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15 Top Remote Job No Experience Needed Options For You to Choose

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

15 Top Remote Job No Experience Needed Options For You to Choose

Landing an appropriate job with no experience is akin to finding a needle in the haystack and often viewed as a challenging feat. However, interestingly, landing a remote job with no experience can be much easier due to the flexibility it provides. Needless to say, these are jobs that need zero to minimal work experience and are easier to apply for, though they may have their fair share of challenges.

If you want to make the switch into the world of remote work or apply as an entry level resource but don’t know where to begin? Here are our top 15 picks on the remote jobs no experience 2022 list that you can scroll through to ace your job hunt.

1. How to Land a Remote Job With No Experience?

  1. Decide on an industry or company that matches your skill set minus any experience where you can see yourself grow and add value. 
  2. Look at ads on remote job boards or go through your network to find available vacancies.
  3. Choose a relevant job role that can best utilize your skills and current knowledge or experience, if any. There are  a lot of  international remote jobs with no experience needed and part-time remote jobs-no experience needed profiles as well that you can consider.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the job’s role software or remote tools needed.
  5. Create a well-crafted CV and cover letter for the remote role and send out an email to the respective points of contacts to arrange for an interview.
  6. Make an effective presentation by going well-prepared for the interview.

2. 15 Jobs You Apply for With Less or No Experience

2.1. Tech Support


If you are someone with an analytic mindset, ever-ready to troubleshoot problems and seem fascinated with HTML codes, tech support is your calling! This one is on our list of no experience remote jobs since entry level is easy to apply for. The role typically includes query-resolution of software and web browser based services, updating internal servers, and maintaining technical set-ups. There are plenty of technical certifications available to add value to your skill set and it’s much easier to build a career as a remote tech support staff with little to no experience at all.  

The average salary for a new entrant in tech support starts at approximately $23,000.

Companies that recruit this position are:

2.2. Data Entry Clerk

Professional data entry jobs typically require basic qualifications and minimal to zero experience and hence it's on the no-experience remote jobs list here. These are jobs that can be easily done at home and require you to process a stipulated volume of data or information through secured file entry systems using a desktop computer or laptop. Some of these are even advertised as on remote jobs no degree wanted lists - language and computer literacy suffices based on the type of work.

An average data entry clerk may usually $27,955 per year or $14.34 per hour. 

Companies that recruit remote data entry clerks are:

2.3. Proofreader

For those who like to cross their T’s and are absolute grammar martials, proofreading is the career choice to make. This one is another addition on our list of no experience remote jobs since the role relies more primarily on your knowledge of the language and its finer applications.

The take-home pay for an entry level remote proofreader is approximately $34,000 yearly

Companies that recruit remote proofreaders are:

2.4. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Ticking off checklists and to-do lists, organizing and managing all seem easy and fun? Consider being a virtual assistant who’s accountable for all kinds of administrative and executive tasks from planning and booking meetings, booking appointments, maintaining records, being the first point of contact and more. While it doesn't take more than basic qualifications to be one even with nil experience, organizing and being proactively independent are significant factors to consider while applying for such no experience remote jobs.

The average entry level salary for a virtual assistant  begins at $60,000

Companies that recruit virtual assistants are:

2.5. Social Media Manager

If the dynamic nature of social media appeals to you, then being a remote social media manager is a lucrative career option. You can channel your creativity into building brand presence. Create social media campaigns, write and manage social media content, interact with communities and track results for a brand, company or influencer through various channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more.

An average  entry-level social media manager’s average takeaway is $40000/ year.

Companies that recruit remote social media managers are:

2.6. Writer

If you have a natural flair with words or veritable lingual proficiency (if you don’t need to look this up in a dictionary),  then writing is just the one for you. Most writing jobs can be done remotely and makes for a profitable career stint. You can choose to work on a niche domain or use any subject matter expertise to write articles, blogs and social media content right in the comfort of your home.

remote writer can expect compensation between $35000 to $70000 annually to begin with. 

Companies that recruit remote writers are;

2.7. Graphic Designer

If you allude to the saying that a picture can paint a thousand words- then consider graphic designing. Being a graphic designer requires you to be artistically inclined towards the creation of visual assets such as web graphics, logos, social media images and more for a product, brand or company. Since the role is computer intensive and work can be collaboratively done online with tools like Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator, it’s another lucrative no experience remote career option that makes it our list. 

