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10 Unforgettable Luxury Corporate Retreats to Indulge Your Employees

June 7, 2023
Luxury Corporate Retreats

Luxury corporate retreats are the perfect way to treat your most valued staff to a getaway they’ll never forget. Whether you want to put the focus on de-stressing in the wild, promoting wellbeing, or just enjoying a fantastic escape to a fun-filled location, there are some stunning options to choose from spread across America.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 luxury corporate retreats in the US, from lodges nestled amid stunning natural beauty to boutique resorts in the heart of America’s most vibrant cities.

Looking to provide the best retreat experience to your team? We have compiled a thoughtfully curated list of the best company retreat locationscorporate retreat planners,  and best executive retreat ideas that help you curate an unforgettable experience for your team.

Our article on corporate retreat gifts offers ideas on choosing gifts that serve as a token of appreciation. Additionally, explore our virtual retreat ideas, small business retreat ideas, corporate retreat activities, and executive burnout retreats, uncovering how these retreats can restore your well-being and improve overall productivity.

1 Why Should Companies Offer Luxury Retreats to Their Employees?

1.1 Improves employee engagement


Indulging your employees with luxury corporate retreats demonstrates to staff that you value them as individuals and are actively invested in their well-being and development. This in turn boosts employee engagement, which has been linked to increased productivity and company growth.

1.2 Encourages creativity and innovation


Getting out of the office and into a different environment promotes creative thinking and fresh perspectives. A change in stimuli has been shown to trigger new connections between familiar ideas, which is why company retreats can lead to innovation.

1.3 Reduces work-related stress and anxiety

Reduces work-related stress and anxiety

One of the top reasons to book corporate retreat packages is to lower the levels of stress and anxiety in your workforce. This will help reduce incidents of burnout and decrease staff turnover at your business. 

1.4 Promotes work-life balance


Through your retreat activities, you can encourage workers to properly assess their existing work-life balance and make changes to establish an equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. This can have many benefits, underpinning productivity, engagement, creativity, and lowered anxiety.

2 10 Best Luxury Corporate Retreats

2.1 Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch


Location: Stanley, Idaho

Accommodates: 50 guests

Pricing: Start from $675 per night

Living up to its name, the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is situated in the Idaho part of the Rocky Mountains, just south of the town of Stanley. Despite the rural location, it’s easily reachable via Highway 75.

All-inclusive corporate retreats don’t come much more beautiful than this ranch, with all manner of nature-related activities to promote staff relaxation and well-being. There are 14 rustic log cabins on the property, some featuring hot tubs, as well as the main lodge – enough space to accommodate a 50-strong team.

The scenic surroundings are a gorgeous setting for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, whitewater rafting and swimming. Yoga classes are also held twice daily.

2.2 Tanque Verde Ranch

Tanque Verde Ranch

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Accommodates: Over 100 guests

Pricing: Start from $660 per night

Tanque Verde Ranch is just over half an hour outside Tucson, Arizona. The 60,000-acre property is right on the doorstep of the Rincon Mountains and the Saguaro National Park.

If you want to experience a piece of the cowboy lifestyle, this is the place to do it. Tanque Verde was established as a ranch as far back as 1868, and while there’s no longer the threat of bandits, it is still one of the best places for corporate retreats for companies that want to give their staff a Wild West experience, complete with horsemanship, adobe-walled lodgings, and down-home cowboy cookouts.

Aside from the variety of horse-related activities, your staff will also have access to an indoor and outdoor pool, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, pickleball, yoga, and UTV rides through the expansive grounds. There’s even an on-site spa with a range of massage therapies.

2.3 Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Location : Union, Washington State

Accommodates: Over 200 guests

Pricing: Start from $229 during the off-season.

Around 65 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Alderbrook Resort & Spa is perched on the shores of Hood Canal, in the tiny community of Union, Washington State.

One of the top luxury corporate retreats in the U.S., Alderbrook combines a gorgeous natural setting with all the amenities of a top-class resort. During the day, you can take your staff on expeditions through the local woods or journey down the scenic waterways, before returning in the evenings to well-appointed hotel rooms, patio dining, and facilities like the fitness center.

Yachting, hydro-biking, standup paddle boarding, kayaking – there are many different water-based options to enjoy on Hood Canal. The surrounding area also has many hiking trails, while the Alderbrook property itself boasts a golf course, a spa, and a swimming pool.

2.4 Blackberry Farm


Location : Tennessee

Accommodates: Over 150 guests

Pricing: Rates range from rooms for $1,040 to five-room houses for $11,725, all including full board.

At the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, not far from Knoxville, Tennessee, Blackberry Farm boasts 4,200 acres of land, including a bountiful farmstead.

Among the best luxury corporate retreats in the U.S. for gourmet getaways, Blackberry Farm combines scenic countryside with delicious meals made from locally grown produce. There are 68 guest accommodations, ranging from suites in the main house to multi-room cottages dotted around the grounds.

Wine tastings alongside farmstead tours and cooking demos are the bread and butter at Blackberry Farm, though your company can also enjoy paddle sports, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, yoga classes and swimming, among other activities.

