20 Best Welcome Kit for New Employees

Everyone is a ball of nerves and excitement on their first day at a new job. There’s a lot to look forward to, from meeting and interacting with new people to being shown a different set of processes than the one you were used to. Unstructured onboarding can overwhelm both existing and new hires, which is why every company needs an welcome kit for new employees.

A welcome kit for new employees can put them at ease and facilitate a smoother onboarding.

Here are a few of the best employee welcome kit ideas to show new members to the team how much they mean to you!



1 What Is a Welcome Kit?

What Is a Welcome Kit

A welcome kit or welcome package is the gift companies give new employees to welcome them to the firm. With new employees come new ideas, responsibilities, and enthusiasm. That’s why it’s important that your new hire is not just onboarded properly but also feels welcomed as soon as he or she steps foot in the office. 

Welcome kits work best as an ice-breaker to start a conversation with the new hires. They may sound like an extravagance, but such kits also guide your new hires around the company’s practices, work culture and way of functioning. 

Giving new employees a welcome kit or package shows that you care about them and see them as a valuable asset. Keeping in mind that this is the very first time you will be interacting with them, making their first week special with a welcome kit will be their very first positive workplace experience.

1.1 What Should Be In a New Hire Welcome Kit?

What Should Be In a New Hire Welcome Kit

Ideally, a welcome kit should include some items that your new employee can use at work and some that they can use outside the workplace. It is best to include company-branded stationery items in any new employee welcome kit so they don’t have to search for a notepad or pen on their first day.

 Tech gadgets and accessories, such as power banks, headphones, wireless mouse & keyboards, laptop bags, etc., can be great additions to your employee kit ideas. If you want to make your welcome kit even more special, you can include food items such as chocolates and snacks or a hoodie and t-shirt bearing the company’s initials or full name.

Use one of the below new employee welcome kit ideas as a starting point!

2 Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires:

Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires

2.1 Welcome Onboard Kit

Welcoming your new joiner with all the necessary office supplies is one of the best employee welcome kit ideas. Office supplies are the most basic yet necessary part of any employee welcome kit. 

In this “Welcome Onboard Kit”, you can include all the essential office supplies they’ll need in their day-to-day work lives. Make sure that you are providing all the required items in their welcome kit so they don’t have to look for them on their very first day. Here are some common office supplies you can include in your new hire welcome kit;

  • Notebooks/Notepads
  • Pen, highlighters and other stationery items
  • Folder and files
  • Scissors
  • Staplers and clips
  • Desk cleaning supplies
  • Storage boxes to organize all the stuff

2.2 Induction Kit

Induction Kit

Making your new employee aware of the company’s policies, rules, and regulations is crucial. The HR policies can always be discussed during your meeting, but you cannot expect them to remember them all. “Induction Kit’ acts as a perfect new employee welcome kit example in such a case. 

Add a personalized welcome letter from the  CEO or other higher executives to the onboarding kits for new employees. Include a hard copy of the employee handbook, HR policies, Employee Dos and Don’ts, company values and policies. This way, they can always access all the necessary documents and refer to them whenever needed. Gift cards or coupons may also be included in this kit as welcome gifts for new employees. 

2.3 Branded Welcome Kit

Making sure your new employee feels part of the team is crucial during those first few weeks on the job. Curating a branded welcome kit with new company swag helps to expedite this process. Whether repping your company from their home office or through the hall of your office, your new hire can enjoy a company-branded box of items they will love to have. 

With a company like Caroo, you can curate anew joiner kit with: 

  • Company apparel
  • Office supplies, 
  • Healthy snacks and treats 
  • Tech items 

A welcome kit for new employees will make them feel like they are already part of a positive company culture. Take this 60-second quiz to get personalized results.

2.4 Munch Kit

Munch Kit

The first day at a new place can be hectic for any new joiner. It is natural for them to get hungry between back-to-back training and induction sessions. The “Munch Kit” will be the savior for them in such a situation. 

Include different types of snacks, chocolate boxes, protein bars and chips packets in the package. These munchies can also serve as an opportunity to bond with their new colleagues. Be sure to include all the tasty treats in the new hire welcome kit so they have plenty of snacks to share with the team and can easily cut the first turf. 

2.5 Tech Kit

Tech Kit

Nowadays, technology is an integral part of every job. In the “Tech Kit’, include gadgets that make their lives easy, so they can perform their duties more efficiently. If you are looking for a welcome kit for new employees online, this one is perfect. 

A Bluetooth speaker or a headphone would be the perfect gift for your new coder. He or she can listen to their favorite music while coding to stay focused. A power bank and ring light would be a great addition to your welcome kit for your new social media marketer. Take your new employee’s exact job role into account in order to curate a usable and useful welcome kit for them.

