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12 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas in 2024 to Reinforce Your Company Culture

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

12 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas in 2024 to Reinforce Your Company Culture

If you have attended pep rallies, cheerleading, and game events back in school, you’d agree that Spirit Week was one of the best weeks of the school year.  The nostalgia is probably making you wonder if it's possible to bring this traditional practice to the workplace by conducting a virtual Spirit Week. Similar to Spirit Week ideas high school, having a Spirit Week at your workplace can create positive memories of a time when everyone took a break from work to enjoy a great time together. 

From fun theme days for work to friendly games and competitions, here are some best virtual Spirit Week ideas that are guaranteed to build team cohesion, celebrate accomplishments, and reinforce company culture. Go on, lift those spirits! 

1. What is Virtual Spirit Week at Workplace?

Inspired by high school traditions, virtual Spirit Week is a week-long period of activities a company sets aside as a part of employee engagement. They take place through any virtual meeting platforms like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Typical virtual Spirit Week ideas include dress-up theme days for work, online parties, interactive games, and events. It's an opportunity for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, celebrate company culture, prepare for new goals, and, most importantly, bond with coworkers. 

2. 12 Best Virtual Spirit Week Ideas for Teams

2.1. Organize a Microsoft Teams Game Tournament 

Ideal for: Creativity, collaboration, competition 

If you are planning fun and engaging Spirit Week ideas for your colleagues, Microsoft Teams games could be a fantastic choice to consider. Team building games such as Icebreakers, Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Escape Rooms, Murder Mystery, Virtual Jeopardy, Scribble Games can be played on the platform to bring remote teams together. 

To make this a fun tournament, you can create a schedule, set up Teams channels for each game, and encourage team members to form their own groups. Don't forget to incorporate Spirit Week theme ideas that align with your company’s goal and ensure a lively atmosphere throughout the tournament. 

Tip: You can hire a professional host like Hooray Teams to facilitate games and activities to make it more engaging and fun. Also, explore some fun virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams

If you want to unleash your competitive side while planning company Spirit Week ideas, explore our articles on virtual game night ideas, engaging board games for the office, thrilling minute-to-win-it games, outstanding virtual jigsaw puzzles, and virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

2.2. Enjoy a Mixology Session


Ideal for: Team bonding, partying, entertainment 

Alright, if you want some chill time after solving many mystery Spirit Week games and ticking challenges - try Hooray Teams Cocktail Making Class. This may be one of the ideal virtual Spirit Week ideas to try on a slower yet engaging note. A professional bartender will walk you and your team through how to create a classic martini, cosmopolitan, Manhattan, or margarita. In case you want to try your DIY blends, feel free to make a custom request.

Also, you and your team will learn to add delicious garnishes, from standard lemon, and olives to mint or other creative options, adding extra flair to your cocktails. They will also send a cocktail-making kit right to your doorstep, packed with all the ingredients needed to craft your own signature drinks. 

Tip: Check out some delicious mocktail recipes for your team's teetotalers to make team spirit ideas engaging for the whole team.

2.3. Beat the Clock With The Alchemist Escape Room

Ideal for: Problem-solving skills, teamwork, time management 

Bring a dose of adventure and excitement to your virtual Spirit Week at work ideas with The Alchemist Escape Room by Hooray Teams.  A dedicated host will guide you and your team through the escape room with general rules and guidelines to follow in the game.  You and your team have to solve brainteaser challenges and think out of the box to locate the legendary Philosopher’s Stone before the clock runs out. 

Our Alchemist escape challenge was outstanding! We had 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles, and guess what? We escaped from the room, feeling like Andy who broke out in the movie Shawshank Redemption! 

Hooray Teams also have an amazing selection of themed escape rooms like Dungeon Things, Patient 360, and Mafia 360, that are guaranteed to elevate your team spirit. 

Tip: Use the 'divide and conquer' strategy to assign specific tasks to each team member for swift progress and successful collaboration

2.4. Conduct Spirit Award Ceremony

Ideal for: A positive work culture, team motivation, employee retention

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and including an award ceremony in your virtual Spirit Week ideas is a great way to give employees an extra pat on the back. But it would be more fun if you create certain out-of-the-box award categories instead of the traditional awards like “employee of the year/month,” “service awards,” 

Here are a few ideas for Virtual Spirit Week awards:

  1. “The Best Tech Wizard”
  2. “Online Social Butterfly”
  3. “The Office Memes Finder”
  4. “Flash Messenger”

You can further plan a live stream with the winners, a social media shout-out, or a virtual wall of recognition. This not only promotes positive company culture but also benefits your bottom line.

