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13 Top Corporate Wellness Companies with the Best Employee Programs

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Corporate wellness companies

Unlike earlier, insurance and 401k are not the only attractive options that an organization should leverage when it comes to employee wellness. Organizations now realize the importance of having personalized employee wellbeing programs and how they need to be integrated into employee engagement strategies. This not only ensures reduced healthcare costs, lower insurance premiums, but also overall employee wellbeing. To make it easier to implement, corporate wellness companies are now playing a major role in helping companies meet their employee wellness goals and objectives. 

In this article, we share some of the top corporate wellness programs that these companies have to offer to support their employee wellness goals.

There are many other desirable perks you can provide to staff, including travel incentives, employee recognition programs, wellbeing initiatives, and wellness strategies.

1. What Is A Corporate Wellness Program

A corporate wellness program is a structured framework of initiatives that are created and designed to improve the well-being and general health of employees.  This is typically done to facilitate a more productive work environment that’s growth oriented. Most companies now integrate corporate wellness programs into their employee engagement and retention strategies to attract and retain good talent.

Corporate health and wellbeing programs can be chosen based on your organization’s needs and objectives. You can also engage the best corporate wellness companies to create more tailored wellness programs for employees.

2. What are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs?

  • Reduced illness

Healthy and motivated employees have lesser stress, better immunity levels and better overall health resulting in reduced instances of illness at the workplace. 

  • Lower absenteeism levels

A motivated workforce that eats healthy and exercises regularly is less likely to take leave on account of sickness, so absenteeism rates drop in the organization.

  • Boost in morale

Healthy employees end up being more energetic and positive in their outlook resulting in higher workplace morale. This helps in creating a more positive mindset and work culture.

  • Minimized insurance costs

Stronger and healthy workforce qualifies for lower insurance rates resulting in more savings for both employers and employees.

  • Enhanced productivity

With reduced absenteeism and boost in morale, employees can focus better at work and this results in improved productivity. 

3. Top Corporate Wellness Companies 

3.1 Alyfe Wellness Strategies


With over 20 years of experience in designing corporate wellness programs, Alyfe’s specially tailored solutions are designed to meet the needs of those looking to manage their well-being and incorporate more holistic lifestyles. Their people-centric programs can be used across organizations of different sizes and types including small startups, single-site organizations or companies with globally distributed teams. 

The company sources information based on the well-being goals and health risks for each employee and then leverages their resources to create specific programs that include health assessments, screenings, health consultants, tracking measures and more to keep their employees engaged across their fitness journeys. 

3.2 Ceridian Lifeworks

LifeWorks has been partnering with over 1000 companies to provide workplace health and productivity solutions through a range of engaging corporate wellness programs. 

Their comprehensive solutions cover a wellbeing platform called LifeWorks, cognitive behavior therapy, customized mental health programs such as Trauma AssistTM, Depression Care™, WorkAssistTM, substance abuse program, workplace support, workplace absence & disability and more. They aid in formulating policies for companies to help their employees in dealing with critical incidents, share custom reports based on LifeWorks’ total wellbeing index for your workforce and suggestions for improvement. 

3.3 CHC Wellness

CHC Wellness formulates wellness strategies for workplace wellness programs to ensure that workforces can perform well in all aspects including physical, emotional, social and financial. Based in Chicago, this corporate wellness company ties up with corporations to assess the work and health equations of their employees, potential risk factors and provide personalized solutions that can be used to manage health issues. 

Dedicated wellbeing strategists help in implementing these solutions and meeting set wellness objectives and engage employees using tools such as buddy walking programs, e-learning health modules, webinars, nutrition tracking platform, tailored health coaching for specific issues such as diabetes, sleep or stress issues and more. To ensure employees stick to their fitness and health initiatives, CHC also has the right tools in place to measure and report trends on goals achieved, engagement metrics and benchmarks. 

3.4 Virgin Pulse ( Merged with GCC)

Launched in 2004, GCC has since tied-up with businesses across 185 countries with the aim to spread awareness on the importance of adopting healthy practices to stay fit and productive.

In 2016, Global Challenge joined Virgin Pulse to become a leading provider of wellbeing-centric technological solutions for workforces that help to boost employee engagement and performance.

The Global Challenge takes them on a journey that will improve both their physical and psychological health on annual 100-day journey that includes physical activity, nutritious eating, stress management, sleep quality and productive habits. Their program line also comprises fitness trackers, mobile apps, and in-depth analytics, along with custom integrations with a wide range of compatible devices including Amazon’s Alexa.

3.5 Limeade

Limeade’s employee wellbeing programs are designed to inspire change through engaging initiatives that help employees become healthier and more productive at the workplace. 

Using science-based polls, surveys,  and quizzes, this corporate wellness company garners valid information that’s relevant to your workforce and creates actionable reports that highlight the gaps. 

Customized dashboards can help identify employee burnout rates, rate of turnovers, and create custom strategies that can address your primary organizational goals and employee needs. They have three main integrated platforms that include Limeade Well-Being, Limeade EX, and TINYpulse. The programs are available in multiple languages and have culturally relevant activities that offer a tailored experience. With over 300 custom integrations, these platforms can provide added functionality with third-party applications. 

3.6 Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program


The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program is a comprehensive wellbeing program caters to an employee’s holistic health including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets. Located in Minnesota, the program is executed in a state-of-the-art facility. Organizations looking to meet their employee wellness goals and boost engagement can use the program to motivate their employees through personalized wellness sessions and activities. 

Employees get expert guidance from certified coaches, spa services for rejuvenation apart from learning how to cook healthy, do physical exercises and implement stress resiliency practices.   