2.6 Care Kit

Care Kit

Care kits have become more popular since the 2020 pandemic, owing to the need for us to have our own pocket sanitizers, wet wipes and surface disinfectants. Including these are a great employee welcome kit idea.

Ensure that your employee welcome kit contains all the safety essentials one needs. This safety kit will reinforce your sense of care, something that will be appreciated by anyone. Here are some essentials you can add to your employee welcome kit; 

  • Face Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • First Aid Kit

In addition to these, you can also add a hydro flask to onboarding kits for new employees so they can keep themselves hydrated. A fitness band will also be a good addition to the kit. 

2.7 WFH Kit


Working from home has become a new normal in this pandemic. But for a new employee, it can be a bit overwhelming. Even during these tough times, you can let them know that you’re there for them with your “WFH” new joiner kit. 

Your new employee would love to receive a soft personalized sweatshirt they can wear all day long while working from home. Comfy socks would be a good addition to that. A planner will be helpful for them so they can track their daily tasks without fail. Don’t forget that coffee tumbler to awaken your employees to maintain work-life balance more efficiently. You can choose more creative ideas to customize these welcome kit for new employees.

2.8 Wellness Box

Mental health in the workplace is as important as physical health. In fact, workplace well-being goes much deeper than physical well-being.

Sometimes things may go sideways and the workplace can become a little stressful for new employees. During this time, “Wellness Box” provides them with essentials to help them distress and calm themselves. You can include a stress ball and calming tea kits in the box. Motivational books and positive affirmation cards are also helpful to cheer them up and feel motivated for their new ventures. If you are looking for a creative welcome kit, this one fits the bill perfectly. 

2.9 WFH Survival Kit

It’s exciting to go to a new job and work from a new desk, but thanks to social distance, we are all working from our homes. Don’t let this dampen the excitement of starting a new job. 

WFH Survival Kit” is the perfect way to gear up your new employee for their new role. A perfect cup of coffee or tea instantly cheers up anyone’s mood. Ensure your employee welcome kit is stocked with good quality coffee and tea packets. Add some delicious chocolates to the kit so they have enough supply to boost up their serotonin level. With a cute desk plant, give your employee welcome kit a positive touch. 

2.10 Go-Eco Kit

Go-Eco Kit

Many people are now embracing sustainable lifestyles in an effort to save the earth from more suffering. You can also encourage your new employee to adopt sustainable living with “Go-Eco Kit”. This makes for an offbeat yet creative welcome kit for new employees.

Giving new joinees eco-friendly starter kits are innovative ways to add a green touch to onboarding welcome kit for new employees. To get them started on the path to a sustainable lifestyle, a bundle of metal straws, a bamboo lunchbox and cutlery and a reusable water bottle is a good kickoff. Instead of packing all these items in a box, you can use a stylish tote bag that they can use later for their grocery runs. An added plant will be the cherry on the top. 

2.11  Beverage Kit

Beverage Kit

Another new employee welcome kit example is a beverage themed kit. There’s nothing as refreshing as holding a freshly brewed cup of tea or mug of coffee for instant perkiness at work. Perfect for beverage aficionados, a tea or coffee welcome kit for new employees will be much appreciated for its usability. Add tea samplers in different flavors such as chamomile, green tea, jasmine, or mint along with tea infusers, sugar sachets, and small teaspoons.  To suit the tastes of coffee lovers, you can put in a decorative coffee mug, a bag of aromatic coffee beans, coffee filter and a coffee scoop. For piping hot cups of chocolate, tuck in some lovely hot chocolate assortments, marshmallows, peppermint sticks and a mug. There are plenty of ways you can customize this new joiner kit.

2.12 Aromatherapy Kit

Aromatherapy Kit

A calming welcome kit for new employees is a great way to share the wonders of essential oils for good health and also show them you care. Fill the box with common organic staples such as lemon, tea tree, lavender and peppermint along with an aroma oil diffuser, bath salts, few scented candles or potpourri. Sending this as a new hire welcome kit shows that you care.

2.13 Organic Gardening Kit

Organic Gardening Kit

Consider a green welcome kit for new employee in a bid to do something valuable for Mother nature. Tuck in small pouches filled with organic plant seeds such as coriander, chill, tomato or mint along with a pair of gardening gloves, few basic tools and some reading material on how to start a mini garden or gardening tips. This is a creative welcome kit that you can send out.

2.14 Fitness Kit 

Fitness Kit

Not only can you create a fitness-themed onboarding welcome kit for new employees, but also promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle with one of these. Put together some resistance bands, sweatbands, and small accessories along with a discounted gym subscription, online Zumba or yoga class to help your new employees leverage the benefits of fitness for good health, more productivity and overall development making this a great new hire welcome kit.

