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10 Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas and Activities for a Fun Celebration

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

10 Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas and Activities for a Fun Celebration

As we gear up to welcome the Lunar New Year, what better way to appreciate this vibrant culture at your office than Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas? From virtual cookie classes, and DIY craft making to online games infused with fun elements, the possibilities are endless for creating memorable experiences.

If you and your remote team want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style, we have got you covered with our unique virtual Chinese New Year ideas. Each of these ideas will allow your team members to improve bonding while embracing happiness and good fortune. 

1. What is a Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration?

Chinese New Year, aka Lunar New Year, is a historically and culturally significant celebration observed by people around the world. Typically, it falls between January 21st and February 20th, as per Lunar Calendar. Recently, this timeless tradition has been celebrated via several virtual platforms to connect with colleagues, friends, and family. 

Virtual Chinese New Year celebration ideas include online trivia, interactive games, DIY craft workshops, sharing meals, and live-streamed performances of traditional dances and music. These activities help you relive the age-old customs, allowing your team to share the joy and spirit of the holiday despite physical distance.

2. Top 10 Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas for Teams

2.1. Chinese New Year Trivia 

Chinese new year trivia

Add a bit of competitive cheer to your virtual Chinese New Year ideas with a Trivia Event hosted by Hooray Teams, a fun team-building platform. You and your team will test your knowledge on everything from the significance of the zodiac animals to the history behind Chinese New Year customs. A professional trivia master will be there to lead you and your team every step of the way, keeping the competition fierce and the laughter flowing.

As the trivia continues, see how well you know the animals linked to each year and explore the animal signs designated for each month, day, and even hour. What's really cool is that they can craft questions tailored to your team's interests and preferences, making your Chinese New Year celebration extra special.

Try this:  Incorporate gamification elements, such as leaderboards, badges, or virtual rewards. 

2.2. Paper Lantern Making Class (HT)

paper lantern making class

Bring in a creative twist to your virtual Chinese New Year ideas with a Paper Lantern Making Class by Hooray Teams. A master lantern-maker will guide you and your team to make radiant lanterns with delicate folds and intricate designs. As your crafting continues, he will enlighten you and your team with the history and symbolism behind this timeless art. 

You and your team will receive a DIY Lantern Making Kit delivered straight to your door, so you don't need to worry about collecting the required supplies. By the end of the session, you'll master new skills and gain a whole new appreciation for this charming traditional art. 

Try this:  Create a virtual gallery where everyone's Paper Lanterns can be showcased, admired, and celebrated together.

2.3. Lunar New Year Talent Show

Add a vibrant and interactive dimension to your virtual Chinese New Year ideas by setting up a digital talent show. Show off your talent and watch in awe as your teammates perform singing, dancing, mime, magic tricks, and various other performance arts. Incorporate traditional elements such as lion dance performances or Chinese instrumental music to further enrich the experience. 

Additionally, encourage your colleagues to wear some form of vermilion clothing to set the appropriate festive tone. As each performance unfolds, bonds will strengthen, and memories will be forged, making this Lunar New Year Talent Show a cherished memory for years to come.

Try this: For some inspiration, you can take inspiration from the annual CCTV New Year’s Gala, which mixes comedy with dance, singing, and even some gymnastics.

2.4. Fortune Cookie Decorating Class 

cookie decorating class

What's cooler than making a custom fortune cookie for Chinese New Year? Join Hooray Teams Fortune Cookie Decorating Class to embrace the creativity and tradition of Chinese New Year celebration activities. In this hands-on session, a dedicated chef will guide you through various tricks and techniques to outline, ice, and flood on the cookie creations. As you decorate cookies with your team, you will hear stories on how this Asian delicacy became popular in the United States, along with cultural anecdotes. 

Hooray Teams deliver kits with all the materials that your team will need to craft your own cookie masterpiece. Personalize your cookies with your own fortune messages like “May your year be filled with joy and prosperity," "Take risks and seize opportunities," and " May joy and health always be with you." 

Try this: Send your personalized fortune cookies to your colleagues to spread good vibes and inspiration.

2.5. Chinese Calligraphy Couplets

Chinese calligraphy

Why not elevate your team's Lunar New Year celebration with custom greeting couplets? Join Hooray Teams Virtual Chinese Calligraphy Class and add a touch of personalization to the festivities. Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, you and your team will have hands-on experience holding the brush, applying ink, and trying various strokes. 

