15 Best Attendance Tracking Software to Track Your Employee’s Schedule in 2023

There are plenty of business solutions that can help you in streamlining your operations. A good attendance tracking software is an important part of this function. Attendance tracking no longer just means a software that helps you keep track of your employees but rather one that can make functions like shift scheduling, payroll calculation, and others, easier. 

It is easy to understand why such an employee attendance tracker would be in high demand. There are plenty of options out there but we have picked out the 15 you should check out. 

1 What is Attendance Tracking Software?

Attendance tracking software helps companies manage their workforce by creating a central platform. The application clearly shows absences, paid off, and vacation off. Beyond these features, most platforms also come with additional features that help increase your company’s productivity and efficiency.

2 Overview of the 15 Best Attendance Tracking Software

So, what was our evaluation criteria while picking the best attendance tracking software? 

KronosBest Attendance Tracking Software for Customizations
DeputyBest Attendance Tracking Software With Around-The-Clock Customer Support 
Time DoctorBest Attendance Tracking Software For Mid-Sized Businesses
TsheetsBest Attendance Tracking Software For Payroll Integration
JibbleBest Free Attendance Tracking Software
BambooHRBest Attendance Tracking Software For HR Integration
ZohoBest Attendance Tracking Software for Small Business
On the clockBest Cloud-based attendance tracking software
Monday.comEasy To Use Attendance Tracking Software 
Buddy PunchBest Online Attendance Tracking Software
eBility Time trackerMost Visual Attendance Tracking Software 
RepliconMetric Based Attendance Tracking Software
SynerionBest Overall Attendance Tracking Software 
NowstaBest Attendance Tracking Software For a Freelance Workforce
TimeCampBest Attendance Tracking Software for Automated Time  Tracking 

3 Comparison Criteria

3.1 UI

UI stands for User Interface. It’s essential that the software has a clean and easy-to-use interface with seamless navigation and no-lag switches between pages along with visible technical components like input or call-to-action tabs and more for a great interactive experience with the user 

3.2 Usability

Considering every employee will be using this software it is important that it is user-friendly and requires minimal training. The software should be able to meet the required goals and provide room for enhancements to accommodate additional functionality through regular updates. 

3.3 Integration

An attendance tracking software needs to be used in conjunction with the existing accounting and payroll software that a company uses  or external tools as well to enhance its efficiency and so it needs to offer seamless integration. 

3.4 Value for Money

A software is supposed to help companies save costs and so we had a look at the different features that every software provided along with its pricing. The ones that offered a wide variety of features along with competitive pricing were preferred.

4 Key Features of Attendance Tracking Systems

4.1 Time Management

The ability to let companies keep track of the work carried out by employees to help them stay on schedule and accomplish all their deliverables by the end of the day.

4.2 Employee Scheduling

A comprehensive tracking system should have an efficient scheduling feature to roster shifts in a convenient manner. Additionally, features that prevent under or over-staffing at a specific shift duration help drive efficiency. 

4.3 Real-time Tracking

A real-time tracking feature allows management to see who’s at work at any given time, allowing them to effectively allocate work. 

4.4 Clock in and Clock Out Reminders

Alert employees about their clock in and clock out timings to ensure that there are no discrepancies in timesheet entries and their integration with payroll systems. 

4.5 Geofencing

Geofencing prevents employees from clocking in or out when they are away from their designated work areas, discouraging the buddy check-in system.

4.6 Visual Reports

For many, visual reports are easier to digest. It does not have plenty of boring text and is less time-consuming, so decision-makers can make quicker decisions at a glance or spend shorter time on evaluations or reviews.

4.7 Manager Approvals

Your attendance tracking system must have features where managers can approve leaves and an authorized absence for the employee’s schedule. It will also help if this feature is available, especially when it comes to the payroll aspect of the system.

4.8 Biometric Tracking

A biometric tracking option enables employees to log in or out with their fingerprint effectively eliminating buddy punching. 

5 The 15 Best Attendance Tracking Software List

5.1 Kronos – Best Attendance Tracking Software for Customizations


Kronos offers a very versatile range of products. But for this article, we are focusing on Workforce Ready Timekeeping which is their timekeeping system, designed to replace manual time reporting. Some of the notable features of this software include data automation for time records, approvals, and managing leave requests. You can make more informed decisions based on the detailed information that this software provides. The attendance tracking software can also be used to automate work hours calculation, extra work time calculations, and more. You can use their robust notification feature to make quick decisions or take corrective measures as needed.  

