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20 Virtual Games to Play on Microsoft Teams for the Ultimate Friday Fun

January 2, 2023 | By Preethi Jathanna
Virtual Games to Play on Microsoft Teams

With workspaces getting virtual across the world, companies are redesigning their employee engagement practices. We agree that in-person activities are great, but given the situation, people, and even brands providing virtual collaborative spaces, have become creative in providing options to organize activities over their platforms. And virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams are some of the most engaging ones. There are a variety of free virtual games available to play on Microsoft Teams, providing a fun and interactive way to engage with colleagues or friends remotely.

Games, puzzles, and virtual competitions can be organized on Microsoft Teams as part of your Friday fun or happy hour. They are a great way to wind down a hectic week and prepare your team for the weekend ahead.

Here are some of our top picks for virtual games to play over Teams

1. Virtual games to play over Microsoft Teams


There are many business apps that you can integrate with Microsoft Teams, including games and activities. Here's a video on some of the best apps from Microsoft Teams AppSource that you can use for your team game time:



This is best for all trivia lovers. Registered users can integrate Kahoot! trivia app and play virtual trivia on Microsoft Teams. You can select the existing or create an assignment with questions on Kahoot! and send it to the channel. Then, everyone can click on the assignment and play the trivia live. Once the game ends, a message will be sent to the channel with a button to open the podium - highlighting the top three participants.

1.2 Microsoft Teams Bingo


Microsoft Teams bingo is a classic virtual game to play on Microsoft Teams or any platform, for that matter. You can use a free bingo card and number generator, distribute the cards to players beforehand, get together and play. Bingo is one game that will keep everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.

1.3 Guess Who?


One of our favorite things about Teams is the together mode. It places the participants onto virtual auditorium seats, so it looks like you are in a lecture hall. Guess Who? or 20-questions about one of the team members on the meeting is one of the most fun games for Microsoft Teams to play with coworkers, in addition to being an excellent way to know more about them.

1.4 The Puzzle


Espionage! is a great virtual game to play on Microsoft Teams. It is a 90-minute fully hosted spy-themed game for puzzle lovers. The best part is they provide accurate AV components, making it one of the most super engaging games to play over microsoft teams. We didn't realize the passing of 90 minutes!

You can also play a free version from here.

1.5 Trello Truth or Dare


If you have Trello integrated, then truth or dare is a great game to play on Microsoft Teams through synchronous and asynchronous channels. You can create a board and assign one column for truth and one for dare. 

You can then prefill each column with cards for truth and dare. If organizing this activity during a live meeting, each player can pick a card and immediately perform it on camera. However, if you are planning to have your teammates perform it over the week, then assign players to cards randomly to which they can either type out the answer for truth or send in a photo/video as proof of dare.

1.6 Microsoft Teams Family Feud


We have all dreamed of being on Steve Harvey's Family Feud. So why not recreate that within your team? If you use SurveyMonkey, you can use their Microsoft Teams plugin and gather original data for your family feud questions. It is best to collect data from a pool larger than your team.

Then, split your team into two groups and host the official family feud on the D-day. Participants can use the private chat room to discuss answers amongst themselves.

1.7 Wiki Kingdom Founders

We usually use the Wiki plugin amongst us to draft and share notes. But we recently found that Wiki Kingdom Founders is a virtual game to play on Microsoft Teams where teammates expand an imaginary world by adding or editing Wiki pages. So, you can create your own page, or a "kingdom", and ask your team to add details to it. More creative, the better. They get to propose changes, and the others can vote.

1.8 Microsoft Teams Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary is very popular, and it can be played seamlessly on Microsoft Teams. You can split the team into smaller groups or pairs, use an online Pictionary generator to select a word. Then the players can use the Whiteboard feature on Teams to draw out the word within a set time limit. Not to mention, this greatly helps in improving their communication skills. It is a classic game that has made its way into the Microsoft Teams games library.

1.9 Who bot Scavenger Hunts


'Who' is a bot within Microsoft Teams that allows you to perform quick searches within the organization's directories. You can ask questions like the ones given below and race your teammates to answer making it a great addition to your list of Microsoft Teams games. Whoever gets back with the correct answer first wins the point.

  • Who is
  • Who works with
  • Reports to Who?
  • Who was in the meeting about

1.10 NickNack

NickNack is a third-party app that, in their words, "helps fill the gaps of teams spread apart with asynchronous activities to foster team togetherness on your terms." They have over 30 games to play on teams. In addition, you can collaborate and share photos and videos, even have a water cooler conversation with anyone available through the app. 

