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10 Quick and Fun Team Building Activities For 100 Employees

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

10 Best Team Building Activities For 100 Employees to Cheer Up Everyone's Day

Human beings are at heart social creatures that thrive on their relationships with others, not just in the home but in the workplace as well. Particularly in larger companies, however, there’s sometimes not enough time for people to build the connections they need to perform at their best level. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 team building activities for 100 employees designed to bring large groups together in fun settings where they can develop stronger bonds with their colleagues.

These activities are mainly about creating a sense of camaraderie, but some of them can also boost common business skills that are essential for high-functioning teams.

1. How Team Building Activities Can Result in Increased Productivity

Team building activities improve communication and teamwork, which can be hugely beneficial for increasing office productivity. They are also excellent at raising morale and turbocharging motivation, which leads to stronger performance.

Some activities target specific competencies, such as problem solving, lateral thinking, and creativity, developing the tools that departments need to perform at the top of their game.

2. 10 Effective Team Building Activities for 100 Employees

2.1. Team Trivia

Team Trivia

Give the team a fun mental workout with a hosted trivia contest, asking questions on a range of topics so that there’s something to suit movie buffs as well as footie fans.

Team trivia is one of the best free team building activities for 100 employees. All you need to do is divide everybody into a team of 5 to 10 and give them the materials to write down their answers, while questions can be easily sourced online. It’s fun, engaging, and inclusive, allowing everyone to participate.

If you want to upgrade the experience, rent a private space in a local bar where the team can gather in a convivial atmosphere to answer your brain-busters. Alternatively, teambuilding companies like Hooray Teams offer professionally hosted virtual quizzes as part of their awesome online team building portfolio, including ones themed around pop culture and festive holidays. They can also build a customized game just for your business.

2.2. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

One of the most entertaining virtual team building activities for 100 employees; escape rooms are intricate puzzle games that are designed to test lateral thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Participants must solve a series of clues to escape a sealed area, whether that’s a haunted house, a torture chamber, or a scientific facility.

While in-person escape rooms are a very popular team building option for smaller groups, most physical locations won’t be able to cater to 100 people, even if they have multiple themed spaces. That’s why virtual is the way to go for larger numbers of staff, since online they can be subdivided into as many smaller groups as necessary, before reconvening at the end to share their team’s struggles and successes.

Hooray Teams, for example, can host up to 500 staff in their virtual escape rooms, which have settings like a 1930s speakeasy, a psychiatric hospital, and a medieval dungeon.

2.3. Outdoor Camping

“All good things are wild and free,” according to the 19th-century thinker Henry David Thoreau. Provide your team with a taste of that goodness by taking them on a trip into the great outdoors, where they can live amidst nature for a couple of days.

The adventure can be as traditional or as deluxe as you like. Some places offer purely a basic campsite with shared shower facilities while others supply a more premium camping experience that includes electrical outlets and private bathrooms. Many facilities can cater to 100 people easily.

Perfect for promoting relaxation and reducing stress, camping can be a highly effective team bonding activity, allowing staff to get to know one another in a rugged environment that couldn’t be further from computer desks and swivel chairs.

One of the best features of outdoor camping is that it’s easy to tack on other team building pursuits, including group hikes, scavenger hunts, and (in some places) water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

2.4. Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries

A dead body has been found and the cause of death is indisputably murder. Who killed them and why? That’s what your team will have to find out, digging through clues and whittling down the suspects to bring the criminal to justice.

Like escape rooms, murder mysteries for groups of 100 are easier to organize online, where the numbers can be more effectively managed so that everybody gets a chance to exercise the “little grey cells.” Teams use their powers of deduction and problem-solving to come up with the correct solution as quickly as possible.

Hooray Teams has several themed murder mysteries for remote workers to have a go at, from Murder at the Manor to Pirates of Cutlass Cove. Each one features a professional host, a cast of characters played by skilled actors, and a litany of clues to puzzle through.

2.5. Paint Party

Creativity is an important skill in most business environments, so why not stimulate the artistic side of your staff with a paint party? Guided by an experienced artist, your team can develop their skills with the brush while engaging in casual conversations with colleagues, fuelled by a few glasses of wine.