Average salary for an entry-level graphic designer with no experience can range from $63.5K to  $80.5K a year

Companies that recruit remote graphic designers are:

2.8. Business Development Associate

As a business development professional, your role is to strategize and organize business development processes and goals for departments and clients, maintain corporate policies, monitor marketing and administrative teams and more. In a remote work environment, this works as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop or computer, even without any experience.

The average salary for a remote business development associate is around $68,833 per year.

Companies that are recruiting for remote business development are:



CVS Health



2.9. Software Engineer

software engineer

On the list of high-paying remote jobs without experience is a popular career option for IT aspirants - software engineering. If you have the necessary qualifications, experience is not a deal breaker for most of today’s companies that are riding the digital transformation wave. A software engineer’s role is to create, enhance and maintain computer applications or programs through coding services. With flexibility in hours and work locations, you can choose to be a remote front-end or back-end engineer based on your skills and interests.

Compensation packages for remote software engineers can range from $65,389 to $80,918

Companies that recruit remote software engineers are:

2.10. Teacher

Post pandemic, there has been an increasing demand for online or remote teachers.You can choose a subject that you have expertise on and monetize your skills, provided you enjoy teaching others and sharing knowledge. There are plenty of online platforms that can be used for audio and video interactions with students. An aptitude for teaching will be needed for this type of role.

The average salary of a remote teacher is $64,060 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $47,718 per year.

Companies that recruit remote teachers are:

2.11. Product Tester

As a remote product tester, you are expected to use online collaboration tools to interact, and analyze user behavior towards a specific product or solution. This can be done on remote platforms easily and does not require any prior experience besides analytical thinking and basic training while on the job. 

Basic takeaway at the entry-level for a remote product tester is $40000 per year to start off with.

Companies that recruit remote product testers are:

2.12. Business Consultant

The role for a business consultant covers management consulting services that are designed to enhance organizational performance and efficiency. Easy to operate from home, this career choice does not need experience to start with and is primarily based on your problem-solving and managerial skills. 

Average salary for a remote consultant ranges between  $50,000 - $65,000 

Companies that recruit remote business consultants are:

2.13. Financial Advisory

When terms like ROI, equity and other financial jargon or concepts seem as easy as the English alphabet, your inclination is most likely to be a professional financial advisor. The role does not limit you to sharing sound advice on various savings instruments or investments, but also requires your knowledge on how to save, build financial portfolios and meet projected financial goals.

The basic takeaway for a remote entry level financial advisor is $30000 to start off with.

Companies that recruit remote financial advisors are 

2.14. Customer Service

Have an engaging personality and love to play the diplomat in conflict-prone situations- then customer service will align well with your professional interests. All companies usually have customer service divisions and prospective reps do not need to have prior experience. Companies can train and onboard you in line with their processes and systems. A customer service executive is typically expected to provide query resolution for clients, improve system efficiencies, and support global teams. Flexible hours and work-from-home are the plus points, making it a great choice in remote jobs with no experience needed.

Entry-level salary for a remote customer service representative is $39,392 per year.

Companies recruiting remote customer service representatives are:

2.15. Video Editor

video editor

A video editor is expected to use his skills and knowledge of digital software to analyze and edit raw screen footage in filming and production work for all kinds of visual media such as movies, social media, online websites and more. This one is on our list of no experience remote jobs, since you can edit videos easily from any remote location. Besides the choice you get to work in a creative agency or media house,  it also makes for a lucrative freelance or contract-based stint.

The annual wage for a remote video editor was approximately $63,780 in 2019.

Companies that are recruiting remote video editors are:

3. FAQs

3.1. What is the highest paying remote job with no experience?

The highest paying remote job with no experience is for software engineers.

3.2. What can I do from home with no experience?

There are plenty of remote jobs vacancies by remote-first or remote friendly companies such as copywriter, graphic designers, teachers and more. 

3.3. How do I get a job with absolutely no experience?

Make a list of your soft skills or transferable skills and team it with available subject matter expertise to create a well-presented profile that you can use to apply for remote jobs on remote job boards, websites, job communities and networks. There are a lot of International remote jobs with no experience needed as well on relevant job portals.

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