Tip: To set the perfect mood, encourage team members to dress up in formal attire and use stylish virtual backgrounds. Also, check out our article to find some best virtual backgrounds to elevate your remote meetings. 

2.5. Solve the Murder at the Manor

Murder at the Manor

Ideal for: Collaboration, problem-solving skills, time management 

Gather the super sleuths in your team to find out the whodunit behind Hooray Teams Murder at the Manor.  You and your team will take on the role of the detective and figure out who killed Lord Aubrey Falconer have 60 minutes to investigate every small detail, find clues, and apprehend the killer.

A lively host will handle the entire murder mystery challenge from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about planning and organizing the game. 

Tip:  Get into the skin of the character as you sport a classic trench coat, don a fedora or detective hat, and accessorize with a magnifying glass or a notebook. 

2.6. Play Costume Contests

Ideal for: Creativity, entertainment, competition 

You can’t go wrong when theming virtual Spirit Week ideas for work around an epic costume contest. Your colleagues might already have their costumes sorted out, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to don them and showcase their creativity. Host a costume pageant at workplace where team members get dressed up in a variety of Spirit Day themes individually or in a group. 

To add more excitement to ideas for dress-up days at work, make it a competition where employees can choose their favorite costumes, and the ones with the most votes win prizes! 

Here are some costume theme days for work:

  • Superheroes
  • Villains
  • Halloween
  • Celebrities
  • Historical figures
  • Sports
  • Vintage 
  • Cartoon 

Tip:  Categorize your awards like the Most Creative Costume Award, The Perfectionist Award, or the Funniest Costume Award. Find the best costume contestant awards from websites like awards4u, select-your-gift.

2.7. A Zen Chair Yoga Experience

chair yoga

Ideal for: Mental and physical wellness, stress relief, employee wellbeing 

A chair yoga session is one of the more health-centered virtual Spirit Week ideas since employee wellness is the primary goal of Spirit Week. During the chair yoga session, you and your team will be guided through a series of poses, meditations, and stretches all while sitting on a comfortable chair in your home space. For an enhanced experience, you and your team can opt for a relaxation package with scented candles and delightful treats, available at an additional price.

Whether you're looking to release tension in your shoulders, soothe tight muscles in your lower back, or focus on any other specific area, they have the option to personalize the session tailored to your preferences. In addition to chair yoga, Hooray Teams also offer Online Meditation Classes for groups of all sizes. 

Tip: Choose a sturdy Armless chair with a flat seat and a backrest for optimal support to practice chair yoga.

2.8. Paint a Tote Bag from Home

paint a tote bag

Ideal for: Creativity, team bonding, relaxation 

Add some color to your virtual Spirit Week ideas with a Painting Session by Hooray Teams. A talented artist will draw out your inner Picasso to transform a simple tote bag into an amazing functional keepsake.  You and your team will learn about pattern designs, painting techniques, and how to apply colors to the fabric.

All the participants will receive a kit with a high-quality canvas tote bag, vibrant fabric paints, and a set of brushes delivered straight to their doorstep. By the end of the session, you will have a one-of-a-kind DIY tote bag that you can use every day or gift to a loved one. 

Tip: Check out some DIY tote bag painting ideas & canvas bag painting ideas for your corporate spirit week ideas. 

2.9. Host a Virtual Talent Spectacle 

Ideal for: Teamwork, entertainment, collaboration

When thinking of interactive, fun, and engaging virtual Spirit Week ideas, a talent show should be one of the top choices. This is a great way for teams to show off their hidden talents with skits, music, mime, dancing, stand-up comedy, painting, cooking - you name it. 

To host a virtual talent show, you can ask teammates to book their names individually or collaborate with other employees. 

At the end of the virtual talent show, team members can cast their votes for the best performance of the day. You can also have a panel of judges to give scores for each performance. 

Tip: Find inspiration for fun spirit day ideas from some top-rated talent virtual talent shows featuring remarkable performances and diverse talents.

