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12 Best Virtual Wellness Retreats to Help Your Team Get a Digital Detox

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

12 Best Virtual Wellness Retreats to Help Your Team Get a Digital Detox

WIth a surge in lifestyle products, think Japanese brand Erewhon, fitness influencers, and wellness retreats, the new age mantra is undeniably centered on holistic health and wellness. This is especially important for those who are caught in the daily grind of commute and work. For those working in a remote setup, however, adopting some of these choices can get challenging.  So what’s the best workaround?-  virtual wellness retreats. These can be a great way for you and your remote teammates to channel their inner Zen right from the comfort of their living spaces. 

We share our list of some of the best wellness retreats for virtual teams. So, let's dive in and find something that resonates with you.

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 Additionally, explore our virtual retreat ideascorporate retreat activitiesluxury corporate retreatssmall business retreat ideasone day company retreat ideas, and executive burnout retreats uncovering how these retreats can restore your well-being and improve overall productivity.

1.  What are Virtual Wellness Retreats?

What are Virtual Wellness Retreats?

Virtual wellness retreats are online programs or workshops designed with a focus on promoting well-being and relaxation for participants. They offer activities like meditation sessions, fitness classes, and mental health consultation, nutrition, and self-care. Since these activities take place online, you and your team can join from anywhere. The main aim of these wellness retreats is to help de-stress, rejuvenate, and improve overall health. 

These kinds of virtual wellness retreats are a great for team-building since the quality of health can greatly influence productivity levels. When your team members stay in good health, they tend to perform better in the workspace, enhancing their creativity, and overall productivity levels..

2.12 Best Virtual Wellness Retreat Classes 

2.1. Sound Healing Retreats

2.1.1.Sensory Land

Sensory Land

If you want to harness the power of sound for healing, Sensory Land is the perfect option. In this virtual session, you and your team will receive sound therapy that will get to experience a sense of calmness as a unit.  

Casey Downie-Campbell, a certified sound expert, heads the session in which instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, Native American flutes, chimes, and soothing vocals are used to help you and your team relax. This in turn can help alleviate stress, boost your creativity levels, and enhance general wellbeing.

They offer three main sound healing packages for corporate events, which can be tailored to the specific needs of your team. A monthly 60-minute sound healing session is recommended for teams to feel calm and centered. 

Price: Contact For Pricing

Time per Session: 60 -120min

2.1.2. The Art of Sound Healing

Be ready to experience  a transformative journey with the help of Art of Sound Healing. They provide virtual customized sound bath experiences to corporate teams that leave them refreshed and renewed. 

What sets this experience apart from a myriad of virtual experiences is the fact that they go a step beyond the usual. Terry Silberstein, the coach,  incorporates aspects such as breathwork, meditation, chanting, and movement into the experience. This holistic approach helps participants fully immerse themselves in the session.

They have a number of event packages to choose from. The final number is dependent on the guests, time required, travel requirements, and set-up needs. 

Price: The minimum cost is $500 for up to 10 people

Time per Session: 60 min

2.2 Holistic Health & Nutrition Wellness Retreat

2.2.1 Strive

It is important to nourish not just your body but also the mind for overall holistic wellness. This is one thing that can often fly under the radar, especially for working professionals.  With the help of Strive the whole team can pay attention to nutrition. 

They offer a corporate nutrition program that helps teams streamline their nutrition requirements, educate them on, and plan their diet and nutrition charts with the help of Certified Nutritionists and Healthy Living Instructors. Programming options include virtual interactive healthy cooking demos, corporate nutrition workshops, workplace nutrition challenges, and nutrition coaching with certified Specialists and nutritionists. 

The signup process is very easy after which your team will be assigned an account manager who creates a customized program for your organization. You can also get insights into the team's engagement level and the success rate with them.

Price: Available on Request 

Time per Session: Customizable

2.2.1 JM Nutrition

JM Nutrition

The corporate nutrition sessions by JM Nutrition are designed to help teams become healthier and fitter. Led by experienced nutritional practitioners, these workshops provide general health information, practical tips and help participants make healthy choices about their food options for overall well-being.

They help come up with healthy eating strategies for remote work, office settings, and hybrid environments, as well as tackle issues such as emotional eating, chronic disease prevention, and plant-based eating. As these workshops address the most common health issues that typically crop up in the workspace, it makes for the perfect choice in corporate virtual wellness retreats.

Price: Available on Request 

Time per Session: Customizable

2.3 Yoga and Wellness Retreat

2.3.1 Love and Asanas

Love and Asanas

There is a reason yoga is as famous as it is. This low-impact, high-value activity has a host of proven benefits behind it for both physical and mental wellbeing. The best part? Age is no bar when it comes to yoga. So, no matter what the demographic of your team is, this is one wellness activity that has something for everyone. 

Love and Asanas is headed by Tiffany Lord. As someone who comes from a corporate background, she understands the impact yoga can have on a person’s day-to-day life and teams as a whole. She offers a number of different sessions for your yoga wellness retreat. The most popular ones include Relax & Stretch, Desk Stretches for Better Posture, and Focus & Center Meditation. If you want to customize your sessions, you can contact them and they can do that as well. 