You can choose from various styles, such as modern or classic, and use the fonts and calligraphy techniques that best match your artistic skills. This mindfulness activity, perfect for both beginners and those seeking improvement, will be conducted in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Try this: Encourage participants to share their calligraphy learning process and final couplets via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using hashtags #CreativeTeamBuilding or #ChineseNewYearCards. Doing this fosters a sense of community among participants and allows others to follow along and amplify the impact. 

2.6. Zen Chinese Tea Experience

Zen Chinese tea experience

Legend has it that tea was invented in China, making it a must-try option when curating Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas. Arrange a savory tea-tasting session with a wide variety of traditional Chinese tea samples like oolong, green tea, yellow tea, black tea, or Pu'er tea.

Along with appreciating tea varieties, you and your team will learn history, culture, brewing, and tasting techniques, making this experience both enjoyable and educational. Participants can also engage in meaningful conversations, sharing thoughts, beverage preferences, or even funny stories from their own experiences with tea. 

Try this: Hire an expert to lead a virtual tea tasting where you and your team can delve deeper into the history and proper preparation of a variety of brews. 

2.7.  Virtual 3D Tour into China 

virtual 3d tour into China

Is there a better place than China to celebrate Chinese New Year? Well, the answer is no. Hence, it's no wonder why this idea tops the list of virtual Chinese New Year ideas. You and your team can join Hooray Teams for a wonderful virtual journey into the heart of China. A professional host will guide you country’s major attractions like the Yangtze River,  Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Beijing, and much more. 

Traverse through majestic landmarks, busy streets, and colorful markets where you and your team can learn more about the country’s rich past and heritage. Furthermore, your team can interact with each other, sharing thoughts, stories, or interesting facts to boost the tour virtual tour experience further. 

Try this: To make the most out of your virtual 3D tour into China, encourage your team to bring along their favorite Chinese snacks or beverages.

2.8. Virtual Mahjong Challenge

Among virtual Chinese New Year ideas, the Virtual Mahjong Challenge brings friends and family together in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Most people think of mahjong as a pair-matching game, but real mahjong, as the Chinese play it, is more akin to card games like rummy. 

Get in the arena and test your skills while also learning about Chinese culture and traditions. Just bear in mind that mahjong is a game for four people, so you’ll have to divide up larger groups accordingly.

Try this: Browse sites like Mahjong4Friends, which allow you to create a private room where your team can learn the rules and compete together. 

2.9. Cocktail Making Masterclass 

cocktail making master class

Raise your glass to health, happiness, and good fortune this new year as you join Hooray Teams Virtual Cocktail Making Class. A professional sommelier will walk through the tips, tricks and techniques to make your own signature cocktail drinks using Gin, Vodka, or Rum. 

With these newfound skills, you and your team will be able to craft anything from timeless classics to new concoctions. Before the event, Hooray Teams will send all the essential ingredients to your doorstep so you can craft your own delightful cocktails hassle-free. 

Try this: Why not try customized mocktail recipes for your teetotalers to make the experience inclusive?

2.10. Chinese New Year Karaoke

What’s a New Year party without music? Including Karaoke in your virtual Chinese New Year ideas is an energetic way to break the ice, burst the laughter, and keep the momentum. You can keep it in theme by preparing songs that have one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals in their title or artist name. Think Hound Dog by Elvis Presley or Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys. And don't forget to encourage participants to show off their best dance moves while they sing along!

Try this: Make the party more interesting by encouraging team members to share their favorite Chinese songs so you create a Spotify playlist together. 

Looking for ways to celebrate other annual holidays? We’ve got articles on how to host virtual parties for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day, and Diwali, as well as more general digital party ideas.


3.1. When is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the lunisolar calendar, which is why the date changes every year. However, it always falls between January 21 and February 20 on the first day of the new moon. 

3.2. How long is the Chinese New Year?

In China, the first important day of the festivities is Chinese New Year’s Eve. Contemporary and traditional Chinese New Year activities are then celebrated for two weeks. The events usually conclude with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day after New Year.

3.3. How to host a virtual Chinese New Year celebration?

  • Choose an online platform for conducting Chinese New Year virtual event ideas
  • Set a date and time
  • Make a guest list and send an Invite
  • Prepare fun Chinese New Year online games and activities
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