The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help with weight loss goals and experts provide personalized guidance on diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes needed over a set period of time. You can also keep track of progress using their data-driven reports that provide valuable insights. 

3.7 TotalWellness Health

TotalWellness Health is one of the best corporate wellness companies that cater to companies of all sizes. They offer wellness programs, biometric screenings and mobile vaccination events. Their employee wellness program, Beata features annual motivational emails, monthly challenges, and a self-paced coaching program. Biometric screenings include a range of tests that can be used by both in-office and remote employees.

Their health assessment consists of a brief 17-question survey that provides insights on employee’s health parameters and shares a wellness score. You can use the integrated reporting tools to assess program metrics and employee participation numbers.

3.8 WellRight

WellRight’s wellness program has a flexible platform that offers over 300 engaging wellness activities and tasks that keep them engaged in forming healthy habits. Their holistic program covers emotional, financial, occupational, social, and physical facets of a healthy lifestyle. With 24 x 7 availability, Wellness coaches help employees stay on-track and motivate them through customizable rewards and incentives. Biometric screenings are done to provide baseline data on BP, insulin levels and cholesterol so they can be used as markers for health checkups.  Based on their claim analysis reports, employees can identify trends and modify the wellness program. 

You can access the program on phones and tablets for added convenience and also be synced into your wearables. The program updates are sent via automated text message notifications. 100 insightful health videos that cover 15 major health topics are available on the WellRight website and mobile app

3.9 Wellable

Wellable is one of the best corporate wellness companies that partners with employers and to design health plans of all types across 23 different countries. The company provides a technology platform that helps organizations create employee wellness programs through holistic educational learning modules and activities.

Wellable’s platform engages users in fun and interactive challenges to motivate them and provide long-term consultation support. They have a self-evaluation module that provides personalized feedback for employees and data-driven metrics for companies to take note. Employees can access the evidence-backed content hub that includes newsletters, webinars, and more to learn more on health and lifestyle using their tips and resources. Wellable’s On-Demand service offers healthy recipes, mindfulness classes, sleep stories and more to maintain fitness.

3.10 WorkTango 


WorkTango’s platform creates an interactive experience for employees to take hold of their lifestyle and health goals and achieve them easily. The platform has a comprehensive dashboard that provides all the actionable insights through heatmaps and sentiment clouds besides rewards and recognition for meeting goals and receiving feedback through analytical reports. To support employees in taking prompt action and aligning their goals  WorkTango’s customizable survey and quizzes are available to measure engagement, 

To amplify good practices, the platform’s versatile recognition and rewards module includes peer-to-peer nomination and awards, reward point-based activities and a Global Rewards engine with a catalog of gifts, experiences, donations and more.  Employees can have 1 on 1 discussions, track and set goals, and use tailored templates to take stock of their holistic progress.

3.11 Remote Team Wellness 

Remote Team Wellness’s focus is on helping remote and distributed teams adopt healthy, holistic lifestyles. As one of the best companies with corporate wellness programs in the virtual space, they have excellent expert-guided sessions for employees that can be customized to individual needs. They cover essential lifestyle aspects like Stress Management, Mental Health, Burnout Prevention, Mindfulness, Nutritional Wellness, Fitness

These 30–90-minute sessions also cover all resources, handy tips and tools that employees can use to improve their daily habits and create better wellness routines.

3.12 EXOS|MediFit

Featuring next on our list of top corporate wellness companies is EXOS, a company that caters to the wellness quotient for both hybrid and remote teams in almost 25% of the Fortune 100. Their impressive lineup of wellness services includes corporate fitness center management, remote employee solutions, hybrid employee solutions. The programs are implemented with a mix of personalized solutions and support for mindfulness, movement, recovery and nutrition.

Remote program solutions include Exos Perform which is a six-week coaching program that provides the essential tools and tips to maximize their performance on a daily basis. Employees can use the shared community platform to stay motivated and engaged with fellow users. Skilled coaches are provided to help keep track of progress and cover any gaps. With the EXO FIT app, it’s easy and convenient to stay engaged on the go for busy professionals.

3.13 WellSteps

WellSteps is a good choice in dynamic corporate wellness companies for organizations looking to incorporate effective employee wellness solutions in their engagement strategies. Their platform covers wellness solutions, wellness tools and wellness blogs.

 As part of wellness solutions, they provide personalized health assessment, game-style challenges, annual checkup reminders, rewards and incentives, behavior tracking and more. The wellness tool such as ROI calculator, checklist for change, wellness compliance checker provides benchmarks and help employees stay on track. For access to health insights and tips, the wellness blog covers a wide range of health topics. 

4. FAQs

4.1 What are some good corporate wellness program ideas?

Good corporate health programs typically include healthy eating habit challenges, rewards and incentives for walking steps, mindfulness sessions on a regular basis and more.

4.2 Do employee wellness programs work for remote workers? 

Employee wellness programs are a great idea for remote workers since they help in promoting healthy lifestyles and teach handy tips on how to balance their work and personal lives.

4.3 What are some of the best  wellbeing ideas for remote workers 

Some of the best ideas in  Corporate health and wellbeing programs for remote workers are online fitness classes, guided yoga and meditation, virtual Zumba sessions, online counseling classes and virtual healthy-habit building challenges

4.4 What can companies do to improve wellbeing?

Companies can boost their employee productivity and wellbeing by incorporating wellbeing programs for employees in their engagement strategies over the long term to see excellent results.

4.5 What is an example of a wellness program

One mention among a wide range of corporate wellness program examples is a healthy habit building challenge that encourages users to make dietary changes, choose consistent eating time schedules and log in their progress over a period of time to track progress. 

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