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19 Best Intranet Software To Connect With Your Teams in 2023

By Aakash Gupta

Founder and Remote Work Advocate

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Intranet Software

Employee intranet software is an internal social network designed to keep employees better connected by encompassing various tools to enhance communication and collaboration besides being just a content management hub.  

2. Overview of Intranet software

Microsoft SharepointBest Intranet Software for Digital Collaboration
PeopleONEBest Intranet Software for Internal Communications
FridayBest Intranet Software to work from anywhere
Workplace from MetaBest All-in-one Intranet Software for Companies
EmpulsBest Intranet Software for Employee Engagement
HappeoBest Intranet Software to Align Content
WorkvivoBest Intranet Software With an App for Employee Communication
YammerBest Intranet Software for Communication and Collaboration
BlinkBest Intranet Software to Boost Productivity
SAP Jam CollaborationBest Intranet Software to Streamline Workflows
IglooBest Intranet Software for Content Management
SimpplrBest Intranet Software for Remote Communication
IntranetProBest Intranet Software for Enterprise Engagements
Jive InteractiveBest Intranet Software for Small Business
ThoughtFarmerBest Intranet Software for Customer Engagement and Support
HCL ConnectionsBest Intranet Software for Enterprise Collaboration 
JostleBest Intranet Software for Work Organization 
Communifire by Axero Best Intranet Software for Growth 
NoodleBest Intranet Software for Improved Work Culture

3. Comparison Criteria 

3.1 User Interface (UI)

A clean user interface is essential as not everyone would have the same skill set. At least when it comes to understanding technology. This means that you need to pick software that has a simple, well-laid-out design

3.2 Usability

In line with the above point, an intranet system with usability will not only enhance user experience but one that will also help streamline your operations. The degree of convenience and ease with which you can use the software to achieve your goals or targets is a good measure of its efficacy. 

3.3 Integrations

Choosing an intranet solution that’s easy to integrate with other commonly used systems is important to plug in advanced functionalities. This way users don’t have to leave the platform to complete their work. One of the most popular integrated external systems that most software usually have is Microsoft 365. This enables your team to have access to Microsoft’s various programs without the need to deviate away from the intranet.

3.4 Price 

This needs to be based on your budget besides the cost-effectiveness value for services you get. Choose plans that will help you meet your current goals but also help you scale up for the future. Don't get caught up in paying for things that you don’t need.  

4. What are the Key Features of Intranet Software? 

4.1 Communication

This is number one on the list for a reason. Communication is the central focus point of any intranet software and is the whole reason it was developed. Some of the key features to look for here are things like a place for announcements or news feeds, and a good chat function that can be used between both teams and individuals 

4.2 Document Management File Sharing

Being able to easily integrate existing documents into the intranet software is also a very important point to consider. Many systems offer features that allow colleagues to collaborate and review documents together.

4.3 Task Delegation 

Intranet software providers need to offer the ability to delegate tasks to complete and view their progress through status reports or filters. This doubles as a great project management tool to monitor project schedules and activities.

4.4 Content Management

Your intranet software should have a robust content management hub that can be used to create a framework on how content needs to be documented, managed,  published, and archived.

4.5 Workflow Tools and Forms

A good intranet software features numerous functions to help make admin jobs easier too. This includes making light work of standard processes such as ordering business cards or booking corporate travel. 

5. 19 Best Intranet Software Solutions 2023

5.1 Microsoft Sharepoint - Best Intranet Software for Digital Collaboration 

Microsoft Sharepoint is efficient intranet tool that primarily focuses on collaboration. The software has a cohesive content management system  With a modular framework, it's so easy to create a tailored platform, share content, manage databases or knowledge hubs, collaborate on information, and more within and outside the organization. Using features like SharePoint libraries and lists, Power Apps and Power Automate, you can create rich digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device. It works great as an on-premise intranet software as well. 