Teams of 100 will push the limit of most studio spaces that cater to in-person team building, so the best option might be to book a company that can provide the materials and a professional instructor, while separately hiring a hall or other large space that can accommodate large groups. You can also consult professional virtual team building companies that can host the event online, distributing all necessary materials beforehand through the post.

If you want to enhance the team aspect, arrange for each participant to paint a piece of a larger picture, which can later be assembled from the individually made constituents.

2.6. Sports/Field Day

Where other activities might struggle to cope with larger numbers, sports days actually work better with more people, creating an atmosphere that is similar to the Olympics – or perhaps more modestly, a school sports meet!

Depending on the facilities you have at your disposal, you can host 100 meter dashes, relay races, obstacle courses, tug-of-war, and even throwing events, replacing the shot put with a less weighty ball. There are also more light-hearted games that can be incorporated, such as the egg-and-spoon race, the three-legged race, and the sack race.

Sports team building activities for 100 employees simultaneously create a sense of company unity while also promoting wellness within the business, demonstrating a commitment towards physical and mental health.

2.7. Yoga/Meditation Session

Yoga/Meditation Session

As a more soothing exercise alternative to the adrenaline rush of a sports day, yoga and similar classes like meditation highlight wellbeing while helping to reduce stress and improve concentration. As one of the best indoor team building activities for 100 employees, these sessions can be hosted throughout the year. It’s also possible to organize them online, with a professional instructor running the session remotely.

Even if staff are not in the same location, there is still a tangible benefit to gathering everyone together for a group activity virtually, since it promotes team spirit. Hooray Teams chair yoga sessions are a great case in point where participants can engage with a virtual host and enjoy learning how to destress. Plus, it means that you don’t have to worry about trying to find a large enough space to fit 100 people doing downward dogs, bridges, and tree poses.

2.8. Build a Bike

If you’re looking for charitably minded indoor team building activities for large groups, the build a bike concept is a lovely way to give back to the community. Several companies now offer the activity, which involves providing bicycles to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Staff are divided into smaller groups. Each group assembles a bicycle for one to two hours, using communication skills and teamwork to follow a detailed set of instructions that will help them turn simple mechanical parts into a fully functioning bipedal machine.

2.9. Beach Picnic

When the weather is fine, one of the best team building activities for 100 employees is to go on a picnic. There are all kinds of company picnics that you can organize for as many employees as you like, allowing a large group to mix and mingle for several hours.

One of our favorite options is to have a beach picnic. There are few environments as fun and relaxing as a sandy shoreline, which makes it a great place for encouraging social interactions between colleagues.

Create some structure to the outing by bringing along equipment for games like beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and bocce, which add an element of competition and cooperation to the excursion. Make sure to arrange for refreshments, either by hiring a barbecue provider, organizing a potluck, or booking a beach-adjacent restaurant.

2.10. Marathon for Fundraising Events

Marathon for Fundraising Events

The last of our team building activities for 100 employees combines the benefits of exercise with the meaningful value of giving to charity. Marathons can accommodate as many of your staff as want to participate. Some regional events will even provide extras like a hospitality tent with your branding as a paid extra.

In terms of addressing aspects of a positive company culture, a fundraising marathon highlights both the importance of wellness as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Money can be raised through several avenues, including the company donating money for each entry, staff soliciting donations from friends and family, or combining the two. If long races sound like a bit of a stretch for your team, there are an increasing number of events that cover more modest distances, from half marathons down to 5km races, so that even staff that aren’t hyper-fit can get involved.

3. FAQs

3.1. What are some fun team bonding activities?

Something as simple as a picnic at the beach can be a really enjoyable way for colleagues to spend some quality time together, learning a little bit more about one another’s personalities and interests. If you want an activity that’s a bit more creative, organize a paint party.

3.2. What is the 5 minute icebreaker activity?

For quick large group team building activities, 5 minute icebreakers are a good way to get the ball rolling, stimulating conversations and kicking the energy in the room up a notch. There are lots to choose from, including icebreaker roulette, word association, and draw your mood.

3.3. What are fun games to play as a group?

Trivia contests, escape rooms, and murder mysteries are all perennially popular fun large group activities for adults. All of these can be played in person or online and are flexible enough to accommodate hundreds of people if necessary, usually divided into smaller teams.

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