2.5 Juniper Preserve


Location : Bend, Oregon

Accommodates: Over 150 guests

Pricing: Starts from around $189 during the off-season.

Central Oregon plays host to Juniper Preserve, a complex of lodges located on the outskirts of the small city of Bend.

Alongside lodges capable of accommodating up to 89 people, Juniper Preserve also offers a couple of different sizes of meeting/event space where you can host corporate presentations and discussions. There’s a strong focus on wellness here, including classes in yoga, meditation, breathing, myofascial release, and sound healing to help your staff de-stress.

Aside from the well-being offerings, one of the highlights of Juniper Preserve is its range of golfing activities, including a signature Jack Nicklaus golf course. There’s also an on-site spa and a swimming pool.

2.6 Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

Location: New Orleans

Accommodates: Over 400 guests

Pricing: Rates start from $127 per night for a room with two doubles or a single king.

Situated in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, this branch of the Ace Hotel brand is ideal for businesses who want to host their corporate retreat in a buzzing city rather than the countryside.

All the attractions of New Orleans are right there in front of you, from the French Quarter to the National WWII Museum. Plus, if you do want to escape to nature with your team, the bayous and swamps of Louisiana are within easy reach. As for the hotel itself, there are fine dining eateries, the Three Keys jazz bar, and both indoor and outdoor meeting/event spaces with varying capacities.

New Orleans itself is brimming with life, with splendid architecture and charming neighborhoods around every corner – perfect for a team-building scavenger hunt. To relax, there’s also a rooftop pool and a fitness center on-site.

2.7 The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

Location : Lake Tahoe

Accommodates: Over 300 guests

Pricing: Off-season prices start from around $429 per night for a Tahoe King.

On the shores of the iconic Lake Tahoe, right on the borderline between Nevada and California, the Edgewood Tahoe is a retreat whose blue skies and blue waters are sure to promote blue-sky thinking.

Lake Tahoe is America’s largest alpine lake, boasting loads of beautiful hiking trails, as well as winter sports during the colder months. You don’t need to worry about having space for your whole team, as there are 154 rooms and suites on offer, each equipped with luxury amenities, including a soaking tub, a terrace or balcony, and an in-room gas fireplace.

In the summer, head out onto the lake for kayaking and paddleboarding, play a round of golf or see which of your team members has the keenest eye with a round of archery. During the fall, there are craft workshops based around things like pumpkin carving and chainsaw sculpting, while in winter, Edgewood has its very own ice skating rink 

2.8 Maison de la Luz


Location: New Orleans

Accommodates: About 100 guests

Pricing: Starts from around $300 per night.

Another of the best resorts for corporate retreats located in New Orleans, Maison de la Luz is located in the Warehouse District and boasts 67 rooms and suites.

Each of the rooms at Maison de la Luz has been designed with its own distinctive, Southern charm, making the property one of the most unique corporate retreat locations. Private company meals can be held in craft cocktail establishment Bar Marilou, the elegant Breakfast Room, or the dramatic Mezzanine.

Maison de la Luz is a more boutique experience offered by the Ace Hotels family. As such, visitors can enjoy the pool, gym, and daily yoga classes at the nearby Ace Hotel.

2.9 Meadowood Napa Valley

Meadowood Napa Valley

Location : Napa Valley, California

Accommodates: About 60 guests

Pricing: Rooms start at $1,000 for a king-sized bed without breakfast.

If you’re looking for small corporate retreat locations, Meadowood Napa Valley contains just 36 rooms and suites, located on the outskirts of the city of Saint Helena in California’s renowned Napa Valley.

Staying at Meadowood is like staying at the private country estate of a billionaire. The property is ensconced in luscious foliage, with vineyards galore within easy driving distance. Group events can be held amid the lovely scenery of the outdoor terrace cafe or in the glassed-in Forum restaurant.

Aside from the obvious wine tasting, there are also tennis courts, a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and hiking through the rugged estate.

2.10 Terranea Resort


Location : Los Angeles, California

Accommodates: Over 1000 guests

Pricing: Rates start from just over $600 per night for a king room.

Rounding out this list of the top 10 luxury corporate retreats in the US is Terranea Resort, which sits on more than 100 acres of prime oceanfront real estate in California’s Palos Verdes peninsula.

Readily accessible from L.A., Terranea creates the illusion of being in a rural paradise while still being right on the outskirts of a major city. Everything you need for your corporate getaway is on-site, from ballrooms and plentiful meeting spaces to a relaxing spa.

A nine-hole golf course overlooks a dramatic seascape, but for something more creative, you can sign your team up for painting classes, falconry lessons, or archery. There are also several water sports, well-being sessions for yoga and Pilates, and much more.

3 FAQs

  • What activities are included in luxury corporate retreats?

Many luxury corporate retreats will offer a package that includes guest rooms, meeting spaces, a range of meals and activities to promote team building and/or relaxation. What precisely is on offer varies by location and getaway type.

  • How long do luxury corporate retreats usually last?

Retreats can last a day, a weekend or even longer – though rarely more than a week. It really depends on what you want to achieve and how far your team is traveling. It’s worth noting that some luxury corporate retreat locations require a minimum length of stay.

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