2.15 Artistic Welcome Kit

Artistic Welcome Kit

As a creative new employee welcome kit example, an artistic themed welcome kit is an interesting choice to channel their inner Picassos. Art therapy has been known to help in reducing stress and boosting productivity. Put in a few Mandala coloring books, or sketching books, and coloring supplies like art pencils, oil pastels and paint brushes. You could also encourage them to share their “Insta-worthy” works of art on the office bulletin board! 

2.16 Pain Relief Kit

Pain Relief Kit

The hustle and bustle of the daily grind can get to anyone. Let this pain relief welcome kit for new employees be a great way to encourage new hires to take time out to pamper themselves and put themselves at ease with these onboarding kits for new employees. Think neck pillows, mini acupressure rollers, eye gel masks, or wrist support bands that can help take off the load from stiff necks, sore eyes or wrists due to prolonged sitting at desks or in front of laptops.

2.17 DIY Meals Kit

DIY Meals Kit

This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as an onboarding welcome kit for new employees who may be working in remote or hybrid work environments. Go the health route to welcome new hires with a fine selection of instant DIY meal samples that you can add in this kit. Instead of skimping on meals or binging on junk when time is a constraint, one can reach out to whip up something appetizing in minutes. From instant soups sachets, 5-min pasta packs, to breezy ready-to-mix salads or  ready-made tacos with fillings, cooking will be a breeze.

2.18 Creative Intelligence Kit

Creative Intelligence Kit

A great way to work those grey cells, encourage creative thinking and to boost brain health would be to gift a creative intelligence onboarding welcome kit for new employees. Consider a few Sudoku puzzles, mini chess set for beginners, Rubik cube, crossword books, or a self-motivational book to complete this welcome kit.

2.19 Baked Delights Kit

Baked Delights Kit

Like they say desserts is stressed spelled backwards. A warm welcome won’t be as perfect without a sweet touch. Baked treats like biscotti, organic cookies, brownies, or cake crumbles are sure to win smiles. You can also add a discount coupon to use at a patisserie or local bakery into the box. Monogram items such as biscotti or cookies with the company or brand logo to add a personal touch. If you are looking for welcome kit for new employees online, this is one that is easy to curate and universally adored.

2.20 Motivational Kit

Motivational Kit

A little motivation or pat on the back goes a long way in boosting productivity. To welcome new employees, create a sunny motivational kit that’s brimming with hope. Tuck in a motivational journal, a few uplifting quote magnets or a desk planner with printed thoughts of the day, along with an inspirational best-seller book and a themed mug.

2.21 Company Starter Kit

Company Starter Kit

We all like personalised things with company logos, don’t we? These specially curated company starter kits or SWAG kits are one of the most popular famous and widely adopted welcome kit for new employees in the corporate world. 

Welcome the new member to the team with the “Company Starter Kit”. Load these onboarding kits for new employees with a T-shirt, mug, cap, necessary office supplies. Add the new joiner’s name to all this stuff along with the company logo. This allows you to add a personal touch to the welcome package. 

3 FAQs


3.1 How Do You Welcome a New Hire?

How Do You Welcome a New Hire

Welcoming a new hire is more than just making a company announcement. It takes several more steps to make sure that they easily integrate into your company, and blend smoothly with your values and culture. 

Making them feel like they have made the right decision to join your organization is essential. Integration and retention of any employee starts from their very first day of work. The way you welcome a new employee has a lot to do with how they perceive your company. These steps will help you to get it right;

  • Start building a relationship with your new hire from the day they accept the job offer e.g. Call them and email them to congratulate and how excited the company is to have them on board
  • Make an official announcement introducing the new employee
  • Greet them with a welcome kit or a welcome package
  • Assign a computer or desktop to them beforehand and prepare it with all the required software
  • Decorate their desk with a welcome banner, balloons and flowers 
  • Prepare an onboarding schedule and inform them about the same for an effortless integration

3.2 What Is the Best New Hire Welcome Kit?

What Is the Best New Hire Welcome Kit

The best new hire welcome kit includes all of the necessary office supplies, gadgets, handbooks, and policy guidelines to assist their quick and smooth transition to the new work environment. You can always search welcome kit for new employees online to order already curated welcome kits or to get ideas to create your own. 

3.3 What Do You Give New Hires?

What Do You Give New Hires

Here are some ideas on welcome kit for new employees that you can use to greet your new hires:

  • Office supplies
  • Gadgets
  • Safety essentials
  • Snacks
  • Gift cards or coupons 

3.4 Which Company Gives the Best Welcome Kit?

Which Company Gives the Best Welcome Kit

Here are the best new employee welcome kit examples to get inspired from; 

  • Dropbox
  • Ogilvy
  • Vimeo
  • Nike
  • Salesforce

3.5 What are some of the best new hire welcome kit ideas?

Some of the best new hire welcome kit ideas include; 

  • Gardening welcome kit 
  • Company apparel kit 
  • Beverage kit