Price: Available on request and free demo available.

5.2  Deputy – Best Attendance Tracking Software With Around-The-Clock Customer Support 


Deputy is scheduling, timesheet, and time clock software with a straightforward interface. Employees can clock in their entries in digital timesheets with the help of their mobile app. Its dynamic facial recognition and GPS locator stamp are great ways to take corrective measures for incorrect or missing time records. With just a single tap, you can complete bulk approvals on timesheets and transition them conveniently into payroll software as well. 

 Price: Starts at $3.50 per user/month. A 30-day free trial is available.

5.3 Time Doctor – Best Attendance Tracking Software For Mid-Sized Businesses

Time Doctor

With a Time Doctor subscription, you can avail of features such as time tracking, project and task management, activity tracking, payroll, and much more. The employee-centric attendance tracking software provides information on employee utilization and helps to scale efficiencies to improve performance. Managers can gain work insights and make accurate evaluations based on real-time analytics to take the necessary steps to maximize productivity. The software is suitable for in-office, remote and hybrid setups.  

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this app is its price. Given its features, the price is relatively low and you get free months if you purchase a yearly subscription.

Price: Starts at $8 per user/month. A 14-day trial period is available.

5.4 Quickbooks Time –  Best Attendance Tracking Software For Payroll Integration


Formerly known as Tsheets, Quickbooks is a time tracking and scheduling software that conveniently integrates with Xero accounting software and Gusto payroll, for seamless integration. It has a user-friendly interface with great features that include GPS, geofencing, digital scheduling, time kiosk, alerts and approvals, smart reporting and more. 

With the digital punch clock, it’s easy to cover on-site attendance. The mobile app version makes it even more convenient to manage multiple timesheets, approve employee locations and approve time directly from your device. It’s an excellent choice for small and medium enterprise-grade companies to streamline time-tracking and payroll 

Price: $8+ monthly per employee plus a $20 base fee. 

5.5 Jibble – Best Free Attendance Tracking Software


Jibble allows companies to stay on top of their team’s activity with its time tracking and attendance feature. This attendance tracking software is compatible with desktops and mobile apps to cover both remote and hybrid employees. Geolocation and face recognition functionality are great ways to minimize time data thefts, proxy check-ins, and more.  Use their analytics reports to make the right evaluations in terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness. This is one of the best free attendance tracking software on the market. 

Easily convert up work tablet or mobile as an online kiosk when members can enter time as they stand in front of it using facial recognition or PIN numbers to sync clock-ins.  The software can be integrated into Microsoft Teams or Slack easily. Use reminders and notifications to take actionable measures to set wage rates, PTO,  manage breaks, track and modify time, or export data into files. The user interface is also very straightforward so there is little to no learning curve required.

Price: It is free forever, but a premium plan is available at $2 per user/month and Ioffers customizable “power-ups” at an affordable price. 

5.6 BambooHR – Best Attendance Tracking Software For HR Integration


BambooHR has a robust time tracking feature which gives you the option to enable geolocation so you know where every employee is logging in from. The unified platform makes it convenient for employees to clock in and clock out their work timings, edit timesheets, and monitor time spent on projects.

 Their efficient alert system works by sending timely reminders to maintain updated timesheets. Managers can approve automated timesheet submissions with one click and ensure a smooth transition to payroll. This helps to boost process efficiency and productivity overall. 

Price: Pricing available on request 

5.7 Zoho – Best Attendance Tracking Software for Small Business


Zoho is a cloud-based attendance tracking software platform that seeks to automate the time tracking processes in your organization and boost efficiency. Employees can access the software from both the mobile and desktop to log in and log out, view their timesheets, modify entries and take stock of their work activities, overtime hours, PTOs, and more.

 Use the kiosks that run on facial recognition technology to clock in attendance online. Zoho People makes it easy to configure the time tracking settings for attendance and customize it for employees based on their roles and also to create payout profiles accordingly. Access their summarized reports to gain insights on productivity patterns, billable, and non-billable projects 

Price: Paid plans start at $1

5.8 On the Clock – Best Cloud-based Attendance Tracking Software 

on the Clock

On the Clock is a web-based employee attendance tracking software solution that is suitable for small businesses. It can help businesses conveniently calculate employee time cards both in-office and for remote work models to ensure accurate payroll transition.  The time tracking tool can also be seamlessly integrated with external communication tools such as Gusto, Quickbooks, Thomson Reuters, and more. Reminders for automatic breaks and punching in time make it easy to stay updated. 

