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16 Stress-Relieving Gifts for Workaholics to Help Them Relax

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Gifts for Workaholics

There have been many changes in workplace dynamics since the pandemic. But some things have not changed since the invention of work – People who live by the mantra of “Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.” These people refuse to take sick leave even when sick, as work IS life for them. It will be very thoughtful for others to give gifts for workaholics as these to brighten their lives even more.  We understand that it can be hard to shop for a gift for someone who can’t seem to pry themselves away from their work, even during the holidays.

In this article, we've compiled a list of best gifts for workaholics to help them unwind stress.

Still looking for more stress-busting solutions? Check out our articles on burnout-preventing gifts, employee appreciation day ideas, and gift cards for staff.

1. 16 Best Gifts for Workaholics

1.1. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

We all have seen our colleagues get up from their chairs and stretch their backs with an otter-like expression on their faces. With remote and hybrid working, not everyone has ergonomic support, and we feel workaholics might not even care for one. A memory foam seat cushion accompanied with a back cushion would be perfect gift for workaholics, and their tailbones will thank you for it.

1.2. Vacuum-insulated Travel Mug

Caffeine is the fuel for many working professionals – Hot or cold. For a few others, it’s green tea, juices, protein shake, or even plain warm water. Whichever it is, we do tend to ignore it while being absorbed in work. Therefore, vacuum insulated travel mugs are not only helpful in keeping your liquids hot or cold during travel, but it also keeps them so while lying forgotten on your desk.

1.3. Corporate Swag or E-gifts

For that much-needed refresher, there are plenty of gifts for workaholics out there that you can gift in your organization. But take it one step further and let them choose one from a great selection of corporate swag or e-gifts you can offer using a fun rewards program. These kinds of programs can be integrated with your collab and communication tools using employee engagement software.

Sorry, I was on Mute offers one such integrated platform that can be used to acknowledge, customize and reward excellent work or contributions at an individual or team level across your organization. You can also make data-driven decisions based on the reports and analytic information that this software provide for each employee or team in order to create the appropriate award system.

1.4. Desk Plants

Desk plants

Those who do not have those great olfactory senses would benefit from a gift of desk plants and succulents. They calm you and boost your creativity at the same time. Not only do desk plants work as one of the best gifts for workaholics, they also work great in purifying the air around us. So, if your work-loving friend/colleague can relax and breathe fresh air while enhancing their creativity, they would be thanking you for as long as they work.

1.5. Mini Crock-Pot 

Meal preps are the rage across the globe for having made the lives of working professionals easier. But if you are among those who love meal preps but don’t want to use the microwave to reheat, mini crockpots are the ideal solution. They also work as the best gifts for workaholics to prep the meal the previous night, bring it in and set it by their desk, and have fresh and hot meals by lunchtime without wasting time.

1.6. Anti-glare Glasses

Two words that will terrify any IT worker – dry eyes. The Internet and doctors might say this happens because your eyes don't produce enough tears to have the eyes coated or lubricated. Now, this condition may or may not be preventable, and viewing computer, and mobile screens have overtaken age and metabolism as the primary cause. Anti-glare glasses with blue-light blocking help reduce the strain caused by these harsh monitors.

1.7. Adjustable Display Shelves

Adjustable display shelves


A couple of us working from home always like to move our workstations around the house because we don’t like monotony and we can look at the same work differently. And these Adjustable Wood Display Shelves have been a boon for being able to morph every time. These will be one of the ideal gifts for workaholics if he/she wants to experience change without having actually to change.

1.8. Inflatable Tube Guy

Who can resist laughing at something wacky? This miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy as a gift for workaholics is a sure-shot way of getting them to smile in between a hectic project.

1.9. Anti-fatigue Mat

Few of us like to be on our feet while working - literally. If standing desks keep you productive, don’t let your thirst for productivity take a toll on your back and posture. This first anti-fatigue mat is a quintessential gift for workaholics who stand by their standing desks, literally and metaphorically. It drives subconscious movement, stretching, and massage and doesn’t distract you from work. 

1.10. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frame

Don’t say we sound dark when we quote our workaholic friend – “I’m forgetting what my family looks like.” We agree the ideal advice here is to have a work-life balance and spend more quality time with family, but it would be delightful gifts for workaholics to receive a digital photo frame that they can keep on their desks or take with them as they travel.

1.11. Under Desk Foot Hammock

If you are a millennial, you would remember many people using the bulky CPU as the footrest. Enable your workaholic friend/colleague to rest their feet comfortably by gifting them this under desk foot hammock. If they cannot or choose not to go on a vacation, at least their feet can!

1.12. Stress Toy

There is a reason why fidget spinners got so popular so fast – they worked! Stress toys truly help combat fatigue by stimulating your nerves and muscles, improving overall strength, balancing essential hormones, and controlling stress levels. (If only we knew earlier that a toy could set off such a profound chain reaction of positive events in the body). There are multiple options to choose from – stress balls, bubble pop fidget toys, infinity cubes, mesh sensory toys, etc. We recommend gifting your workaholic friends and colleagues with this 28 pack sensory toys set

1.13. Coffee Alarm Clock

Coffee Alarm Clock

If it is a truly loved one who just cannot separate from their work & their cup o’ joe. And you don’t mind splurging a bit to enable them to succeed. We recommend this battery-powered coffee alarm clock that eliminates the need for a thermal mug. Hey, it will even remind them to have coffee by dispensing coffee. 

1.14. Cactus Humidifier

Winters are brutal, and one can never have enough moisturizer. Likewise, we wish we had a portable mist dispenser around us in the summers. These adorable cactus-shaped humidifiers hold 280ml water and are USB powered. These could be the best gifts for workaholics to keep them comfortable, irrespective of the season.

1.15. Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Memory foam seat cushion

As mentioned before, ergonomics gets thrown down a ravine while working from home. Apart from having an ergonomic desk and chair, it is crucial to support your wrists as well – Keyboard enthusiasts face the worst effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Gift your workaholic or computer-glued friend or colleague this memory foam wrist rest and alleviate their comfort on the desk.

1.16. Scented Candles

Scented candles

Every time we see one of us frustrated or exhausted, we visualize the old viral video of an IT employee breaking his computer. Let this not happen to anyone engrossed in work in any of our workplaces. Aid them with some scented candles as they work as calming gifts for workaholic women. Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon flavors are most favored.

2. FAQs

2.1. What are some funny gifts for workaholics?

It depends on the rapport you share with the workaholic. You can give them gifts that will support them in working more comfortably or give them gifts that will make them take a break from their work schedule and see other things life has to offer. Be the best judge for your workaholic friend/colleague/spouse.

2.2. What to get someone who works from home?

Homeworking can mean they are working from their couch or kitchen table or even from their terrace garden. Though they might be comfortable, they are not exactly ergonomic. Here are some great ideas on work from home gifts. Alternatively, you can also guide them with these home office ideas so that they can have a dedicated workspace and spruce it up the way they prefer.

2.3. What is a good gift for a workaholic friend?

we all have that one friend who often cancels programs because of late nights at the office to tight deadlines. For such a workaholic friend, some of the bests gifts could be a stress-reducing blanket, self-care calendar, or heated-mouse pad. 

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