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20 Loving Virtual Mothers Day Ideas, Games & Activities To Celebrate Together Remotely

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Wondering how to make a virtual Mother’s Day special? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our lineup of ideas. Mother’s Day is an amazing excuse to spoil your Mom and make her feel special. Normally you might wine and dine with her, take her to her favorite mall, or even go out for a picnic for a summery vibe. But how do you celebrate Mother’s Day when you are miles away from your Mom? 

Fortunately, in this era of the virtual world, you can still make it memorable with these Virtual Mother's Day ideas. This article enlists interesting ideas for both schoolgoers and adults. Read on! 

It’s not just mums who need a little appreciation! Take a look at our ideas for a virtual Father’s Day here. There are also a ton of annual occasions you can celebrate digitally, too, including Earth Day, April Fool’s Day, Women’s Day, birthday parties, and other seasonal holidays.

1. How Do You Celebrate Mother's Day Remotely?

How Do You Celebrate Mothers Day Remotely

You can celebrate Mother’s Day remotely by doing fun activities together, taking up a skill class, or just relax and chill with some good food and your mum’s favorite movie.  

We put together some of the best virtual Mother's day ideas to make it count! . You can find inspiration for:

  • Mother’s Day Zoom party ideas
  • Mother’s Day activities for primary school
  • Mother’s Day surprise ideas
  • Best gifts for Mother’s Day

2. 10 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas To Celebrate Together

10 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas To Celebrate Together

2.1 Stream A Movie Together

If your Mom loves to catch up on the latest movies or even reminisce on some of the Hollywood oldies, you can stream a movie together. This is a brilliant idea for those Moms who don’t want you to go overboard and prefer a low-key get together. It's sure to be one of the best and economical virtual Mother's Day ideas.

You can spend time together and share some laughs while you watch a flick on your favorite streaming service. Fortunately, all the streaming services allow you to host a watch party and watch while you are on a video call, so the experience is seamless. 

2.2 Host A Virtual Wine Tasting

It’s wine o’clock! If you and Mom normally love to share a glass of bubbly to celebrate her day, a virtual wine tasting is the ultimate choice. Make her feel extra special by sending her a selection of classic wines by mail ahead of time. 

Further exploring virtual Mother's Day ideas, you can pair it with the movie-watching idea and you have a perfect mother-daughter/son date set-up! 

2.3 Shake It Up With Virtual Mixology Classes

Want to learn and make professional cocktails like a certified bartender? Look no further than a virtual mixology class. If your Mom loves to learn new things with you, book an online cocktail-making class. Have fun, discover new flavors, cheers on your favorite music, and bring a smile to your Mom’s face while you’re away. Quick-learn and DIY classes make for great virtual Mother's Day ideas.

2.4 Livestream A Video Game For Her To Watch

What is the best gift for a mother on Mother’s Day who is sporty and adventurous? Of course, a virtual streaming of her favorite game! You can set up a livestream on sites like Twitch or Youtube for her. She can comment in the chat boxes and cheer you on, or even play with you if she has her own setup. This one is yet another fav on our list of virtual Mother's Day ideas

2.5 Host A Murder Mystery Party

Want to add some thrill to your Mother’s Day celebration? Love a game of Cluedo? Why not try a murder mystery party online! This is one of our favorite virtual Mother's Day ideas because solving mysteries can get everyone to put on their thinking hats and have some fun together. 

Use an online video call service like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Discord to bring a group of Mom’s friends and family together with you. You can also use Zoom for the get together as it is definitely one of the best mother's day zoom party ideas!

2.6 Take A Flower Arranging Class Online

Take A Flower Arranging Class Online

If your Mom loves to arrange flowers in every vase in the house, then is there any better way to bond than taking an online flower arranging class with her? These classes are great virtual Mother's Day ideas. They are easy to find on sites like Skillshare and you can book your class whenever it works for you both. Just get Mom to join on her laptop too and you can take the class side by virtual side. 

2.7 Indulge In A Paint And Sip Night

What’s a paint and sip night, you ask? These unique events allow you to paint creatively no matter what your skill level or art interest. And what makes this really interesting is that you enjoy a little wine at the same time! These classes are available online and offer a place to relax, unwind, express, bring out the artist in you, and have fun with Mom. 

2.8 Go On A Virtual Garden Tour

Is your Mom totally green-thumbed? If she’s constantly bragging about her Begonias, then indulge her using virtual Mother’s Day ideas like this. Hop on a video call with your Mom then just ask for a garden tour! Most gardeners can spend hours talking about their latest plants and greenery, so give her the gift of your time and attention. And why not send her some seeds online so that she can sow them and expand her green paradise!