2. More virtual games to play over Microsoft Teams


You need not depend on the apps available within Teams to engage with your team members. Here are some more virtual games to play over Microsoft Teams, independent of any integrations.

2.1 Virtual Talent Show Party

You know you are a great manager when you know what your teammates' hidden talents are because you care for them as a person. So, organize a fun Friday activity and have them showcase their talents. Though it does not exactly fulfill the criteria as one of the games to play over Microsoft Teams, it is a highly interactive activity to conduct on Microsoft Teams.

2.2 Spot the difference

Remember those kids' magazines with similar images, and we had to spot the differences? The game has taken the online crowd a storm too. Gather up such images or manipulate your own illustrations and play a game of Spot the differences. You then play it as one of the games to play on teams.

You can even go up a notch and gather images famous for the Mandela Effect and ask your teammates to identify which is real.

2.3 Virtual Murder Mysteries


This is another classic virtual game to play on Microsoft Teams. Create your own murder mystery story, or get one off the internet. Gather your team, assign them roles and have them identify the murderer. You can even go an extra step and dress up in the story's theme – say you plan the murder of the chef, and then you can have your team dress up like people in a party. 

2.4 War of the Wizards

Bring out your inner Harry Potter characters! Well, not exactly. War of the Wizards is a 90-minute fully hosted game that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. The participants tell stories, complete challenges, and earn magic items. The team then gathers all these items to cast spells to win the game. 

2.5 Can You Hear Me Now?

One of the inspirations for our organization – "Sorry, I was on mute." You can play this in teams or the entire group as a whole. One person describes an image only using geometrical shapes, and another/other participants must draw it out. The one who gets it right or close to the correct image gets the point. You can use this image generator for image ideas. If you are looking for Microsoft Teams games, you should give this one a try.

2.6 Virtual scavenger hunts

If you wish to have an adrenaline-filled Friday fun, virtual scavenger hunts are the perfect virtual game to play on Microsoft Teams. The best thing we like about scavenger hunts is the simplicity of it. Just give a list of items to be found from around the house and the first one to get back with the item gets the point.

If you prefer traditional scavenger hunts, you can check out this article for ideas.

2.7 Cocktail-making contests

Have a perfect boozy fun Friday happy hour with these cocktail kit ideas. Gather your team and have each brew a drink along with others. The best-tasting cocktail is the winner, provided you can judge well by the end of the game. This is less like one of the games to play over microsoft teams and more of an activity, but that does not make it any less fun. Make sure everyone communicates the ingredients beforehand so that everyone is ready. Or you can have a virtual wine tasting experience and let an expert brewer take you through the experience.

2.8 The imitation specialist

This game always takes us back to our school days when one of our prime entertainment sources was watching the class clown imitate other students and teachers. You can play it as one of the games to play on teams. Pass on a player's name to the one enacting out at the time in a private chat, and then have the rest of the team guess it. We suggest that you don't do this in teams and have everyone go at once – the chaos will add to the fun.

2.9 The awkward virtual storyteller

Based on the in-person game The Awkward Storyteller – you can create your pile of story prompts and modify it to become one of the games to play on teams. One player picks a prompt and starts a story. Other players ask them questions, and the storyteller has to include the answers as part of the story and keep building on them. The game ends when the player cannot provide an answer or respond in a way that contradicts what they previously said.

2.10 Try not to laugh

Inspired by so many YouTube channels adapting versions, we tried it out, which was an immediate favorite as one of the games to play over Microsoft Teams with coworkers. Team members turn in saying bad dad jokes, make silly faces or funnily deliver the joke. The other person or the other team should not laugh. If they do, they lose a point. Alternatively, you can also play funny video clips. The last one standing wins the game.

3. FAQs

  • What are Microsoft Teams games?

Games and activities that can be played over Microsoft Teams are generally known as Microsoft Teams games. They are great for team bonding experiences and work as excellent icebreakers, closing or re-energizing activities during meetings.

  • What activities can you do on Microsoft teams?

A few apps can be integrated with Teams and can be played with your coworkers collaboratively – like Kahoot!, NickNack, Quizlets, etc. 

  • What are some team-building games to play over Microsoft Teams?

You can also play any virtual team building activity over Microsoft Teams – like scavenger hunts, Pictionary, talent shows, etc. Here is an article that will provide you with over 40 ideas for team-building activities.

  • Do I need a gaming app that integrates directly with Microsoft Teams?

No. While it might be easier to have an app that connects directly to Microsoft Teams, it’s not necessary. There are other gaming sites that can easily be shared on Microsoft Teams. For example, online multiplayer card games are popular for building camaraderie among coworkers. 

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