To make the most of Microsoft SharePoint's robust features and ensure your organization is utilizing its full potential, you might want to seek expert guidance. By clicking here for professional SharePoint consulting services, you can access a wealth of knowledge from experienced consultants. These experts can help you with platform customization, workflow optimization, and best practices for effective digital collaboration. Leveraging professional SharePoint consulting can significantly improve your organization's productivity and the overall success of your intranet software implementation.

Pricing: Choose from Plan 1 priced at $5.00 per user per month, Plan 2 at $10.00, per user per month, or Office 365 E3 at $23 per month which include benefits of both Plan 1 and 2 along with additional features. 

5.2 PeopleONE-  Best Intranet Software for Internal Communications

PeopleONE is designed for use with Microsoft Sharepoint  With a centralized knowledge repository and relevant channels, you can easily access, create and manage the right kind of cataloged content needed. Employees can access a well-integrated internal communications platform to express their thoughts, opinions, or even feedback through effective communication through the desktop and mobile intranet app. It also has a discussion forum, surveys, activity feeds, and a modular employee engagement platform that engages employees through social interactions. You can collaborate smoothly on projects using their enterprise-grade integrations using Power Automate and Microsoft Sharepoint. 

Pricing - Request for a quote on the feature-rich pricing plans that include Essential, Standard, and Pro

5.3 Friday - Best Intranet Software to Work From Anywhere

Friday as an integrated intranet software is perfectly designed for any company wanting to create a digital hub. It can easily integrate your business apps, including Slack. Main features include an integrated company handbook, the ability to share and monitor posts, and goal tracking to keep an eye on your team’s performance. 

Streamline communication and help automate workflows to boost efficiency. You can choose from interactive widgets such as posts, icebreakers, KPIs, Maps, Quick Links and more to categorize and prioritize processes.

Pricing: Quote on request

5.4 Workplace From Meta - Best All-in-one Intranet Software for Companies

Workplace is a fantastic all-in-one business communication tool that’s known for its user-friendliness. While it may be one of the lower-priced intranet software tools available, it’s certainly one of the best intranet software as it’s packed full of great features. Designed for both desktops and mobile apps, you can easily communicate with teams and collaborate on projects. 

Employees can access all the necessary content, share files, and more through its content sharing module. As an  ISO 27018 certified and GDPR compliant software, all data is safely secured to avoid the risk of data theft or malpractice. On top of that, you can easily integrate all your favorite tools into this intranet software including Office 365, Google Workspace, and Service Now. 

Pricing. $4 per person per month with a free trial period of 30 days

5.5 Emplus - Best Intranet Software for Employee Engagement

Emplus as an all-in-one employee engagement platform has a veritable list of features that make it one of the best intranet system examples on our list. It’s the chosen intranet software platform of many big corporations including the likes of Pepsi and Freshworks. 

Designed to effectively bring teams together on a common forum, the software is easy to use and economical. Use the quick launch feature to customize a platform with your brand’s logo and colors in less than 60 minutes. You can leverage its efficiencies to engage employees, innovate,  provide all-around communication, share information, and collaborate on projects or tasks effectively. 

Pricing - You get three paid plans that include Starter at $2 per employee and Proficient at $5 per employee both on a monthly basis.

5.6 Happeo - Best Intranet Software to Align Content

Working in collaboration with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, Happeo intranet is great for improving connections between employees through its dynamic Employee Directory. 

The software provides a hub to ensure content is dynamic and can be customized based on updates provided through its lifecycle management that displays notifications. Some of the other features include an auto-generated people directory, dynamic intranet pages, and collaborative channels to help keep better connected. It’s also extremely easy to set up and use. 

Pricing- The tool offers three different plans to choose from based on the number of users, features, and add-ons needed. You need to contact their sales team to get a quote. 

