7 Awesome Remote Work Blogs to Read in 2021

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Working-from-anywhere is the new normal. Many companies, in fact, are going ahead with making it permanent. Many former and current remote work experts have weighed in with their experiences teleworking. Their insights are written in remote work blogs that are certain to help you steel your resolve to stay efficient no matter where you work.

Out of the 70% of remote workers who were happy with the amount of time spent working remotely, 80% reported working from home, according to a State of Remote work report by Buffer.

2020’s workforce has been working remotely against the backdrop of uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. With distributed work on the rise, people are turning to resources to help adapt to this new way of working. For one, things are noticeably different when you’re collocated, and when you’re not sharing a physical workspace with your teammates. How you communicate for a quick catch-up, scheduled meetings and to provide work updates hinge on the reliability of the collaboration and communication tools you use.

More importantly, there’s the added task of remote surveillance. Remote employee monitoring is a necessary evil, given the inclination to lose track of the time during work hours and spend it elsewhere. Increased time on social media, for instance, can tempt even the most productive worker when they are remote. The point of remote work is to ensure that work stays visible, and workers are able to establish their presence virtually.


Best Work From Home Blogs 2020

1.1. Sorry, I was on Mute:

About SorryOnMute –
Sorry, I was on Mute is a blog for and of the ever-growing remote tribe *Apologies for the shameless plug*. Founded in 2020 by Aakash Gupta, SIWOM is an acronym for “Sorry, I was on Mute” , a phrase that some of us have uttered several times on virtual calls.

Remote work tips and tricks
from the blog

Recommendations include blogs on the building blocks of remote work culture, remote team management, innovation as an employee engagement strategy and Twitter accounts to follow. Besides these, Aakash has also written extensive reviews on productivity, project management and collaboration tools that enable remote teams to track their progress and remain self-sufficient.

Reader Score
: 9/10. Sorryonmute is growing, and writing about trends that have, or are going to impact remote workers. If you’re on the lookout for the next tool to invest in, or for a new way to engage and involve your workers, you do not want to miss this one blog out!

1.2. Management 30:

About Management 30 –
 Management30 is a blog on leadership practices, started in 2010 by Jurgen Appelo. It conducts workshops for emerging leaders that aim to boost productivity, nurture innovation and increase happiness at work.


Remote work tips and tricks from the blog

There are 6 blogs on remote work that include

  1. Leaving your office, going home – how to flip the switch and leave work at home, unplugging completely after putting in the required efforts.
  2. 8 Remote team leadership do’s and don’ts: how to lead teams, cultivate trust and demonstrate to your employees inspirational leadership.
  3. Managing remote workers; how can we maximize productivity? This blog talks about how to leverage the right tools and processes to make the business run.
  4. Four tips to establish your value as a remote worker: It is important for a remote worker to be both visible, and present. This blog offers tips on value propositioning oneself as a remote worker.
  5. Managing remote employees in multi-locations: geographies make it harder on managers. This blog will be useful to remote team managers who want to centralize conversations, decisions and actions.
  6. Tips to keep remote workers motivated: Motivation can tank when workers are remotely based. This blog gives you tips to reestablish that social connect and context to interactions so that workers have a reason and a person to report to.

Reader score: 8/10. Personally, my favorite reads from this was on remote worker value and leadership Do’s and Don’ts. How work gets done says a lot about how your workers perceive and respond to leadership.

1.3 The Write Life:

The Write life is a resource for remote freelancers and the writing community. It was started by Alexis Grant in 2013 and features eBooks, starting kits and channels to earn income when working remotely.

Remote work tips and tricks
from the blog: 

As a resource center dedicated to the freelancing, temping and casual earning network, The Write Life features blogs on staying disciplined and aware of deadlines. Their blogs on attracting clients, selling your portfolio and the building blocks of trust virtually are a must-read for those looking to explore the job market without stepping out of their homes.

Reader score: 7/10.
The blogs center around how to make your content more readable, engaging and attractive enough to audiences.

1.4 Home Business Magazine:

The Home Business Magazine is one of the oldest blogs in this list and goes back to 1994. It holds the distinction of being the largest website to target the USD 1 trillion home-based business sector. The content centers around raising money, financial management, telecommuting and business operations.

Remote work tips and tricks from the blog

The remote work 101 blog is a must-read on powering through distractions and placing boundaries between home, and work. Other works that contain remote work tips include appreciation for remote employees and a remote work program to outlast the ongoing pandemic. The tips listed are to follow a top-down approach to building trust, setting clear and realistic goals, communicating expectations and community building.


Reader score: 8/10. The navigation bit, i.e. finding these blogs requires you to hit the search bar, but the content in itself provides a different, yet interesting perspective on remote work practices.

1.5 Remote.co:

This remote work blog has a strong social media presence and is one of the key Twitter accounts to follow for remote-work-related inspiration! It was started by Sara Sutton, Founder of flexjobs, and herself a strong advocate for permanent remote work.

Remote work tips and tricks from the blog

The blogs are categorized into reasons to go remote, working remotely, building a remote team, and remote management. Of these, the blog talking about the interesting benefits of remote work is definitely worth taking a look at. The next time someone’s misgivings around remote work are within earshot, be sure to recommend them this blog! Besides this, there are tips for managers to keep remote teams engaged and why culture matters.

Reader score: 9/10.
The blogs are segmented by the audience most likely to benefit from consuming the content.

1.6 Escape the city blog:

Escape the city contains opportunities, communities and courses for the remote tribe. There are resources to help you start your own remote business, find your next job and tips to stay productive when working remotely. Rob Symington launched Escape the city in 2010. What started out as a fringe project became a global movement, with over 1 million professionals quitting the corporate world in favor of the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Remote work tips and tricks from the blog

The best-selling work from escape the city is their eBook, The Escape Manifesto (available on Amazon). Besides this, other posts uploaded on this blog feature courses that are either self-paced or live. It also lets you indicate where you are in your career i.e. a job seeker or seeking a career change. The topics include remote team leadership, building a personal brand and mastering negotiations.

Reader score: 6/10.
While the courses are interesting, the content is directed towards digital nomads and is primarily a platform to connect job seekers to opportunities and networks.

1.7 Nodesk:

Nodesk began in 2015 with the mission to bring companies and people together in a remote environment. It contains articles, books, newsletters, a company directory and a dedicated blog center called Intrinsic, which captures insights from the remote community as a whole.

Remote work tips and tricks from the blog

The topics covered include minimalism, coliving, digital nomading, gig economy, productivity, remote work, and the future of work, to name a few. They have curated articles from the Harvard Business Review and BBC, which include how to determine if remote teams feel included in virtual meetings,  involve remote teams in virtual meetings, kicking into the digital nomad gear, and tips to hire remote workers.

Reader score: 9/10. I personally enjoyed going through the Books section, which features the works of Wade Foster of Zapier fame, and Rework, by Jason Fried and David Hansson.


2. What do remote workers need?

The first thing remote workers need is to know that their employer believes in them. Only then do they feel that their capabilities are supported by the resources the company provides. While it’s the responsibility of a worker to remain accountable, it’s down to a manager to create a culture of trust and transparency where work stays on top and progress, measurable.

The tips in these blogs take into account the managerial challenges of companies that transitioned or are in the midst of transitioning into remote work. From equipping and enabling access to the best collaboration tools to restore socializing through intentional team-building, be sure to visit any and all of these blogs for that much-needed inspiration!

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Aakash Gupta

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