2.10. Indulge in a Lunch and Learn Party

Ideal for: Team building, creativity, employee engagement 

Now here are your virtual Spirit Week ideas that will get a cent percent vote from team members - Team lunch. Host a fun (and tasty) lunch and learn party to appreciate the rich culinary diversity within the team during spirit day at work. This delightful and inclusive activity brings the team together, allowing everyone to showcase their culinary talents and share their favorite dishes.

Each team member can contribute a homemade dish, whether it's a savory main course, a delectable dessert, or a refreshing beverage. To make the most of the event, ask them to share about its history, ingredients, and any personal memories or anecdotes associated with the dishes. 

Tip: Team members can also share their recipes in a document so everyone can give it a try. 

2.11. Set Out on a Scavenger Hunt 

Ideal for: Team communication and collaboration, problem solving skills

Scavenger Hunt is one of the thrilling virtual Spirit Week ideas that is 100% guaranteed to deliver tones of laughter and memories. It’s a fun way to bring out everyone’s competitive side as players are given a list of items to find or to complete tasks before the clock runs out. 

To set up this fun activity, first, divide your group into smaller teams. Choose a theme like holidays, plants, or home decor. Then, give each team a list of things to find and take pictures of in their nearby surroundings.

Here are some virtual scavenger hunt ideas for Spirit Week at work:

  • A keychain with a bottle opener
  • A piece of outdated device 
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Selfie with your pet(s)
  • A coffee mug with a funny quote
  • A deck of cards

Tip: Create an epic scavenger hunt experience for your remote teams using apps like Scavify

2.12. Throw A Lively Zumba Party

Ideal for: Entertainment, physical and mental wellbeing, team collaboration 

Dance, as they say, is a fantastic way to uplift spirits. So, why not groove together on one of the days during your virtual Spirit Week with a Zumba Party? Zumba not only makes you feel happier but also helps you relax, improves your sense of rhythm, and brings out the artistic side of your team when you do it together. It's a chance to leave behind the stress and deadlines for a shared moment of fun, fitness, and team unity.No prior dance experience is needed- just a willingness to let loose and have a cool time.

Tip: Hire a professional Zumba instructor or check out some best Zumba classes to get the most out of your Zumba Dance party. 

3. How Do You Host Virtual Spirit Week Successfully?

Here are some steps to plan office Spirit Week ideas virtual celebrations - 

Step 1: Pick a week

The first and most crucial step is to choose an appropriate Spirit Week. It should be carefully done so that it does not conflict with any other upcoming events or holidays. 

Step 2: The more you encourage employees, the better

Start posting about your work Spirit Week ideas on the company’s social media channels a week before and share the excitement. You can also send out mass email invitations to the employees and encourage everyone to participate in this event. 

Step 3: Create engaging Spirit Week themes for each day

Design exciting Spirit Week themes for each day and plan events aligned with each theme. 

Step 4: Make the experience interactive

Utilize platforms with interactive features, encouraging real-time communication, and creating opportunities for shared experiences. 

4. FAQs

4.1. What are some Virtual Spirit Week ideas?

The best virtual Spirit Week ideas for adults are the ones that help geographically dispersed teams to foster team engagement and have fun. From hosting theme days, dress up days for work and yoga sessions to conducting virtual volunteering and fundraising activities, employers can organize different activities to celebrate spirit weeks in remote offices.

4.2. What are some benefits of Virtual Spirit Week?

Virtual Spirit Week for work is a great way to celebrate company culture and enhance team engagement. Fun spirit week ideas help people to come out of their comfort zones and expand professional connections. Some organizations also take Spirit Week as an opportunity to make charitable donations and support social causes. Overall, team spirit day ideas help to boost employee morale, collaboration, and productivity.

4.3. Why is Virtual Spirit Seek so named?

Initially started by educational institutions, the term "Virtual Spirit Week" at workplace signifies a week-long series of engaging activities conducted online. Different team-building activities are hosted to break out the monotony of everyday work life to boost company culture and inclusiveness. It is designed to uplift employee spirits, encourage team collaboration, and maintain a sense of camaraderie in the virtual work environment. 

4.4. What are some virtual holiday spirit week ideas?

Some office holiday Spirit Week ideas for work include Christmas Spirit Week ideas for work, Halloween Spirit Week ideas, Easter Spirit Week ideas, and Thanksgiving Spirit Week themes for work. 

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