you choose a piece of equipment that is compatible with the maximum number of mobile phones, which will save you time and money when sourcing.

2.16 Reusable Notebook

Reusable notebooks allow you to have the same experience as traditional writing, but on a wipeable page or a digital screen surface. Any notes or doodles can then be transferred to a digital device. As well as being very useful company gifts, reusable notebooks can also tie in nicely to any company messaging you may have around the environment and sustainability, as they reduce the paper wastage associated with traditional notebooks.

3. FAQs

  • What are corporate retreat gifts?

Corporate retreat gifts are items that are given to staff on a company getaway, usually as a souvenir of the trip. These can be small mementos like a keychain or more luxurious objects like ear pods or gift baskets.

  • What are some good corporate retreat gifts?

Corporate gift ideas for employees can range from inexpensive items like water bottles and mugs to more costly things like Bluetooth speakers. Ideally, you want to find a balance between your budget and providing something genuinely memorable or useful.

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