In a bid to stop buddy or proxy punching, the system has a secured fingerprint sign-in function, time controls to ensure regular clock-ins and GPS controls for outside office location punching. To simply leave approvals, the software automates the process and you can access weekly or monthly reports to get a leave summary besides other customized attendance reports.

 Price: $2.95+ monthly per employee

5.9 Monday.com – Easy To Use Attendance Tracking Software 


Monday.com is an all-in-one attendance tracking software that allows you to create tailored managing, monitoring, and tracking solutions. It has a feature that lets you add time tracking. Create an attendance tracker to monitor attendance, categorize lists, add attendance forms, and ensure your records stay updated. The platform has a dashboard that gives you a project summary of all the tasks and can be integrated with tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Excel, and Microsoft Teams. The built-in Gantt chart to view project progress and the Kanban board to manage resources. Time tracking can be done on mobile and desktop. 

Price:  Paid plans start at $8 per user/month. A 14- day free trial is available. A free forever plan with limited features is available.

5.10 Buddy Punch – Best Online Attendance Tracking Software 

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch has a wide range of attendance tracking features that make calculating payroll more manageable. It has manager approvals, geolocation, PTO/SICK/Vacation tracking, and automatic breaks. IP locks, and web cam phones on punches. 

The attendance tracking software does away with the manual labor and time spent monitoring timesheets for those not in the office with its built-in calendar that lets you track time while using the GPS and webcam feature. Get regular notifications for employees, admins, and managers. 

Price: Paid plans start at  $2.99 per user/month. A 14-day free trial is available.

5.11 eBility Time Tracker – Most Visual Attendance Tracking Software 


eBility Time Tracker features real-time GPS tracking. It allows you to conveniently track paid and unpaid leaves and determine who are your most productive employees. Its advanced subscriptions also have billing features that allow you to easily track how much each employee on the payroll should be paid. This helps to minimize errors and inaccuracies that may crop up during payroll execution. 

Price: Start at $6 per user/month. A 14-day free trial is available. 

5.12 Replicon – Metric Based Attendance Tracking Software 


Replicon is one of the best attendance tracking software in the market. It offers real-time progress updates, productivity dashboards, GPS time tracking, and configurable data validation. It also has an advanced analytics feature for convenient data-gathering so actionable insights can be taken to make real-time decisions . It has an employee attendance app as well for more convenient access and ease of use for those who travel on-the-go.

Price: Plans start at $30 per month for 5 users and an additional $5  per user. A 14 day free trial is available

5.13 Synerion – Best Overall Attendance Tracking Software 


Synerion is packed with advanced attendance tracking features that will help optimize your work process. With automated data collection on the cloud, save on time and paper to track time and optimize work hours more accurately. 

This tracking system also uses advanced facial recognition time clocks and biometric recognitions for enhanced security and to avoid proxy clock-ins. Automated time tracking helps provide updated records on attendance, leaves and more while also ensuring statutory compliances are met. This in turn helps with smooth integration to payroll systems for monthly processing. 

Price: $2+ monthly for 1 employee

5.14 Nowsta – Best Attendance Tracking Software For a Freelance Workforce


Nowsta has a clean user interface that allows you to conveniently schedule events. It also has a feature that allows you to communicate with employees without going out of the platform. Features include an employee attendance tracker, worker availability calendar, and multi-event management.

Price: $2+ monthly for 1 employee

5.15 Best Attendance Tracking Software for Automated Time  Tracking 


TimeCamp features a graphical timesheet that lets you track your time in a calendar-like layout. It offers a computer time dashboard and automation features to optimize work productivity. It also comes with plenty of integrations and add-ons for enhanced functionality. 

Price: $6.3+ monthly for 1 employee


  • Which software is best for attendance?

The best software specifically for attendance is Synerion, Replicon, and Buddy Punch. They have excellent UI design, an employee attendance app, and a reasonable price point. However, the other attendance tracking software on the list is still worth considering if you are looking for one that does more than just track attendance.

  • What is the best way to track employees?

The best way to track employees is with the use of attendance tracking software. Aside from the obvious that it tracks employee schedules, it also helps make record keeping more manageable through automation.