Price: Single Session - $250 

Time per Session: Customizable

2.3.2.  Yoga Hub

A workplace is only as healthy as the people behind it and with this in mind, the Yoga Hub provides virtual wellness classes that provide a holistic experience for teams. Their yoga wellness retreat programs are designed to help keep your team healthy, focused, and connected.

They aim to provide a 360-degree holistic experience. So, they offer a series of online yoga classes, virtual meditation workshops, and informative health seminars that you can participate in right from the comfort of your home. 

There are a number of options you can choose from for your virtual wellness retreat like ongoing weekly classes, or even custom packages. However, we recommend that you begin with a single wellness class to understand whether this would be a good fit for you and your team. 

Price: Available on Request

Time per Session: Customizable

2.4. Nature & Outdoor Virtual Retreat

 Nature & Outdoor Virtual Retreat

2.4.1. Unexpected Virtual Tours

As teams become increasingly remote, they have also become diverse. There is a chance that your team member could be from the other side of the world. This makes the need for some sort of diversity and inclusion activities more urgent than ever.

When looking for a Diversity and Inclusion-based virtual wellness retreat 2023, take a look at Unexpected Virtual Tours. They host activities and virtual tours of locations that hold cultural significance but are often overlooked.Check their Virtual Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Event to learn more about the impact of Hispanic and Latiné history from the 1500s to the present day. You will be guided by two on-location as well as two in-person guides. 

Price: Available on Request

Time per Session: 60 mins

2.4.2 Viator

To experience a sense of the outdoors- virtually, Viator is a good pick. Since your remote team may be distributed across various locations, it can be a challenge to organize an outdoor nature tour or adventure trek. Here’s where a virtual tour can be a great way to explore nature, right from the comfort of your home. 

Viator offers a number of virtual tours like Hang Out with African Penguins and Off-Road Jeeping through Sedona to help you reconnect with nature and virually step out of the confines of the concrete jungle. The opportunity to virtually engage with such diverse and nature-centric activities can significantly boost overall well-being, while bringing a sense of adventure and tranquility for you to enjoy. 

Price: Dependent on the tour

Time per Session: Customizable

2.5 Art Therapy Retreat 

2.5.1 Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Get ready to unleash your inner artist and relax with Hooray Teams, a fun virtual team-building platform that hosts a wide range of team building events. For that much-needed dose of art therapy, you can choose between two of their main offering. 

The first is the Virtual Paint Class and the second is Painting a Tote Bag from Home class. For both events,  kits that include all the essentials are sent to participants’ doorsteps. All you need to do is get your aprons ready. If you are looking to customize the event to suit your team’s interests, all you need is to reach out and Hooray Teams will help do the needful. 

Price: Dependent on the session

Time per Session: 60-90 mins

2.5.2 Lets Art About It

Lets Art About it takes a unique approach to art therapy. They use principles of art therapy and combine them with industrial psychology to help provide customized art experiences to everyone. 

You and your teammates can choose from different kinds of sessions  like Coping with Stress and Uncertainty, Virtual Team Building, and Emotional Intelligence. Every workshop is guided by a trained art therapist who will guide your team through the process of expressing and communicating via art. 

Price: Available on Request

Time per Session: 60 mins

2.6. Meditation Retreat

2.6.1 Krafty Lab

Meditation is an age-old tried and tested method for teams to relax, connect, and practice mindfulness together. In Krafty Lab virtual meditation class, participants are guided by an expert to focus on their breath and use it as a tool to harmonize their mind and body. This class aims to provide a relaxing experience, allowing attendees to breathe through stress, anxiety, or tension in their lives. 

Additionally, in a virtual setting, these kinds of offsites provide an opportunity for teams to connect on matters outside of work. Guided virtual meditation can be a valuable addition to enhance the bonding experience when you are looking for a virtual wellness retreat.

Price: $479 up to 75 participants/$675 for 75+ Participants

Time per Session: Customizable

2.6.2 With Confetti

With Confetti

Confetti’s meditation classes are designed to help participants clear their minds, sharpen their concentration, and find a sense of happiness and balance in their lives. This works well for teams who typically need regular breaks from the daily hustle of work.

The Beginner's Class is a perfect starting point for those new to meditation.. It provides an introduction to meditation, best practices, and basic exercises to get started on the meditation journey.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Confetti offers the Guided Meditation Class, allowing participants to dive headfirst into a series of guided meditation exercises. Skipping the introductory phase, this class is designed for those already familiar with meditation or eager to delve deeper into the practice.

Price: Starts at $250

Time per Session: Customizable

3. FAQs

3.1. How Virtual Wellness Retreat can result in improved Work-Life Balance?

A virtual wellness retreat can result in improved work-life balance by providing a structured environment that encourages relaxation, stress reduction, and the development of healthy habits. Activities like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness sessions, promote mental and physical well-being, helping individuals recharge and manage stress more effectively.

3.2. What are the benefits of online retreats?

Online retreats offer various benefits, notably accessibility to a wide audience regardless of geographical location. They're cost-effective, eliminating the need for travel and accommodation expenses, and making them more inclusive.

3.3. How do you plan a virtual team retreat?

To plan a virtual team retreat, it's crucial to define clear objectives and desired outcomes. Choose suitable online platforms and tools to host the retreat, ensuring they support interaction and engagement. Craft an agenda with diverse and engaging activities that consider the team's preferences and time zones. Encourage active participation to ensure a successful and productive virtual team-building experience.

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