5.7 Workvivo - Best Intranet Software With an App for Employee Communication

Workvivo is an intranet software tool that streamlines internal communications very well.  Use the centralized digital hub to exchange knowledge and organize all resources for great collaboration. With this software, you can integrate all your favorite apps, including those relating to HR, payroll software, Slack, and Zoom. 

You can also use the intranet software to host podcasts and live streaming. With interactive employee communication and employee engagement platforms, this is one of the best intranet software to foster a positive work culture in your organization. 

Pricing- It offers custom price plans to suit and has a pretty impressive 90% adoption rate.

5.8 Yammer - Best Intranet Software for Communication and Collaboration 

Yammer as a cloud-based intranet software tool has been around for quite some time, meaning it’s had a chance to really hone in on what it’s good at - facilitating collaboration and communication. While it’s only available through the use of Microsoft 365, it still has its own mobile app for easy access. 

It’s loaded with great features including a comprehensive analytics and insights tool that you can use to provide valuable insights on the pulse of the workforce. Use the tool to build communities or tap into the resource hub for innovation,  knowledge sharing or exchange and to stay connected. 

Pricing - On request with sales

5.9 Blink - Best Intranet Software to Boost Productivity

Blink offers a range of collaborative functions to help boost employee engagement and productivity. In addition to using it as an internal messaging system, this intranet software can also be used as a document management system, which is perfect for all your HR needs. You can personalize feeds for each user, and it offers a great content management hub to create, access, and manage your content. 

Pricing - Choose from Essential at $3.40 per user per month as a starter or contact the pricing division to customize Business, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus

5.10 SAP Jam Collaboration - Best Intranet Software to Streamline Workflows

Another addition to the list of best intranet software is SAP Jam Collaboration. This intranet software solution is a cloud-based platform that makes communicating between internal and external stakeholders much more convenient and quick through a single-point entry. SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone makes it so easy to engage employees, streamline communications, collaborate on ideas, share information, host meetings, and more. 

Pricing - Price plans vary based on what you require and are available via SAP Jam on request. 

5.11 Igloo - Best Intranet Software for Content Management

Igloo is a feature-rich intranet software tool that enables you to easily collaborate with your team. Its rich content management systems let you create labels to categorize content, share content, send notifications for updates, manage multimedia, and more. 

Here you can easily configure and publish files and calendars with end users, admins, or content creators using its simple and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Another popular feature Igloo offers is the ability to schedule future content to publish at a later date so managers can manage workflows in a more organized manner. 

Pricing - The pricing can be tailored as per business requirements.

5.12 Simpplr - Best Intranet Software for Remote Communication

This social intranet tool primarily focuses on improving internal communications and strengthening employee connections across distributed locations. As the name suggests, Simpplr is pretty easy to set up, and in just a few days you can have your whole network up and running. Its intuitive AI platform personalizes content for users based specifically on their role, so no one is bogged down with irrelevant notifications. 

Use the employee directory to stay connected and collaborate on projects. With a comprehensive dashboard, teams can stay updated on the company’s activities and news feeds. You can search, access, and manage content more easily with the add-on integrations such as Office 365 SharePoint, Google Shared Drive, ServiceNow, and Box.

Pricing - Contact sales to get customized plans based on company needs

5.13 IntranetPro - Best Intranet Software for Enterprise Engagements

IntranetPro primarily works with Microsoft Sharepoint, its enterprise collaboration partner. The software offers a powerful mix of great features that can be used to streamline communication and collaboration across different devices. Its Smart Search feature lets you find exactly what you need from a variety of resources based on the most used in your department. 

Share personalized content for more value-addition knowledge sharing among your teams. You can also schedule articles to publish and run analytics to see which generates the most interest among employees. The comprehensive software offers a wide gamut of advanced features to engage, communicate, collaborate, and personalize business processes and employees.

Pricing- Free demo is available on request.