2.9 Visit Old Albums & Videos Together

Who hasn’t sat through their baby albums while Mom and Dad reminisce over every single embarrassing Moment of their childhood caught on camera? Nowadays we’re used to our phones capturing our memories, but Moms still like the traditional way of doing things! So, give your Mom a chance and watch her go through your precious memories live on a video call. If you have more time, digitize your old albums or create a movie from your favorite photos. This is one of the sweet virtual Mother's Day ideas for students who want to celebrate Mother's Day on an affordable budget.

2.10 Host A Zoom Get-Together With Extended Family

Hosting a Zoom conversation with your Mom and extended family is one of the best Mother's Day Zoom party ideas you can try. Everyone is sure to have technical difficulties and it will be hilarious to watch the chaotic but fun evening!  Of course, you can save time by sending clear instructions to all your call guests ahead of time. This is one of the best virtual Mother's Day ideas for students who want to celebrate Mother's Day on a limited budget.

3. 10 Virtual Mother’s Day Gifts To Send Her On A Pamper Trip

10 Virtual Mother’s Day Gifts To Send Her On A Pamper Trip

Your mother deserves the world. She comforted your every scraped knee, gave you your sense of humour, and has always been there as a shoulder to cry on through your teenage years and into adulthood. 

Now it’s time to pamper her. Another sure-fire winner in the virtual Mother's Day ideas list is to send out a specially curated theme package that's filled with an assortment of items that your Mom loves for Mother’s Day.

3.1 Deliver A Care Package

Even if your Mom is self-isolating or you can’t get to her personally, a care package delivered to her door will leave her feeling cared for and loved. There are myriad websites that allow you to customize the hamper- you can add essential oils, her favorite plant, tea, and anything that she loves. 

3.2 Arrange For A Manicure, Pedicure

A mani-pedi is the first go-to for a woman when it comes to self-care. Book an appointment to her favorite salon for some fun pampering and make it a great surprise for your Mom on Mother’s Day!

3.3 Send A Custom Gift Basket

A custom gift basket is simple but effective - fill it with her preferred beauty faves, snacks or goodies! These are easy to get online, and your options are endless. 

3.4 Gift Her Made-Yourself-Baked Goods

Got the baking genes? Gift some of your baked creations by courier or drop them off at her doorstep.

3.5 Gift Voucher To A Spa

Talk about luxury - a spa session is bound to make your Mom feel like a million bucks. A spa package at her favorite salon will just make her day!

3.6 Gift Her A Subscription

Gift Her A Subscription

From Netflix to yearly salon memberships, there’s a subscription for every Mom. You can sign up for her to receive flowers, brownies, and magazines in the mail or to keep things online, she might enjoy learning a new language with a site like Rosetta Stone.

3.7 Create A Homage Video

It doesn’t take long to edit a highlights video of all your favorite family holiday photos for your Mom. Even better, if you and your Mom do it together while you enjoy a walk down the memory lane and have a gala time. 

3.8 Rent Her A Car For The Day

Rent your Mom’s dream car for her, just for a day, preferably from your local dealership. She gets to go for a long drive, play her favorite travel music with no interruptions, and have a whole day to herself! 

3.9 Gift A Luxury Item

Who does not like a luxury gift in their closet? Make your Mom feel special with a luxury item she wouldn’t normally try. For example, ask yourself if your Mom would enjoy a luxury watch, jewelry, or a truly decadent bouquet of roses, and give her just that! 

3.10 Donate To A Charity Of Her Choice

Support a meaningful cause on your Mom’s behalf to show how much you appreciate her compassionate side. This is a smart choice for those Moms who love to contribute in a meaningful way to society.

3.11 Gift Card To Her Favorite Place

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree? You can buy gift cards online and send them by email, so no fuss, and your Mom gets to buy exactly what she wants.  

4. FAQs

4.1 What Is A Wellness Package?

A wellness package is a great way to let your Mom experience healthy and inspiring activities and products. The options are endless when it comes to wellness. Pick out an essential oil package or yoga beginners kit. Wellness packages can be customized in myriad ways, so curate one to ensure your Mom loves them.

4.2 What Are Examples Of Wellness Activities?

Wellness activities include some exciting virtual Mother’s Day ideas. Some great ideas are:

  • Online Yoga class Guided meditation
  • Healthy cooking class
  • Mindset coach session

A wellness activity is a thoughtful way to spend time with your Mom this Mother’s Day.

4.3 How do you celebrate Mothers Day in quarantine?

You can certainly celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine with some virtual Mother’s day ideas that ensure she’s staying at home and following all the safety protocols. Here are some really cool ideas to do so:

  • Online cooking class
  • Virtual Paint and Sip class
  • Create a homage video

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