5.14 Jive Interactive - Best Intranet Software for Small Business

Jive Interactive offers customizable quotes based on your business needs. One of the tool’s most innovative features is that of its PeopleGraph. This advanced function uses AI technology to seek out your team’s strengths and weaknesses and then pairs workers based on where their best traits will shine. 

Using basic search keywords, you get precise search results on the information needed. It also offers critical notification broadcasting and the ability to work with external organizations. The software lets you create collaborative spaces that are customized based on teams, create task lists, work on shared content, connect employees through social networking and directories, and more 

Pricing -  Pricing available on request. 

5.15 ThoughtFarmer - Best Intranet Software for Customer Engagement and Support

ThoughtFarmer is a great intranet tool that’s employee-centric. You can create customized workspace groups for social networking, content management,  administration,  employee engagement, and much more. It’s an intuitive platform that can be custom-coded to best suit your business model. 

Main features include a file management system, an intuitive search function, and gamification. There’s even an option to self-host the software on your own premise if required. With over 225 features that are designed to provide the best experiences in content creation, communication, and collaboration, this is one of the best intranet software available. 

Pricing - Priced per user per month, this intranet software has five different plans that begin from $5 based on the number of users. 

5.16 HCL Connections - Best Intranet Software for Enterprise Collaboration 

With the ability to be used either as an on-premise intranet software or via the cloud, HCL Connections is the perfect solution for businesses with remote workers. It offers a range of great functions including expertise searching, and rapid project management and is fully integrated with Microsoft 365.

You can easily customizable the software solution to make repetitive tasks faster. Its extensive features are designed to enhance engagement, streamline administrative processes, organize teams, manage projects and people, share content, and more seamlessly. 

Pricing- Demo available on request

5.17 Jostle - Best Intranet Software for Work Organization 

One of the best things about Jostle is the ease of setup and configuration. it’s completely free to use! Aside from that, it’s easy to use and feature-rich, offering the ability to collaborate with your staff effortlessly via team chats and IM’s. 

There’s a centralized search function, and it makes light work of planning and promoting events too as everyone can be found in one place. 

Pricing- Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans that are based on a number of users and features. Pricing starts at $4.50 per employee per month under the Bronze category.

5.18 Communifire by Axero - Best Intranet Software for Growth 

Communifire by Axero intranet software platform offers a wide range of tools to make collaborating within your team more productive. It’s easy to use on the mobile and desktop and integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to make implementation effortless. You can target specific employee groups, use intelligent search for faster results, and get the latest analytics on all your communications. 

With a centralized hub to search for people, content, communicate and collaborate, this is one of the best intranet software platforms designed to boost productivity and growth for your company, 

Pricing - The Business plan costs $1000 per month for up to 100 users while the Enterprise plan pricing can be tailored on request with sales. 

5.19 Noodle - Best Intranet Software for Improved Work Culture

 Noodle is the perfect intranet system for anyone looking for something to use right out of the box. This all-in-one cohesive platform has 14 built-in apps all ready to go making things like file sharing and managing groups much simpler. You can use the task manager to create Kanban Style work tasks easily while the workflow feature helps you automate applicable tasks and streamline work processes. 

There is also built-in video conferencing and chat capabilities to help enhance communication between employees, advanced document sharing features, and great analytic tools to track activities effectively. Use the built-in block editor to create or modify content as needed to share and collaborate easily. The notification system is designed to share updated alerts on old, new, and modified content.

Pricing - The flat pricing structure includes Noodle Cloud at $200 per month and Noodle On-Premise at $9500 per month 

6. FAQs

  • What is the best intranet software for small businesses?

The one that works best for your company will depend largely on your business needs, and budget. Some of the best intranet software are Sharepoint, Zoho connect, Igloo, Yammer, Intranet Pro, and more Workvivo. 

  • Why use employee intranet software?

A comprehensive employee intranet software is a great way to streamline communication and collaboration for your organization, enhance employee engagement, and create a veritable knowledge sharing hub to stay updated. 

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